Crystal , The Cowboy


Crystal was down in the dumps.

She was stuck in a go-nowhere job with not much prospect for the future. Her only ray of hope had been her latest boyfriend but she now knew in her heart he was a looser and the quicker she dumped him the better off she would be.

Was she a loser too? Not on your life! She took stock of herself. When she looked in the mirror, there was a very attractive, very sexy, not quite 30 year old petite blond looking back. She had a nice figure and, although her boobs weren’t huge, they were big enough to make most men look twice when she wore a bathing suit. She looked damn smart in her business clothes too, especially in a mini skirt that showed off her long, shapely legs.

Oh well, at least it was Friday, and with shithead out of town, she could go out and have a little fun tonight. There was no end of young men that were anxious to escort her wherever she wanted to go. Of course, what most of them wanted was a piece of ass, but she was so sexually naive, she really didn’t know how to fend them off. Well, anyway, as an intern (Paralegal) in this ho-hum real estate law office, all she had to do was to get through the rest of this day.
“Mr. McGee wants to see you.” It was Alice, one of the other clerks that bought her out of her daydreams.

She didn’t go to see Mr. McGee often; he was the senior partner and the big cheese. She couldn’t help but wonder what he wanted. If she were going to get fired or even given a word of praise for her work, one of the other underlings would do that. Maybe he wanted a piece of ass. If that was it, she wasn’t sure how she could get out of that. Damn, that was her problem, all she could think of these days was sex. She had been a virgin until she was twenty-two and had never had anything but “vanilla” sex. Her present boyfriend was a prude and she just didn’t think she was getting what everybody else called “the greatest thrill of your life.”

She knew that Jack, her boyfriend had a little dick. Even so, he didn’t want anything bur missionary position sex and absolutely wouldn’t put his tongue in her pussy. She had recently made friends, on line, with an older, bi, woman that sent her some pictures of men with monster cocks. Every time she looked at them, she got wet. Hell, she got wet just thinking about them now on her way to Mr. McGee’s office. Maybe she would give old man McGee a piece of ass if he had a big dick. Then she wondered if McGee ate pussy and if he did, would his mustache tickle.

His secretary ushered her in as if they were waiting for her. “Come in Miss ah-Cunningham is it, or should I call you Crystal?” Mr. McGee was a tall handsome man, perhaps 60 but a lion in the field of real estate law. She wondered just how big his cock was and if he was fucking that prissy secretary

“Crys is what most people call me, Mr. McCock – er – McGee.”

“O K, Crys, I need you to do the firm a big favor.” She was flattered when he continued, “I choose you partially because you are single but mostly because you are a very sharp, very attractive young lady.” Damn, maybe he did want to fuck her, but he continued, “There is a very important client of ours waiting in Las Vegas for some papers that we have for him. We need the papers delivered and for you to assure him that we have done well on his behalf. He is a bit hard to get along with and needs to be handled with kid gloves.” Was she supposed to fuck the client? To hell with that, no old goat was going to get in her pants no matter how important he was. (Unless maybe he had a really big dick.) “Besides, you get a free, all expense paid, weekend in Las Vegas just for hand delivering these papers. Now, you go home and pack a bag. I will have my limo pick you up and take you to the airport. The company plane will take you to Las Vegas where we have a room waiting in the ‘Kings’ hotel. Mr. Tucker must have these contracts in his hands by 6 P.M. tonight. You will have the rest of the time to your self and the plane will pick you up on Monday morning to return.”

Crystal’s head was spinning. Just a short time ago she was bemoaning her fate and now she was destined to spend a fabulous weekend in a glamour city at the company’s expense and she didn’t have to prostitute her self to get it. Well, she would take advantage of this stroke of good luck. “Thank you for your confidence in me, Mr. McGee, rest assured I will take care of it.” She thought to her self, “Besides, once I appease the old goat in Las Vegas, I will have the whole weekend to enjoy myself. Maybe I will find a nice man with a big pecker.”

Everything went as planned and well before 6 P.M. she was settled in a beautiful room in the ‘Kings’ hotel, just two floors below Mr. Tucker in the penthouse suite. She had looked through the papers that she was to deliver and found that Mr. Tucker was a very wealthy man. The papers were for a lease on a huge chunk of his land in Texas to an oil company for three million dollars a year, plus a share in esenyurt anal yapan escort the profits if they hit oil.

She changed into an attractive, simple, maroon, cocktail dress, partially to look good for Mr. Tucker but also so she could hit the casino later. It was 5:45 when she knocked on the door of “The Chairman’s Suite.” She was surprised to see the door blocked slightly ajar by a cowboy boot. From somewhere inside a strong, masculine voice yelled, “Come on in. I ain’t quite ready yet.”

She went in and was standing in the middle of the room, enthralled by the splendor of the décor when a very big, handsome man in his late thirties, completely nude except for a cowboy hat and a large towel wrapped around his middle, limped in from the bedroom. He was at least 6 feet, 6 inches tall and built like a weight lifter with a small waist and hips. He had the biggest hands she had ever seen. In general he was very good-looking, tan and fit.

“Oops, I thought you was the massage gal. I got me a hell of a Charlie horse when I was jogging this afternoon and need to get the kinks worked out.”

She knew she should be uneasy but this big, almost nude, teddy bear seemed to offer no threat. “Sorry, I am Miss Cunningham from McGee and Associates in Los Angles and I have some papers for Mr. Tucker. Is he here?”

“Yep, right here mam. You have done found me. I’m Ole Dan Tucker.”

She felt her face flush. She had assumed that someone that rich would be much older. She handed the case with the papers to him and tried to look uninterested as he sat down on the sofa and started to look them over. She glanced at him and was shocked to see that his towel had gapped open slightly to expose the biggest penis she had ever seen. God, there it was, her dream come true.

Despite her attempt to remain nonchalant, her eyes were riveted on his massive equipment. She had never seen a live penis except for her boyfriends. She knew that they were all different sizes and had often fantasized about big ones, but nothing like this. When she gasped, he looked up and couldn’t help but see her open-mouth stare. Now it was his turn to be uncomfortable. He snapped his legs closed and quickly rearranged the towel. “Sorry mam, I didn’t mean to shock you.”

“I – ah – it’s – ah — maybe I should – ah – leave or something.” Despite what had happened or perhaps because of it, Crystal could feel a strange warm feeling between her legs. She knew she must be blushing. She certainly didn’t want to leave. What she really wanted was for him to fuck her!

“No, little missy, you wait right here and as soon as I get that massage, I will put some clothes on. I shore would be proud if’n you would have dinner with me.”

It was difficult to hold a conversation with a man that was almost naked, especially one that affected her like this one did. “Well – I — ah…“

“Good, then it’s settled. I hate to eat alone and I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.”

She wondered if he was hungry enough to eat pussy but before she could respond, the phone rang and he went to answer it.

Crystal was overwhelmed by his presence. The heady aroma of his aftershave coupled with the sight of his athletic build was doing weird things to her. She could feel the heat radiating from her body, starting from her tummy and slowly working its way up to her face and down between her legs. She knew she was blushing and it felt as if her pussy was wet. She desperately wanted this gorgeous giant with the big dick to fuck her!

He put the phone down and grumbled, “Shit, it’s goanna be a couple of hours afore that massage gal can get here and I can’t go nowhere like this.”

Crys swallowed hard and took the bull by the horns. “Maybe I can help, Mr. Tucker. I used to give my boyfriend massages. I could do you.” She didn’t tell him that the ones she gave her boyfriend were very sensual and usually ended up with them having sex.

“Why, I think I would like that little missy, but call me Dan. You are much prettier than that great big old Swede masseuse anyway. I got some lotion and we could use the bed for a massage table. Do you have a name other than Miss Cunningham?”

“My name is Crystal but I go by Crys.” She was feeling pretty comfortable now that she had committed herself. “Go in and lay down on the bed. I need to use your rest room and will be back in a moment.”

Crystal, afraid of smudging her makeup, dabbed her face with a damp washcloth to compose herself. As an after thought, she started to wipe away the moisture between her legs too but it felt so good, she rubbed it with her finger until she was afraid she would cum right there. She used the washcloth to clean away the wetness again. She quickly dabbed a little perfume behind her ears and put just a tiny amount on her tummy.

She reentered the bedroom and found him stretched out on the bed face down, the towel modestly draped over esenyurt escort his buttocks. A large bottle of lotion was lying on the bed beside him.

“OK Mr. Tuck – er – Dan, what is bothering you?

“It’s the thigh muscle in my right leg, from just above my knee all the way to my ass… Oops my behind.”

Crys rubbed a generous amount of the lotion between her hands and said, “Ok, lets have a go at it.”

When her hands touched the skin of his leg, he gave a start and she was surprised how tense the muscles were. “Sorry, did I hurt you?”

“No mam, your hands were cold but soft as a cloud. I like it.”

She massaged the taught muscle for a few minutes. She could feel the tenseness relaxing but she became aware that he was uncomfortable for another reason. “Little missy, will you look away for a second so’s I can adjust myself?”

She turned her head away only to find she was looking at him in a mirror. She watched, fascinated while he rose up and readjusted his massive cock into a new position. It was still just as beautiful. But the difference now was, it was very hard, very erect and most important, even bigger.

He lay back down and she started again. With a smile on her face and in her voice she said, “Am I doing it right? Should I go a little higher?” Without waiting for an answer, she pushed her hands under the towel on both side of his leg until the tips of her fingers just brushed his testicles.

He opened his legs a little wider and gave a little grunt of satisfaction. Crys took this as a sign of approval and moved her hand further between his legs and began gently caressing his balls.

“Oh my God that feels good, let me turn over, little missy.”

She was surprised that he was able to keep the towel in place when he turned, but she had to stifle a snicker when she saw the massive bulge. As if it were the most natural thing in the world, she began the massage on his thigh from the front, but this time, she had to reach across his left leg in order to get to it.

“I don’t want to get my dress stained with the lotion. Would you mind if I slipped it off? Without waiting for an answer, she kicked off her shoes, unzipped the back of her dress and stepped out of it. Although she was small, she was perfectly proportioned and knew she was quite attractive. She wanted him to see her body.

Now clad in only her push-up bra and bikini panties, she moved back onto the bed, taking a position on her knees along side his legs. Slowly, she could feel the muscles in his leg relaxing but she noticed the bulge in the towel didn’t diminish at all. As she had done from the rear, she slid her hand under the towel and began to massage his balls.

His eyes were closed and he was obviously engrossed in the pleasure she was bringing him, Cautiously, she removed the towel to expose the biggest, most perfectly shaped, erect penis she had ever seen. It was at least 9 inches long and so fat; she knew her fingers wouldn’t go much more than half way around it.

Tentatively she touched it only to find it was as hard as a piece of bone covered with skin. She stroked it a couple of times, bringing a sigh of contentment from him. She was fascinated, not only by the size, but by the symmetrical beauty of this perfectly formed piece of his body. She wondered what he would do if she took it in her mouth.

Her silent question was answered a moment later when he put his hand on her leg and said, “Oh my God little missy, you sure are doing that just right. Could I touch you like that?”

Without giving him a verbal answer, she scooted up the bed, a little closer to his soft hand. When she dipped her head and licked the head of his penis with her tongue, she thought he would wake the rest of the hotel with his gasp. Her heart skipped a beat when his hand found it’s way between her legs and began to gently caress the crotch of her wet panties. In one quick motion, she got out of the bed, removed her bra and panties and got back in bed, straddling the hand that had been caressing her.

Apprehensively, she ogled the one-eyed monster as she took it in both hands, its purple head larger than a plum. His massive hand was fondling the lips of her pussy as she contemplated taking it in mouth when one of his fingers, bigger than her boyfriend’s penis was gently inserted into her vagina. She raised her head and closed her eyes while she relished the feeling of the cock-sized finger sliding in and out of her. She again lowered her head and captured as much of his cock as she could in her mouth.

With his immense strength, he picked her lower body and placed her in the sixty-nine position, sitting on his face, so that his tongue had access to her. When he touched her clitoris it was all she could do to keep sucking on him. His tongue, stroking, licking and probing was something she had only experienced once before when she shamed her boyfriend into it. He didn’t like it and esenyurt eve gelen escort had never done it again. She would have been quite content to spend her weekend in Las Vegas in this bed with this tongue in her pussy, but Dan began to moan and said, “Oh my god Crys, if you don’t stop, I am gonna load your mouth with my stuff.”

She turned around, swung her leg over his stomach and with her mouth open, kissed him. She could taste the wetness from her pussy on his lips. He offered and she took the tongue that had just brought her so much pleasure. His gentle hands were moving up and down her back, caressing, and causing goose pimples and only increasing her need for him. She knew he could feel the hard nipples of her breasts against his chest. His tongue, sliding in and out of her mouth was imitating what she wanted his gigantic organ to do to her pussy.

The taste of her own juices on his lips was exotic. She could feel his enormous erection poking against her rump and began to wonder about his physical bulk, her petite body, and how they could possibly compensate for the differences in their size. Cautiously, she slid down further and raised up a bit to accommodate him. She could feel his hand position his love stick between the lips of her pussy. His entrance into her was slow, careful and gentle. She didn’t think she would be able to take all of him but a little at a time it slid into her. Her entire lower body felt completely full of him. Slowly, she began to rock back and forth, then faster and faster as she felt both his and her own urgency. She could feel her orgasm building as she increased the tempo. Now he was thrusting hard into her to meet her every move. On and on she rode, in and out, in and out, until, he moaned and with a final lunge she felt a massive load of his semen shoot deep into her. But she wouldn’t give up; she was so close that the feel of his penis rubbing against her clitoris and his seed jetting deep into he pussy was all she needed to send her into the land of euphoria. She finally experienced what others had told her would make her toes curl and her eyes roll back into her head.

She could hardly hold herself up she was so spent. When she slid off his wilting penis he took her in his arms and held her tight. She fell asleep, cradled in his strong arms, her mind a jumble of the things that had happened to her in the last few minutes. Then she was dreaming that she was laying flat on her back, legs spread, his head between them and he was licking her pussy. With each second the dream became more realistic until she finally woke to find it was true! With most of his body off the end of the bed, his mouth was pressed tight against her vagina and his tongue was dancing with her clitoris. She imprisoned his head tight against her crotch while he brought her to another mind-blowing orgasm.

It felt so good; she immediately rolled over on the bed and took a position on her hands and knees with her rump high in the air. Dan got the idea and with a smile inserted his cock into her well-lubricated pussy. He established a slow in and out gait, each thrust designed to bring all nine inches of his tool into contact with all of her pussy. She wanted it to last forever but, alas, it was not to be. She could feel orgasm crouching in the tips of her fingers and toes, slowly easing into her body, becoming more intense with each inch it crawled toward her pussy. It finally overtook her but the big Texan wasn’t ready. He continued holding her hips into position with his hands, pumping his massive organ into her, thrust after thrust. Crys was reduced to a blob of jelly, having orgasm after orgasm, barely able to support herself on her wobbly arms and legs. Finally, with a powerful stroke and a grunt, he held her hips hard against his groin and filled her with a cascade of his cum.

Crystal was almost whimpering when she said, “Oh my god, I have never had anything like that happen to me. I am so sensitive I don’t think I can move.”

They lay in each other’s arms for a few minutes. Crys was making mindless patterns on his chest and stomach with her hands when she noticed that his cock had shrunk to the size it had been when she first saw it. “Okay Tex, turnabout is fair play, now it’s my turn to do all the work. You just lay there and enjoy.” With that, she took a spot between his legs and swallowed his limp dick. The mixture of the juice from her pussy and his semen was something she had never experienced until now but was not objectionable. Slowly, his soft penis began to grow. She nursed on him much as a babe would nurse on its mother’s breast until it was full size, and with a final moan and thrust, he rewarded her with an admirable amount of the fruit of his loins. She continued to suck on him long after the liquid ceased to flow, but he twitched each time her tongue touch a special spot.

Finally, he turned her around, took her in his arms, kissed her and said, “I have never seen anyone enjoy sex as much as you seem to. Lets go and have that dinner while we can still walk and then see what happens next.”

A lot happened next. Crystal’s weekend was a blur of sex, climaxes and orgasms. By the time she caught the company plan on Monday morning, she was in a state of euphoria and her pussy was so tender she could barely touch it.

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