Daughter of the Revolution Ch. 04


Abby awoke in the night to a strange sensation. Alec had rolled to his side and his breath was stirring her hair. She gently touched his forehead to find that he was still warm but his fever seemed to be abating. She was getting warm herself so she carefully got up without disturbing him and removed her clothes. She slid back in beside him and laying on her side, nestled his head between her naked breasts. She shivered when his warm breath tightened her nipples and gave her goosebumps on her firm tits. He groaned and snuggled in closer while she smiled happily to herself, then she slowly drifted off to sleep.

In the wee hours of the morning Alec moaned loudly, waking Abby from a deep sleep. He was laying on his back and soaked in sweat. Hurriedly, she flipped the sheet off to cool him and in the predawn light saw an amazing sight. His arms were stiff at his sides and he was thrusting his hips in the air repeatedly while calling out her name. She gasped when she saw his pulsating cock. It was hard as steel and easily 10 inches long, thicker than her wrist and topped with a swollen head that defied belief.

Rose awoke from his calls and tumbled out of bed to hurry to his side.

“Help him, Abby, before he hurts himself!” she whispered fiercely. His face was a rictus of passion and his eyes were tightly shut as he writhed, locked in a fever dream of lust.

“How, Rose? How do I do it?” Abby begged her.

Rose took his thick shaft in her small hand and worked his length skillfully. He groaned louder and rammed his hips high, straining upwards while his face grew red and he held his breath while he reached for his orgasm.

“He’s close, Abby. Here!” Rose released him and put Abby’s hands on him. Awkwardly, she knelt and stroked him rapidly and his breath exploded from his lungs as he released massive gouts of hot cum that spattered him from rigid abs to collarbone. Abby cried out in surprise at the fountain of cum that sprang from his cock. He heaved and twisted while she hung on for dear life. Her tight fists stroked him from his large balls to his hugely swollen head, and Rose exclaimed in wonder when he bathed himself in ropes of cum that seemed to never end.

“My word, what an absolute cannon!” Rose whispered in a hoarse voice as his hips slowly lowered to the bed and his arms relaxed at his sides.

“Oh Abby,” he groaned in delirium.

“Hush now, sweet Alec,” she whispered, while stroking his still swollen cock in hands slick with cum. While his breathing calmed, Rose volunteered some advice.

“He’s had what they call a wet dream. It happens to a man if he hasn’t came for a long time. It was probably brought on by his fever dreams. Now what you need to do is milk him dry. Work his shaft from his balls up to the head and squeeze the cum out of him.”

Abby awkwardly attempted to do what she was instructed but Rose lost patience.

“May I? she offered.

Abby reluctantly handed him off to Rose who was more than delighted. She skillfully worked his shaft, using her thumbs to work from the base of his shaft up to his swollen head until hot cum poured from the end and onto his belly. Abby gasped at the sheer volume that Rose produced from her ministrations. She remembered how Rose had licked the end of Williams cock and bravely leaned down over him. She covered Rose’s hand with hers to still her movement, then licked a thick wad of cum from his dripping head. She rolled it in her mouth and then swallowed it down. It wasn’t unpleasant at all she decided.

“Suck him,” Rose said huskily.

Abby looked up at her and was startled to see the look on Rose’s face. Her face and upper breasts were flushed red and her eyes were hot as she stared down at Alec’s cock.

Abby tentatively opened her mouth and tried to fit him in. She had to work at it but he finally popped inside. She did as Rose instructed and sucked on him hard. She was rewarded with a taste that she knew she’d never forget. Hot and sweet, he filled her senses and she shivered as her pussy flooded with juice. She drew a ragged groan from him, then he relaxed completely into unconsciousness.

Reluctantly, she released him and gently lowered his spent shaft to hang between his muscular thighs. She slowly shook her head and looked down at her man. He was covered in a light sweat and cum ran in rivulets off his chest and belly to stain the sheets.

“I can hardly believe what we just saw!” Rose exclaimed. “I’ve never seen a man cum so much in my life, and I’ve never seen a cock like his either, amazing!”

Just then June woke up. “What’s going on? What are you two up to?” She stood and walked over, then covered her mouth and cried out in surprise when she saw Alec’s condition. “My word! What did you two do to him?” she asked shakily.

Abby quickly explained and June burst out giggling.

“I wish I could’ve seen that. I’d love to take that load in my mouth. He looks wonderfully tasty!”

“June! How naughty!” Abby scolded, but she couldn’t help ankara evi olan escortlar laughing.

“Quick, help me clean him before he awakes. How embarrassing that would be!”

Alec awoke before lunchtime and Abby sat next to him to check his fever. It appeared to have broken and his color looked much better.

“How do you feel, honey?” she asked.

“Much better. Thank you, Angel.”

She decided she liked her new name and told him so.

“Well, you are an angel. My guardian angel, so beautiful and sweet,” he said while he gave her his gorgeous grey eyes.

She felt her heart melt and tears gather in her own. Impulsively, she leaned down and gently kissed his lips, then gave him a joyful smile.

“I’m so happy you’re feeling better. Are you hungry?”

She put bath water on to heat then fed him a light meal. Rose and June were tending the garden so she took it on herself to bathe him. He protested when she stripped him down but she’d have none of it. She removed all his bandages then got him in the tub. He sighed in relief and murmured his approval as the heat soaked into his bones.

She gently washed his battered body, taking special care with his tortured back, then bent him forward and scrubbed his hair and scalp while he voiced his pleasure. Never had he felt such a sensation of being cared for by a beautiful woman.

When she was finished, he leaned back in the tub and winced in pain as the rough wood scraped his raw wounds. Standing up, Abby dropped her clothing from her body and pushed him forward, then sat in the tub behind him. She gently pulled him back against her chest and wrapped her legs around his lean waist. She hummed a lullaby in his ear and caressed his wide shoulders until he nodded off to a light sleep, and she herself dozed off in just a few minutes.

The creaking door woke her and she looked over as Rose and June quietly came in from their labors, their eyes widening when they saw the couple in the tub. Alec awoke as well and when he saw the girls, flailed around for something to cover himself.

“Don’t worry there, sweetie,” Rose giggled. “You’ve got nothing we haven’t seen before.”

He blushed furiously, which Abby thought was quite cute.

“I was afraid of that,” he said. “I seem to remember you three cleaning me up.”

“You remember right. We’ve seen every inch of you, and there’s a lot of inches,” Rose said with a wink.

“Rose Marie!” Abby scolded, then burst out giggling helplessly and June joined in as well. “I’m sorry, honey,” Abby whispered in his ear. “We just couldn’t resist. You’re so handsome and sexy, no girl would turn down the opportunity to check you out.”

She slid her arms under his and hugged him tightly. She saw the corner of his mouth quirk and when he began shaking with laughter she knew they were forgiven.

By now the water was cooling and Abby was getting chilled.

“June, may I have a towel please?”

As she’d done so often for several years now it was an ingrained habit, Abby rose from the tub and June began drying her off. Alec watched with wide eyes when Abby let him see her naked for the first time. He caught his breath when he took in her firm breasts, narrow waist, and perfect hips. Her little round ass was exquisitely formed and he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of it. Little did he know that he was next in line to be spoiled. Abby donned a white blouse and a skirt then picked up a fresh towel.

“Up with you, Sir. Your turn.” He looked at all three women who were gazing at him expectantly. Shaking his head in defeat, he gripped the edge of the tub and painfully stood up. Three gasps of desire filled the room as his lean frame emerged, his cock was semi hard, caused by him viewing Abby’s beautiful body. Abby quickly moved to his side and helped him step out. He steadied himself on her shoulder then stood fully erect. She toweled him from head to waist, blotting his wounded back lightly before Rose moved in to bandage it again.

June went to her knees in front of him and dried his legs then moved to his groin. He groaned when she daubed his cock and balls dry, his eyes tightly closed as he tried to avoid getting harder than he already was.

Thankfully for him, they finished in short order and he threw a sheet around himself in relief, then sat on the bed. June emptied the bath water and started some fresh for her and Rose. Abby eyed him critically. He seemed to be doing much better and his appetite earlier gave her hope that he was on the mend. He seemed to read her mind because he glanced up at her and gave her a beautiful smile that warmed her heart. He patted the bed beside him and she couldn’t get there fast enough to snuggle into him.

“That hot water really took it out of me, do you mind if I nap for awhile?” he asked.

“Of course not, sweetheart. Let me help you.”

He groaned and laid back while she adjusted his legs, then covered him with a light blanket. By the time she leaned in to kiss elvankent olgun escortlar him he was already sleeping. She looked down at him and felt love bloom in her breast. He looked like a handsome little boy and her heart almost broke with the beauty of it.

She heard a sigh and turned to see June and Rose watching, also enraptured by the sight of Alec. She felt a flare of jealousy and knew it was something that would have to be addressed, and soon. Being a woman of action she decided there was no time like the present.

She got up and poured three stiff glasses of whiskey, then motioned the girls to follow her outside. Rose immediately knew what was up and steeled herself for a possible confrontation.

The old man who owned the cabin had built a swing on the porch and they all three sat down on it. Abby got right to it.

“I think I love that man in there. I know I’ve only known him a few days but I’m sure we’ll be together forever, but I’m also a realist. You two ladies are my closest friends and I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize that. There’s no way we girls can live together for who knows how long, and have only one of us be in a relationship with a man. Unless you two kidnap your own boyfriends I’ll have to share a little bit. I don’t know Alec’s feelings about me yet but I’m pretty sure he feels the same.”

“From the way he called your name last night I’d say that’s a safe bet,” Rose said with a knowing smile. “Personally, I don’t want an emotional relationship with a man. I still love William and I pray everyday that we’ll be together again in the future. Having said that, Alec is a hell of a man and I’ll not turn down that sweet cock if he offered it to me,” she said dreamily.

June piped up. “I feel the same way. Your father and I had a wonderful relationship although it was secret because of my race. I still love him and hope to see him again. I love Rose too as you know, and I’ll follow her wherever and with whomever she takes me.”

The three sat in silence and sipped their whiskey for awhile as they all thought it out. Finally, Rose spoke up again.

“Abby, before you decide if you’ll share him sexually, why don’t June and I go away for a few days and leave you two alone? After you two consummate your relationship you may feel completely different. Love and sex can really throw you for a loop.”

Abby’s eyes welled with tears. “You’d do that for us?”

Rose kissed her cheek. “Of course, sweetheart. I’d do anything for you.”

That evening after dinner, Alec was feeling well enough to sit at the table and chat with the girls. Over a glass of brandy they told him of their life on the plantation and the events that had led them to where they were currently. He looked at the three beauties with newfound respect, especially Abby. He found it hard to believe such a slip of a girl could be so deadly, even though he knew she’d killed his four captors, he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes.

She showed him her rapier and her eyes misted as she told of her father having it made to fit her style of fighting and her smaller frame. Alec took it from the scabbard to admire it and picked a red fleck from the blood groove, solid evidence of Abby’s skill with a blade.

Rose showed him their matching squirrel rifles and he was highly impressed that they were both proficient at loading and shooting them accurately. He turned to June next.

“And what’s your special talent, Miss June?” he teased.

She thought for a second, then stood and turned her back to the group. They could see her arms moving and they were curious what she was up to. She turned to face them and they all gasped in surprise. She’d unbuttoned her blouse and tucked the flaps inside so her firm breasts were almost completely exposed, her dusky nipples jutting out to be seen by the astonished threesome. Her cheeks were a beautiful blush color from pinching them with her fingers and her eyes were burning with a lust that shook Alec to his core. She advanced on him like a she cat while looking deep in his soul and he was spellbound when she crawled in his lap to rub her stiffened nipples on his bare chest and kiss him deeply. He let out a muffled yelp and his eyes widened in shocked surprise.

She broke out in a wicked laugh, then slid off him and readjusted her blouse. Alec was sweating buckets while the three girls were laughing gaily.

“Holy Moses, June! Where’d you learn to do that! You looked sexier than anyone I’ve ever seen.” Abby asked in wonder.

“Oh, here and there. A girl needs a few weapons in her arsenal,” June sniggered.

“And what beautiful weapons they are,” Rose said huskily while eyeing June’s abundant cleavage.

Alec was taking it all in with raised eyebrows and wondering what ever in the world he’d gotten into with the three gorgeous women!

They finally went to bed when they’d drank perhaps a bit too much, all except Alec. Abby had limited him to one drink because she etimesgut sarışın escortlar was still worried about his health. She slid naked in bed with him and snuggled in close. He was being more than a gentleman and didn’t try to touch her beyond what was necessary on the small mattress. In a low voice she explained that the girls were leaving tomorrow for a few days to give them some privacy.

The hair on his neck raised when she put her lips to his ear and whispered, “I want you to myself and I’m gonna have my way with you.”

She boldly reached down and caught his thick cock in her small hand and caressed him tenderly. He moaned in pleasure and quickly grew larger, surprising her at how rapidly he swelled in size. Feeling bold and naughty, she remembered some advice that Rose had given her in days past.

“Keep quiet,” she whispered, and silently slid under the sheet, then down his tall frame until she was nuzzling his cock. She heard a hiss of breath when she licked his cock head, savoring the pre-cum that was already dripping from the tip. She spat a little saliva on him and smeared it over his rose colored head with her thumb. When he was nice and wet she stuffed him in her mouth and sucked him gently, swirling her tongue around the rim of his swollen glans while she cupped his balls and rolled them tenderly in her palm. In less than a minute she felt him swell in her mouth and she felt his big hands twist in her hair.

Rose had told her of the warning signs when a man was close to orgasm and Abby remembered them well. She increased the speed of her swirling wet tongue and sucked him as deep as she could without choking, feeling him swell ever larger. He growled low in his throat and tried to pull her free but she fought his gentle grip, and with a deep groan he erupted violently in her mouth. She sputtered and coughed when he deluged the back her throat with thick, white, cum. She was surprised at the velocity and volume he sprayed her with and pulled up to catch a breath. He unleashed several more thick ropes that spattered her face and breasts, covering her in hot man juice. She stroked his long shaft with both small hands, marveling when she felt his shaft pulse in rhythm with the jets that painted her upper body. He tried in vain to stay silent but his groans sounded throughout the cabin, moistening the thighs of the other two women who lay listening enviously just a few feet away.

Abby lowered her head and sucked him in, milking his cock like Rose had shown her and ripping more sounds of ecstasy from her lover. She swallowed the last of his offering and smacked her lips happily, then slid up to greet him.

“My first time ever, lover. You’re absolutely delicious. I may have to do that again soon,” she teased.

He couldn’t answer because he was still panting for air. She giggled and snuggled into his side, smearing his cum over both of them, then threw a leg over his. She petted his chest and hummed a little song to him while his thumping heart slowed it’s pace. She discovered she could rub her pussy on his leg and bring herself pleasure. He became aware of what she was doing and awkwardly pushed his hand between her thighs. She smiled to herself as he seemed to be rubbing everywhere except her clit. She gently took his hand and singled out a finger, then rolled it over her swollen center.

“Right there,” she breathed. “Gently.”

He nodded slightly and took over while she sighed and kissed the shell of his ear, giving him the shivers. He cupped a breast and ran his thumb around her nipple bringing another surge of pleasure over her. She was so excited from sucking his cock that it took only a few minutes for her own orgasm to arrive. She involuntarily clamped her thighs around his hand and when her pleasure hit her like a tidal wave, she sank her teeth in his shoulder and groaned in ecstasy.

He kept up what he was doing until she exhausted herself from coming so hard. She caught his hand and tugged it free from her soaked pussy.

“To sensitive, please, Alec,” she sighed in relief. She pulled the fingers that had given her such pleasure to her mouth and kissed them tenderly.

“Thank you, honey. You’re wonderful,” she said softly, then she got up and retrieved a damp cloth to clean their sticky bodies. She laid down on him and soon fell asleep atop his large frame while he lay patiently beneath her, marveling at how lucky he was to have such an amazing woman in his life.

The next morning after breakfast, Rose and June took their leave. Abby asked them to bring some of her father’s clothes for Alec from the cache in the cave they were going to stay at. They wouldn’t fit him perfectly but they’d be able to make some of them work with any luck as all three women were more than competent at sewing and mending. His uniform had been ruined when they’d cut it from his unconscious body and he’d been clothed only in a sheet or wrapped in a towel for the last couple of days.

He was standing on the porch in his bath towel to see the girls off when June slid up and gave him another taste of her smoky eyes. She hugged him tightly and pressed her cheek to his broad bare chest, inhaling his man smell while sighing at the feelings he raised in her damp center. She gripped his tight ass and squeezed him firmly.

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