Converted Another Pledge Lesbian


Converted Another Pledge LesbianI was 19 when I got invited to my first college party. I went with a few girls from a sorority I wanted to join. I never pledged, just thinking about it. The party was in full swing when we arrived. Drinks were being passed around. Freshman through seniors dancing and/or making out everywhere. I tagged along like a lost puppy with the girls I came with for a bit. One of them suggested I get a drink at the make shift bar.I must have looked scared because a girl who had joined my group linked arms with me and said, “First party?”I nodded and she told me her name was Jessica son’t worry I’ll take good care of you. The girls I was with decided I was in good hands I guess because they went their own way. Jessica wove me through the crowd until we made it the bar. She handed me a beer. I took one sip and must have made such a face because she laughed and handed me a bottle instead. I tasted that and found I like it. It was a spiked lemonade I found out later. I’m such a lightweight. I was getting a buzz on half a bottle. I stood of to the side just watching for a while.I’d had about 3 spiked lemonades when Jessica walked up to me. She smiled and I smiled back your so pretty. She put her hands on either side of my face and kissed me. I was a little shocked but went with it. It was just lips until I laid my hands on her waist. I remember her pushing me back into the wall a bit. She slowly started to try and put her tongue in mouth. I don’t think she was expecting me to return the favor. She wrapped one arm around my shoulders while the other slowly slid down my face to my neck, then slowly farther down. She stopped for a moment on my left breast, gently squeezing it then slowly traveling farther south to my hip. I had placed my left arm around her shoulders as hers was on mine to give her right arm better access. I remember her dropping her left arm to my right hand and grabbing my hand stopping the kiss.She again wove me through the crowd and up a flight of stairs then up a second flight. I hadn’t even noticed it was a three story house. Jessica opened a door, shut it, then moved on to another one and led me inside.She shut the door, pushing me up against it and started kissing me without restraint. I kissed her back just the same. I was the first to make a move and started to lift her shirt from around her waist. She stopped kissing me long enough to take her shirt off and then mine. They were thrown on either side of us. She was wearing a D cup light green bra with purple pok-a-dots. I a B cup navy blue satin bra with white lace.She clasped her hands in mine and pinned them to the door on either side of me. She started to kiss my lips but left them quickly to explore my neck and behind my left ear. I remember shuddering from kocaeli escort that kiss. My stomach turned over and over. I was trembling from what was happening to me. She started to kiss lower to my breast letting go of my hands to cup both breasts to pull down on the bra to pop me out. I remember taking a quick intake of breath when she first took my nipple into her mouth. I didn’t know what to do with my hands and started to lay them on her shoulders when she batted them away. I tried to dig them into the door. She loved on both breasts equally before kissing me on the mouth again. I wrapped both arms around her and felt her unclasp my bra at my back. I tried to unclasp hers so I could experiment as well. Both our bras came off around the same time and joined our tops on the floor. I touched her breasts very lightly at first all the while still kissing.I was trying to concentrate on her breasts but her tongue was so soft. My nipples were cool and erect from her suckling, brushing hers. I remember lightly pinching them to make them stand up as well. Her breasts were huge to my little ones. I’d never touched another girl’s breasts before and was fascinated. They were so soft, just like pillows. I pulled back from her kissing to return the favor she gave to me. Mimicking her actions I kissed down her neck to the collarbone then to her left breast. I licked it very slowly at first then took it into my mouth and gently suckled as she had done to me. I heard her moan slightly and felt her grab my hair which was down my back, held up half way by one small butterfly clip.She pushed me into her breast and I took that to mean to suck harder. I did all the while pinching the other one. At one point I switched to her other breast leaving the first one to cool from the moisture. She moaned again and I moaned with her. I was so in the moment until I felt her start to pull away from me. I kind of whined a bit. I remember her laughing softly but she was taking me to a bed. I thought, “Good,” because I needed more. God I was so wet, I could feel it saturating my matching satin navy blue panties with white lace. She sat down on the bed and had me sit next to her. She looked at for a moment and told me to take my pants off. I remember looking at her and saying “Only if you will too.”So we both stood and took our shoes and pants off. I smiled when I saw she had matching panties to her bra as well. She led me back to the bed and we both laid down facing each other on our sides. I didn’t touch her at first. Didn’t know what to do. She traced her hand on me from my shoulder down the side of my body to the dip in at waist then over my hip and over my thigh. I reached for her breast and bent to suckle it. She grabbed my hip at that and pushed me onto my back and straddled kocaeli escort bayan me. I felt her moisture through her panties through mine. She covered each of my breasts with hand and started to rub herself on me. I remember opening my legs a bit trying to get more rubbing. I had my hands on her hips grabbing them. I moved my right hand just over her clit and started to rub it with my thumb. She moaned and started rubbing on me a bit faster. I rubbed faster. I was panting a bit. Jessica bent forward and started kissing me. My hand was awkward so I had to move it out of the way. You could smell us in the air. We were both primed for sex. She rolled over a bit but was half on me, half off with a leg between mine. All the while still kissing me, she took hand down my belly and crept under my panties and started to rub my clit slowly at first with 2 fingers. I placed a hand over hers on top of my panties, hers inside them. I pushed her hand telling her to do it harder or faster. I didn’t really know at that moment but I needed something.With eyes closed I worried my bottom lip as she continued to her rubbing. My right around her and left arm to my side with my hand clenching and unclenching the bedding. I was slick getting slicker. Jessica started to kiss me as her fingers moved lower. I gasped as she entered inside me. She took advantage of my open mouth to thrust her tongue in. I moaned into her mouth as she stroked me very slowly then gasped loudly when her thumb began rubbing my clit. Her fingers began to quicken, my breath came close together in pants. Jessica stopped kissing me, stopped rubbing me, stopped gliding inside me. I made a complaining whine at the interruption. I was so close. She rose off the bed and hooked a finger on each side of my panties, slowing drawing them down, first off one foot then the other, tossing them with the rest of our clothes strewn around the room. She leaned over me between my legs for a soft kiss, once, twice then down my chin, my neck, between my breasts ever so slowly. I closed my eyes as I felt her feathery kisses travel down my stomach, lower to curls. She spread my legs farther apart and blew very very slowly over my moisture. My breath caught. Opening my eyes, I looked at Jessica as she gave me a very sensual smile then ever slowly touched me with her tongue. One slow long lick from my moisture to my clit. My head fell back as she began to toy with my clit with her tongue. I moaned softly relishing the feeling. She twirled her tongue and suckled me as my breathing began to quicken. I began tugging and pinching my nipples. I felt two fingers fill me. I began to quiver. I was very slick with my own dew as she inserted and withdrew her fingers slowly at first then quicker. I was moaning a little louder izmit escort now. She licked me several times, tasting me then began to suckle harder as well as quickening her finger rhythm. My legs shook as I came.Jessica lapped at me getting every last drop of my cum. I was so dazed. I still moaned. When it seemed she was satisfied, she crawled up my body and kissed me long and hard. I could taste myself on her. I could smell her, her arousal. She glided left hand to her core. Her panties were already gone. I felt soft curls before dripping moisture between her legs. I rubbed my fingers up and down her dew and over her clit. She moaned. I flipped her over on the bed so now I was on top hovering over her. I kissed her all the while kneading her breasts. Breaking the kiss, I trailed more kisses down her neck, to her breasts to suckle on each nipple before proceeding further down her belly, over her belly button, to her curls. Her legs already spread for me. I slowly inhaled her arousal. Bent my head to her core, spread her lips with my fingers and tentatively tasted her wetness. I then licked her clit and felt her shudder under my tongue. I suckled her for a moment enjoying that I had that much effect over her. Moved my mouth from her clit to her dripping cum and licked it up. Jessica shuddered again. I licked again this time entering her with my tongue, feeling her sensitive area, tasting her. She was so soft and warm and wet. My tongue found her clit again as I twirled my tongue on her as she did me. I entered two fingers into her depths and began drawing them in and out as I suckled. She moaned and trashed a bit. Grabbed my head pushing my face into her. I suckled harder, quickened my thrusting fingers, moaned onto her as she got handfuls of my hair. She moaned louder when I moaned. Soon we were both moaning until her body stiffened under my mouth. I felt a slight discomfort from her pulling my hair but enjoyed that I made her cum. I lapped at her as she had to me until there was none left kissing her over sensitive clit lightly when I was done. Slowly kissing my way back up her body until I reached her mouth. We kissed softly, slowly, sensually until I broke the kiss and we laid there in each other’s arms.Slowly reality came back to me. I began to hear the music and laughter from downstairs. No one knowing what just happened upstairs in the far room but Jessica and I. I could have slept like that, naked and spent with my female lover. Jessica and I smiled at each other and sighed that the night had to come to an end. Getting up and untangling ourselves from each other, we each helped the other dress and redo our hair. I headed to the door to open it. Just as I was about to touch the knob, Jessica turned me around and pushed me up against the door. Trapped my hands to my sides and kissed me long and hard. Letting go of one hand she turned the knob, stopped kissing me and we walked out with smiles on our lips to rejoin the party.Looks like I’am definitely joining the sorority.

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