Curiosity: Part V (5)


Curiosity: Part V (5)My second after class extra credit session with Mr. Paterson was a bit more than I expected, but I enjoyed it even more than the first one. When we were finished, I left the classroom for the day and I went straight to the nearest boys restroom to clean myself up a bit. I then headed to the front entrance where I was told to wait for my momm to pick me up and I spent the time thinking about what had just happened…The next day when the bell rang and sixth period was over, I waited patiently in my seat for Mr. Patersonto give me yet another extra credit opportunity. But this time he said there was no opportunity for extracredit that day because he was going to be very busy in the afternoon and then he said I might have more chances to earn extra credit later on that week. A few more days passed and every time I would get nervous thinking that it would be another long afternoon in class with Mr. Paterson, but he just kept turning me down… It was Friday afternoon and sixth period was almost over, moving my legs around anxiously while I waited for the stupid bell to ring already. When the bell finally rang, everyone stood up to leave in a hurryexcept for me and Mr. Paterson who was sitting at his desk grading papers. I saw that he was minding his own business and he seemed to ignore my presence, so I just rolled my eyes grabbing my stuff as I got up from my desk to leave for the day.I stopped myself as I froze, standing only a couple of feet from the door and I turned around saying, “W-What’s going on Lenny? You’ve been avoiding me all week…” He could tell I was upset at him and he paused his work for a moment, removing his reading glasses dramatically before looking at me as he said in reply, “Come here Tony… I want to tell you something you need to hear…” Mr. Paterson sounded serious this time and I thought he was going to call off our deal. I walked over tohim just like he asked me to and I stood in front of his desk as I said, “Umm… Okay. So, what did you wanna tell me?…” Lenny looked at me in my eyes as he said, “Some of the staff are getting a little SUSPICIOUS of our private sessions after schoul and I’ve heard them talk about us… I don’t like whatthey are saying Tony, so…” I braced myself for those words that I knew would come shortly after and I felt terrible inside for even letting a thing like this happen in the first place.I was about to interrupt him when suddenly he finished his sentence saying, “Look, I have a place that I rent where I keep some of my more personal items… I only take my lovers there… so, if you want to keep doing this, then that’s where it has to be.” I paused to think about his offer for a minute, knowing what my parents said about not going to any stranger’s homes and being alone with them. Although at this point Mr. Paterson was an exception to the rule, since we had already been alone in a room together twice. Besides, it’s not like we haven’t already broken the rules by us having sex together, which was very much “consensual” on my behalf as well as his. I mean, it didn’t really matter WHERE I earned my extra credit, as long as it continued to happen so I could keep up my grade and make me feel good at the same time, THEN it’s a win-win!Lenny watched me observantly for a while as I paused briefly before replying, “… Well I guess I could…” He smiled, so I smiled back as he winked at me and he said, “Great… That’s perfect! I’ll drive you there as soon as I’m done balçova escort here. Let me just finish up with these and you should call your parents to let them know you’ll be staying out late…” I then picked up the phone to call the house as I told my momm I was going to the movies with a girl from class and I wouldn’t be home until late that night. She just wished me a good time and told me to be safe… my momm is awesome!Mr. Paterson finished with his paperwork, so he told me to meet him in the teachers parking lot as he packed his things to leave, and I did as I was told. I waited nervously for him to come out of the rear door exit of the schoul which lead to the teachers parking lot and after a few more minutes went by he finally left the building. Lenny flagged me over to where his car was parked, it was a sporty coupe with dark tints so you couldn’t see what, or who may be inside. He unlocked the doors right away with the push of a button on his key fob and he quickly opened the passenger door for me to get in as I hopped in. Lenny took every precaution in order for us not to be seen together in public as he looked around in every direction to make sure nobody saw me getting in his car and once I was in he quickly shut the door.He even made me wear sunglasses and a cap when we went to a drive thru to pick up some dinner for us to have later that night, rather than a place where we can sit down and dine in. Once we arrived at the complex parking lot, he dropped me off on the sidewalk and then he went to go park his car in his reserved space. Mr. Paterson walked over to me and from a distance he waived one hand to follow him to his place and I followed. I studied the numbers on each door we passed by as we headed to his place and it was one of thelast doors, all the way at the end of the hall on the first floor. He quickly opened the door and he let me in first as he followed me inside. It was a small 1 bedroom apartment which he secretly paid cheap rent for so he could invite his “guests” without ever telling his wife, and it just so happened to be I was his guest that night.I looked around as Lenny showed me his furniture or whatever and then he came to me, leaning over to kiss me. I leaned my head in too as our lips touched and I just let him kiss me for a while. Suddenly he reached down to grab my crotch through the outside of my khaki uniform pants and I reached over to grab his. After a while of us breathing heavily Lenny paused the hot action as he said, “Come on pretty boy… Let’s go to my bedroom…” I followed Lenny to his bedroom just like he said to do and he shut the door behind us. Once we were in his room I became really nervous and my legs were trembling from the excitement. He came over to help me and he reached down with both hands to start undressing me. My eyes followed his every move as he worked to unbuckle my belt for me, and then he unzipped my fly before carefully taking my pants off, bringing them all the way down to my ankles. Mr. Paterson then tugged my underwear down all the way to my feet as I stepped out of them, kicking them aside. He then took my dick in his hand and he started stroking it gently for a moment while I began to moan, “Ohh YEAH… UHHH…” Lenny knelt down in front of me and he leaned his head forward as he aimed mysemi hard 4 inch long, circumcised white dick at his mouth. He parted his lips and took my dick into his mouth, wrapping his lips around my shaft as escort balçova he started sucking my dick right away. This was the first time anyone did that for me and he was making me moan loudly as I leaned my head back from how good it felt, “UHHH… Ohhh yeah… MMMM!” I was loving every second of it and we had a lot more privacy this time, so I didn’t want to be quiet. I moaned loudly saying, “Ohh yeah!… MMMM!… OH MAN, THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” I watched in awe as Lenny performed for me, bobbing his head up and down as he sucked my dick passionately, lustfully.Just as I thought it was all going so well, Lenny suddenly pulled his head back as my raging hard dick slipped out of his mouth, dripping wet and slick with his fresh warm, juicy foreign saliva. Lenny got up on his feet again as he looked me in my face for a moment when he leaned in for another kissand I kissed him back, feelings of lust surging throughout my whole body. He then broke the kiss when suddenly he said, “It’s your turn now boy… Go on, get on your knees and suck my big black cock!”I got in position, kneeling in front of Lenny just like he asked me to and I grabbed his cock in my hand,giving it a couple of light strokes before guiding it to my mouth. I parted my lips and I tried to take as much of his cock into my mouth at once as I possibly could handle. But first I took my time as I passed my tongue over his cum slit to lap up a thick bead of precum that had built up on the very tip of his hugefully erect cock. Lenny moaned, “Uhh… Yeah. Lick it all up… MMMM!… OHH YEAH!”Lenny thrust forward as his cock slid further into my mouth and soon I felt his thick cock head poking at the back of my throat. I normally gave him a hard time whenever he tried to shove his whole cock in my mouth, but in the midst of all the hot action going on I welcomed the idea! He held my head steady with both his hands and he carefully pushed it in deeper, gently squeezing his fat cock head down my throat hole. Mr. Paterson moaned, “UUHHH!… OHH FUCK… OHHH YEAH!… SWALLOW MY BIG BLACK COCK… UUHHH!”I held my position faithfully as he pulled his cock out of my throat and I quickly caught my breath, but it was just a brief moment before he shoved it all the way deep inside again. Mr. Paterson moaned some more as he continued to fuck my face a while longer, “UHHH!… OHHH YEAH… THAT’S RIGHT TONY. TAKE MY COCK DOWN THAT TIGHT THROAT HOLE LIKE A GOOD BOY… OHHH FUCK!” I learned to time my breathing to his thrusts and I was getting very good at it too.Suddenly, Lenny pulled his huge cock out of my mouth as he tapped me on my shoulder and he said,”You’ve earned an A so far… Let’s see how well you do on this next part of your exam… Go’n up on the bed… Get on your hands and knees, so that you’re facing the wall over there…” Next, he joined me on his bed and he placed himself behind me, kneeling in the space between my spread legs. Lenny spat on his hand as he massaged his saliva all over, up and down the length of his beautiful uncut cock. He then aimed his cock between my rosy bum cheeks, sliding it along down my smooth hairless crack until he finally found my tightly puckered anus. Lenny pressed his fat wet cock head up against my anus as he pushed inwards and it slowly sank inside me as I felt every inch of his big black cock sliding in all the way, deep into my ass. I moaned as I reached down to grab hold of my much smaller fully erect cock and I started balçova escort bayan stroking it, “OHHH!…MMMM!… OHH YEAH, SHOVE YOUR BIG BLACK COCK ALL THE WAY INSIDE ME…” Lenny moaned too as he pulled his cock out a bit and he thrusted it all the way back into my ass, “OHHH FUCK!… OHH, YOU NAUGHTY BOY!… I’M GONNA FUCK YOU SO HARD!… UHHH!”I looked down at the space between my mikly white thighs and I moaned louder as I kept on stroking my small, 5 inch long fully erect cock a little faster, all while I continued to watch Lenny’s hips poundingharder against my butt cheeks with each greedy thrust. “UUHHH!… OHHH!-UHHH!… OHH SHIT… OHHH!” I saw a thick bead of pre cum building at the tip of my dick as I kept stroking it faster and it felt really good doing that while having his cock inside my ass for some reason.Lenny moaned loudly as he kept fucking my ass harder, and yet the sound of his hips slapping against my butt cheeks was heard more clearly than all the other noises we made. “OHHH YEAH! YOU LIKE TAKING MY BIG HARD COCK UP YOUR TIGHT LIL ASS, HUH WHITE BOY???… UHHH! YEAH!” I kept on stroking my own raging hard cock while I felt his much bigger cock being shoved repeatedly all the way, deep up inside of my ass hole and it seems he was touching all the right spots inside me. I was moaning louder than before, when suddenly I felt the familiar tingling sensation building inside ofme while and I could tell I was about to cum soon as I said, “OHHH!… OHHH MAN! UHHHH!… I-I THINK I’M GONNA CUM!…” Lenny didn’t slow down as he kept thrusting into me and he moaned loudly when he replied, “OHH YEAH… CUM FOR ME BOY!… UHHH!… JUST CUM RIGHT THERE ON MY BEDSHEETS… OHH FUCK!… UHHH!” I was focusing on finishing as I kept stroking my cock and then I felt myself climax like never before as I moaned loudly saying, “UHHH!… OHH YEAH! I’M CUMMING… UUUHHH!!! UUHHH! OOHHHH! OHH SHIT!… OHHH!”I watched in awe as multiple heavy spurts of my semen squirted endlessly from my cum slit while Lenny continued to fuck me just as hard and my ass got tighter by the second. My cum landed all over his bed, since my erupting cock was swinging back and forth, side to side with each of his deep hard thrusts into my ass.Then Lenny moaned loudly as he said, “UHHH! I’M GONNA CUM INSIDE YOU… UHHH! I’M CUMMING!… O-OHHH FUCK! UUUHHH! UHHH!… OHHH YEAH! ATTABOY… TAKE MY CUM UP YOUR ASS!… MMMM!…” I remanined faithfully in position as I waited while he was busy filling me up with his sperm and he kept his cumming cock buried deep inside of my ass hole for a while.Suddenly I gasped, when without much of a warning he just pulled his cock out of my ass all at once. When it slipped out of me, I felt some of his cum leaking out of me from my gaping anus and I curiously watched as it trickled down to my inner thighs. Lenny got off the bed as he reached for his clothes and he started getting dressed again while I took a moment to recover my strength, laying in a bed that was drenched in our cum.Mr. Paterson looked at me when he said, “You know what Tony? You’re my favorite guest so far… I hope we can find a way to do this more often…” I nodded my head as I sat up to get back on my feet so I could get dressed again too and we could heat up the dinner that was definately cold by then…Lenny drove me to my neighborhood and he let me out of his car a few blocks down the road so my parents wouldn’t see that he was the one that dropped me off. That night as I lay in my bed, I thought about our we did in his secret apartment earlier that afternoon and I got hard from just the thought of doing that again. I definately wouldn’t let that be the last time we had sex in his apartment… And sure as day, it wasn’t the last time…

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