Confessions of a Pervert Pt. 04


The red stripes upon his ass had healed before the week concluded. Seven days, one-hundred-sixty-four hours, ten thousand eighty minutes -and, by the end, he was concluded; he wanted to become a non-nondescript toilet slave. Public transportation was used to get his body to her home.

He knocked, her door opened. He fell to his knees as instructed, and a feeling of home overcame him. His breathing deepened, his sweat glands secreted, his mind fogged over into slave mind—independent thought disappearing, thought almost disappearing; only the lustful perversion of having his mouth used as a toilet by this dominant woman filled the space between his ears—and, of course, his small penis, erect and pulsating, squirmed and secreted a steady flow of precum in a commando environment. He was now a gaping, open wound. “Mistress, I am your toilet slave; do with me as you please,” he uttered.

His eyes peered through a veil of submissive fog, struggling to focus, to see. But her feet came into view as he stared downward. She had stepped out onto the porch. “Greet me as a slave should;” she commanded in a strong tone that sliced through his fog. “Kiss my feet—show me how much you want to be enslaved,” she continued. “Do this every time we encounter each other—if you’re physically capable of performing this ritual. Do you understand me, toilet?”

“Yes, bahis firmaları Mistress.”

“I’m sure you went back and forth about this situation, but in the end your slave self won out. How can you not lust to be enslaved, to be forced to eat shit and to drink piss from this glorious ass and pussy? Nowhere else on this desolate earth can you find what your entire being lusts for and desires so ferociously. “Oh, yes, oh, yes! Now, for the last time, I ask you: if you want to be my toilet slave..stay kneeling; otherwise—rise up and retreat right now…”

What seemed like a full minute passed—and he was still kneeling there. “Begin removing your clothes,then,” she spat out.

Slowly removing his shirt—suddenly, her hand slapped his face; its force almost had him falling over. “Faster, slave. I am not used to disobedience.”

Soon he was turned over and on his back peeling his trousers and underwear from his body. Naked, he felt exposed and embarassed, and what seemed like minutes passed, and finally she said as she stepped into her home, “Crawl in here, slave. You have no more use for those clothes. Naked shall you be ’til the day you die,” she declared as his knees passed over her threshold.

From behind him, her boot slid between his legs, rapping back and forth between his thighs, “Spread, toilet,’ she ordered. He kaçak iddaa obeyed immediately.

She bent down behind him and ran her hand gently over his bare ass, and then she grasped his cock and balls in her fist, yanking them up between his legs, almost raising his ass off the ground; and as just as roughly, attached a durable and pliable heavy duty cable tie about his package; you know—the ties that once locked, won’t loosen until their life ends through wear or being snipped. The symbolism wasn’t lost on him.

Then, she roughly pulled him backward by his hair and attached a leash about his neck, and, to his package, a metal key clip, she slipped into the plastic cable tie; she pulled the leash over and through his ass crack, then over his back until she stood in front of him, the leash taunt, his cock and balls tortured by the plastic tie as it mercilessly bit into his flesh.

“Raise your eyes to me, slave,” she said, and he obeyed. As he did, she pulled ever so more tightly on the metal leash, and across his face a complete tale of pain and suffering played out in his eyes and across the painful frown on his lips. Slavery had begun for real and it was not pleasant or comfortable, but it filled him and fed his masochism and self-hate.

“Inch forward like a worm you are, toilet, rest your nose against my pussy and inhale my kaçak bahis smell. Yes, that’s it, deeper now, slave; oh, yes, that’s it. Inch back now, you piss peasant. You will soon want to smell and taste only me,” she spat out and began to lower her panties. Balling them in a small package, she ordered him to open his mouth. Complying, he found her whole hand stuffing her panties into his mouth, and she used her thumb at the end to push them as far as possible down his throat.

“Now, you begin to learn my taste, a taste you will experience only if you please me as a slave. Sucking my pussy will be your ultimate experience, the only real pleasure I will grant you; your other perverted pleasures of drinking my piss and spit and eating my shit will only be pleasure because your twisted mind makes it so. And when I have my friends in to piss and shit down your throat your sick mind will translate that into pleasure, too, and I have many girlfriends—who have males with them- and you will accommodate them as I direct. All of this will delight me to no end. Your tongue will work hours within my ass to clean the interior walls of my colon. It will also please you; every rimmer I’ve ever met ends up under me, eating my shit. And you’re no exception.

“You are the lowest of all. A human eating shit like an animal. Crawl over here, toilet,” she ordered as he ended up knelling before a large dog cage.

She handcuffed his hands behind his back, led him into the cage, attached the leash to the back of the cage, locked it, and exited, shutting the light off as she left.

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