Daniel 7

Daniel 7The hotel room was quite typical, two double beds, horrendous orangeand brown bedspreads with matted down carpet. A small TV stood on a standnext to a combination desk & dresser. It mattered very little to me, all Iwanted to do was take a piss, get naked and get in bed with my brother.Just the thought had my cock stretching in my pants. For the second timetoday, I was happy with my dressing decision this morning.I quickly made my way to the bathroom, to take a leak. My cock wasin a semi hard state when I unzipped my pants and pulled it our forrelease. The stream of hot piss felt great, there really is not betterfeeling than to let your bladder go when it really needs to be emptied. Iwashed my face and brushed my teeth to occupy my mind and simmer down mycock from wicked thoughts of my brother. So when I walked out of thebathroom with my dick was in something other than a full erect state.”Daniel you will bunk with me tonight” My Father said as soon as Iemerged from the bathroom. “We’ll let Todd have his own bed”What could I say, ‘no Dad, I want to sleep with my brother so I canfeel his cock deep inside my ass hole and he can fuck me all night long’ Idon’t think so!”OK Dad, which bed do you want us to sleep in” I said as I lookedover at Todd, and was sure I saw a slightly disappointed expression on hisface as he made his way into the bathroom.My father pointed to the bed by the door, which really didn’tmatter to me. I sat down on the sat down on the side of the bed closest tothe other bed to mark my space, I just want to make sure I got the sidewhere Todd would be sleeping. And as my Father fiddled with the TV, Islowly started to undress and ready for bed. I took my time and just as mybrother was emerging from the bath room, I was standing to remove my shirt.I caught my reflection in mirror that was above the desk/ dressercombo. I could see the refection of my brother watching me as I began toslowly bare my abs and chest. I pulled the shirt over my head, allowing mybody to stretch and slim down, making my pants slide even lower on my hips.As the shirt came over my head I was blinded for a second. But as Iregained my vision, I saw my half naked body in the mirror. My jeans, nowonly being held up by my protruding cock and balls, gave everyone a niceview of my tan line, followed closely below my treasure trail and a nicelytrimmed patch of my light brown pubic hair. I looked to see if my brotherwas still watching me, and sure enough he hadn’t moved. His eyes heldsteady on my lower body, waiting to see if I would pleasure him again byflaunting my cock. As my eyes traveled around the room, I could see thatmy Father was just as intent on my little exhibition also. Slowly, Iwalked over to my side of the bed, paying no attention to the others, andwithout so much as unbuttoning or unzipping my pants I pulled them downover my cock and balls and let them drop to the floor. I stood there nakedfor a few extra seconds, so they could both get a good look at the youngestmember of the family.As I was settling into bed, Todd walked over in-between the twobeds, as if returning the favor and removed his shirt right in front of me.My father, still standing by the TV mesmerized by his two young sons,didn’t move or say a word.As Todd began to reveal his lower abs, he was so close to my face,I could almost smell his musk drifting from of the crotch of his pants. Mycock was so hot and growing rapidly it soon began to make a tent in theblankets that were attempting to cover my midsection, my dick immediatelyrose to it’s full 10 plus hard fat inches. I quickly adjusted the blanketto release my throbbing hard-on. It made a thud as it swung forward andhit my stomach with great force, just as my brother was lowering his zipperand getting ready to let his paints slowly slip off his hips.He opened the zipper slowly, I could see more and more of hissmooth hairless tight V that formed from his abs and cut deep into hispants. As he opened more of himself to me, his smooth, shaved body beganto rise out of his khakis. It was a fucking hot sight as Todd’s revealedhis 100 percent hairless pubic area he shaved every bit of his hair all theway to the base of his cock. I just wanted to push my head forward to lickhis absolutely smooth hard body. But he moved back towards the bed as hedropped his pants. His cock sprang forth when finally exposed, it wasalready in a semi hard state and needed release. If he hadn’t moved backtowards the bed, it would have hit me right on my cheek, damn!”Um…guys, a……we better get some shut eye.” My father choked.Bring both my brother and myself back to the realization that he was stillin the room. “We have to be up by 5 AM if we plan on being on-timetomorrow.”Todd immediately got into bed and covered his naked body with thethin sheet and blanket which did nothing to hide his cock that was stillgrowing down his left leg. My father looked at both of us, as he began toundress.”Hey, I’ve got a question for the two of you!” He said as heunbuttoned his shirt over illegal bahis by the TV. “When did underwear become an optionfor you guys?””Dad, I have been free balling since I was younger than Daniel.”Todd spoke up first not taken back with the question in the least.”Actually, if I am not mistaken, you are the only man in our family thatactually wears the anymore. Am I right Little Dude?””Yea Dad, I have been hanging and swinging loose for over a fewyears, and I can’t remember the last time I saw Dave with a pair ofunderwear. Actually, he taught me how good it felt to hang free and nothave things binding you around your junk.””Well, I guess I am just out of touch.” He said as he walkedtowards his side of the bed an lowered his pants revealing the blue stripedboxers I had seen earlier in the day. But what he did next made Todd gaspout loud. Before he pulling the covers down to get in bed, he stripped offhis underwear, and revealing his massive sex equipment to both us. Now,not only had I felt his huge cock fucking my ass, but I had that thing inmy mouth today, so I was pretty well prepared for the reckoning. However,what I was totally unprepared for the size of it all together. His ballswere hairy, brown, and huge, but they had to be to support the considerablesize of his flaccid cock that hung over them. The head of his cock wasenormous but perfectly shaped with a quite noticeable slit at the tip. ButTodd, completely unprepared for Dad’s parade or junk, gasped loudly leavinghis mouth wide open and just stared as my fathers naked body climbed intobed next to me.”OK guys, lets get some sleep, Daniel get the lights.” He said asI got one last look at my brother who had just turned his back to me as hegot ready for sleep.I couldn’t tell you what time it was or how long I had been asleep,but I woke as soon as I felt his cock probing my ass cheeks. As I wascoming too, I felt his body spooning mine and his hard cock tryingdesperately to enter my warn ass for some release. Luckily, I hadanticipated the possible nightly activities when I was in the bathroom, soI just lifted my leg slightly and permitting my Father to slip his hard fatcock into my pre lubricated ass. The large mushroom head pushed hardagainst my ass lips until it almost popped and entered my hole. I gaspssoftly as not to wake Todd, but shit that thing was huge. He lay dormantfor a moment allowing me to catch my breath after being invaded by his fuckmissile. Finally his cock fully penetrated my fuck hole with easy as hepushed his pelvis into my ass. We both murmured lightly as he cock becamecompletely emerged in my ass. Slowly he began the motions of fucking me.As his hips moved back and forth against my ass, his cock slipped gently inand out of me. I reached back and pulled his ass tight to my body, wantingto feel every bit of his cock deep inside me. It was huge, and made mefeel tight and full of his massive cock. Soon his rhythm began to hastenas we both became lost in our lust. My own cock was tight with blood as myright hand stoked all 10 + inches gently beneath he sheets. I guess maybethat’s way we were both unaware of my brother as he began to stir and wakenin the next bed.”Dad, ….are you fucking Daniel?” Todd said as he reached up toturn on the lights which blinded us all for a split second.His forward motion stopped immediately, his cock however still hardand was pulsing inside my ass as we both looked over at Todd who wasstaring back at us. I didn’t want him to stop fucking me yet, I neededmore, so I pushed firmly back on his cock sending it deep into my ass whichmade us both grunt with pleasure. Leaving no question in Todd’s mind as towhat was happening to his younger brother in the next bed.”Dad?” Todd said, as he stared over at us.”Yes!, I am fucking your brother with my hard cock, right up hisass. And he loves the feel as I shove my dick up his ass, and then pull italmost all the way out, it drives him wild. You want to see?” Andimmediately the sheets were thrown back and our naked joined bodies wereexposed. And then it happened, my Father became like a a****l, as he beganto fuck with me long almost violent stokes. He began pushing me so hardthat I almost fell off the bed, but he grabbed me with his large stronghands around the waist and pulled me into him sending his cock even furtherinto my ass.”OH shit Dad, fuck me….ohhhhhhhhhhhhgooooooooodddddddddd……that feels fucking great. Yea fuck me fuck mecome on shove that cock inside me harder,…. harder,…… HARDER……”Can you tell that I was loving this……I was so lost in our sex as my Dad continued the assault on my ass.And when he pulled me up on all fours to fuck me like a dog, I finallynoticed what Todd was doing to himself in the next bed. He had sat up onthe edge of the bed and placed his hands underneath his butt, and he waspulling himself together. His head and upper body was contorted in adownward fashion, and his mouth had completely engulfed his rock hard cockthat was jettisoning out of his perfectly shaved youwin güvenilir mi crotch. His head and neckwere bobbing up and down on his own cock as his hands pulled them closertogether so he could engulf his whole fucking cock deep into his throat.I don’t know if Dad saw him, he was pretty intent on giving me thefucking ride of my life. He hadn’t stopped drilling my ass since Toddasked him what he was doing. He was fucking me wildly, shoving his cock sodeep inside my ass each time and pulling it out all the way. Then withperfect aim, ramming it back into my hole and then driving all 11 or 12inches up my ass until his own body inhibited him from going further.”Fuck me, fuck me ……Yea shove that cock in me please…” I wasnot a quiet fuck by any means. But when I heard my brother begin to moanloudly I looked his way just as his own orgasm had begun and his mouth wasrapidly filling with his own cum. I could see his hard cock begin to pulseand soon it was covered in his sperm as he continued to push up and down onit with his mouth all the while shooting hot sticky loads of white cum deepinto his throat.”Todd that was fucking hot” My father said as he had slowed down onpumping my ass to watch his oldest son fuck his own mouth. And he wasright, Todd had fucked his own mouth with his hard cock and cum deep insidehimself. I was quite jealous for many reasons. But for now I would let itpass since I had almost 12 inches of hard cock up my ass fucking me.Todd lifted his head off his cum soaked cock. His blood filledfuck tool fell from his mouth but was still quite hard. He had cleanedmost of the cum off his shaft with his lips, it only now glistened from thereminisce of his saliva. He had sperm all over his face, like a k** eatinga messy lollipop. He took his hand and wiped the reminisce off his mouthand licked it clean savoring more of the seed he had just discharged.Our eyes met with great lust for each other. I wanted him to bethe one shoving his hard fuck bone up my ass. Todd felt my need for hissex and immediately got up and kissed me. I finally got my first taste ofhim as his cum lingered on his breath. Our lips met an instantly ourtongues were lost in each others mouth. The passion was electrifying as weexplored each other for the first time. We all were getting extremely hot,my Father’s cock was expanding quickly in my ass and his rhythm quicklyincrease when Todd shoved his tongue deep into my mouth.He reached under my heaving body and grab a hold of my hard cock.It was wet with pre-cum that had been leaking out of me since Dad hadpulled up onto all fours. His hand began to stroke my cock as his mouthpressed hard onto mine. My body was being gratified in so many ways I knewI would cum in a second it one of them didn’t stop soon.”Todd, oh that feels great, but I am going to cum if you don’t stopthat NOW! I said softly as I moved my mouth away from his.He removed his hand, now covered in pre-cum and brought it to mylips. I licked my wet secretion he offered me with gusto, hungry for sexof any kind. Again he kissed me and then moved away, disappearing behindme and Dad. I had no idea where he had gone, and since a 12 inch thickcock was still being plunged in and out of my ass hole, I didn’t reallyhave to much time to think about it. Until I felt his tongue lick my assas it was being fuck by my Fathers cock.He had moved behind Dad and on his back slid between our legs. Heface was pushed up to my ass hole and he was licking Dad’s cock as it slidin and out of my fuck hole. I looked down at him, and could see his tongueup inside me as my Fathers hairy balls kept hitting him in the face as hecontinued pumping my ass full of his fucking huge cock.My Father slowed his drilling pace on my ass hole when he feltTodd’s tongue lick and explore the under side of his cock that was stickingout of my ass. Todd’s tongue began to explore the now tender area aroundmy ass lip. It felt like warm bath water encompassing your body on a coolday. Shivers ran up and down my spine as his tongue danced around my ass.But when he began to dart his tongue into my dick clogged fuck hole, Icouldn’t hold off my explosive orgasm to much longer. Now I had my fatherslowly fucking my ass and my brothers tongue licking and probing inside myass hole along with Dad’s cock.”OHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYGGGGGGGGOOOOODDDDD….I AM GOING TO SHOOT A LOAD OF CUM LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN.” Ishouted as my body began to convulse and I knew cum was building up insidemy balls preparing to ejaculate any second.My brother quickly move up and put his mouth over my cock and I wasnow fucking his face, as my father again accelerated his pumping of my asswith his hips slamming into me. I felt his cock surge with blood and cumas it quickly expanded in my ass. I knew he was so close to filling my asswith his hot spunk.And then it happened, my body began to quiver slowly at first untilI was literally started shaking as cum was being forced out of my balls upthrough the shaft of my hard cock in deep perabet into Todd’s mouth as my dickcontinued to pillage his wet warm orifice. I gasped and moaned loudly as adeluged of hot cum came flowing out of my cock as if it were a fire hosethat had just been turned on.Todd choked as my semen flooded his mouth before he finally beganto swallow my enormous load of sperm. My hard dick continued to erupt witheach lunge of my father’s cock into my ass, as he was releasing his thickwhite seed deep inside me.The room was a loud with sexual moans and groans of pleasure asboth my father and I delivered the most intense orgasm that filled theroom. His body kept smashing into mine as he gave me every bit of cum hishuge balls could spawn. I felt my ass hole fill with the white hot stickycum erupting from in cock. He always shot massive quantities of his seedthat I knew would soon fill up my ass hole. His cock spewed load afterload of cum into my already cum filled hole and eventually it began leakout and run down my leg.Todd was cooing as he hungrily eat every bit of cum my cock wasexpelling into his mouth. His face was blanketed in my ball juice as hewas not used to the yield of sperm that I always produced. My cock wasstill deep in his mouth as my father began to pull his wet depleted cockfrom my ass. Slowly, it emerged and finally when his cock had completelyabandoned my fucked hard ass hole a flood of his cum came spilling out. AsI looked back to see my Fathers jizzum all over Todd’s chest, I noticedthat his cock was still rock hard as he hadn’t cum yet.I grabbed his cock with my hand and moved back on his body.Quickly, as I raised his cock to an upright position I came down on it withmy ass. It took no time at all to become completely submerge into my asshole. And before he realized what was happening to him I was riding himlike a cowboy on a wild steer. I was pumping my body up and down on hishard cock so rapidly that I began to get dizzy. But his cock was rock hardand fit nicely into my cum filled worn out ass hole. I looked down on himas my hand pressed against his chest, allowing me leverage to push up anddown on his vast cock that now filled my ass. I could tell by the look inhis eyes that he too would soon fill the deep recesses of my fuck hole withhis warm seed.I wanted his cum to mix with my fathers and fill me with pleasureso I could sleep with both their sperm blending together inside me. Mycock, though it had just produced a load of cum in my brothers mouth, wasstill hard and bouncing with great vigor against my brothers flat, stonelike stomach. I grabbed it in mid bounce and began to stroke it violentlyhoping to drop another load all over my brothers chest. I looked at Toddand saw his face covered in my cum, I bent down to lick his face clean. Mysperm was still warm as my tongue spread across his messy cheeks devouringevery last drop I could get.As I was bent down eating my cum Todd began to buck his hipssending me flying into the air. He grabbed hold of my waist pulling meback onto his cock and began to fuck me frantically. It was like the bullhad come alive and was giving the cowboy the ride of his life. I screamedwith pleasure as his cock fucked my ass so hard I thought I would loose mybreath.”I am cccuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmminnnnnnnngggg oh my god….yes,yes….” Todd cried as he bucked me one last time and held me up with hisknees leaving his cock was so deep inside my ass as he drained his balls ofall the cum they had generated while he was fucking me.I too came again spraying my cum all over his chest and face belowme. It was as if I hadn’t cum 5 minutes ago, I gave him the same if notmore of my cum this time than I had shot down his throat while my fatherwas fucking me. And Todd was ready for it, his mouth was wide open and hetook at least 3 direct hits of my cum into his mouth which he savored as heonce again swallowed my load.As Todd’s orgasm subsided he lowered his legs and hips and I camedown with them. His cock was still deep inside my ass as I just sat on hisdick for a few minutes to calm down after the fucking of my life.Eventually I felt his cock shrinking in my ass, so I raised myself off hiscock and fell onto the bed face first. I didn’t think I could stand yet asmy legs were still quivering.Apparently Todd wasn’t satisfied yet, the man was a sex machine andI was his favorite gadget. As I was sprawled out on the bed he spread mylegs apart and laid down with his face right on my ass. Soon he waslicking my ass hole clean. His tongue was reaching deep inside me eatingthe cum he and my father had deposited in my ass. He licked and sucked onmy ass hole savoring ever drop of cum he could eat. I fell asleep with islips and tongue still working there way in my pleasure cavity.When I woke the next morning, my Father was sitting on the bed,dressed and ready to go. I could hear Todd in the shower, I was still onmy stomach, the blankets still under me, I was naked, sticky and smellinglike cum, sweat and sex. As I turned over, my cock was again hard withneed for a good piss, I lifted myself up on my elbows, my hard cock slid upmy pubic hair and hit my belly button, my Father, who was watching my cock,finally looked at me with a smile.”Good morning Little dude, ready for another ride?”

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