Dave’s Gym


“Dave’s Gym”. As he looked at the name on the business card he felt a sense of pride. After working as an engineer for years, feeling his ideas & skill were unappreciated, he finally struck out on his own. While many of his friends were baffled at his choice, Dave knew he made the right decision. Of course most of his friends didn’t know that Dave’s gym was not an ordinary gym.

Dave’s gym was a private facility that catered only to women – and for good reason. A large part of the credit for the success of his enterprise was due to Dave’s interests: engineering, fitness, chubby women and sex. The best part being that his gym brought all these interests together.

Dave’s clients were all overweight, and their main reason for joining a gym was to lose weight. While a small part of the population enjoy exercise, a larger number think of it as “work”. Dave’s philosophy was simple – make exercise enjoyable … or at least have some immediate reward. Continuous immediate gratification would mean long term commitment and so far it was working.

Using his engineering skills, Dave re-designed some commercially available exercise equipment – a rowing machine, a stationary bike, a recumbent cycle, a striding machine, as well as an elliptical machine. Each machine had at least two attachments to sexually stimulate the woman as she exercised. Added to the stimulation, Dave would “workout” with each client – sometimes he would lift weights, other times he would do stretches or even get on one of the machines (without the attachments of course!) This worked really well – partly because Dave had a great physique and partly because he was hardly dressed. Most often he wore only tight bike shorts or really loose, short nylon shorts that would let his cock peek out a leg opening (at least it did when it was flaccid, which wasn’t very often). Either kind of short clearly showed how well endowed he was in addition to providing a clear indication of just how aroused he was at any given time.

Dave allowed himself a wicked grin as he remember the reaction his “uniform” had on each of his five clients at their first meeting. He almost laughed out loud remembering the redhead, Dawn. He’d worn the short nylon shorts and his cock had hung out the left leg hole at first. She hadn’t known where to look! Dave could feel his cock twitch as he remembered the instant reaction he’d had when Dawn’s eyes had rested on his crotch and she’d licked her lips. He couldn’t remember a time he’d gotten so hard so fast!

Like all his clients on their first appointment, Dawn had brought “workout clothes”. The usual baggy T-shirt and track pants. He always let them start off that way because he knew it wouldn’t last.

Dawn’s first visit…

Dave took Dawn on a tour of the facility located in the basement of his 10,000 square foot home. Dave had done most of the renovations himself which included a changing area, hot tub & massage table. Of course beylikdüzü ucuz escort there were customizations there as well.

Dave ended the tour by leading Dawn to the changing room. He used every opportunity he could to brush against her without making it to obvious. Letting her know he would go set up, he closed the door behind him, leaving her to change.

Behind the door were several pictures – several of voluptuous women in 50’s style pin-up poses … stockings, garters, heels etc –the pictures were sexy without being trashy or vulgar. There were also a few of himself in his tight shorts mostly, but in two of the pictures he was naked. One was from behind and one was a side short as he was lying down. If you looked carefully you could see his cock, but it was just a glimpse.

As Dave set up two machines with attachments, he hoped Dawn spent some time enjoying his mini-gallery.

When Dawn emerged from the change room, she was a little flushed. Dave surmised that she must have been checking out the photos. Maybe even saw the one he mentally called his peeking cock.

Smiling Dave walked Dawn over to the recumbent cycle as he gave a general explanation of how the session would go (not giving away any of his surprises). While the cycle had no attachments this time, he had set up the vibrating mechanism. He helped her settle on the custom formed seat & set the resistance. Dawn began pedaling and Dave took up some hand weights. Positioning himself on a bench in her line of sight, he started some bicep curls. Dave had straddled the bench so his legs would be open and he could feel Dawn’s eyes zero in on his crotch. His cock twitched one and slowly started to thicken. He smiled as he encouraged Dawn for 15 minutes on the cycle. He knew Dawn would feel the vibration in her pussy and ass as the cycle’s seat started up while she pedaled. When he put the weights down and stood up he could tell he was already half erect.

He brought Dawn over to the bench for some weights. She sat primly on the edge and he saw his first opportunity. Straddling the bench behind her, he reached his arms around her and put his hands between her knees. Uncertain, she sat stiff and still within the circle of his arms. He gently pushed out to open her legs and then moving his hands half way up her inner thighs, he applied pressure to pull her back to rest flush against his body. With his semi-erect cock caught between his body and her ass (where it was growing harder by the second) he took a deep breath to catch her musk. Making an appreciative sound in his throat he stood up keeping his cock brushing against her as much as possible. He began explaining she needed to sit like this to execute the moves properly. He just didn’t elaborate on which move he was referring to.

Bringing a set of 2lb weights over, he them to her. He explained as well as demonstrated what she needed to do for bicep beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort curls. As she did her curls, he laid down on the floor in front of the bench and began some crunches. With each crunch he could feel the nylon of his shorts brush against his cock, stimulating him further. Dawn was once again feasting her eyes on his groin, and he felt himself get harder still thinking of her reaction when she saw him completely bare for the first time.

After about 10 minutes, Dave decided it was time to take things to the next level.

Anyone who became a client knew that Dave’s Gym was exclusive and offered special services. Many tight-ass, buff women wanted to join but Dave kept his clientele exclusively on the heavy side. One of the perks in owning your own business is deciding who you allow as clients. With Dave’s extra services, he had decided that chubby was what he wanted.

As he got up from his crunches, Dave could detect a stronger musk from Dawn. Glancing quickly between her legs he could make out a dark spot of moisture. God he loved it when they got horny before using the attachments!

He explained to Dawn it was time to move onto the part of his program that made it special. Dave took her over to the gliding machine and she looked puzzled. There was a bar between the pads for her feet and it looked wet. Dave explained the “wet stuff” was lube to reduce friction. When Dawn didn’t move, he walked around in front of her, put his hands in the waist of her track pants and pulled them down. Crouching at her feet, he helped her out of them. She was so stunned she docilely stepped out of them. He reached up and repeated the process with her panties. Before standing up, Dave took a moment to put his nose in her crotch. He inhaled her scent, then quickly opened her nether lips and flicked his tongue against her slit. She gasped, but didn’t move away.

Standing quickly, Dave brought her to the position to mount the machine. He helped her raise her leg over the bar and quickly brought his hand between her legs to open her outer lips so her inner lips & clit would rub against the textured strip running along the top of the bar while she worked out. He whispered to her that the strip had been lubed to so that she could enjoy the exercise she was about to receive.

Placing her hands on the hand grips he stepped up on the boxes to either side of the machine. He placed them there so he was standing behind and a bit above her with his legs open. She might need to lean back against him until she got used to the sensation. As the unit was designed so the arms & legs moved together, he had only to place his hands over hers & push to get the walking motion started. As her legs moved, the bar moved back and forth. A surprised “oh” escaped her lips and Dave could feel her take over, speed up and lean into the machine. Oh yeah, she was definitely a horny beyoğlu escort one!

Dave didn’t need to provide any more visual stimulation for her because Dawn had closed her eyes. But he did keep his hands on her shoulders so she wouldn’t lean too far forward and throw herself off balance. It also helped to keep her back in contact with his now rock hard dick.

Dave didn’t want Dawn to come before finishing the day’s set, so he kept the glider to only 10 minutes. Dawn’s disappointment was palpable. In the end, he knew, she would be leaving satisfied and exercised.

Dave told her there was one more machine to do today. Dawn followed him eagerly over to the rowing machine. Before allowing her to mount it, Dave insisted she take of her shirt for safety. Seeing the attachment waiting for her, Dawn took off her shirt and bra. Dave smiled at her eagerness and complimented her on her enthusiasm.

He guided Dawn to the seat, and put the attachment in place. Dave explained to Dawn how it worked. The dildo would rest between her legs at the opening of her pussy. When she rowed and came to the end of the rowing motion it would penetrate. How hard it thrust would depend on how fast she rowed. She was encouraged to try to hold it inside by squeezing her inner pussy muscles. He would watch to make sure she didn’t hurt herself.

Dawn completed the first row and felt the dildo enter. She threw back her head and yelled “YES!” Dave watched her face as the machine momentum pulled the dildo out. “Keep rowing” he ordered. As Dawn rowed he listened to her cries and moans. He pulled off his shorts and started stroking himself as he watched the horny redhead get fucked by the rowing machine. He could hear how wet she was getting by the sucking sounds as the machine pulled the dildo out of her greedy pussy.

He watched her for 15 minutes and saw the frustration on her face as the dildo continually dislodged itself no matter how hard she tried to keep it in. Dave called a halt and thought she would cry. She needed release. It was another service Dave’s Gym provided.

Dave took her off the machine and laid her on the mat next to the rower. He spread her legs and buried his face in her snatch. As he licked and teased, she moaned and twisted. He had gotten so hot that he decided to forgo the wrestling he had originally planned. Dave needed to bury himself in that hot wet heat – and she needed it to.

He moved up so he was kneeling between her legs. He placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy and called her name until she looked at him.

“Every session will be like this. As you make an effort, I will reward you. Exercise is good for you Dawn.” With that he thrust in a far and as hard as he could. “Milk my cock, Dawn. Work for your reward.” As he felt her inner muscles grip him, he began to rock his hips. He thrust in and out enjoying the slick wet heat he had helped to create. He thought of her enjoyment of his machine customization, and thrust faster, harder. As he could feel himself nearing the edge, he had her bring her knees up so his thrusts would feel fuller – she was a greedy one. Dawn cried out in ecstasy as she came and Dave felt his own explosion rocket forth.

After a brief rest, Dave helped Dawn to the hot tub for a relaxing soak. Another satisfied customer.

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