Cousin Nari gets USED and PLUnged with CrYstaLs SP


Cousin Nari gets USED and PLUnged with CrYstaLs SPi know most of the below is gonna look or read weird with sentences not finishing and being too long, never ending, or just crazy bad grammatical errors… but it was in the heat of the fantasy and i nonstop wrote it without at all thinking twice about it… stream of conciousness cousin fucking my little teenage cousin Nari, she is only 18… just turned 18…. just graduated highschool…college freshman … and she is fucking gonna get hazed by her 29 yo nasty pervert cousin fucking fantasy … I sat next to her today in RL imagining some of the hardcore nasty stuff i mention below… like forcing a syrynge full of lube + crystal up her tiny ass hole to get her horny for me and to be able to handle my HUge and NasTy cum Filled EDGED FOR DAYS cock in her…. and…. gonna smoke a bowl myself now and hope i find a guy or gurl before my brother comes home to have a LIVE chat about the below…. msg me TXT msg ME with age and your sex (male/female) and mention xhamster… then once i have a heads up we callFuck yeah! I need a straight guy or girl to voice chat LIVE right NOW, i have the house to mysylf… and I CAN GET REALLY NASTY DIrTy freaky and SPUN with cUm flowing non stop bursting loads out talking hardcore nasty shiet about teeen age tiny (over 18 of course) little skinny of course shaved ass and pussy so clean that im gonna just stuff my tongue in and out of that butt hole making the young innocent teen squirm and beg for me to stop…. that kind of spun cloudy fucked up stuff…. i bet you would wabnt to hear me tell you how id love to ram my cousin nari against the wall in the hallway where no one can see us… yeah… shes just 18 … youngest cousin of mine who is fucking gonna get my shaved cock and balls thrusted in her hole… her ASS HOLE first… yeah he virgin ass hole im just gonnna squeeze a half bottle of glycerin, in… then ill slowly unscrew the bottle out of nari TINY little TIGHT AS FUCK butt hole… which has never been penetrated i may ad….. then ill squeeze out some anal ease to numb that little girl up… cause she after all has to be able to fucking ride me like a NASTY fucked up high as FUCK on my cum… of course laced a bit with some crysta METH … yeah t hats right… my cum and lube .. mainly the lube… is fucking mixed with a whole bunch of powdered crystally tina cloudy if smoked, buttt its gonna be plungedd d instead… hell yeah no doubt in my mind ill plug nariis young innocent , never done any d**gggz except drink a shot or two at her brother’s birthday .. .never even gotten high off weed i bet … virgin ass hole + virgin in getting d**ggged or high on d**ggz… so its gonna be PERFECT… i im the last person in the world that would be okay with dosing a person without their knowledge, but fuck if i had the chance… had my lube up and mixed up with methh..odds are ill gag her mouth with a roughed up peach… whatever that means…. ill just get the juiciest and most smushy piece of fruit right off the table where our family is eating lunch … ill even ask for the JUIciest one … letting her brother hand me casino siteleri the very peach thats about to get her sister gagged and lead to a force fucking in the other room, in my little cousins room… fuck i feel weird in this room its kind of awkward… bed is tiny… and even my cousin nari is fucking tiny too… feels like im doing something wrong fucking m gagging my cousin in a rooom thats for my younger 10 year old cousin…. im not gonna fuck any little girls or anything… and it feels like if anyone walked in on us… due do my cousins body being so tiny and her whole nubile face and body … her hairless pussy… well just some fuzzz… perfect amount.. .never even shaved she says…. when i ask her how is i it so perfect all around… length . location anf even the blondish color of her hairless pussy fuzz… she says… *before she talks i grip her throat so she doesnt dare say anything to fuck the mood up… she says* after my hand grips her crotch as well *still other hand on the throat **fingers are making their way into her mouth as well while all this is happening….** she says… cause im “” im your fucking anal virgin princess Erin, and i want you to make me the horniest girl you ever fucking seeen…*** i do a line off her titty at this point… .. then make her lick the rest…. she makes a bitter face look … all upset at the taste… i tell her your too much little fuck that wont do it right if you smoke and get clouds blowing up fogged n spun to the top… you willl take too long… then i tell her… im gonna make you the nastiest horniest most willing little fuck slut you can ever be in a little bit… just gonna either make you eat some of my rocks … make you sniff some of my powder making your nose burn like a mother…. and/or ill just do it the eazy way… the way i planned before you knew what was happening… before you knew i was gonna get you high nari… i planned on just gagging you in the hallway .. grabbing you by the crotch by surprize then taking you in my aunts room this time… fuck my little cousin hes not old enough to see me force fuck you… he can wait till he has the desire himself…. that makes me think… what about your brother… he cant live with you and not dream of tasting your ass hole on a daily basis… nari.. .damn chris fucking has to want to DP you with me… well… you think i should call him and maybe let him PLUNGE THE SYRINGE FULL OF CRYSTAL POWDER+LUBE+OIL+GlyCerin up your ass hole? welll wait… im gonna need to clean out your insides to make sure your nice and clean when i fuck you deep… no dirty stuff popping out for you to get all embarrassed… and to keep my cock clean… oh yah so if its super clean it will be more easy and safe to ASS 2 mouth and ass 2 twat back n fourth pounding in and out one after the other… deep in and out making you moan for me… ever had water and warm oil fill all the way up your ass to your insides and then squash it back out into the drain… or toilet might be better…. that way i can easily slide my cock in and out of your TINY little mouth while you squeeze out the warm oil canlı casino and water from you tight anus hole… making your sphincter get warmed up too… so… right afterwards… half of a bottle of fuck juice lube… f oh its called FUCK WATER… my brother had it in his room i stole it to use in this kind of scenario of course… glycyerin will be no problem now since your ass hole is cleanned out.. as glycerin makes you get the anal juices flowing… … so instead it will just make your ass hole kind of contract and tighten out and in with weird pleasure but also like a missing element is present… nothing to push out of your hass really… not yet cause its gonna be crazy when its time… a whollole 8 inch cock balls deep soon nari… all for you to try and force back out your ass hole… can you do it? baby can you resist your cousins hard fucking DEEP FORCING spun as fuck higher than a kinky method for your madness slut… see nari im not even making sense you got my cock blasted in your ass and im almost freaking out of my mind. only your braa and panty like thong non right now, i tear my shirt off and you end up scratching my all over… i cant figure out if your trying to make me stop rramming your hole against the wall or if your wanting me do fuck you ram and jam you harder and deeper… shouving my balls in your ass hole before penetrating your pussy … i dont know if you can handle it… idk if i can handle it your freaking ass being so tight and gripping my balls inside you? should we do it nari… i kind of want my nasty mind being more spun for this… what do you think nari… *i smoke a bowl quickly then blow it in your mouth baby… making your inhale my crystal spinner treat… that ain’t enough though… before my balls go in your ass.. i need you to gape for me… ***its ok your a new anal princess you cant gape on demandd so i brough my ass hole toy that is like a oplug but hollow… lets fit it in you now… a dab of KY jelly lube to get it in e nice and quick.. then i hear the gaping sound of your anal canal open up… i kneel you on the bed hiking your ass hole up in the air… vertilkle… then i just drip in your butt hole full on rocks of crystals no powdering or anything… full on rocks of meth righj up your sweet virgin ass… yeah it burns a bit baby but good burning isnt it… warm and horny now… ass hole willing to take my balls full on in ? i then dip my hands ind fingers in jelly lubed silicon mix… four of my fingers… 2 hands… index fs and middle fs… slid into your ASS HOLE to then stretch it open,. gaping it in a square shape… i spit in the deep hot hole a few times.. you look back at me kind of with a wtf you spit in my ass hole?! kind of look… then i nod… and open my mouth to drool drip slowly a good fucking nice sized and thick salavi for you ass hole… you feel it cold flowing in you… you make a grrrr sound… i then dip my balls in oil full submersion in thick but slippery oil… then i fucking cant take it I JAM MY HARD COCK IN YOUR ASS HOLE thrusting it deep like a whore should take… only NASTIEST CUM SLUTS ill fuck this way kaçak casino nari.. your gonna be my best one yet, you never would imagine coming to grandmas and being force fucked like this today would you… before i can take my cock back out of your ass hole … before i can uput my balls into your gape that forms from removal of my 8 inched thicker than ever cause of the scenario we are in… i take my cock out of your ass hole… i lick your clit up and down a few times.. then lick your lips and french kiss your about tio slit it in your pussy … WARM HOT PLUMP WILLING freaky and slutty pussy waiting to take my dick all the way how ever i force you .. it to take it… waiting like a little gitrl taking no steps to call for help.. paralyzed by how and what im doing … in shock your cousin is fucking your holes…. loving it every second .. enjoying using your body and making your get owned and destroyed all for a spun fucking fantasy to get fulfilled.. nari im gonna make your world be mine… calling to pick you up from college you freshman baby seeing a 30 year old guy pick you up turns you on… your friends know your my fuck slut and they have no idea im your cousin do they… we make out and i slide my finger discretley up your ass hole while you introduce me to your wanna be boyfriend… he cant help it your holes are too juicy for him … but i am the only guy that has a say who gets to fill you up with cum or anything else that will get you turned on… molly maybe and pnp as well … ill let you get fucked by other guys too .. ill enjoy it actually… but only if you realize at any moment im gonna come while you are being fucke dby another guy…. and skull fuck you without any warning and expecting your mouth and throat to handle this nasty cousin of yours.. 30 year old and 18 year old… fucking getting used and abused to an extent… my cock and my nasty mind being your worst and best dream… …. nari.. 18 year old barley legal fuckable cousin of mine… get ready to start your nasty little mind… get prepared for the day we get into that hall way… peach in your mouth then plugged up with laced spun lube in your bumm…. gaped and more rocks put in your willing yet fighting off bum… ill make you moan and have to gag you cover your mouth so your and my family doesnt wonder what is going on … i cant get caught with my cock in your mouth ass or evemn your slutty perfect twat… neither your hands baby… but i kind of want to get caught… by the way… your dad would only let me fuck your holes if he knows you are gonna end up being a fuck slut high and spun out of your mind getting any guy to cum in your twat… so he will just have to bbe willing to put up with me fucking his little daughter making his son… your boriother narii watch and get off on what he is letting his sister do … he even wants to do you too… ill let him onnly if you agreee to take 3 holes of yours with 3 different cocks and maake us cum all at the same time in you for the next round… hell if you dont agree you know ill just make you do it wont you… so regardless. your gonna get tied up made to be a triple penetrated and creamed cum slut…. or you will do the same without being tied and bound nari… im your edged cock baby, been weeeks ive been waiting to creampie in your holes one after the other making you watch my cum ooze out of you

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