Daddy Invited Me to Watch On-line Sex


Daddy Invited Me to Watch On-line Sex’Hey Mariel, come here’!I looked up, my mind was still focused on the problem I was having with my homework, ‘In a minute dad’, I replied, I needed to get this shit out of the way, it was doing my head in.Dad was sitting across from me, at opposite ends of the same table, he was on my computer, the desktop he bought for me, but of late, found himself online more than I was.The sounds were unmistakeably female, and very sexual in nature, as if she was fucking or masturbating, dad was looking at me as he turned up the volume, and I stopped writing, and looked up, he had a huge grin on his face.’Dad, what the fuck’, went through my mind, but at f******n, little girls don’t swear like that in front of their fathers, but yes, I do swear along with many other things, only in secret, and well away from my single parent.’What are you looking at Dad’? My reaction was no different from any other persons, I suppose it is something like a mating call, triggering a reaction, whenever sex is involved.’Come’, he invited me, so I got up and walked around the table and stood beside him and looked at what he was watching.It was a girl, ages with me, masturbating on a webcam.I stood quietly, watching. She was very pretty and had a nice body, but I noticed the webcam was always centred, as if someone was working it, her boyfriend, or brother, we all knew the score, this was the latest in-thing at school, even I had posted some ‘Selfies’, non facial of course, for a reaction.’How old do you think she is Mariel’?’Same as me dad’, I replied, and after a short time, I could hear him mutter, ‘My God’, under his breath.’Someone is in there with her’, I blurted out, ‘see how the cam is always centred, and how she steals a look in his direction’, I continued, it felt strange watching your father deeply fascinated with a girl your own age, being so sexual.I could feel a sense of embarrassment, she was seemingly awkward in her movements, daddy bornova escort could be watching me to all intents and purposes.I looked down and noticed dad was not wearing pants, he was in his underpants, in fact I was just wearing my panties, and I was becoming self conscious. ‘Turn it off dad’, I said walking back to my homework.’Have you ever done something like that Mariel’?I took the last few steps and sat down, it seemed like an eternity before I answered, ‘Not video dad’, I paused, swallowing hard, ‘WTF’, flashed through my stupid head, ‘why did I say that’?Dad looked at me, his face looked bemused, ‘Photos’, he asked, his eyes widening, I nodded in acquiesce.’Are you nude’? Again I swallowed hard, and again I nodded my acquiesce.I crossed my legs and found myself squeezing my thighs tightly, ‘Why darling’? My head was in a turmoil, this was a very adult conversation and I was fighting for the right words, daddy interjected again, ‘I’m not angry’, he said, ‘just curious’, he seemed genuinely serious, suddenly I had a feeling in my crotch, a sense of challenging, to open up, and be closer to him, as if the woman in me had just awoken from a long slumber and yearned to be accepted as such.’I like to watch men do it’. Dad remained silent, waiting for me to continue.’I send photos, showing myself to make them cum’. ‘Does this turn you on’? I nodded, that it did.He remained silent for a moment, casting his eyes down onto the girl on the screen, obviously still masturbating, suddenly his face lit up and he smiled broadly.’Who do you think is behind the camera in this video’? I could sense a change in dad’s demeanour, he was being turned-on, you just know it, as a woman.’Her boyfriend’, I answered, but somehow that seemed too tame, it was losing the intensity of the feeling, so I added, ‘her father’, I said, and that feeling returned between my legs, I was getting into dangerous territory, it was becoming a massive bornova escort bayan turn-on, I was getting wet and I was wondering if daddy was getting an erection?I looked down at my books and started to read the same line over and over again, occasionally looking through my long hair at dad as he started typing.I was doing this surreptitiously from time to time, when I suddenly realized dad had turned the webcam around to face me at the bottom of the table, he was watching me, or so I thought.’You still watching girls dad’?He looked down the length of the table at me as I parted my hair and swept it back to reveal my full face, the sort of thing girls my age do when they are flirting, and being sexually alluring.He shook his head, ‘No’, he said, pausing, ‘no, I’m chatting and watching men looking at you dear’.I was stunned, and shocked into silence, I have been there on many occasions, so I knew what he was seeing.’Hold up four fingers darling, two in each hand’.’Testing to see if I am live’, I said as I did as dad asked, and held up two fingers in each hand, I could feel my nipples stiffen and my clitoris swell.I watched dad’s face, he had a bemused look on it, ‘What is he asking dad’, I was dying to know?’He wants you to show something’. I could detect the change in dads voice, it was thicker sounding, and my own body was on a high, I felt light headed and I knew my knickers were soaking, I was thinking sex and daddy’s cock, and there was no shame or embarrassment. ‘What does he want to see daddy’? I spoke in a barely discernible voice, I felt like I was about to have sexual intercourse and my father was going to watch. Dad looked, ‘Your tits’, and as the word, tits, slowly sank in and reverberated in my head, I heard dad tell me to take my top off.I stood up, my legs shook and it felt as if my knees would buckle at any moment. I lifted my top and watched my father’s face as inch by inch I revealed myself to escort bornova his gaze, the guy on the computer was of no coincidence, I was showing my father his daughter was a young woman, and as my nipple broke free of the cotton fabric, I almost wet myself, as I threw it on the floor.Dad sat there staring at my tits, as I toyed with them, tugging on my nipples and twisting them. I watched his eyes look down on the screen, knowing he was watching another man jacking off to his daughter.’Tell him daddy, I want to fuck his big cock’, and as the blood drained from daddy’s face, I slipped my hand down my knickers and started to masturbate myself.’Do you want to see him cum’?I looked at my father, ‘No’, I said slowly and deliberately, ‘no daddy, I want to see you cum’, and as I spoke, I slipped my panties down over my hips to reveal my cunt and my fingers sliding in and out of my labia.I saw daddy’s hand go under the table and start to stroke himself, ‘Let me see’, I said as my finger moved quicker in expectancy, ‘Let me see you cum daddy’, and as he slowly got to his feet and his cock came into view, I started to orgasm, and daddy responded with a stream of cum forming an arc up and over the laptop, landing on the table, the same seed that created me, now added to my visual pleasure, as my bum landed on the seat, that was the best ever, and my body shook in physical shock.I could feel my panties drop to my ankles, dad’s sperm lay in front of me, and I bent down to retrieve my panties, and wiped it up from the wooden top.Dad walked around the table and stood beside me, his flaccid cock inches from my face. We said nothing at this point, an acceptance of what had just transpired between us, was dawning, and I reached and took dads cock into my hands and I wiped it with my sodden panties, ‘Our secret dad’, I whispered, and he nodded.I bent my head and pursed my lips, and kissed his cock, once, twice, and then took it tenderly into my mouth, I could feel his hands on the back of my head, as I started blowing him, this was a part of his daughter he never knew about, and as his cock swelled within the confines of my closed mouth, I knew fucking was now a reality, I had begun to ache between my legs.If this made you cum, please don’t be shy, tell me.

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