Dana’s Wish Pt. 01


Dana had been waiting for this for what seemed like forever. One of her biggest regrets in her life is that she didn’t take advantage of all of the sexual opportunities she had when she was dating Dominic. They had been adventurous in bed together and had done some very fun things, but she hadn’t been as forthcoming with her desires as she should have been. She thought that she had missed her chance but a rekindling of their friendship and desires had recently been taking place and she was being very vocal about what she wanted now.

Dominic was all too willing to help her make her wildest fantasies come true. He had introduced her to anal pleasure, which had always been taboo with Jim. She craved it now, loving the feeling of fullness it gave her.

She also desperately wanted to be with a woman. She regularly imagined what it would feel like to touch the soft, smooth skin of a woman’s lips and breasts, what it would taste like when enjoying a woman’s hidden folds.

Dominic had arranged for an old friend of his, Allison, to join them tonight. Allison looked similar to Dana, dark hair, large breasts, pale skin but would easily be considered a 10. Dana couldn’t believe that she was willing to join them, but Dom could be very convincing and Dana knew he must have charmed her with both his words and tales of sexual prowess.

They were already in the hotel room and as she walked in she could tell they hadn’t waited for her. She smiled as she entered, listening to their moans and picturing the scene that would be unfolding before her. As she finally caught a glimpse of them, she realized it was even better than she had imagined.

Dom was lying on the bed, completely naked, with Allison riding him reverse cowgirl, undoubtedly hoping that Dana would be entering soon. The view bakırköy masöz escort of her magnificent breasts bouncing while she circled her hips on his thick cock was almost more than Dana could take in. Dana, already wetting her panties, moved towards Allison, stripping off her clothes as she did. She kissed Allison hello, loving the feel of their eager tongues playing off one another. Then she whispered in Allison’s ear “Thank you for joining us.” As she did this, she teased her fingertips over the skin of Dom’s thighs, close to where his body met Allison’s. Dom’s legs rose to her touch and arched his cock even further into Allison’s tight hole. Dana then moved up to kiss Dominic and thanked him for making her fantasies come true.

Returning to Allison, Dana kissed her way down Allison’s neck until she reached those amazing pillows of flesh. Hefting each one into an overflowing handful, Dana lowered herself so that she could latch on. Taking a hardened nipple into her mouth, Dana sucked hard and then flicked her tongue against it while her left hand played across Allison’s other breast. She could hear Dana moan and then felt her body quiver, coming on Dom’s hard cock.

Dana knelt down to the floor and touched her tongue to the spot where Allison and Dom’s body met. She could taste Allison’s flowing juices and felt the stiffness of Dom’s erection. Dana moved her mouth up to Allison’s clitoris and began to flick her tongue against it. Allison cried out her name and Dana smiled at how glorious that sounded. Dana continued to alternate between flicking and sucking until Allison came again, bucking against her mouth. Dana was pretty sure that Dom had cum at least once too, but her attention had been on Allison.

Allison finally fell off of Dom bakırköy otele gelen escort and Dana could see he was still hard. Jumping on the opportunity presented, she wrapped her mouth around his hard cock. She could taste the combination of their orgasms all over him and she reveled in her fantasies becoming reality. She pressed her tongue up against him while he was in her mouth, then took her whole mouth off of him and gently flicked his tip with her tongue, mimicking what she had been doing to Allison just minutes earlier. She swallowed him up again until she could feel his large balls against her chin and she massaged him with her tongue and the suction of her mouth. Putting her hand on his testicles, she tugged gently, trying to prolong the pleasure for him. Soon, she felt his balls tighten and his cum pulsing down her throat, hot and salty and exactly as she had remembered.

Having temporarily satisfied them both, Dana joined them on the bed and curled her body up between them. She went back and forth while they languidly kissed and caressed one another. Part of her couldn’t believe it was real life and she almost didn’t want the perfectness of the time to end.

Dom, however, had more plans in store. He coaxed Dana to move her body up so that her wet pussy was mounted on his face. She was facing the headboard so that she’d have something steady to hold onto if necessary. Dom loved pleasing her with his skilled tongue, but having her control the tempo while grinding against his face was his favorite. She used to be so shy when he licked her, but she was learning to really make it about her.

While she did that, Allison moved her heated body back to Dom’s cock. Allison took Dom into her mouth while he had Dana in his. Her bakırköy rus escort mouth worked differently from Dana’s. She was less urgent and eager but it was incredible all the same. He occasionally lost his focus on Dana but she would moan to urge him on whenever he did.

When he was about to cum, Allison took the first burst of cum in her mouth and then, keeping it inside, removed her mouth and squeezed him as he finished cumming all over her large breasts.

Allison moved around on the bed so that she was between Dana and the headboard. She pressed her cum-covered tits up against Dana’s globes, smearing Dom’s orgasm all over them as she opened her mouth against Dana’s soft lips and pushed his cum in with her tongue. Dana whimpered against her and enjoyed the taste of Dom and the magic he was working between her legs.

After sharing his essence with Dana, Allison moved her head down to Dana’s breasts. She circled around Dana’s tits with her lips and tongue, licking off the remaining cum. Dana had once told Dom that it was one of her favorite things. Those concentric circles and the need to have her nipples touched but the lack of fulfillment of that need made her ache to her core. After working all the way to her areola but avoiding it, Allison moved to Dana’s other breast and started teasing that one the same way. As she did this, Dom reached his strong arms around Dana’s legs and pressed his index finger up against her dripping pussy. He entered her smooth walls and felt Dana’s body practically suck him in. Pulling his finger out, he added a second one and began to move them faster. He finger fucked her while concentrating his efforts with his mouth on her electric button.

Dana could feel the excitement building deep inside of her. She had never felt so many sensations at the same time before and it felt like being played like an instrument. She could hear Dom fumbling around with his other arm but couldn’t focus enough to realize what he was doing. Suddenly, as Allison’s lips finally closed around her hard nipple, Dana felt pressure at her tight backdoor as Dom pushed a lubed-up toy deep inside of her practically virgin canal.

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