Dad makes a plea for daughter’s body

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Dad makes a plea for daughter’s bodyI pound up the sidewalk and slow to a stop on the front porch. Breathing hard, I wipe the sweat of my forehead. Jogging has recently become a passion of mine in my last year of high school. I love it, but I hate to sweat, ah well, nothing in life is perfect. I sit on the front steps stretching out my legs and cooling down. I hear the door open behind me and mom stalks down the steps and turns her critical eye upon me.”Really Emma? Just a sports bra? No shirt? That’s really tacky.” She says pursing her lips and arching her eyebrow.”Thanks for the fashion advice,” I say sarcastically with a roll of my eyes.I can’t point out exactly when our relationship became so tense. It seems in the two months, since my 18th birthday, she has had nothing but critiques on how I dress, carry myself and do with my time. Something about having two grown women in the house is unnatural. She’s even seemed protective and jealous of you, which completely blows my mind.”You just don’t understand how men look at girls your age these days, Em. A little modesty goes a long way. One of these days, you’re going to get yourself into a situation little girl…” She trails off in an unspecified threat. “I’m heading to the Girl’s Weekend. Keep the house clean this time.”Mom’s “Girls Weekends” have been a monthly occurrence for the better part of five years now. She talks them up as shopping trips or yoga retreats, but we all know it’s just an excuse for to get away and drink with her other lush friends without judgment.She stands shading me with her obvious displease. Then with sigh, she spins, gets in her car and drives away.’Love you too mom….” I mutter and continue stretching.After a few minutes in the sunshine, I stand up still feeling sticky and sweaty, and decide on a nice long shower. I open the door and stand inside for a moment, enjoying the quiet and the air conditioning. I don’t see you anywhere, so I toss my iPod on my bed, kick off my sneakers and head to the bathroom. The house is unnaturally quiet; it’s a rare Saturday that you aren’t parked on the couch doing crosswords with sports blaring away.I peel off my yoga pants before the door even closes. I toss it them in the corner, smiling, no mom at home to bitch about the mess. But I’ll be sure to clean up before she gets home. I stand in front of the mirror and pull my long hair out of it’s ponytail and shake it loose. I jog in the sports bra to keep my 36C tits from bouncing all over the place, not for attention. And the idea of wearing even more clothes while sweating sounds like torture. The lime green sports bra keeps me cool, but its so tight and digs into my shoulders and ribs. With a sigh of pure pleasure, I pull it from over my head and rub the lines from my shoulders and sides, and then watch my little brown nipples harden from the cold air. As I turn, pulling my panties down, it’s then I see you. Sitting quietly on the toilet lid and watching me.I freeze in surprise, we just stare for a moment. Then you say, “I thought you’d probably want a shower after your run.” Your face so serious.I stand quickly covering my breast with my crossed arms.”I hate sweating.” I say as nonchalantly as I can manage, but my heart hammers a jagged beat. “I know.” You pause looking so flustered and confused, like you’re not sure why you are even here. “Dad, why are you in the bathroom?” I gesture around the room and then quickly recover my nipple.”I was hoping to see you – Eh, run into you.” Your face flushes.”Well, here I am.” I saw dryly. “But you had a pretty good chances of ‘running into’ me in the living room or the kitchen.” Then I notice your wide eyes taking me in and I feel truly naked for the first time. I’d be a liar if I said I hadn’t noticed your looks lately, but I tried not to make anything out of it. I can’t say, I haven’t noticed you in a different way lately. And there have been one or two night, I’ve moaned your name into my pillows as I feverishly fingered my slit. Something about the sly hunger in your blue eyes, so like my own, that is so different from the lusty horny boys I’ve been with. But you sitting here in the bathroom, waiting me out can only mean one thing that I can think of. And that is that you have been doing more than looking at me, you’ve been thinking of me.Suddenly you blurt, “Em…I don’t know how to say this. I – I just can not get you out of my head! I know it’s wrong. tuzla escort You’re my – I’m your father for godsakes! But I want you. I want you so bad.” You sound like a desperate man, a way I’ve never seen you.I stand for a long moment, mouth open unsure of what to say. You sit there just staring at me completely naked and waiting for me to work out in my head what I want. I stand in a complete paradox of emotions. My ears simply can’t believe what they just heard and my body begging to believe it’s true. I feel my whole body burning. Without warning, you stand and open the shower door, turning the water on and then walk up to me. I feel small suddenly, like I’m young again having you look at me this way. You grab my shoulders and look down into my eyes.”I know. OK? I know it’s wrong for a man my age to lust after an 18 year old girl. Much less my own fucking daughter! I could tell you it’s because your mother is an insufferable cold bitch, because she is. I could tell you that I just can’t control myself or that your a goddamn tease. I could tell you all these cliche things but in the end, Emma, it’s pure and simple ego. Here you are this beautiful, perfect creature. A creature I had a miraculous part in creating. And I watched you grow and learn. I’ve taught you things, how to walk, how to ride a bike, and balance a check book. And I just want to teach you more, you never want to stop see your k**s learn. Emma, you’re are gorgeous and sexy as hell, but remember you got all that from me. I’m taking a chance and if this disgusts you or you don’t want to for any reason, I’ll walk out of this room and we will never mention it again. Just think about it. Those little boys you run with don’t even know the things your body can do. I love you Emma, and I just want to love you.”You give my shoulders a firm shake and then turn and sit back on the toilet lid, waiting my reply.I stand literally lost in thought. Could I do this? Having sex with your own father is like the crowning jewel of fucked up things to do. My mother would stab me with an ice pick if she ever found out. You are incredibly sexy for an old man…older man. But in the end, it’s the way you’re looking at me, the pure love and hint of lust in your eyes, and the idea that I’ve never experienced my full sexual potential with any of “those boys I run with” that makes me look into your eyes and nod. A grin breaks across your face, making you look so much younger, and indefinably sexy. You gesture for me, and after a moment of hesitation, I walk to you, naked as the day I was born. You open your arms to me and I straddle your lap. Your arms wrap around my waist and hold me tight to you. You lean forward and sprinkles kisses across my neck and chest, lingering over the red strap marks on my shoulder. I close my eyes and completely relax as you have your way, kissing and nibbling, biting each earlobe. I feel you hardening under me through your thin shorts. Somehow this is the most natural thing I can imagine.”God, Emma, you are beautiful.” You whisper leaning back and taking me in. “You’re perfect.”I grin, feeling shy suddenly, “You made me this way.”Without a word you stand, lifting me with strong arms, I tangle around you. You push at your shorts and they slip to the floor as you step out of them on your way to the shower. You step in and close the glass door behind us, the pounding water so hot. Steam fills the shower so thick it dims the light and makes it hard to see.You set me down and I let the water pour over me. Hand covered in foamy soap slide over my back and hips, slathering me up. My shoulders and around to my tummy, up to my breasts. You hands cover them in a firm squeeze, tweaking each nipple. I lean back into your arms as your hands slip up and down my body, exploring every available inch. Your hand slips to my silky smooth mound and caresses me, then you slide a finger in to explore my tightness. God, it feels amazing. Tingles race up my spine and I shiver in your arms.I turn towards you and you grip my ass. I start to lather you up, across your chest with a light covering of steely gray hair, down your arms and muscular stomach, then slipping around your thick erection and pressing it into my tummy. My long hair is plastered against my face and dripping. I lean forward on my tippy toes and lick your lips with the tip of my tongue. Teasing. Your hands tighten on my ass in surprise and yank me close. tuzla escort bayan I giggle and lean in deeply kissing you. Your tongue invades my mouth, and I drag your lip between my teeth.Your fingers begin sliding towards my crack, greedily. You get me slippery and clean, and I feel your finger pressing slowly into my tight asshole. circling the rim, and begging for entrance. I smile into your kiss and push you away.Then, I slip to my knees in the foggy shower capture your daddy dick in my mouth, slipping to the back of my throat before you know what happened.”Photos”Ugh, fuck!” you groan sharply. One of your hands tangle in my hair and the other braces against the shower wall.I arch my back giving you an excellent view of my ass from the back and my tits from the front. Looking up at you like a minor god, mouth full of your cock, eyes steady on yours. I may not know everything my body can do but neither do you. I slide you in and out of my throat and when I can’t stand it anymore, I pull your cock free and gasp for air.”Holy fuck, Emma. Where did you learn that. No wait, I don’t want to know.” I smile and start licking you like a lollipop, loving watching your eyes roll back in your head. I suck and slurp you loudly, flicking my tongue over your fat head and popping loudly in and out of mouth until your knees tremble and fall back onto the small tile bench built into the shower. I take you deep again and fondle your balls gently. I feel your pulse in my mouth, beating hot and hard. I’ve always been good at sucking, but never have I had such a responsive partner. I love it.”Baby, I wanted to but I can’t….I can’t wait. I’m gonna cum.” You grunt and I smile, my lips stretched around your erection. Your hands tighten in my hair and I feel your hot thick cum against the back of my throat, then my lips, and then dribbling down my chin. You sit gasping and groaning as I open my mouth, showing your what you’ve done, swirl it with my tongue and then swallow it down. You’re eyes roll back again and you groan deeply.I sit for a moment letting you get yourself together, feeling the water run rivers over us. You lean forward, taking my face in your hands and kiss me so sweetly and softly. I note that no boy I’ve ever been with kisses me after I’ve had his cum in my mouth. Our tongues swirl together, you’re gentle at first then rougher and more aggressive. You break the kiss and lean over me turning off the water and standing up. You grab my wrist and pull me to my feet then out of the shower and down the hall. We’re both soaking wet and dripping and slipping on the hardwood floors. At first you drag me to your room, but standing there looking at the feminine canopy bed that is mom’s pride and joy, it feels too much like a desecration. You turn and push me across the hall to my room. It’s dim and cluttered. I like to think it’s mysterious and complicated when I sneak boys in. Shelves of book they’ve never read, posters of bands they’ve never heard. Maps of places they’d never travel. I though it made me look worldly and desirable. But looking around, I knew you knew me better than all that. You know me so well but there is still so much for you to learn about me.You close the door behind us and pitch me forward onto the bed. I watch you walk the perimeter making sure all the d****s are thoroughly pulled shut, and pulling your dick through your fist trying to get hard again for me. I decided to help you out and climb on the beg on my hands and knees, spreading my legs for your viewing pleasure. My body shiny and slick from the shower, with wet strands of my hair falling around me. I reach back through my legs and, never taking my eyes off you, spread my wet pink lips. I stroke the length of my slit, spreading my juices. I circle my hard little clit and then dip a finger inside. You stand across the room just watching me pleasure myself and stroking your cock. I run my hand from my pretty little pussy up my tummy to my tits. They are so sensitive and I pinch and pluck them to hard protruding little knots.Then, without a work your behind me. Your hands massage my ass and pull me open, you lean forward, bury your face in me, and give a long rough lick from clit to ass hole and a violent shiver runs across my body. You do it again and again, each time slower. You grab my hips and twist me, flipping me onto my back. “I need to see your face” is your escort tuzla only comment. You push my legs open and look at me appreciatively. I’ve never had a man just look at my like that. Just take me in. You lean forward and using your thumbs you gently spread my lips and begin circling my clit, barely touching it. It feels like tiny zaps of electricity and I can’t help but whimper in pleasure.Encouraged, you dip into me and explore my tight whole, fucking me with your tongue. Your hands slide up the back of my thighs and hook under my knees pushing them towards my chest. You kiss me all the way down to the bud of my asshole. At first I clench up, this is territory I’ve never explored, but you don’t let me and begin circling it with your tongue. It feels so amazing I can’t protest anymore. I let out a long low moan. You push the tip of your tongue inside and then let me roll forward licking me again. The pure attention being paid to my pussy in unprecedented and has me on the edge of an explosion. You lean forward popping to of your fingers in my mouth.”Suck them, baby, just like you did me. Get them all wet.” And I obey. When they are ready, you pluck them out of my mouth and slide them inside me slowly, feeling me stretch around them. Then you lean forward, suckling my clit and sliding your fingers in and out rhythmically. “Oooh, fuck yes!” I groan. And as the mounting pressure comes to a head and erupts, I convulse around your fingers quivering and jerking on the bed. I’ve never cum so hard in my life and I nearly fall off the bed. While my body is still shaking in small aftershocks, you slide your re hardened dick deep inside me and just stand there feeling my pussy squeeze and release. The feeling of you inside me, filling me to completeness, drives me crazy and I wrap my legs around your waist, pulling you in as far as you will go. I’m gasping for air, chest heaving, fists full of blanket. You lean over me resting your weight into my hips and you begin stroking. Holy fuck, it feels amazing and I try to match you pump for pump. Our eyes meet and yours are so full of pride and love. You made me cum like that and you loved it. The thought brings out something wild in me. I push your shoulder and roll over on top of you. Sitting up and beginning to ride you.I lift up to the head of your cock, so you can see as I slide back down. Your transfixed with the sight, watching your dick disappear inside me. I gyrate my hips and you throw your head back with a groan. You reach up fondling my tits, pinching and rolling the nipples, pulling me closer and sucking each hard areola until they ache.Feeling devilish, I lean forward pressing my chest to your and whispering in your ear. “You like fucking your teenage daughters tight pussy?”You let out a growl like a wild a****l and wrap your arms around me, pinning us together and being power fucking me so hard and fast that all I can do is scream in pleasure. You large hands grope my ass and push me up and down the length of your cock, your middle finger slipping down my crack and pushing into my ass. I buck on top of you digging my nails into your chest. You finger my ass and fuck my pussy.”Oooh,” I moan, “Daddy, I’m so so close.” I whimper and kiss your mouth roughly.”Look at me,” you command grabbing each side of my face, never missing a stroke. “Look at me when you cum, I want to see it. Don’t cum until I tell you to though. Understand.”I nod feeling the edge approaching. Building and building. You pound into me so hard your balls slap my ass and you never let go of my face.”Emma…” You grunt. “Don’t you fucking cum yet. Don’t you dare, little girl.” Pounding, slapping, building, pulsing.”Fuck meee…” I beg, my eyes never leaving yours.”Oh baby, I am. I am fucking you and it’s fucking amazing.” Pound, pound, pound. “Are you ready baby? We are gonna cum together, very soon…” You are breathless and red faced.”Yes, yes, yes!” I nearly shriek.”NOW! Now now now!!”And I explode in a firework fizz of nerve endings and a flood of juices. My body seizes violently on top of you and I feel you pouring your balls into me. Your moaning and pulling my hair. We lay wrapped together in a mass of spasms and gasps.I feel like I lose touch with reality for awhile, but am brought back by your voice making cooing noises in my ear. We slip into a spooning cuddle on the bed and you kiss my neck and stroke my sore nipples. “I could not possibly love you any more.” You say contentedly and I murmur an agreement. You pull me closer and I feel your erection making a come back. “This is the beginning of something really beautiful Emma.”It is and I can’t wait.

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