Cowgirl of the County


This is a work of fiction. While the town and businesses in the vicinity are factual, all names, characters and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

It was commonly understood by everybody that Aubrey Murphy was the cutest little thing in Brewster County. Hell, let’s be honest, she was the cutest little thing in three counties – and in far West Texas that’s a whole lot of real estate.

In a place like Alpine, it wasn’t hard for Aubrey to stand out from the crowd. She had been the talk of the town ever since she first made her entrance into the world. She was the latest in a long line of Murphys that went back to the time of the town’s founding in the 1880s. To be a Murphy in Brewster Country meant something big, real big — Texas big — especially in a state where a person’s lineage continued to matter, and particularly out in the less inhabited places unaffected by recent surges in population.

From the moment she arrived, Aubrey had the sweetest set of blue eyes anyone had ever seen. There were even discussions among some of the residents as to what specific shade of blue they were. Everything from sapphire, Persian, cobalt and deep blue were argued and debated by Alpine’s inhabitants. Really, it had more to do with what Aubrey was wearing and what the weather outside was like than any other factor. Most days, in the clear blue skies over southwest Texas, with the sun blazing overhead, the color of her eyes would have been described as deep sky blue — which was altogether fitting.

Standing at just about 5 feet 5 inches, Aubrey had medium blonde hair that was a shade of creamy bronze or sand, almost champagne in color when she was outside. As she grew older, her hair turned a few shades darker as her eyes changed a few shades lighter. Most people couldn’t tell one way or another anyway because Aubrey always wore a studded brown-stained cowboy hat that covered her head and shielded her eyes.

The Murphy family lived on a sprawling 20,000-acre ranch about five miles outside of Alpine, heading west on route 90 toward Marfa. It had been there that the first Murphy claimed land when they settled in the region and it had passed down from generation to generation.

Aubrey was her Daddy through and through, and she helped him tirelessly to manage the livestock and to keep the place running. All they had was each other now, after her mom had run off a few years back with a traveling rodeo star and her older brother went to college way up in Dallas.

To Aubrey, Dallas seemed as far away as the moon and she just couldn’t image why anyone would ever want to leave Alpine in the first place. This was her home. These were her people. It was in her bones and blood, a part of the very fabric of her being. She never wanted or had any desire to leave this part of the world, and she fully expected to marry and settle down in the same place her family had resided for almost 140 years. If it was good enough for them, it was good enough for her. She was country and it was her.

There was never a shortage of boys vying for her attention. It wasn’t enough that she was extraordinarily beautiful — a purely natural gift from the Gods. Aubrey also had one hell of a personality and was often called a “spitfire” by her Daddy. The twinkle in her eyes and the dimples on her cheeks stood out clearly every time she smiled or laughed, which was often, and it just about knocked every guy off his feet. They couldn’t even help themselves. Yet, the one thing that kept them all at bay was her Daddy — and the shotgun he kept loaded and ready for use by the door.

Most times, Aubrey paid scant attention to the boys. By now, she was used to them staring at her. They, and everyone else, had been doing it her whole life so she hardly noticed anymore. Over the years, a few very lucky fellows had accompanied Aubrey to school dances or Friday night football games — Go Fightin’ Bucks! But they were always a little disappointed when Aubrey chose to circulate among everyone and not just hang out with them exclusively.

Still, when the lucky boy took her back home afterwards they always received a token kiss goodnight. Most times it was on the cheek but occasionally, depending on the situation or the boy, one of them might just get a kiss on the lips. That inevitably gave the lucky soul a pounding hard-on in their pants to accompany their drive back to town. A lovely parting gift from Aubrey, one they would immediately rub out once they got home with thoughts of her racing through their mind and the smell of her perfume on their shirts.

It wasn’t that Aubrey was a prude. She was just particular. Guys had one thing on their minds. Only one thing and it was always on their mind. She was selective, choosy even, but that’s just the way it was. There was nothing personal or hurtful about it. More than anything, she was cautious. She knew all too well just how popular she was and she never wanted to casino şirketleri give anyone the wrong impression. Aubrey prided herself on getting along with everyone. Beauty has its privileges.

Part of her innate appeal was her warm and loving nature. She was a hugger. It was how she was raised and it was how she greeted everyone. You could say it was just another aspect of her southern charm. That, and the soft accent that oozed out of her mouth like warm honey. Yup, all things considered, Aubrey was simply the most attractive specimen around. She was appealing in practically every way a person can be, inside and out. It was no wonder that she turned heads and sprouted boners wherever she went.

As her senior year in high school progressed something inside Aubrey’s body lit up like a firecracker on the 4th of July. It was as if she had been sitting in idle for years and then — BAM — all at once her body engine revved up and was ready to fly. She started getting urges, some of them rather intense in nature, and began fantasizing about doing different sexual things with boys. Despite all of her best laid plans about being cautious Aubrey was curious about sex and she wanted — needed — to explore.

It wasn’t as if Aubrey hadn’t ever thought much about sex. She wasn’t ignorant, not by a long shot. Thanks to the internet she could find out any damn thing she wanted. It was just that she was extremely busy. Between her schooling and helping her Daddy on the ranch, Aubrey was as busy as could be. Any interest or curiosity or urges were always worked out of her and she pretty much collapsed in bed at night from exhaustion.

Every now and then Aubrey would satisfied herself before drifting off to sleep. Laying on her stomach she would reach down with her right hand and rub on her pussy. While it was always pleasurable, she never achieved climax and usually just gave up after a while as the need for sleep took precedence over her need for release. Yet, even these solo adventures had dramatically increased to the point that Aubrey was playing with herself almost every night. Sometimes she only massaged her clit but other nights she worked two fingers into her wet hole. Still, there was never a climax — just a whole lotta feeling good.

Unable to wait any longer, Aubrey settled on a more assertive approach to fulfil her curiosities. She decided that whoever asked her to the boys’ last home basketball game that Friday night was going to get more than just her company, and the prospect excited her immensely. She was ready to explore!

The unsuspecting participant ended up being Justin Reece, a fellow senior who just happened to be the class president. When he approached Aubrey after Math class Friday morning and inquired about her plans for the game she eagerly agreed to go with him. They made arrangements for him to pick her up at her house a little early so they could grab a bite to eat before the game.

When Justin’s silver Ford F-150 truck turned right from route 90 into the half-mile long drive that led to the 6000-square-foot log cabin she lived in with her Daddy, Aubrey was dressed and ready to go. She walked out onto the wrap-around wooden porch to wait dressed in a pair of tight-fitting jeans, a rose colored long sleeve sweatshirt blouse and, of course, her studded brown-stained cowboy hat. She looked the picture of perfection!

As Justin slowly pulled around the expansive circular driveway and saw Aubrey waiting for him his heart damn near leaped in his chest. He felt his tongue swell to twice its normal size and his dick started crawling down his leg. Jesus Christ Almighty, he thought. She is so fucking hot!

Putting his truck in park, Justin reached across the seat to open up the passenger side door to let Aubrey in. “Howdy,” she said as she hopped up in the cab.

Swallowing hard, he finally managed to answer, “Howdy.” He paused to watch her get adjusted and fasten the seatbelt across her chest. “Jesus, Aubrey, you look beautiful.” He said it before he had a chance to stop himself. He couldn’t help it. He was only human and she was only a fucking goddess.

“Thank you. That’s sweet of you to say Justin,” she said, smiling over at him with that twinkle in her eyes. “You’re looking mighty handsome yourself tonight.”

He swallowed hard again and then turned his head to focus on driving back to the road. A million thoughts raced through Justin’s mind as he proceeded into the town of Alpine. Chiefly, he wondered, does she really think I look handsome, or is she just being overly nice?

Ultimately, he decided it really didn’t matter. Justin knew full well how this night was going to end no matter what she said or thought. When he brought Aubrey back home she would oblige him with a kiss and nothing more. He would be going home alone to jerk off just like every other guy she went out with. However, just being with her was more than enough. Justin knew he would be the envy of every guy in town that night, and that brought a smile to his face.

“Whatcha casino firmaları thinking about?” Aubrey playfully asked in her smooth southern drawl, where the last word was pronounced as “a-bow-yout.”

Brought automatically back to reality, Justin’s face dropped a bit as he turned his head to look at her. “Huh?”

Giggling lightly, Aubrey continued, “You had a huge grin on your face just now. What were you thinking about?”

“Oh,” he answered, stalling for time to think of something to say. “Nothing really. I…I guess was just thinking about you, Aubrey.”

Reaching over with her left hand, Aubrey rubbed his leg as he drove. She immediately realized her mission for this night would require very little effort on her part. Apparently, all she had to do was show up, and she had already done that. “You’re some kinda sweet talker Justin Reece.”

As they approached the village Justin found an excuse to change the subject, “I thought we’d grab a bite at the Cow Dog. Would that be alright?”

The Cow Dog was a local hangout in town that was largely overrun by high school kids on Friday nights before any sporting event. “That would be just fine,” Aubrey told him. She had already guessed that’s where they would be going. It was the place everyone would be going before the basketball game.

Over a couple of premium hot dogs and some Co-Colas, Justin and Aubrey sat at one of the benches outside and chatted about school, their senior year and plans for the future. As the place filled up, they were soon joined by some friends from school and the talk quickly turned to the upcoming game. This was not only the boys’ last home game of the year but, for many of them, it would be the last home game of their high school career and that added a bit of something to the event.

Unfortunately, however, the Alpine Bucks lost 72-58 to the Mustangs from over in Fort Hancock but Aubrey could hardly focus on the game. Her mind wondered off to think about what her first real experience with a boy would be like and, full of all kinds of curiosity, she was excited for it to begin.

When it was over she suggested going home instead of heading out with friends like usual, which disappointed Justin as he was sad to have the evening come to an end so soon. Yet, when Aubrey reached out to hold his hand he changed his mind damn quick and they began the trek back to her house.

On the way they chatted about the game and resumed talk about what they planned to do after they graduated in a few months. Justin would be heading up to Midland to start working at his uncle’s paper mill and living in Odessa where things were more affordable. Aubrey continued to be rather non-committal about her plans, telling him honestly that she just didn’t know what the future had in store for her. She assumed that for the immediate future she would stay at home with her Daddy and help him run the ranch.

For the second time that day, Justin pulled into the vast circular drive that wound around the front of Aubrey’s enormous home, a place he thought seemed way too big for just two people to live in. He put the truck in park and turned to face Aubrey, waiting expectantly for the customary kiss goodnight with his cock already semi-hard in anticipation.

She leaned in and their lips met. Aubrey’s full, soft mouth and the scent of her perfume caused an immediate reaction in Justin as his heart raced and his dick grew even harder. Then she surprised him by opening her mouth and slipping her tongue inside his. He reached out to wrap his arms around her as their kissing grew more passionate.

This was definitely not what Justin expected. Ever! Locked in a tight embrace, Aubrey slid her right hand down to rub his leg and Justin’s body briefly shivered. When she placed her hand on his crotch and rubbed on the large bulge that protruded out he thought, I’m dreaming. I must be fucking dreaming.

Abruptly, Justin pulled away as an unwelcome thought slammed its way into his head. “Um…your father’s not going to come out, is he?”

Aubrey chuckled warmly. “You just better hope not Justin.” Then, smiling widely at him she placed her lips on the nape of his neck and began to lightly suck on him as her hand ran over the hard lump in his pants. When their lips met again the kissing was intense. Mouths parted wide as tongues darted inside with eager yearning.

Gaining confidence, or losing his senses altogether, Justin gradually slid his left hand under Aubrey’s sweatshirt and cupped her breast. Hidden beneath her smooth, silky bra it felt firm yet soft, and he could feel her nipple poking out of the garment. They grew even closer together and Aubrey started unbuckling his belt. Justin thoroughly expected his heart to explode from excitement at any second as it pounded inside his chest.

With his belt unhooked, Aubrey undid the zipper and skimmed her hand over Justin’s belly. Her fingers moved lightly under his briefs and grazed against his pubic hair as his hand reached underneath her bra to touch and squeeze her güvenilir casino tit. He lifted her bra up so he could feel the whole rounded gland in his hand, running a thumb over her hard nipple.

The feel of a boy’s hand on her was as new as it was wonderful and Aubrey grew hot as her panties got wet. Sliding her hand inside Justin’s briefs, she could feel the rock-hard penis sprawling down his leg. She was anxious to see it so Aubrey tugged on his cock until she had a firm grip around it. With the fingers of her right hand wrapped tightly around his meat, Aubrey began to stroke him back and forth as he groaned out in pleasure.

As Justin groped at her supple breast, her hand worked its magic on his shaft and he spread his legs slightly to allow Aubrey more room to manuever. The pressure of her hand on his stiff prick was the greatest sensation he had ever known. The sweetness of her breath on his mouth and the warmth of her touch on his penis was more than that poor boy could endure, and before Justin knew it he lost all control.

“Oh…God damn!” he exclaimed loudly as spunk junk exploded from the tip of his dick in spurts of warm goo.

All Aubrey could do was watch as he erupted, spilling his nut juice across his chest and belly. Some of it drippled onto her hand and she conveniently wiped it off on his shirt right next to where the rest of his semen landed.

“My,” she began with an accent that stretched the short word into two syllables. “You made quite a mess.” Aubrey looked at him and giggled lightly as Justin panted heavily beside her.

“I — I’m so sorry Aubrey,” he stammered, trying to get his breathing under control. “I’m just so sorry.”

“Not nearly as sorry as I am,” she teased, eyes twinkling inside the dark of his truck.

Justin looked over at her, embarrassed and a little ashamed of himself wondering just how far Aubrey would have been willing to go. Now, he doubted he would ever find out. This had been his one chance and he had fucked it up. He knew that just as surely as he knew his name. FUCK, he screamed inside his head. Fuck, fuck, fuck!

After a few moments of cognitive anger, Justin leaned across Aubrey to open the glove box and remove some McDonald’s napkins that he kept in there for emergencies. This was certainly one such emergency, and he did his best to wipe up as much of his mess as he could.

Sitting next to Justin as he meticulously cleaned himself, Aubrey was unable to turn away. This was the first time she had ever seen a man’s penis up close and personal, and she was making a note of its size and shape for future reference. When he was done scooping up his ejaculated residue, with half a dozen wadded up napkins on the floor by his feet, he slumped his shoulders and hung his head. “I’m so sorry Aubrey,” he repeated.

“It’s okay, baby,” she answered him, running a hand down his leg. Aubrey leaned over and kissed Justin on the cheek before opening the door and jumping down from the truck. “I’ll see you in school on Monday,” she told him, and then shut the door and walked on into the house as Justin slowly made his way back down the long driveway and the longer ride back home.

Once she was undressed and in the comfort of her own bed, Aubrey started masturbating almost as soon as she lay down. She rubbed vigorously over her clit as images of Justin’s exploding cock raced through her mind. His had been the first real dick she had ever seen in person, the first dick she had ever touched and held in her hands, and she had absolutely loved every minute of the adventure despite her disappointment in its brevity.

She kept picturing Justin’s penis as she penetrated her very wet hole with two of her fingers, and her twat made slurping sounds as she played with it. However, like every other time before, there was no climax. Aubrey spread her legs wide and kept running her fingers inside her moist box while she massaged one of her breasts. She felt warm all over but despite her best efforts there was no real release and, after a while, she gave up and fell asleep.

The next morning Aubrey decided her first sexual exploit had been a dud — at least for her — and she started making plans for the next adventure. She didn’t have to wait long as the following weekend Sam Neilson was having a party out at his place and the entire senior class was invited. Aubrey’s best friend Stephanie picked her up that Saturday night and drove them over to Sam’s house which was about a mile north of the village of Alpine on route 118 headed toward Fort Davis.

At the party, the music was loud and the beer was plenty. Aubrey saw Justin and they chatted a bit as he feebly tried again to apologize for his earlier performance, claiming he wasn’t prepared. She kissed him lightly on the mouth, told him not to worry because it had been fun, and slowly made her way toward another group of classmates.

It wasn’t long before the alcohol affected everyone’s mood and games of beer pong were set up while others could funnel and chug from a keg in Sam’s kitchen. One of the good things about living in Alpine, maybe the best thing, was that it was largely desolate so people could be as loud as they wanted without worrying about neighbors or cops. As the night wore on, the music got louder and the party got wilder.

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