Curious Girls Deserve Spankings~

Double Penetration

Curious Girls Deserve Spankings~He let out a long sigh as he shut the door with a soft slam. It was a long day at work, and yet again he returned to a quiet home. The lights were all off, making him flick on the lights to break up the darkness. It illuminated his small house, the messy table and old couch coming into view. The only people that lived here was himself and his daughter, who he went to work for every single day. He wanted nothing more than to make the little girl happy and comfortable, even if her living arrangements were sub-par.He glanced at the dirty dishes resting in the sink, and the food the girl must have left out on the counter. Another sigh escaped his lips as he cleaned up the mess, his mind moving at a snails pace, recollecting the day. After the dishes were done, he realized something. He was tired. He was completely exhausted, and really just wanted to sleep. With a kick of his heels, he took both of his shoes off, then started to undo his pants as he went to his room.Hmm. She must have already gone to bed, he thought idly. Sometimes she would greet him, other times she would fall asleep before he got home. A small pang of disappointment hit him. He enjoyed his little princess. He clicked his door open, slipped inside, and didn’t bother to turn on the lights. The jingling of his belt was the only subtle sound in the room, then the crumple of his pants as they fell to the floor. He grabbed his shirt, lifting it off his tall body, and grabbed the covers to his bed.He stopped.There was something…His heart rate picked up. A lump was in the middle of his bed. What was it? Had he forgotten clothing underneath the covers? Perhaps a stray a****l? Maybe his daughter accidentally slept in his bed? Whatever the case, he didn’t want to find out. With a broad sweep, he uncovered the mass.A shrill squeak hit his ears as he watched a little girl swirl around. Her body was a flurry of limbs as she desperately grabbed for the retreating blanket. The sound sight made him jump and give his own testament of fear, dropping the blanket and watching the form grab it and pull it back against her. Quickly he recognized the girl’s hair. It was his daughter!”What are you doing here, Jess?” He whispered loudly.”I-I-I… I-I” She stammered in a failed attempt to respond.Her voice trailed off and she started to whimper. By now her father was grabbing his pants and putting them back on, not wanting to scar his daughter with the sight of him in his tight briefs. He flicked on the light, and his eyes were immediately drawn to the floor. There, on it, sat one of his T-shirts, briefs from his drawer, and his daughter’s skirt, panties, and top. Slowly, he looked back up at the girl, who was staring wide-eye’d and in shock.”Little one…?” He cocked his head.”I-I-I-I…” She merely stammered.”Why are your clothes on the floor…?” He continues slowly, his own interest rising. He wanted an answer.”I-I-I-” She couldn’t talk.”You what~?” He coaxed her on.”It… It w-w-was… h-hot…” She lied.She lied, and her father knew it. He nodded slowly, and suddenly made up his mind. He looked at her indignantly and motioned with his hand.”Come here.””B-but daddy!””I said. Come. Here.”His words were final, and she knew it. Slowly she began sliding to the edge of the bed, the blanket still covering up her young body. Her feet hit the ground, and she wrapped the cloth around herself. She eased herself forward, dragging the fabric like a overly-large dress, and came up to her father.”Get dressed and meet me outside.” He stated simply.She nodded in return, and he went outside.***Some time passed before he heard the door click open. He glanced over and saw his shy daughter, head hung low, walk over to him. He shook his head, in his mind teasingly, but in hers as if she had done something very wrong. She whimpering as she sat down next to him on the couch.”Do you know what’s going to happen now?”She looked up at him, her brown eyes wide with nervousness. She swallowed, then looked down again. “I’m going to get spanked… aren’t I…””Yes you will. Do you know why?””Because I was in daddy’s room without his permission…” She trailed off, as if she was going to say more but decided against it.”And?””And… and… I was… naked…” She sighed softly.He nodded and patted his lap. “Lay down with your lap in mine, ok dear?” He cooed softly.She nodded and slowly climbed into his lap, laying down until her little bottom rested against his hips. He stared down as her soft blue skirt, watching the way it seemed to form around her small bottom. It was much like a jean skirt, but canlı bahis more c***dish, using a fake, stretchy denim to get the same look but be more comfortable. He pondered a few thoughts in his head. How much punishment did she deserve? Just a few reminder taps on her skirt? Maybe on her panties? Or a more firm lesson by spanking her bottom directly. He felt his loins stir at the second option, and quickly shook his head. Not now.But, the option was there, and it was too enticing. His daughter was willingly laying in his lap, and the skirt looked so cute on her. With a quick lip-bite, he decided to grab her skirt and yank it up. To his surprise, she squeaked loudly and reached back, grabbing it.”H-hey!!” She squealed.”Little one! You know the punishment!” He said firmly, surprised at her reaction.”C-can we just do it… w-with my skirt on?” She whimpered.”No.” And with that, he yanked her skirt up again. She squeaked and relaxed her hands, and he was greeted with the sight of her soft purple panties. A large, red heart covered most of her backside. He stared at the way the tight fabric formed wrinkles between her two little cheeks, outlining them almost pervertedly. These panties were just a little too small for her. He could feel heat rising in him as he stared, and his fingers slowly moved to the top of the panties. His index fingers, then his middle fingers, slowly dipped underneath the stretchy elastic band.”NNOO!!” His daughter squealed again, and her hands went down to smack his.He frowned. “Little one, this is the same punishment as you normally get. What’s gotten into you?” He asked, bewildered.”N-n-not m-my panties- i-i-in front o-of you…” She said between breathless whimpers.He cocked his head again. What was different about her? His fingers still held on to her panties, but her resistance meant he would have to use force. Instead, he slowly coaxed her into letting go.”Be a good little girl for me, ok princess? Just let daddy spank you for being a bad girl, and then you can go to bed. Don’t make me have to spank you any more. You wouldn’t want that, would you?” He said softly, soothingly.Slowly her hands pulled away, and he took advantage of it. With a quick motion, the purple panties crumpled around his fingers as he yanked them down her leg, revealing her two lovely, plump cheeks. His gaze stared at her smooth, pale skin. He wandered around them, his heart rate increasing, and he put on hand on them. Slowly he rubbed them, round, feeling the softness of his daughter’s bottom in his hand. He shifted, moving to get more comfortable, and she squeaked.”My… nervous little one? Daddy won’t hurt you, I promise.” He whispered softly.She seemed to relax a little bit as he kept rubbing the smooth skin. Finally, he decided she needed a good spanking, and rose his hand. A sudden, loud squeak stopped him, and he shook his head. She never acted like this.”Little one~! What’s wrong?” He asked, genuinely concerned for her now.”N-n-nothing!” she was quick to respond.Nothing? Seriously? That was the second time she lied. That doubled her spanks, he thought. Now he did it while she was distracted.*SMACK!*”EEEEPP!” She cried out, squeaking and flinching.He had given her a medium smack, just enough to turn the cheek red. He slowly rubbed it now, letting it sooth just a little bit. She was shivering. With another quick motion, he spanked her other pale cheek.*SMACK!*”A-aahh!!” She cried out again, whimpering and squirming.He switched to rub that cheek, his eyes watching the other. Sure enough, the form of his hand on his daughter’s ass slowly showed up. A soft pink handprint covered her little cheek, and he grinned. He moved his hand away, admiring both pink marks on the tiny girl’s bottom. Quickly, he smacked each one two more times, four quick spanks.”Nnn! Nnn! NNN! NNNAA!!” She was extremely vocal today.He was much softer now, letting the smack remind her of the pain, rather than create a new one. Her little bottom began to turn red, and he shifted uncomfortable underneath her. He was really enjoying this. Quicker, still light. 7. 8. 9. 10.”NnnnnnnNNN!!!” She started kicking and crying out before he was finished.Finally he switched to slowly rubbing her bottom. Her cheeks were hot under his hands, quivering and tight from the spanking. She slowly relaxed, panting hard, as the soothing from her father’s touch calmed her down. Once more he shifted, accidentally pushing his hips against hers, his hidden arousal straining. Suddenly he stopped. Something was wet. He didn’t normally produce much precum, so it surprised him. He looked down and noticed the bahis siteleri source seemed to be coming from his daughter.He almost said something about her having an accident on him, when he realized it would have been a lot more. This was different. He stared for a while, her breathing heaving in the room as he realized, slowly, and assuredly, that his daughter seemed to be getting off to the spanking. The thought made him groan in desire and he shook his head.”Four more.” He stated, trying to calm himself. Her only response was a whimper.He rubbed her cheeks, then slowly slipped down to her legs.*WHAP*Her thigh turned pink.*WHAP*Her other thigh felt the same intense pain. He could feel his daughter tense up and squeak as he spanked her. Finally, between her leg and bottom, moving just a little bit in, he gave a very precise, accurate spank.”A-AAAHHAA!!” She suddenly shouted, kicking her legs out and bouncing in his lap. He held her down, but she was a wriggling mess. One more spank. He aimed his hand, right between her legs, just a little off center, aandd…”AAAAAHHHH!!!” A sure cry escaped her as she grabbed the couch and tried to bite it, her whole body shaking and her legs kicking the couch hard.He backed up a little bit, grinning wide as he felt her squirm desperately on his covered length. She was completely on edge! It was exhilarating watching her like this! As soon as he calmed down, he started rubbing her backside, soothing the dull red pain there.”Little one…””Yes daddy…?” She breathed.”Have you learned your lesson?””Yes… daddy…” She said quietly.He paused, smiling, then whispered “No princess… I want you to look at me when you say it. Both eyes.”She stammered, whimpering, and tried to turn her head. She couldn’t quite make it, and suddenly she realized what she was going to do. She had to turn herself around. The thought made her shiver.”Do it… or I’ll have to spank you some more~” He threatened gently.She whined and slowly pushed herself up. With a little effort, she switched her legs, turned her body, and placed her bottom in his lap. She winced from the soft pain, and looked up at him. It took everything in him to stare at her eyes, and not her exposed body, but he did it.”I’m sorry daddy… I learned my lesson…””Good…” He sighed, and let his eyes wander down her body.They went passed her disheveled top, exposing her cute little tummy. Then down to her completely clean, hairless region. And finally to her tiny slit, resting between her legs. He could see now that it was red with arousal, glistening softly in the light. She was extremely tight, more of just a crease than anything else, but hits of her pussy lips were exposed, and he caught his breath. He really did have a beautiful daughter.”Daddy…?” She said, so quietly at first, that he didn’t hear her. “Daddy?” She repeated.He broke his gaze, immediately looking up at her, realizing that he had just been staring at his daughter’s pussy. This time he stammered.”Y-yes princess?” He swallowed.”When you look at me… like that… I feel… I feel… funny… inside…” She whimpered, blush covering her face. But she held her gaze.And once more, he came to the realization that having her daddy stare at her made her aroused. With a grin, her slid his hand under her shirt. She squeaked, but didn’t stop him, as it traveled all the way up her chest. He could feel her heart racing as he got to the top, gently rubbing her collar bone, and was rewarded with a girlish moan. His other hand grabbed the bottom of her top, and lifted it up until it was underneath her chin.Her completely flat chest was exposed in the light. Just as he suspected, her young nipples were perked, bright red with desire. They interrupted the smoothness of her small chest, and he took a deep breath. Each of his hands found a nub, and he looked into her eyes.”What if I do… this~” He cooed, then slowly pinched her tiny nipples.”EEEP!” She squeaked loudly.He grinned. He pinched them again, softly, and another shrill sound filled the air. Next he pinched them, then slowly pulled on them. He got a physical reaction now as her feet began to kick.”Daaadddyy!! T-t-t-that tiiicckklleesss” She breathed.He brought finger up to his mouth and licked it, then pressed it to her nipple. She sighed and laid back, feeling his digit press against her nub. He massaged her breast with one finger, licking another from his other hand to repeat the motion. She squirmed and moaned in his lap as he flicked and pressed her nipples, being gentle with her nubile body.Suddenly she bolted up, making him stop.”Daddy I need güvenilir bahis to pee.”A grin spread on his face. He knew that wasn’t the feeling she was getting, and decided to tease her.”No… I don’t think so. This is part of your punishment. You must hold it.”He smirked and pinched her nipples again, making her yelp and lay down again, her legs closing together. His attention was brought to them, and back once again to her pussy, and he decided to hover his hand over it. Gently, he placed his palm against her leaking slit. It was burning hot to the touch.”Daddy! That’s my private place!!” She gasped, shaking.”And… do you need to go pee from here~?” We questioned innocently.Her nod made him smile, and his middle finger prodded around her puffy slit. He moved the skin around her flower back, revealing the hot insides of his daughter. He stared, his breathing getting harder as another finger pulled her lips to the side. He could see the tiny hole leading inside of her. His daughter’s pussy.”Daaddy…” She whined. “I need… I need to go pee…”He licked his middle finger, then pressed it to the hole. His concentration was sharpened as her breathing slowed down. She couldn’t see what was happening. Slowly, carefully, he pressed it inside that hole. His finger got enveloped in the tight pussy of his daughter, and a long, loud moan suddenly erupted from his daughter. He grinned, his own length hard as a rock in his underwear as he pushed his finger inside his daughter’s entrance.”Daaaadddyyy!!!” She moaned again.He reached as far as he could, his entire middle finger covered in the wet warmth of his daughter’s pussy. He could feel the texture of her walls, and each time she moaned and squirmed he felt her tighten up. He pushed his finger against one side of her pussy, and slowly stroked it all the way back. She squealed in pleasure as her legs began to kick again.”DADDY I’M GOING TO PEE!” She cried out once more.”Such a good little girl~” He comforted her, knowing she was close to an orgasm.He cupped her breast with one hand, leaving his finger inside her. Slowly he leaned down, looking her in the eyes.”I love you princess~” He whispered.”I-I-I love you t-t-too d-daddy…” She replied, her body shaking.Then he kissed her. His lips surrounded her smaller ones, and her eyes opened wide. She had never been kissed before. She tried to kiss back, but was too nervous, and finally just let her dad do all of the work. He carefully kissed her lips, pushing his finger back inside her, and dragging it along the edges of her pussy.Now, with purpose, he started to finger his daughter. He wriggled his finger inside her burning hot body, pleasing and pleasuring her as his finger penetrated her over and over again. He felt her hips rising and falling, her own young body working to help her get an orgasm. Her whines and moans were caught in his mouth as he kissed her, letting his tongue rub against her lips. He used just a little force to hold her squirming body down as she cried out. He broke the kiss, staring down at her with love and lust as she screamed.”DAAAAAADDDDYYYY!!!” Her voice filled the room as she orgasmed.He felt her pussy tense up completely, and pulled his finger out. He started to stoke her entire pussy, focusing on where her hidden clit was in order to help her though the orgasm. She shoved her hips into the air, squealing and yelping as wave after wave of pleasure consumed her body. She slammed back against the couch, panting twice, then squealing again and kick out. The entire time her dad focused on rubbing her convulsing, burning hot pussy.He could feel his fingers getting wet as she continued to orgasm, her body flailing and squirming as he rubbed her pussy. Finally, she seemed to calm down, and he pressed his palm against her slit. She squeaked and continued to softly rub against his now-lubricated hand, whines and whimpers escaping her as she settled down. Eventually she laid back, gasping for breath as she looked up at her father, her mind completely blank and unfunctioning.”Daddy…””Yes princess?””I love you, daddy~” She said happily, her eyes slowly closing.He grinned and nodded. “I love you more. And I’m glad we could share this together.””Sorry about needing to pee…”He was about to respond, but hesitated. Perhaps it was time that she learned the truth about things. Maybe not the entire truth, such as sex and babies, but maybe more about her body, or what he knew about her body. Then, in time, she could learn about the male body, and finally, maybe he could tell her about sex. Yeah, that was a good plan.He looked down to talk to her, but realized she had already fallen asleep. The words hung on his lips, but he just smiled, reaching down and stroking her hair. Another time, perhaps.”Goodnight, little one~””Mmnmnb… mblmm…” She mumbled in response.

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