Cuckold Sex Is the Best Sex


Cuckold Sex Is the Best SexHello readers. Handshake to boys and boobs shake to girls. The story is a fiction written for couples and cuckold sex lovers. Relax and hands inside underwear now!I’m a 25 year old Software professional leading a healthy (I mean boring) life. I’m quite a fan of cuckold sex, but not being a cuckold husband, rather the idea of fucking a wife in front of her husband. While it sounds weird for some couples, some of them do enjoy this. I’m not a married guy.I had this thing in my mind as a fantasy and I never expected it to happen in my life. There are quite a lot of couples on Facebook, some of them genuine, most of them fake. And among the few genuine couples, they expect to talk or meet only with other couples or single girls for threesome. They are least interested in single males. Not all of them though.So I was at a mall on a fine Saturday evening waiting for my friends to come. It was almost 7 in the evening and I saw a hot girl sitting at the bar sipping wine, couple of tables away from mine. She was wearing a pink tube top which popped most of her big tits out, and a mini skirt which barely covered her thighs.Her cleavage was eye-popping and my eyes were no exception. She caught me staring at her and I suddenly turned my face away, but only to see a guy sitting in front of her.I tried to avoid his eye contact as well. They seemed to discuss something and giggled. After a while I looked towards her again (Oh that boobs was inviting me to look at!) and she was still looking at me in a flirting manner. Thank god my friends arrived so that the environment got less awkward.I started spending time with them and one of them had got one of my favorite movie in his mobile and I asked him to transfer. He started transferring the movie over Share It.While the movie was getting transferred, I got another notification on my mobile. When I saw there was some other file coming in from someone named ‘Sexygirl9919’.(deepa) I didn’t know who it was and it could have been sent from within 10 meters range using WiFi. I looked around and that hot girl smiled at me and nodded suggesting me to accept what I was receiving.I received it. She had sent a pic of her pussy. At first I didn’t realize it, but she had taken the pic now. She wasn’t wearing any panty. She had clicked it right there in the bar. bursa escort I was shocked and surprised that I started sweating.I excused myself from my friends to go to rest room so that I can see the pic properly. I locked myself in a lavatory room and shagged looking at her pussy pic and imagining her gorgeous boobs. When I was done, I cleaned up and started moving out of the rest room.A guy handed a slip to me and walked out as if nothing happened. It was the same guy who was with her at the table. I put the slip in my wallet and enjoyed the rest of the evening with friends. I got back home and saw what was in the slip that he gave.There was a facebook profile link written on it. I got curious and logged into my facebook account. I looked up for that account and it was one such cuckold account named ‘Deep Sunil’.I started browsing through the photo albums and I saw plenty of hot and sexy photos of a girl whose face was covered in all of them. On observing the skin tone and boobs size and those sexy legs, I understood it was her.I started going through their profile description. They were husband (Sunil) and wife (Deepthi) recently married and trying to enjoy sex life to the fullest before they decide to have k**s. Clearly they were interested in me, but I wasn’t sure.I was not looking for sex, although I had done online stuff like sex chatting, exchanging nudes, cam sex etc. After thinking for 2 days, I finally dropped them a message. I told I was the guy at the bar and that they left me the profile link. I got a reply later saying they are interested in trying threesome with me.I told them I wasn’t interested. I started getting more and more nudes of her from that profile in my inbox. I wasn’t sure why they chose me. I asked them ‘why me?’ They said they wanted to try this for the first time and didn’t know whom to pick. So they went to the bar and decided they would approach the first guy who walks in to the bar with the color of Deepthi’s skirt.I happened to be wearing a black shirt that day which was the same color as her skirt on that day. Since I arrived early that day, I was apparently the lucky man with coincidentally the right shirt. It was quite convincing but still I wasn’t ready for real sex. They asked me to join them on Skype. Hesitantly again, I agreed. I had done it with a girl before, but not bursa escort bayan with a couple. I was fully dressed and so was Sunil.But Deepthi was in bra and panty. That was the first time we spoke. While Sunil was trying to make a conversation, Deepthi was trying to seduce me by playing with him. She was pulling and kissing him as he spoke to me, touched him down, played with his tool over his shorts, flashed her nipples and pussy once in a while. She was such a seductress. Sunil was trying to convince me with his words and Deepthi was trying to convince me with her body and sexy moves.I was rock hard by now and desperately wanted to shag. My hand started to move on my boxers trying to hide my erection. Deepthi realized I was damn horny and she asked me in a sexy low voice, “Aren’t you still willing to fuck me baby?” I could not answer that question.I wasn’t going to say Yes, but I couldn’t say No as well. Getting no answer from me was kinda disappointing to her. She ripped out her bra and panty, pulled out Sunil’s cock and started blowing him like a crazy bitch. There I was sitting and watching live porn. Sunil stopped talking and started enjoying the blowjob. She made him cum within few seconds.She sucked him off dry as I watched and rubbed my dick over my boxers. “You can take it out and do it baby” she whispered again in that sexy low seductive voice. I opened my dick out in open and started shagging.My dick head was already shining with my precum covered all over it. She came close to monitor and closely watched my dick. Meanwhile Sunil went on her back and started fucking her in doggy style. She moaned and groaned as Sunil fucked her hard and all I can hear was Deepthi moaning and asking for more, since she was close to the mic and cam. They turned to other side so that I can see Sunil thrusting into her pussy.Free Sex Videos BlogSoon Deepthi moaned to her orgasm and I came here looking at her at the peak of her pleasure. She watched me cum so hard. “Oh such a waste of so much of precious juices. I wish I was there to drink them all” she moaned sexily and collapsed on bed.“This bitch can be yours buddy” Sunil said, “Consider the offer and let us know within two days. Otherwise we would move on”. This sounded like an ultimatum. I was so attracted to her sexy body and the way she sucked his dick and escort bursa the way she fucked. I could not refuse the offer.I told them Yes. They sent me a car over to my place to take me to their house. They arranged for a nice dinner and awesome booze. Deepthi wore only an apron and served dinner. She wore nothing else. Her side boobs were winking at us.When she turned towards other side, her back was fully naked. Her divine round butt was like a cake waiting to be eaten. Then she sat down between us with a glass of champagne and rubbing my thighs.“She’s yours as much as she’s mine buddy. Enjoy!” Sunil said. As if I was waiting for that, I put my hand on that side boob which was provoking me from long time. I slid my hand inside the apron and caught hold of her right tit. I squeezed it and played with it.Sunil removed her apron and those amazing tits were in front of them in full view. I groped them with both my hands and squeezed them hard. Deepthi started giggling. Giggles soon turned to moans as I started milking her nipples.She turned towards me and gave me a long lip-smacking smooch. Sunil started fingering her pussy and she started moaning into my mouth. Meanwhile Deepthi took out my cock and started blowing me. Oh god! She was so awesome in sucking dick. I came inside her mouth in few minutes.Sunil started eating Deepthi’s pussy and make it wet and ready for a fuck. Looking at him eat her cunt I got horny again. Deepthi was shagging my dick until I got hard again. Once I was, she pushed Sunil away from her pussy and she sat on me. She adjusted my dick towards her pussy lips and slid down. Ahhh my cock melted inside the walls of her vagina. It was so hot being inside her and she started jumping on my cock. She started moving fast as I held her ass and guided my cock up her pussy.As she fucked fiercely, her boobs were juggling right in front of my face. I bit her boobs and ate her nipples as she moaned. She hugged me tight and pulled my hairs tight as she had a wonderful orgasm. She collapsed over me and I fell over on the sofa with my dick still inside her. Sunil came over and fucked Deepthi’s ass. She was enjoying double penetration now.Soon Sunil and I filled her ass and pussy with our liquid. Deepthi was delightfully happy and thanked me so much for the fuck. We enjoyed like that few more times when we got the chance.I hope the story made you guys horny. I would like to read your comments and thoughts. Let me know if you liked the story so that I can write the story when the three of us met another couple for an Orgy.

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