Cop N’ Arse

Mike pulls the leather jacket down off her shoulders, leaving her arms imprisoned in their sleeves, tightly zipped, and then exposes her lush full heavy breasts, and her hugely hard nipples.

“Glad to see you wore nothing underneath,” he observes, before pulling her long thick hair and head back hard.

He kneels in front of her, and sees she has soaked the leather pants in her crotch area, evidenced by the dark patch on the leather.

“No panties too, well done.”

He pulls her leathers to her knees, and leaves them there exposing, yet imprisoning her even further.

Her pussy is on fire, and producing cum spurts uncontrollably, as her head is exploding with pleasure, at being treated this way. Her eyes follow him, watching what was to come next.

He covers his hand with Slick lube, the ultra slippy one, and then plunges three fingers into her pussy. The pleasure/ pain causing her to come again uncontrollably, as he works his fingers deep inside her to the knuckle, and then curves them; right onto her g-spot.

Debs could feel his long fingers going into her pussy very deeply, hitting that g – spot ruthlessly, causing her to moan very loudly, and thrash around, while humping his fingers.

“Fuck me now, please, please fill me with your fucking big pussy fucker, please Dom Mike.”

He slips the ball gag on before she has time to say anything more, and then puts the Japanese clover nipple clamps on.

“Be careful, the harder you struggle the more they tighten.”

She screams at the painful sensations, but loses control of her pussy immediately, and spurts her cum juices in a frenzied orgasm that has her knees like jelly, canlı bahis as he turns her around, and gets behind her.

Mike strokes Debs hard and aching pussy, and her throbbing clit. Just long, enough to get it wet, then pulls out, and presses against her ass. She knows he is too large for her to take easily, but her gushing wetness gives her excitement away totally, and lubricates his rock hard ramrod cock.

“Oh, no, please, don’t,” she tries to say, shaking her head, but he was already pushing through her clenched muscles.

Debs fought to relax, to keep the pain away, she whimpers, and then Mike’s hand wraps around her hip, finding her clit again.

“Come again Debs, my hot little fuck-slut, like you did the last time. Loud and wet, spurt your cum juices all over my cock, and then you can clean it all off with your mouth.”

At first all Debs could focus on was the pleasure/pain in her ass, but as he slowly strokes in and out, the pleasure returns with a vengeance, and hits her like a steam train.

His fingers spread her wetness on her clit, pinches, and then moves back to fill her pussy, Three fingers spread her, and curves inside, finding the spot that always makes her hornier; she bucks forward on his hand, and back on his cock, the need building quickly.

Mike’s size and his dirty talk just encouraged her to let go, and surrender to the sheer ecstasy of his big cock inside her ass, and his fingers deep in her hot fuck-slit. He fucks her harder, faster, and she quickly orgasms; harder than she has ever known.

“Debs, such a fertile and ruthlessly orgasmic brain you have.”

“I want to get it so all you think about and live bahis siteleri for is sex, and pleasure.”

“I want you to be permanently on heat, wet and throbbing – aching deep in your pussy, and your bullet hard clit.”

“I want you to be touching your sex constantly, and unconsciously, in your need to be fucked, and orgasmic.”

“Your nipples should be hard and super sensitive 24/7, the slightest touch, or brush against them causing your cum juices to run freely from your molten pussy.”

“To wear your metal slave collar as a symbol of your total wantonness, but also your unavailability to any sexual demand, but mine.”

“Ideally I would take you to have your nipples and your clit hood pierced, ringed and then a fine chain to link them, so it constantly jolts you with the pure sex of your being aroused; yet belonging totally to me, and submitting willingly to anything I demand of you.”

“Just imagine the thrill of being brought to orgasm in public by me, knowing people are around us, but them not knowing you are under my complete control.”

“I think a riding crop for chastising your breasts and nipples too,… as well as your pussy and your gloriously spread ass.”

“As I plunge my cock into your fuck-slit, and then into your ass, dominating and controlling you totally, but making you cum, and spurt your juices on demand, for my pleasure, as well.”

“And then me spurting my hot creamy cum into your mouth, and over your face.”

Oh God, yes,! she thinks, as her body shatters, and ecstasy spreads over her.

Hips rocking, she rides Mike, as he yells his release, filling her gaping ass with his hot cum.

She collapses bahis şirketleri against the car, her legs too weak to hold her when he steps away. She lay there in the light from the police car, her legs spread wide, cum and her juices spilling down her legs;another car could have driven past at that point, and she would not have cared.

“Just a little taster for you, my cum-slut queen,” he says.

“Totally submissive fucking at my time and place of choosing, and you submitting totally, as any well brought up, and schooled fuck-slut would,” he says as he undoes the ball gag, and puts it away.

As Dom, Mike starts zipping his black leather pants, while pushing his still cum dripping cock away; Debs does up her leathers, and goes down on her knees; grabs his cock and drags it toward her waiting wet mouth.

“I’m not finished yet,” I want to suck your balls, and lick all that cum and juice off.”

She grabs his black leather pants, yanks them to his knees, gets her head up under him, and starts sucking on those sexy hardening balls.

“Mmm, so delicious, mmm, they fill my mouth;” the vibrations cause Mike to draw in a sharp breath, and moan very loudly.

“Suck on my balls harder; stroke them with your fingers, fuck-slut.”

Deb reaches under Mike’s balls just at the back, and scrapes with her fingernails, while her wet hot mouth sucks them in even further.

Mike thinks for a moment, they may be sucked down her throat any second now…

Mike grabs her long dark hair, bunching and pulling it back, watching what she is doing to his balls with her mouth; he is shaking from the pleasure, as she sucks and licks her way up his cock.

“Mmm, I love the taste of our mixed fuck juices.”

Then her tongue snakes out, and flicks across his hardening cock head, and underneath to that sensitive spot, causing Mike to tense, and his cock to get even harder…

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