Cuckold Superbowl

Cuckold SuperbowlIt was Super Bowl Sunday. This was always one of Paul’s favorite days of the year. Sue, not really a football fan was working against a month end deadline coming up on Wednesday. This was a very big deadline for Sue. Most people in the company knew that someone would be promoted based largely on the results of this very report. It was a dead heat between Sue and another employee, a minority, for the job. Sue’s boss was bringing his k**s over to watch the game. He mentionend that he wouldn’t mind getting a preview of her report,,, which Sue thought would give her a bit of an edge. Sue’s boss was a bit older than most in the company. And, unbeknownst to him, Sue had quite a crush on him. Partly because of his power position. And partly because he kept himself in extremely good shape. Sue and Paul had been swingers off and on for 15 or so years. Currently, they were definitely active swingers. They talked at length about Sue using her significant seduction skills to get an edge. Sue and Paul had met her boss and his wife at a recent work event. Both agreed that they were probably not very active sexually. A shame for his wife, Susan thought. But a definite opportunity to sexploit him (sexploit being a sexy chance to improve life through sexual desire and opportunity. For she sensed an inherent sensuality if a not a brute sexuality when she interacted with him. Susan decided she would never have a better chance to ensnare her boss in her sexual clutches and sway her chances. And it certainly helped that she thought often of sucking his dick down to the balls, riding him rough and putting him away wet. She shared her plan with Paul and he went for it, hook, line and sinker….he relished the idea of his hotwife getting plowed in their bedroom…in his bed…by her powerful boss. He knew it would be red hot as Nothingturned Susan on more than taking a lover in their bedroom. Since they had a computer in their bedroom, primarily for camming potential suitors, it would be business as usual for her and her boss to work their. As usual, Paul prepared his sexy wife as if it were a typical date. He gave her a sensual mani-pedi and prepared her lingerie for her selection. Sue was so charged up that she started getting wet as soon as her started on her toes. Paul slowly slipped on her garter and her thigh high stocking. She selected her laced black panties and a matching black push-up bra. “Do you think he’ll like it?” she teased. Absolutely, Paul responded. I wouldn’t mind a trial run myself. Sue laughed, sorry lover. I’m his for the afternoon and evening. However, as my wimpy husband, you can certainly have a taste…but he gets the pie! My god she’s got such a sexy demeaner. But Sue was serious. She sat on the edge of the bed, leaned back on her elbows, and in her low sexy voice said “assume the position, cuck boy”. Get my pussy nice and wet for a real man to enjoy”. Without hesitation, Paul dropped to his knees and licked her very slowly, very deliberately….just the way she liked it. “Should I suck his dick, darling?” Sue asked. Umm-hum, Paul replied. In her stern sexually dominant voice she barked “give me a verbal answer, little dicked bitch”. Man she is on, Paul thought. He slipped into his subservient roll “yes mistress”. “Good little cuck” she said in a softer voice. “Should I lick his hairy balls?”…” Paul said, Yes mistress. Paul picked up the pace with his tongue as Sue’s breathing began to labor. “Yes, mistress” was his dutiful reply. “Do you want me to suck on his ball…maybe lick his ass as well”? Yes, mistress. “Do you mean,YOU want me to do those things?” Back to her demanding voice. Not sure where this was bahis firmaları going…what the right answer was, Paul replied “yes you should, yes I want you to, mistress. “that’s a good boy! “You’re doing such a good job relaxing me, I’m going to give you a reward” she said softly. Her tone of voice did not fool Paul. He knew he was still her sexual servant. “Thank you mistress. I love getting your pussy ready for a real man”. “Well…you are good at it as you can tell by how wet the sheet is…what do you want, cucky”. Paul knew not to waste this opportunity. “Well, if I can be so bold..?” She replied in shortened breath: ” yes you may, my little bitch boy”. “Can we…I mean I….listen in via blue tooth?” Sue had longish curly hair. She doubted her boss would even notice it. “Ha, yes baby. You earned it…and it’ll be such a turn on to have you listening while you watch the Super Bowl with his wife and our c***dren”. The she added “in fact, since you’re such a good little pussy eater (actually the best she’d ever know…man or woman), you get another reward”. Picking up the pace of his ministrations “What pre tell”. Susan placed her feet on Paul’s shoulders…she was really close to coming. ” your reward is me fucking the true man of the house this afternoon on your side of the bed. So you have a nice little reminder puddle to sleep in tonight” As Sue lifted her ass off the mattress, Paul’s tongue shifted into final licking mode and he slipped his thumb up her butthole. And with thoughts of sucking and fucking her boss rampaging across her mind, Sue bucked her hips and exploded into orgasm. Mind blowing, exhaustive, massive squirting orgasm. And Paul swallowed every drop he could.Sue finished her makeup and stepped into sweat pants and a bulky sweater. She didn’t want to tip her hand to her boss or his prudish wife. The door rang and she came down to greet her guest and her soon-to-be lover. Sue’s boss looked very virile as she interdicted her prim and proper wife. Already Paul I visioned him kissing Sue’s hot body while she deepthroated what he hoped was a large stiff cock. It’s good to be a full fledged cuckold, he thought. Sue came down and greeted her guests warmly with a special once over of her of her trim boss. She hoped his wife didn’t notice….then again, she didn’t really care. She was so hot for him right the. that she would have fucked him in front of his wife and k**s if he wanted her to. Sue escorted her guests downstairs and then told her boss that her presentation was upstairs waiting for him. They entered the bedroom and she closed the door and slid the lock silently over. They had privacy. In 45 minutes they were done with the presentation. It was outstanding. Knocked it out of the park. In a rush of excitement, her boss scooped Sue up and kissed,her hard on the cheek. Totally innocent. Her pulled away and Sue knew she was too excited to let the moment pass. She pulled him closer to her and gave him the hottest kiss she possibly could….and he kissed back. Hard. Sue excused herself excitedly and mumbled something about needing to use the bathroom. She closed the bathroom door and practically collapsed against it. It was soooo on. She used her phone to call her husband downstairs. Paul tapped his earpiece hoping it was her. “It’s soooo on” she said. “He loved the presentation and kissed me in all the ensuing excitement. Then he kissed me hard…and I kissed back…hard. Paul got an almost instant hard on. He smiled broadly as it was coming together. His wife was going to fuck the hell out of her boss…in their bed….his bed…while her husband, his wife and both couples’ c***dren were 2 floors below her. casino oyna And he was going to clean up the mess. He’d almost never been this excited.Sue, pulled off her sweater and sweat pants. She fixed her hair put on her most exotic perfume…and put in her earpiece. “Are you ready, cuck boy.” she said wispered breathlessly. “Hell yes”…you earned it. She opened the bathroom door and slowly entered the room. She could see a little pup tent in her bosses shorts. She smiled as she softly kissed her boss again. “You look absolutely stunning” he said. ” and you look good enough to eat, lover” Sue said as she dropped to her knees. Paul heard every word. He so wished he was up there to see this unfold. “Mind if I release this discomfort down here?” Her boss was speechless as she slowly undid his belt buckle and use her teeth to unzip his fly. She lowered his pants and wispered in a slightly deeper voice, “Mmmm, boxers”. He was crazy with excitement as she removed his rock hard manhood from his boxers. “Oh my god, it’s so beautiful…so much bigger than my husbands”. That one was for Paul…and he knew it. “Can I kiss it?” That was also for paul. Her boss couldn’t have stopped her if he wanted….and he didn’t want to. He mumbled some sort of answer as she kiss the head of his throbbing cock. “Mmmm nice precum”. Paul’s pants began to stir. Like everything else that Susan did sexual, she narrated to perfection. ” I have to suck this monster, boss…it’s too big not to suck”. Her boss moaned rather loudly. She slid it as far into her mouth as she could. Then up and down a few times. Then she said breathlessly, “I can’t believe I won’t be able to get the whole thing in my mouth…you so fucking big, you freak”. She wrapped her wedding ring hand around his manhood and began pumping slowly. “I can even get my hand all the way around it”. Paul was going crazy. Sue started to suck while pumping. Hands and mouth all the way up…and all the way down. Medium speed. She wanted to,pleasure her boss for a good long time. Then she remembered the balls. She lifted the monster up against his stomach and started to lick his hairy balls. They were huge. “Holy fuck, looked at the size of these balls. I can get both of my husband’s ball in my mouth at the same time. No way with these boulders”. She licked all over his sweaty nuts. “God you smell like a real man…so intoxicating…so damn sexy”. She growled. Paul, almost came in his pants listening to that. “I really want to suck on your balls”, can I suck them one by one?”…please?” Almost begging. “My knees are getting weak” her boss said for the first time since she started in on his big dick…almost half an hour ago. “Poor baby, lay back”, she groaned. Then she pushed him back rather hard. “Her, put this under your head”, giving him Paul’s pillow. “It’s my husband’s, he’d want you to have it”. Paul laughed and said “thanks you, wifey”. Sue prospered both her elbow and arms on her lover’s tight thighs. Then she went in for the kill. She sucked and pumped him without mercy. Paul could hear the sucking sounds. Sooo hot. Her boss started breathing very heavily. “I’m going to cum, oh fuck, fuck, fuck” her boss cried out. Sue saved the best for last. “Shoot it down my throat, baby” she said almost out of control. And she opened her throat, and took his entire manhood in her mouth and throat.” Her boss came like a madman. He grabbed her pillow and scream into it. He grabbed Susan’s head in both his hand and pulled hard. His thrusts we violent…so violen. But she got the entire load down her throat. He went limp. She slowly lifted her head swirling her tongue all around his spent cock. “My god, slot oyna you took the whole thing…how did you take the whole thing… he mumbled, but loud enough for Paul’s earpiece to pick it up. “Darling, haven’t you learned from our work and play that I have unique skills?He apologised for coming without satisfying her. “Oh, I’m not done with you yet, lover boy”, Paul heard it and knew it. She straddled her boss’s face and lowered her sopping wet pussy only his face. And she deliberately road his face and nose very hard. More of a power thing than sexual thing. “I’m going to come pretty soon, baby. I got so hot sucking your horse dick…it could get a little wet”. And then her first orgasm ripped through her like a tornado. She pulled his head up by his ears. She was almost to loud..k**s, husband she thought. Her boss tried to swallow her massive squirts, but it was too much…too fast. This must be what water boarding feels like, he thought. She looked down at him and said, “good boy, she swallowed almost all of it.” Hearing this, Paul just came in his pants. Perhaps for the better, Paul thought, at least the pup tent will go down. Sue slowly circled her pussy on her bosses face. Within minutes a second orgasm came, though not as big as the first. “Oh fuck, you’re making me come again” she whimpered…strictly for Paul’s benefit. A third orgasm followed a few minutes later. She looked behind her and saw signs of life below her boss’s waist. “Mmmm, your getting hard again, boss”. She turned around and swooped down on his growing manhood. Still mashing her pussy on her boss’s face. “mind if we do a little 69″? Hearing this, Paul’s pants began to stir. My god, I might have the sexiest wife on Earththought Paul…and he smiled”. Now, Sue was a bit demanding. She stopped resussitating her boss and said in a rather demanding tone, “don’t come bitch, I wanna fuck that baseball bat you call a dick.” All her boss could say was, “yes, ma’am”. She climbed on top of him and slowly slid down his mountain. “Oh fuck, it’s so big…I don’t know if I can slide down to the bottom! She slid down a little further and reached bottom. Her ample breasts swung over her boss’s face. ” suck them sweetheart…maybe even bite them a bit” her voice returned to normal. “Oh god, that’s good…your big fucking cock feels so much better than my husband’s little dick. Hearing this, Paul’s dick rose to attention again. She rode hi. Up and down…back and forth for half an hour. Nothing said…just lots of moaning and groaning. A couple of times, it seemed like her boss was gonna blow, but Sue stopped and reached down to choke the base of his dick. They heard a knock on the door. It was Paul. “The game’s over guys” he said. Sue gathered herself and said “we’re almost done, 10 more minutes, OK.” “Alright, I’ll let everyone know”. Sue looked at her boss and they both laughed. The next thing Paul heard Sue in his earpiece say “I want you to fuck me on my stomach… I get a great orgasm and it won’t take long. Plus you can come” Sue climbed off her boss and got on her stomach. Her boss mounted her and slid his rod inside. “Grab my ass with both hands and fuck the shit out of me….please!” Her boss didn’t have to be told told. Remembering how hard she had rode him, he decided to return the favour. “Remember, you asked for it” he growled. And he fucked his new manager harder than he had ever fucked anyone in his life. And Sue loved it. “Oh yes, harder, harder baby, harder”….that’s it…oh my fucking God, that’s it. Sue was ready to pop at any minute. But, like a good employee, she waited for her boss. And when he started to come…so did she. Both screaming into pillows. They were done…spent. She couldn’t move while he raced to get dressed. “Lover boy, tell,everyone that I have to work more and can’t come down. She knew Paul would recognise that it was time for him to lick his wife clean.

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