Daddy’s Surprise

Daddy’s SurpriseDaddy’s LollipopIt feels so long ago now to look back on– the very first time my daddy let me have a taste of his lollipop.He came into my room shortly after bedtime one night. The lights were off but Daddy did not seem to have trouble finding my bed. His large hands grabbed my shoulder, moving to pet my head.His words were sweet: “Still awake, Princess?”I nodded gently, his hand still on my head.“Are you hungry? I have dessert.”I nodded again, smiling now as I felt his hand run through my hair.“Ok Babygirl, I brought you something special tonight- but you gotta sit up like this.”I let my Dad move me, easily being pulled to the edge of the bed.“Now Princess, you have to remember the rules. You have to be quiet and listen to your Daddy…”Rubbing my eyes, still trying to adjust to the dark, I could not help but yawn.“What is it, Daddy? I’ll be good…” I yawned again, trying to look at his face through the darkness.“You’ll see,” He replied back quickly.I heard him unwrapping something and felt him press it to my lips.“Hmm?” I mumbled, my mouth opening. My tongue wrapped around something sweet, the taste of cherries filling my mouth. It was a lollipop.“Suck gently, Princess.”All I bursa escort could do is nod, sleepily. Daddy was holding the lollipop for me. I closed my eyes, still feeling sleepy.“Now stop,” My Dad instructed, pulling the lolli back, leaving me to lick my lips.I thought I heard Daddy shuffling around then… maybe a zipper?“Now open,” Daddy said pushing something against my lips again. The lollipop? It was wet like the loli daddy took from my mouth, but warm.I licked it. It didn’t taste like cherries this time. It was salty… but sweet and addicting. I heard Daddy gasp.My tongue licked over and over, closing around the lolli, salt and cherry mingling in my mouth. Daddy pushed my head down then, pushing more of this bigger lolli into my mouth. It was a lot bigger than the cherry one.When I began to whimper, my Dad pulled away letting me breathe. Then he gave me the other lollipop back. Cherry again…smaller.It was easier to suck on than the other one, my tongue rolling over the round candy surface.“Daddy…” I whispered into the dark, his hand coming to grab my head then. He stroked my cheek, his voice hesitant as he spoke next.“…Yes, Babygirl?” he asked.“It tastes good, Daddy,” I sleepily escort bursa whimpered.He seemed to relax then, pulling the first small lolli away again. It was only a second til the bigger, warmer lollipop was pushed against my tiny mouth.This time I opened my mouth without hesitation, now more prepared for the size of the bigger candy. Daddy pushed the larger, drippy sweet into my lips– too much making me cry out and push back against him. What I felt then also startled me, my small fingertips touching his bare skin. His pants were pulled down. That flustered me quickly, my hands drawing back, my face turning red in the dark.“Daddy?” I gasped, whispering, panic in my voice.“Shh shhh, Princess…” He whispered back quickly, filling my mouth to cut me off. He pushed the lollipop back into my mouth forcefully, holding it against my tongue.I struggled but found myself relaxing in his arms, sucking on the lolli soothing my brief moment of worry and embarrassment away. It was just Daddy… He pet me while I sucked and licked on the odd tasting candy, his hand twisting into my hair as the minutes ticked past.“Just like that, Princess. Like your dessert?” Daddy seemed to be struggling to talk, his bursa escort bayan voice breaking and staggered.I nodded not taking too much notice. My eyes were closed while I sucked slowly, my hands in my lap.“Want the cream filling, Babydoll?” My Dad spoke in short breathless words, his hand already pushing on the back of my head.I nodded again, whimpering as he held me down on the huge lollipop again. My whimpers turned to curious, confused, surprised squeaks and squeals as warm, salty, thick, gooey filling spilled into my mouth. It was too much!“Swallow…Now,” His voice started gentle but ended growling, his fingers gripping into my hair roughly.Tears pricked my eyes but I did what daddy told me, swallowing the cream filling down. It didn’t taste like any lollipop I’d ever had before. I didn’t know they even made lollies with cream inside…Pulling back, I panted, my eyes fluttering open and looking for Daddy in the darkness. He pet my head softly, kissing my forehead. Daddy stroked my hair for what felt like ages while I licked my lips silently.I could still taste the new lollipop on my tongue when Daddy laid me back in bed and pulled the covers up to my chin. He kissed my forehead again and rubbed my cheek for a long moment.“Sleep well, little girl.”“Ni ni Daddy.”When my bedroom door closed so did my eyes and I drifted off to sleep. Little did I know, that was the first of many nights Daddy would give me a late night treat

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