Craig’s List – Cross Dresser Part 2

Craig’s List – Cross Dresser Part 2I turn you upside down so you back is on the chair with your legs over the back. I take off my pants and underwear. My dick is only half hard but I rub it into the cum on your face and feed it to you with the head of my dick. Then I rub my balls all over your face before leaving them for you to tongue and suck them into your mouth.I am getting harder now. I pull my scrotum up so you can tongue the sensitive area between my sack and my anus. As you lick this area, I reach forward and rub your panties, stroking the same spot on your that you are licking on me. I tilt my pelvis so you can rim my ass. God it feels good and my dick is responding. I rock back and forth so you lick my balls, my penis, my balls, my ass. After I do this a few times I stick my now hard dick into your mouth. As you suck the tip three inches I lean forward and gently bite your balıkesir escort big girl-clit gently.You seem to like this but there is something else I want. I pull your shoulders so your head is off the end of the cushion. I feed my now-hard prick deep into your throat. First I saw slowly in and out; out to the tip, deep into your throat, and back.While this feels great, I want more of you. I pull out and have you kneel on the chair facing away from me. I put my hard dick in the crack of your ass and slide up and down like I’m fucking a girls titties except this is sliding across your satin panties. I slap your ass cheek once and your jump and let out a squeal. I rub up and down some more then slap your other cheek.  I’m hard as a rock now. I grab your panties and rip them open on one side and they fall down to your knee on the other side.I thought I was going to slam into escort balıkesir your gurl pussy, but now that I see your naked ass I have other ideas. I kneel down and blow on your balls through pursed lips. This cool air and unexpected sensation makes you shutter. Goose bumps pop out on your skin and your scrotum starts to move. I moisten my tongue and lick your balls, up across the sensitive bulge and up further across your anus, up further through your crack. I do this three more times, slowly engaging your most sensitive areas. Then I start rubbing my dick up and down your ass cheeks again. Now that your ass is wet with my saliva, it feels incredible.Now for the final act. I get my dick wet with saliva and put the head at your pussy. You briefly tighten your sphincter due to the surprise, but then you relax and I push in. One inch. More Saliva, Two inches. More Saliva. balıkesir escort bayan When my entire seven inches is inside of you and you feel my pelvis on your ass cheeks, you let out a long moan. I start out slow, out, in, out, in, until I feel you completely ralax and accept that I now own your pussy.I pick up my pace and start slamming into you. You simultaneously start moving back at me and you grab your big clit and start stroking it. We’re in a frenzy now, I’m pounding into you as hard as I can and you are rocking back and forth so each in-stroke has maximum force as you furiously stroke your engorged clit. In a manner of minutes I feel your sphincter tighten around my thrusting prick and I feel my balls tighten. I roar as I spurt and spurt into your body and you cum on the chair, pulsing and gripping me as you cum.I am exhausted and I fall on your back with all my weight. You purr as I gently rake your balls with my finger nails. I catch my breath, my dick softens and pops out.When I am clean and dressed, ready to go, you are sitting quietly with your hands folded on your skirt. I give you a peck good bye. “I’ll see your next week.”

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