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Cuckold Webcam FunArranging a webcam fantasy chat for my wife and another guy…..So last night, I received a message from a guy who had looked at our profile telling me how sexy my wife was. He sent a photo of his cock. I was nearly blown away. I am 6” and my wife tells me she loves my cock and I am happy with that. But this guys cock was amazing.I had to give this guy credit as It was a beautiful black cock, at least 9” and thick. I immediately knew I had to show my wife. At that same instant, I became rock hard at the thought of this guy being in front of my wife and she having fun with him and his huge cock.I took a photo of the cock on my mobile and rushed downstairs to show my wife. We had a general chat and then I told her, ‘I HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOW YOU’ She asked what before I opened my phone and showed her the cock. Her first words were, ‘OH MY GOD. THAT IS HUGE.’ I responded by saying, ‘IT WOULD BE GREAT TO SEE YOU PLAY WITH IT,’ before telling her that her would be up for camming with her and having some fun online.We discussed a day and I looked at the photo again, thinking and fantasising of my wife holding the cock and licking it up and down in front of me, enjoying it. I was rock hard again in an instant. My only thought being that she had the time of her life with it. As usual, If my wife is happy and pleasured then I am happy.I sat thinking of her enjoying his huge cock and then about him moving onto pleasure her, bending down and licking her pussy, teasing her clit and making her wet, whilst she lay on her back, playing with her nipples. I love watching her play with her nipples as they get rock hard, when I am licking her clit.I imagined pendik escort the guy move up slowly and take a nipple in his mouth and suck it before licking round it. I could almost feel her hard nipple in my mouth as I sat there thinking about him lick her right nipple before moving to the left one. I imagined him squeezing both her breasts together and then kissing them as his huge cock was pressing on her pussy and stomach, with my wife raising her hips and pushing against his cock.I wanted to be there watching them both having a great time. My cock was dying to be released from my jeans……I couldn’t get it out of my mind and wanted to imagine her paying more attention to his cock. My mind was racing as I thought of them in a 69, my wife on top of him, just the way I like it when I am tasting my wife’s beautiful sweet tasting pussy and she sucks me. It is so horny as it feels amazing as she responds to every lick and suck of her clit by sucking me harder. Licking the tip of my cock and wanking it fast and slow.I imagined her in the same position having a great time, with this guy licking her pussy, and her responding by holding his monster cock in her hand wanking it slowly as she got used to the size. She took as much of it as she could in her mouth, also licking the precum from the tip. His huge balls were tight and moved every time her hand stroked his cock. I imagined being naked in front of her stroking my cock, feeling my precum on the tip of my cock running down one side of my cock making me even more aroused. Then thought of my wife taking a moment to look up at me and smile before returning to focus on the huge cock that was escort pendik in front of her, smiling again at me before taking it again in her mouth to suck it. This made the guy moan in pleasure.My wife then got off him and turned around kissing his cock and licking it and sucking his balls. Watching my wife lick from the bottom of his shaft to the tip seemed to take forever. His cock was huge and thick. The guys stopped her and said, ‘I KNOW YOUR HUSBAND LICKS IT WHEN YOU SIT ON HIS FACE AND HE TOLD ME YOU ENJOY IT TOO. COME AND SIT ON MINE.’My wife did not hesitate. She quickly moved up to his face, kneeling down over his mouth as she positioned her pussy and clit over his mouth and tongue. She held onto the bed’s headboard as he flicked his tongue over her clit. She moaned with pleasure as I watched him stick his tongue deep in her pussy and return to her clit. He then placed two finders in her pussy as he continued to lick her clit. This seemed to have the desired effect on my wife who I could see in my mind responding, gyrating her hips and moving her pussy over his mouth. Within seconds she squirted over his face, her body shaking and her moaning as she came. . It was amazing and I was pleased that he had made her squirt. I then watched him move from under her as she stayed on all fours and position himself behind her as she held onto the headboard. He held his cock in his hand stroking it slowly whilst the tip teased my wife’s pussy. He moved his cock up and down over her lips feeling the wetness of her pussy before she looked at me, smiling again and keeping eye contact with me before saying to him, ‘FUCK ME. I WANT TO FEEL YOU INSIDE pendik escort bayan ME. I WANT ALL OF THAT HUGE COCK.’I watched as he slowly entered her, taking his time to slide into her wet and tight pussy. I watched her roll her eyes back before she lent forward to position her pussy in the air making it easier for him to go deep inside her. He did and said, ‘WOW YOU ARE AMAZING. SO WET AND WARM. I’M GOING TO FUCK YOU…..TELL ME HOW YOU WANT IT.’ My wife told him, ‘FUCK ME DEEP AND HARD. I WANT TO FEEL ALL OF YOU. I WANT TO FEEL YOU SHAKE AS YOU CUM INSIDE ME.’ That was all he needed and I imagined myself lying there listening to them both moan as he fucked her. I imagined the sound of his balls slapping against her as is huge cock slid in and out of her pussy.I then thought of him telling her he was going to cum as he got faster and faster before he looked up and stopped for a second, moaning as he shot his cum with a few slow thrusts. My wife cumming at the same time, shaking all over.I was lost in the moment when my wife came back into the room and noticed me in a daze, with my hand on my jeans, covering my cock. I snapped out of it and calmed myself down quickly. We both had an early start the next morning so I had to get to bed. Whilst in bed, I asked my wife about her previous experiences and she told me of the first time she had a black cock. It again made me hard listening to her tell me whilst also saying she was shy.The following morning she told me she had a great nights sleep and told me she had a dream about going to a house party where two guys lived and we ended up staying the whole weekend with them……..I wanted to know more about the dream and what happened but we had to get ready to leave for work……I guess that will have to wait until we have time to talk about it……Look out for the next update so I can tell you about the cam session with this guy and his monster cock.

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