Craigslist Missed Connections BBC

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Craigslist Missed Connections BBCHe answered my Missed Connections ad on Craigslist. This was the first time I’d ever created an ad like this and didn’t realize I’d get so many responses from guys other than the one I was writing about, especially since there aren’t that many black men in this area. But here I was, flirting with him via email. He asks me if I’m a BBW and I respond that I don’t really know the exact specifications to fit this category, therefore I’m not sure how to answer. So he has me email him a picture and I proceed to get on my bicycle for a ride with a friend as I wasn’t really feeling this guy. When I finish up my ride and check my email, my face goes up in flames as I see that this guy responded that he’s not interested because in this picture, I look “tiny”. Of all the nerve… This guy is blowing ME off?! I stew as I drive home and go into my bathroom, lift my top, and send him a close-up picture of my naked, ample, large-nippled, pale breasts with the question, “Do these look TINY?!”I then receive a response containing laughter and a picture of his extended large black cock to prove that he’s also not “tiny”. So it’s on…We arrange our first meeting but it doesn’t happen. He then calls to apologize and we meet another night. It’s late and we meet in an empty parking lot under a light. He enters my car and we converse. He proceeds to assess me as “thick” instead of BBW, but apparently I’ll suffice. I immediately see that he’s going to be trouble as he reminds me of a past lover who could make me quiver with just his Barry White voice over the phone, had a magical mouth, overt sexuality, a body that knew how to rock my world, and a very large cock. I tell him this and he’s very pleased, saying he’s also going to rock my world and be at my beck and command. He sees that I need someone to loosen me up, take my stresses away, crawl under my desk at work and pleasure me with his mouth as I sit at my computer. I listen to him tell me that he’s a freak and all the things he likes to do. He loves to suck toes and ass. I chuckle as none of this is new to me at my age, therefore not exactly what I’d categorize as freaky. He then asks if I’ve had my toes sucked while being fucked. bursa escort Well okay, this is new to me and it sounds damn wonderful. This is bad….We share a few kisses as he fondles my breasts on top of my shirt, nibbles his way up my neck and along my ears. He tells me to take out my breasts. I lift my breasts one by one out of my bra and shirt, exposing them to the air and his mouth. He takes turns suckling them both in turn as this causes me to soak my panties. He asks me if I’m wet and I nod yes as I know I’ve gotta be wet…I’m always wet. He continues to worship my breasts as he wiggles his hand inside the waistband of my tight leggings and lace panties. He slowly rubs his fingers over my clit and inserts them into my wet, slick pussy as I moan. I start to pant as I notice that we’ve steamed up the windows of the car. He then leans back into his seat and draws his erect cock out of his pants and asks me to go down. As I eyefuck his attractive, rigid cock, lick my lips, and contemplate whether I can do this here, we are startled by the sound of an employee nearby taking out the trash. I blush and quickly cover myself as the spell is broken. We say our goodbyes as he promises a toe suck the next time we meet. Yummmm…I leave even wetter.A few days later, I’m in my car about to pull out of my garage to meet him again when he calls and insists that I come in a skirt and no panties. I argue with him, telling him that I’m not going back in to change. He tells me skirt and no panties or don’t come at all…I spill a few cuss words and head back into the house. I arrive and he asks me to show him that I have on no panties so I hike up my short striped skirt and show him my trimmed pussy. He growls and has me lay my legs across so that he can lean down between my legs and start licking and sucking my wet pussy. I come quickly with a loud groan as he chuckles and asks if I always cum that fast. He then slides my right foot out of my sandal, bringing it into his lap, and massaging my foot. He then lifts it and gently starts rubbing his tongue along the tops of my toes. He rotates my foot around to lick around my toes and the sole of my foot. He finally sucks my toes into his moist, warm mouth while bursa escort bayan sliding his tongue between them. My eyes start to roll back into my head as I start to slide down in ecstasy. He then asks if I’d like for him to place his mouth on my pussy again and I quickly agree until he makes me cum again.The next time we meet, he has me wear a dress and no panties again. We get out of the car and go for a walk until we approach a picnic table. He turns me around, bends me over the table, lifts my skirt and starts fucking me from behind until I start to worry about us being out in the open. We walk back to the car and get in. He takes out his cock and I lean across his lap to wrap my lips around its thick girth. I bob my head up and down while swirling my lips and tongue and gliding my mouth up and down his shaft. He praises my work, saying its so good. He then has me lean between the seats, with my head in the back, places a condom on, lifts my skirt again, and fucks me once more doggie-style until I become too uncomfortable in that position. He then offers to make me cum again with his mouth and I vigorously agree.We have another session in my car at the park. He brings a lollipop this time. He shows it to me, slowly unwraps it, and pops it into his mouth to get it fully moist before swirling it in my wet pussy, coating it with my juices. He pops it back in his mouth, sucking and swirling it to extract every last drop of me off it. He proceeds to do this several times until I’m soaked and sticky from being covered in candy. He then goes down to slurp the sweet candy from my female center until I cum.One day I’m at work feeling extremely horny as I approach the end of my shift. I think of him and text him asking if he’d meet me for a breast-sucking only event. He agrees, saying he’d love to do this for me. I’m very excited thinking about his mouth on my nipples as I drive to the park. I remove my overshirt and my bra, leaving only a sheer tank covering my large, taut nipples extended from them brushing against the silky tank. He groans as he enters the car and leans me back in my seat to get full access to my nipples through the silk. He gives my breasts plenty of loving until I’m in a escort bursa frenzy. He convinces me to leave the car with just the sheer, skimpy tank covering my ample breasts and walk into the night. He leads me down the trail and into a cave. He pulls down my pants and squats underneath me to suck my nectar flowing from my pussy. He then turns me around and lathers my asshole with his tongue, making it as wet and slippery as my pussy. He sheaths his large cock into my pussy from behind until it becomes too uncomfortable while standing up. He leads me over to a park bench just outside the cave and bends me over the bench, this time sliding between my cheeks and into my ass. He pumps into my ass deeply and at a wonderful pace as he wraps his arms from behind me and fondles my breasts by tugging my tank down just slightly. I completely enjoy this ass fuck as I gaze across the pond at a person sitting on a bench, wondering if they can see my bright white tank top beckoning to them. I jump slightly as a small group of teenage boys wander close by but continue to enjoy this open air tryst. Before either one of us gets to peak, I pull away due to a swarm of bugs biting on my arms and legs and we leave.Along this journey, he’s offering to set up an encounter with several men reaching for me, playing with my breasts. Or a random man to come fuck me on a barstool at a bar. Or best yet, a threesome with him and his black roommate. With him on bottom with his arms wrapped around me so I can’t move, his cock in my vagina, while his roommate has his way with my ass. Oh, the choices and the fantasies!We are fighting one night as he’s jealous of the other men in my life even as he has a girlfriend of his own. He wants me to himself. I decide to let him come over but he’s all pouty and anxious. He leads me into the bedroom and onto the bed, gives me head, and proceeds to fuck me missionary. But it sucks because he’s mad at me, therefore not in his best form, so I eventually stop him. So…if you’ve been following closely, I’ve yet to let him cum. Ever.I give him another chance the next night. He comes over and sucks my pussy and then I flop over onto my belly so he can lick my ass. He fucks me in missionary, doggie, in cowgirl with me on top of him on the floor, anal oh so good, and then back to fucking my pussy. He even takes pictures of his cock inside my ass for my cuck friend. Oh, and this time, I let him cumand cum and cum.

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