Dale visits


Dale visitsIt was Saturday early evening we were out in the garage lounge. The wife’s folks live with us and we don’t get much privacy until they go to sleep. It’s an attached garage that we use for our private place to have some drinks, a smoke and watch some video. A car pulled into the driveway and someone got out. We don’t have many visitors and we were surprised to see an old friend of ours walking up the drive. We all exchanged hugs and they shared a few kisses and we went in to catch up on things. I have shared her with other men a number of times but Dale was the guy she met, on her own, almost every week for over a year. It was a great time for all of us. She would go to his house and I would enjoy her when she would get home. Generally this was the arrangement but we did enjoy a number of threesomes mostly at our house and a few other experiences. We walked around showing him our new home and we started with holding her hands to his arm around her. We could both tell she was enjoying the attention as we continued into the house. we eventually ended back in the garage lounge and they shared another deep kiss as I went to get us some drinks. I took my time knowing they were getting reacquainted. I knew she would have him tonight. We were still standing he was bahis firmaları behind her with his arms around her. She rested her head on his shoulder and let out a wonderful sigh. He raised his arm and cupped her tits gently squeezing and rolling her nipples, she was melting in his arms. I had the pleasure of seeing them do this a few times before. He lowered his hand to her shorts and began rubbing her, she was getting very wet. His hand went into her shorts and I could see he was putting a finger into her, she moaned again. As he went deeper she sighed again and told him “put two in”. Her hand dropped to his and held him there as he fingered her pussy. She looked at me and smiled then turned to kiss him again. “I’m cumming don’t stop!” She put her arms around his neck for support as she came on his fingers. “That was great; I’ve missed your touch”.We sat on the couch; she was still feeling the effects from her orgasm. It was very nice to watch her lift her chin up and they shared a very deep kiss their tongues playing as he gently cupped her tit again and rolled her nipple. I had gotten up and locked the door for our privacy and as I walked back they were both saying how great this fuck would be.The thing I like about Dale is he is as perverted as I am, willing to kaçak iddaa try most anything and genuinely enjoys sex with Debbie. We all were getting comfortable and I asked him if would like Debbie to be his slut tonight? He looked her in the eyes and asked her what she wanted. “I am your slut tonight and any time you want me, I’ve missed you.” He looked at me and asked me what I thought of that. “Please make my wife your slut tonight Dale your always welcome here.” “I’ll join in later and we can make her our slut after while.”Dale I’m ready to be your total slut, she stood up finished taking off her clothes and it was starting again. He stripped while they kissed and his fingers went back to working her pussy. She stroked his cock and it started to become hard for her. You have the perfect cock for me, she knelt before him, took it into her mouth and down her throat. They eventually fell to the floor and it was amazing. Joe, I think she sucked my cock better than she ever has. That was so good Deb. All for you Dale. Come, take me and make me your slut, I am so ready Fuck me. Slow down Deb, I want to taste you first. I want to put my tongue between those lips and on your clit before we will be fucking. In no time she grabbed his head between her legs and told him how good kaçak bahis it was he was making his slut feel special. Oh yes she was cumming and she kept telling him how his slut loved him. I was sitting in the corner with my cock in my hand and I was telling them how hot it was to see him take my wife and make her become his. I’m ready Dale Put your cock in me, Deb was begging for the feel of him inside her. It was quiet for a moment while they got into position, she opened her legs and told him please fuck me, fuck your slut. He was ready, Darling, Lover I’m ready, Put you cock in me, oh god it feels so good keep going in don’t stop, you are so tight Deb, so tight, I love your cock Dale , I am all yours, fuck me. I could see him going deep pumping her pussy, he was going slowly and she was enjoying every stroke. He began to roll her nipples between his fingers and she was on a continuous orgasm. I love it, I Love you I can feel you cumming. Oh yes I cumming Deb, fill me up Dale, cum in me. This went on for a bit and finally he exploded in her, they both were cumming, Oh Deb this is so good, Dale I love you. They held each other and kissed while their orgasms melted away. I was so happy to be a part of this and knew we were not done for the night. Hey Joe you know the last time we talked we thought about doing some wilder things for Deb. Do you think you might be up for it? You know that sometimes you just don’t have any walls and you are ready for anything. I said let’s go for it.

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