Cowboy hat and fuck ugly


Cowboy hat and fuck uglyNames have been changed to protect identities. Me and cath had been friends for 1 yeardrinking on nights out , she was about 4”12 very slim and slightly flat chested , she was very kind and but about a 6/10 at best . So after a dry spell from women I alone and horny one night texted cath . She told me she was in the bath , I being cheeky asked for a picture ( as a joke ). Then 3 mintues later *2 picture messages received*, I was eating Chinese and I spat it out on the floor . I paused “ what had she sent me I thought ?”. Without a thought I clicked on it . First picture was a picture of the bathroom floor , on the floor was her denim shorts a string vest top bra laced and white thong .This had the caption “ to prove I am in the bath “. Next picture was from the chest up , no bubbles but she had one finger in her mouth teeth clenched . As my eyes traced thier was her chest , she had perfectly formed and firm breast’s with medium size light covered nipples . With the caption “ oooops , where’s the bubbles gone “. Next picture was something I never expected , it wasn’t a picture but a video message . Her in the bath soaking , with her hair down over her shoulders . “ when are you free … because I am free tonight ?”. I thought erm erm then my mums house was empty for 3 days I had the keys . I was really turned on by what I had seen . I rang cath “ that was quick … so what’s the answer?” She growled . I without thinking said “ get your clothes here’s my adress “ , “ I’ll be thier in 20 mintues “. So I walked the short distance to my mums house and checked bedroom my old room still intact . This will do I thought . I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth . Then I got a text “ I am here :)” , I ran down to the door and opened it she was wearing the same clothes that were on the floor . Her hair was soaked and she was wearing a cowboy hat . “ well.. aren’t you going to invite me “ . So I let her and locked the door to see her walking Down the corridor hips swinging . “ I’ll take off my boots “ karabağlar escort she shouted and she overstretched like a cat, bent all the way down her dress rode up her legs slightly . She kicked her boots off and that knocked her height down she was small now . Then I walked down the corridor “ want a drink ?” She turned around smiled and “ wine please “ I poured her a glass and she put it on the table . “ well it’s a lovely house isn’t it ? “ “ yeah it is ..” , she sat up on the table drank half a glass in one gulp . Her eyes fixed on me “ you invite me here , offer me wine , if I didn’t know better I would say you were getting me drunk?” , I was in shocked “no iii ..” I stammered she laughed “ I have never seen you so nervous !” . “ cath what do you want ? “ , then with out missing a beat “ you “ she replied . I turned around with a takeaway menu and dropped it . She looked at me and started to turn so red . “ fine that’s what I want too “ . I walked to the table moved the glass of wine out of the wAy and passionately kissed her . She wrapped her arms around me and we kissed , the table was a hip height for me and I pulled her towards the corner of the table . I one hand behind her head and one hand in the loop of her skirt . I pulled her with two fingers and she let out a little help . I picked her up off the table and she wrapped her legs around me and we kissed more aggressively. Then she went “ down “ she stood up adjusted her outfit and looked up at me and whispered “ so we’re going to the bedroom then ?” So she went up the stairs and me following behind her . I couldn’t help but have a peak up her dress , a nice firm ass . But no underwear in sight . She headed towards my room straight ahead , with one hand behind her holding mine . We got into the room and she turned around with a smirk on her face “ you closed the blinds allready … someone knows what he wants !” She pulled her jumper off over her head to reveal the white string vest , “ same clothes as on the bathroom floor karabağlar escort bayan “ I said . “ thier not staying on for much longer “ she laughed . I walked towards her and started to kiss her neck her head tipped back and she groaned . “ the suspense is killing me !” She shouted . “ suspense ?” I questioned , “ you have seen me … but I haven’t seen you !” She exclaimed . She pulled at my belt , fingers un-buckling my belt . I reached one hand and placed it on her lower back . I then reached down and grabbed her ass cheek through her skirt . “ easy acess ..?” She exclaimed . She pulled her vest off and looked at me , “ well I am waiting ?” So I took my shirt off and she stood with her finger and pointed and my jeans and made the gesture to take them off . I took them off and stood in my boxers . She smiled like a Cheshire Cat . “ are the rumours true ?” She asked as she walked forward towards me . I glanced back “ I could ask them same about you !” “Me ?.. what rumours ?” She exclaimed “ no you first “ I told her . “ well apprantly your very sizeable in the trousers area “ she shyly explained . “ well now it’s your turn !” I pulled her towards me and whispered in her ear “ the rumours are you have a tight pussy “ . She breathed out and whispered “ well your about to find out …” she placed her hand on my crotch area and squeezed my cock . “ mmmm” she groaned , I went to reach my hand up the front of her skirt “no no no “ she sung . She patted my bed with her hand I sat down . She came towards me and straddled my lap . “ those rumours are true about you “ she moaned . She then pushed me back on the bed and asked me to take my boxers off , so I took them down around me knees. She then placed one hand on her dress “ take it off “ I suggested . She glanced down and tugged at her bra . “ this is coming off “ She unhook it with one hand and threw it at me . To reveal her small perfect pert breast’s . She glanced down and goes “ well it’s time “ , she climbed slowly over me , sat escort karabağlar on my lap and traced her fingers up her toned stomach and around her breast’s .she put one hand and grabbed hold of my firm hard cock . Leant down to kiss me and then started to lower her weight onto me . She then peeled her deniem dress clean off . To reveal her shaven groin with a star tattoo on her groin. She pulled back my foreskin and pushed it down her clit , she groaned .Then she bounced , she moaned “ fuuuuck” , then with a smile on her face she bounced . It felt unreal at the end of every bounce was a hip flick , I placed my hands on her ass to add pressure . She placed on hand on her groin . “ fuck you are tight!” I groaned . Then she gained speed until a harsh loud smack sound, was heard . I tried hard not to cum “ I want to cum “ I told her . She half grinned, licked her lips and just bounced harder . “ it’s okay… when you ready “ she told me . Then the pressure built up , in my toes . My breathing quickened , she dropped her weight one final time . Then I started to cum inside her , she squirmed and so did I . Her nails duh into my chest , I pressed her hips down and smiled . Then she climbed off , she lay next to me . No words just heaven breathing , then she lay her head on my chest . She looked down at my dick and it was still erect 5 mintues after cumin’s . She looked at me “ does someone want to go again?” She Enquired . I was exhausted but I still felt I had some left in the tank . So she was lying on her stomach , her legs kicking to her ass . Then I climbed over to get out of bed and was behind her perfect ass right in line with me . I then put one hand onHer back and guided myself into her tight pussy . “ I wasn’t expecting that “ she blushed . Then I was overcome with a a****l instincts and a phrase my good friend said “ if thier fuck ugly with a good body , face in the pillow hard and fast“ so I started to fuck her tight pussy like my life depended on it . I heard her groan into the pillow , I then pulled her hair back and as I came into her pussy I sunk my teeth into her shoulder and bite down . She screamed and clenched at the same time. God damn it , “ worth it “ I thought . She stayed face down for 5 more mintues , cum dripping everywhere, shoulder bleeding . the smell of sex in the air , it was over or so I thought

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