Dan Meets Meraina Ch. 05


Chapter 5

I’d been a steady fixture at Dave and Jay’s for several weeks now. I’ve tried to be a good girl and have only had a hairbrush applied to my bottom once in the last two weeks. That was my second spanking for drinking but I still think it was worth it. Jay was good to his word and Bought me another six pack.

I’ve been getting closer with Dave in the last couple of weeks and I’m going to ask him to trade fantasies with me. I’ll do his if he’ll do mine. Well here I go, Jay’s at work so we should have all night.

“Hey Dave, you got a minute?”

As always Dave was on his stupid computer. “Sure Meraina, what can I do for you?”

I kind of hung my head and looked at him through my hair. “Well I was kind of hoping we could, well have some seriously kinky sex tonight.”

This broke Dave into some serious fits of laughter. “The mind boggles girlfriend. What did you have in mind?”

“Tell you what.” I said. “You grant my fantasy and I’ll grant yours.”

“That sounds fair enough.” Dave replied “What did you have in mind?”

“I’ve always wanted to try bahis firmaları it from behind.” I was starting to blush as I spoke.

Dave kind of laughed. “What you want to try it doggy style?”

“Not exactly doggy style Dave, I want to try anal sex” My face was a deep red by now. I couldn’t believe I was really asking for this.

“Uh.” Dave was always so expressive when he was shocked. “What brought this on.”

“It’s just such a submissive thing, I’ve always wanted to try it.”

Dave began to get a feral look on his face. “Ok Meraina, I’ll do this for you. And I can hardly wait for my fantasy.”

I just nodded, and turned around to shut down his computer. Five minutes later we were back in Dave’s room clearing off the bed so that I could fulfill my fantasy. Dave seemed to be okay with this. I was glad I’d been real worried that he might have said no.

“Strip Girl.”

“What?” I was momentarily surprised “Oh yeah right that will help/” I quickly stripped down and jumped on the bed. Dave Just laughed and pulled me back/

“Okay Meraina get your feet on the kaçak iddaa floor and just stay bent over at the waist.”

I hurried to get into position. I was surprised again when Dave dropped a tube of KY jelly on the bed next to me.

I felt him spread open my ass cheeks with his hands and I could feel his gaze on my tightly closed sphincter. The next thing I knew I had a handful of fingers in my mouth.

“Get them wet girl.” Dave commanded. “The slicker you make them the more you’ll enjoy this.”

After a couple of minutes of sucking Dave removed his fingers from my mouth and I felt him spread my ass cheeks again. One wet slick finger began to rub my asshole. It was so intoxicating I thought I might come right then and there. Slowly Dave left off rubbing me and inserted one finger. He didn’t go in too far. Just far enough to make me think about it. I slowly felt my little hole loosen up around his finger as I became used to it. He worked the finger back and forth and just when I was starting to get into it, he inserted another finger. Again I felt my hole tighten up around his kaçak bahis fingers. This went on for a minute or so and then he pulled his fingers out. I was feeling pretty comfortable by now and I looked back as I saw him positioning himself. I was still kind of surprised by Dave’s dick. It curves upwards, he really could hang a hat on it if he wished.

The next thing I new Dave was driving his cock into my cute little asshole.

As the head of his cock penetrated me I let out a very satisfied moan. I could fell that as he drove deeper into me, the ring of my tight little whole pinched tight around his shaft. I had never felt anything quite like this, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this again but just now, it was great.

Dave began to work back and forth, sliding his shaft in and out. I snuck a peek back over my shoulder as he fucked me. I could see his expression and it was great. He looked lost and enraptured at the same time.

That look sent me over the edge and I screamed as my orgasm took me. I could feel Dave’s need and then he too shook with an orgasm and I could feel his hard cock pumping. With a last gasp we finished together and I felt him pull out and lay on the bed next to me.

I had to admit I’d enjoyed that. I leaned into and gave him a quick kiss. “Thanks for my fantasy Dave.”

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