Curing a Drooling Vegetable


Dr. Suzanne Grace was a well known, accomplished Surgeon at St. Luke’s Hospital. She was stern and reknown for making a person feel like an ant under her arctic gaze. People tremble under her glare and turn into quivering, stammering messes when she addresses them. It was also a known fact that she had zero tolerance for errors and that anyone who dared commit an error would be sacked immediately. This woman was also my mentor and it was no secret that I harbored a huge crush on her that my collegues/friends loved to tease me about.

“Dude, she really needs to get laid but I don’t think you stand a chance with her. She’s more likely to bite your dick then give you head,” my wonderful friend Dave liked to say.

“She’s an Ice Queen. Frigid woman. Is she even a woman? Have any of you ever seen her figure?” burped Mike taking a huge gulp of his beer.

“She’s sporting a rocking bod underneath those scrubs man! Remember the time a guy burst a hydrocele and it splashed all over her. Her scrubs clung to her and her boobs were massive man! I wouldn’t mind being buried between them!” Dave said dreamily.

“I don’t remember that,” I muttered throwing back a shot wincing at the memory of that day. I was so happy to get a chance to prove myself and I honestly can’t explain what happened. One minute I was about to pierce the hydrocele and then I caught a whiff of her sweet perfume when she whispered in my ear to not grip the cystic swelling too hard. Pop goes the weasel! The straw fluid sprayed over us all and Dr. Grace was furious. I can still remember the severe dressing down I had to endure in front of everyone. Unfortunately in my embarrassed haze I forgot to observe Dr. Grace.

“Oh shit! That was you! I can’t believe I forgot! Didn’t she say ‘a cross eyed toad would have known better’! Ah fuck! That was fucking awesome!” Dave guffawed and I kicked his shin underneath the table making him groan in pain. Mike wasn’t doing any better and my scowl had effect on him controlling his cackling. He was hiccuping as well.

“You still have a crush on the Ice Queen don’t you?” Mike asked eyes filled with mirth.

I snorted.

“No, I don’t,” I protested.

“Our wittle Bryan likes to be punished, don’t you Brie,” Dave the dick teased making icky kissy noises.

“I’m leaving, you ungrateful bastards,” I muttered and left.

“Hey you didn’t pay the tab!”

I waved a hand at them and left. It was the least they could do after teasing me about my unrequited crush. Dr. Ice Queen how I wish you were mine.


“Nurse, I need better lighting. Bryan hold the retractor firmly. I was hoping a man would have a better grip but apparently I’m mistaken,” Dr. Grace growled and I was glad that I wore a surgical mask so that it hid my blush. It didn’t help my burning ears though.

The nurse gave a small eye roll and I shook my head before adjusting my posture. Nobody understood why Dr. Grace seemed to be keen on undermining me at every opportunity. I knew that I was a good surgeon. Aside from that one horrid wet mistake I was doing a pretty good job if you ask me. I wish I knew why she hated me. And I also wish I knew why my interest in her didn’t abate. Maybe I was masochistic. esenyurt ucuz escort


“Huh? Dr. Grace?” Shit, I got lost in my thoughts like I usually did when it came to thinking about Dr. Grace.

Dr. Grace let out a frustrated sigh.

“Stop daydreaming in the OR. Meet me after this surgery. We have much to discuss,” she stated sternly with a cold glare directed my way. I gulped and nodded.

“Sorry, Dr. Grace,” I muttered. Why does she keep talking down to me? Nurse Melinda shot me sympathetic look. She was kinda cute and was very sympathetic whenever Dr. Grace yelled at me. I should ask her out. A derogatory snort startled me and I noticed Dr. Grace’s eyes flick between the both of us. I was in so much trouble. Was she going to call me out on flirting in the OR.

The rest of the surgery was quiet as Dr. Grace resected and anastomosed the intestine. She gave me chance to close the abdominal wall layers once the major parts were done. She stood and watched me for a while and left. Once she left, I let out a huge sigh of relief. Nurse Melinda giggled at my reaction and we continued our work. We dared not gossip inside the OR. The walls had ears after all.

Once I was done, I was dreading the meeting with my mentor. A nurse outside instructed me to enter the locker room saying that Dr. Grace was waiting for me.

Why would she call me here? Sure sometimes doctors took a break in the locker room but they mostly used the break room which was wholy dedicated to this very purpose. Maybe she was going to ream into me quite badly and spared me the humiliation of an audience.

Fuck it. I pushed open the door and went in.

I heard the sound of the shower turn off.

“Bryan is that you?” Dr. Grace called out loud.

I gulped as I imagined her in the shower. The water cascading over her naked body. Her heated gaze as she beckoned me over with a finger. And I was already hard. Fuck!

“Shall I come at another time, Dr. Grace?” I cursed to myself at how needy I sounded.

“No, I need to leave immediately and I don’t have time for a long talk. Come inside,” she stated nonchalantly not exactly caring one way or the other that I might see her in the shower.

But she was offering so it wouldn’t hurt to take a look.

I strode over in the direction of her voice. What I saw made my engorged cock weep. There she was standing in the the bathroom with a huge white cotton towel loosely wrapped around her middle. Her legs were long and seemed endless. Dave was right, her boobs really were massive and in my expert opinion I would guess she was a C cup. She was casually drying her hair with another towel.

“Have a seat,” she nodded to the bench in the middle of the room. The lockers were on one side facing a row of mirrors on the other side. The showers were at the very back of the room.

My brain was short circuiting at having a near naked woman in the room who I’ve fantasized way too mush about. How was I ever going to pay attention to what she said when she was standing like a delectable treat before me?

“Bryan, you are a good surgeon,” she stated without preamble.

“What?” the word came out before I could esenyurt üniversiteli escort censor myself. Someone pinch me, I must be imaging things. Did Dr. Grace just call me a good doctor? Did I accidentally inhale too much Sevoflurane?

“Don’t make me repeat myself Bryan,” she said sternly arching a shaply brow at me.

“I’m sorry,” I said and glanced down at the swell of her breast. This was torture and my cock agreed with me.

“There is only a matter of your inattentiveness that bothers me,” she mused.

“Do you have a girlfriend, Bryan?” she asked and I blinked. Did Miss Sex on Legs just ask me if was single?

“No, Dr. Grace. I don’t have a girlfriend,” I informed her. She gave me a slow once over, her eyes lingering on my cock which as much as I tried to hide was pressing eagerly against the thin material of the scrubs.

“A pity,” she said and turned to the mirror. She turned on her hair dryer and I watched her hair billowing behind her. The towel slipped even lower and I could see even more of the swell of her chest. They were perfect for motorboating. I wouldn’t mind pressing my face between those cushions at all. Was she doing this on purpose? The cruel seductress! I pressed a palm to relieve some pressure between my legs. Some serious wanking was needed.

I partly turned and stood up. Dr. Grace turned off the hair dryer and turned to me with a questioning look.

“Is that all? Can I leave?” I wonder if she could see the need in my eyes.

“This is why you are my favorite Bryan,” God how I loved how my name rolled off her soft pink lips. I gave her a blank gaze as the towel purposefully fell to the floor and I saw the woman I’ve been lusting after for so long. I couldn’t have moved if someone said a train was hurtling my way.

“Huh?” Words have failed me.

All I could do was stare at the blessed mounds on her chest topped with cute pink nipples. Her waist was so slender and her hips were wide. She really did hide a rocking bod underneath the scrubs.

“Come here and let me help you. I can’t have you tongue tied around me all the time. Very unproductive,” she said with a throaty laugh.

My legs moved to her command. All the higher centres of my brain have been shut off. Little Bryan was in charge now and I’ve never been happier.

“Now strip for me baby,” she said sweetly and I quickly complied.

She gave me an appraising look and the way her blue eyes dilated, I could tell she was pleased.

She took my cock in her hand, the head was almost purplish as it was just begging for attention of any kind. She stroked it with her hand before she fell to her knees and wrapped her lips around the tip.

“Fuck!” I swore as I felt the wet heat envelope my erection.

“Do be quiet, Bryan. We don’t want everyone coming in to investigate now do we?” she said with a wink before swallowing my dick in one motion. She very easily deep throated me and I wrapped my fingers into her thick curls and fucked her mouth. If this was my only chance with Dr. Grace then I was going to milk it for all its worth.

It seemed Dr. Grace enjoyed a little rough handling if her moans were anything to go by. etiler escort The vibrations from the back of her throat travelled pleasantly up my cock. I could feel I was close. Suddenly Dr. Grace pulled away and kept a punishing grip at the base of the my cock.

“What are you doing?” I asked panicked. I was so close. Dr. Grace smirked.

“Your tongue is already loosened a bit,” she remarked and laughed as I gaped at her. What is she doing?

“Lie down on the bench,” she ordered.

Dr. Grace loomed over me as I stroked my weeping cock. I understood Little Bryan’s pain all too well. Dr. Grace slapped my hand away and positioned herself over my cock and dunk down in one go all the way to the hilt.

We both let out a loud groan. I grabbed her plush hips and lifted her up so she could slide down. Dr. Grace then placed her hands on my chest to help her ride my throbbing member. I watched her boobs jiggle at her movements. I couldn’t help it. I grabbed those tits that fit perfectly in my palms. I tweaked a nipple softly at first then a little harder. She seemed to love the pain if her hiss was anything to go by.

I grabbed a nipple and sucked it into my mouth. Dr. Grace stilled her movements and ground her pelvis into me. I drew her down for a kiss, my cock still buried deep with her.

I flipped positions startling Dr. Grace. She was now sprawled on the bench, her chest rising and falling in time to her panting. She was flushed and looked absolutely wrecked.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” I growled and pounder into her tight wet channel. Her cries were loud and I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire hospital knew we were fucking but I didn’t care. I bent her legs to angle myself deeper into her. Her eyes rolled up and her walls clenched around me and I couldn’t stop the explosion any longer as I shot right into her hungry pussy.

I lay my head right between her breasts fulfilling my fantasy at last.

“I wouldn’t mind doing this again,” I said and Dr. Grace’s chest moved as she chuckled.

“Of course you wouldn’t,” she said combing her finger through my hair.

“What brought this on if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I knew you wanted me,” she stated casually. I froze and she patted my back and let out a snort.

“I’m not naive. You were mooning after me and it was getting unbearable and interfering with your work. Dr. Hauser agreed with me and said I was to do whatever I could to rectify the problem,” she said calmly.

My eyes widened as I lifted my head up to look at her in shock.

“The Department Head knows about this?” I cried out.

“He’s my boyfriend. Of course he knows. He’ll be sad he missed the show. I told him that Hysterectomy looked more complicated than he thought it would be. Silly stubborn man,” she grumbled and got up.

I was dreaming. That could be the only explanation.

“Now Bryan, I don’t want you to be a drooling vegetable in the OR anymore. I believe this session has helped,” she gave me a questioning look as she put on her bra. Victoria’s secret. The woman was full of surprises.

“What if I need another session?” I asked innocently and she narrowed her eyes though they held a bit of mirth in their depths.

“I sure hope you don’t end up catatonic again. Next time, Dr. Hauser will be joining us so you better be prepared for anything,” she stated pulling on the rest of her clothes.

She spanked my ass before leaving the room.

“Get dressed!” she barked.

“Yes Ma’am!”

Her lips curved into a smirk as the door slammed shut behind her.

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