David’s affair

David’s affairIt was a warm sunny day when my wife, c***dren and I visited the lovely family home in Dorstone. You and I had known each other for many years through our parents being friends. I had not seen you for many years yet we seemed to ‘connect’ as soon as our eyes met each others. You could see that life had not dealt me the best deal as my eyes looked sad. Needing to explore why you invited me out to see your new car. No sooner were the doors open than we were sat inside. You came straight to the point, as you usually do, and asked why I looked so sad. I don’t know why but it just poured out of my mouth the sadness I was feeling. I had been married eight years, two k**s and yet there was no love between my wife and I. We had a brother/sister relationship, had only ever made love in one way and variation was out of the question. I had never been unfaithful and tried to work at it but is was not be. You listened intently and suggested that maybe I needed to ‘experience what I was missing’ to see the way forward and decide what I needed to do. You suggested that if I could get away for 24 hours we could spend quality time together and you would show me what I was missing. My needs and desires ruled my head and I could think of nothing else after we parted that day.My wife at the time always went to her mothers with the k**s during the school holidays. I was on Night Duty so I managed to get a night off and we arranged to meet up during the morning before you started your short shift, after which we would go into Malvern and book into a small hotel. We met up in a quiet lay-by near to where you worked. Your car pulled in behind me and I could see your figure walking towards my car. Your long curly hair was blowing free in the wind and you had the most beautiful smile on your face. My heart was racing and thumping inside my chest. You opened the passenger door and slid in beside me, your eyes gazing into mine as we greeted each other like a pair of nervous k**s. You were dressed in your Nurse’s uniform, top two buttons undone revealing the top of your sheer silk black bra. Your uniform dress was really tight fitting and the excitement had swollen your nipples, which were prominent through your uniform. The uniform dress was really short and had ridden up your thighs to reveal the top of your fishnet stockings and suspender belt. Obviously this had a very positive effect on me and my manhood swelled to larger than normal proportions. As I was not wearing any underwear, just thin trousers it was very much noticeable to you and a quiet, mmmmm, came from your lips as you looked down. You tore open my shirt to reveal the perfect ‘6-pack’, muscles rippling from my neck to waist. Your hands run over the ripples and teased my huge nipples, which were burning with desire to be sucked and bitten. We both knew we had reached the point of no return. Our eyes fixed to each others, our lips met, our mouths opened and we locked together, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths ferociously. Instinctively we both dropped our seats right back to almost horizontal and continued kissing each other passionately. Your hand caressed the ripples down my chest while you gripped each swollen nipple in turn, flicking the tips and driving me insane. You then slid down my body, undid my zip and my manhood released with such force and stood bolt upright. You gripped it gently and slowly pulled the foreskin back to reveal the huge purple head. My right hand slowly undid the buttons down the front of your uniform until it lay either side of you revealing your breasts inside your bra and, to my utter surprise, no panties. The site of your lips glistening with love juices was overwhelming. My left hand slid behind you and unclipped your bra fastening. Your beautiful 34D breasts burst from their cradle and your bra was discarded on the floor. I gazed down at your rock hard erect nipples and swollen areola. Your breathing was heavy, your heart was pounding and I could see it beating in your chest. I took one nipple between my lips and tantalised it with my tongue. I took the other between my finger and thumb and rolled it gently. You moaned loudly and gripped my head hard with your right hand. Your left hand started pumping on my manhood ferociously and you were trying to pull it towards your soaking wet love hole. You had that ‘on heat’ smell emulating casino siteleri from you. ‘Fuck me’, you whispered in my ear, ‘I need you to fuck me right now’. My right hand left your left nipple and slid down your body, parting your lips. My index finger slid back and forth between your inner lips, brushing the tip of your erect clitoris. As it touched it so you arched your back and gasped. My finger settled on the tip of your clitoris and gently circled the tip. You went absolutely wild and thrust yourself against my finger. My mouth was alternating between each nipple, sucking harder, nibbling then working up to harder pulls between my teeth. Your hand moves faster on my manhood and I can feel the sperm rising from my testicles. My spare hand cups your buttocks, finds your anus and enters you effortlessly. I pull you tight towards me and my manhood parts our outer lips. You are begging me to penetrate you, but no, not here, not now. My live sperm shoots out like a cannon and covers your inner lips with thick white live sperm. I scoop it up with my fingers and rub it in all along the length of your inner lips and onto your clitoris. You have reached the point of no return and your orgasm is travelling through your body as you shudder, clasp your thighs tight around my hand almost crushing it as you go over the top. I bite down hard on one nipple and you scream out in ecstasy, your eyes rolling. The orgasm goes on and on for over a minute until you eventually sink into the seat exhausted. We lay there for a while, cuddled up closely, caressing each other lightly and kissing each other passionately. We are spent……for now!!! You wipe yourself down with baby wipes, get dressed and bid me farewell as you make your way to work for the afternoon. Tea time will soon be here and we will meet up again and travel to Malvern for our night of passion.The afternoon flew by as I stayed in the car and slept, having come off nights only a few hours before. I needed to sleep now as there were no plans to sleep any more until the next day. Your shift finished and I picked you up from work, leaving your car in the car park. We greeted each other with a deep passionate kiss then drove off to Malvern.The Hotel we chose was overlooking the town with beautiful views, not that we would be seeing much of it. We checked in and made our way to the room. It was a cosy room, not too big with a four poster bed, dressing table and en-suite. The shower was a walk in, which was perfect for us as we both needed one before we went out for an evening meal. There were no inhibitions, it just seemed a natural thing to do to shower together – all for saving water you know. We slowly undressed each other until we were naked, checking out every inch of each other’s bodies – you nibbling the earlobes you so desire, tonguing around my neck line while caressing my rippling torso. Sucking all around your neck, caressing your head through those beautiful flowing shaggy locks, cupping your 34D breasts, rolling each nipple between finger and thumb, watching your eyes roll with desire to have my huge circumference 8” manhood inside your now dripping wet love hole. The aroma rising from you is breath-taking, a full ‘on heat’ aroma. We embraced each other closely and kissed passionately. Both of us so wanted to make love but knew it had to be special so resisted until later in the evening. We got into the shower together and turned on the water. It was so beautiful being embraced with each other with the water flowing freely from above us. I sponged you all over, taking particular slow movements over your breasts and between your thighs. Lovely little moans came from your lips as I took both nipples between finger and thumb and gently rolled them. I reached for the Rampant Rabbit and turned it on. We both watched the shaft gyrating and the soft buzzing as it vibrated through our fingers as we both held it. The tongue was wagging back and forth at phenomenal speed, ready to bring my woman to an earth shattering orgasm. Your tongue slipped out and instinctively licked your lips. I played the head of it across your breasts, brushing across your nipples. As the tongue passed over your nipples it caused you to take a sharp intake of breath and your face flushed. I worked it all over your body working my way down to the area that was later to be pleasured beyond kaçak casino belief. You instinctively parted your thighs to allow it to slide easily between your lips and rub up and down your labia. Love juices ran freely down your thighs as it found the entrance to your now pulsating love hole. As I slowly enter it seems to be sucking the Rabbit in, desperate to be filled by it. It slowly stretches you as it makes it’s way in the first inch. It reaches maximum stretch as the head reaches it’s widest suddenly clamping shut hard behind it as it slips in. Desperate moans emulate from your throat as you push forward and raise your leg, wrapping it tightly around me. The shaft of the Rabbit is rotating and thrusting itself back and forth as I push the full 7” all the way home until the tongue is lapping away at your clitoris. You are pushing hard into it, gyrating while I am feasting on both nipples which are burning you and rock hard. Your orgasm is rising throughout your body until it reaches your throat and you scream out to an enormous orgasm. As you cum your arms are tight around me, your nails digging deep into my back, slowing gouging it from top to bottom as the orgasm cums in wave after wave. The Rabbit is quickly withdrawn and I watch as your love tunnel is pulsating for what seems like an eternity.Your attention is turned to me. You grip each nipple and knead them between finger and thumb knowing it is my weakest point. My 8” is standing proud and you drop to your knees and take it between your lips. Little did I know you are an expert at deep throating and you take the whole member down your throat without so much as a gag. Your hands reach down for the Rabbit and you rub it up and down your love channel. And there is me thinking you were bringing yourself off again, but no…..you are just rubbing all your juices around it until it is all slippery. You have other ideas for it. While still bearing down on my shaft you prise my legs apart and place the Rabbit right on my butt hole. My God, what is she doing, I am thinking. You pull my buttocks apart and push hard on the Rabbit. It spreads my virgin anus and the head slides it. My muscles clamp down on it as it enters the forbidden area. So this is what it is like to be fucked in the ass, I think. You are sliding in back and forth, slowly getting deeper and increasing the speed. My anal muscles relax and you are fucking me harder and faster will all seven inches. The feeling is exhilarating and is causing my sperm to boil in my testicles. Without warning, and just before I am about to cum you pull it out and release my manhood from your mouth. There is a gaping hole in my anus that seems to take forever to close. We continue washing each down then finish with a passionate kiss before coming out of the shower and drying each other off.We dress up in our best clothes and head out to eat. We find a nice restaurant and are sat there gazing into each others eyes like Romeo & Juliet in love. It is lust, not love, at least not yet it isn’t. The meal is superb and the bottle of 14% wine slipped down our throats a treat. It has made us relaxed and cemented our thoughts to think of nothing but each other. This memory, as it really has, will last forever. No matter what happens with either of us in life we will both always remember this night that changed at least one of us forever. I settled the bill and we headed off back to our Hotel to make the rest of the night one to remember forever.In the Hotel room was a bottle of Champagne I had asked them to leave while we were out. It was chilled down and a sheer lace baby doll nightdress lay on your side of the bed. We stood there, face to face and gazed into each others eyes. Without a word we undressed each other slowly until we were both naked except for the fish net stockings you had left on. Your breasts stood out firm and your nipples were erect. My nipples too were solid and my manhood was at full attention with pre-cum oozing from the tip. You put on the baby doll and lay down on the bed. I lay at the foot of the bed and sucked each toe in turn, then moved up to your calfs, up to your inner thighs. I could smell the sweetness of your love tunnel and see the glistening of your love juices on your pubic hairs. I parted your outer lips and ran my tongue up and down. You gripped my head and guided me up to your swollen canlı casino clitoris, which was poking through your inner lips. I flicked it with my tongue and you gave out a gasp and arched your back. You are but a few moments away from being made love to by me, your Romeo. My tongue leaves your clitoris and moves up your body to your nipples. I suck each one hard, pulling it away from your breast. You can feel my manhood between your thighs and you part them instinctively and wrap your legs around me so your heels are on my buttocks. The head of my swollen manhood is right at your entrance as it parts the outer lips and enters the inner ones. It is slowly moving forward and is stretching your love tunnel little by little as the head reaches it’s full width. As it slides into you your love tunnel clamps tight around it and there is no way it is going to let me go. You are hell bent on working this cock until it delivers the ultimate live sperm deep inside you. Slowly it moves up inside you with short back and forth movements but you want it all now. You dig your heels into my buttocks and pull me hard down so all eight inches of my manhood drives right to it’s extreme in one movement. You give out a huge gasp as it fills you completely and feels so big inside you. I leave it at full depth for a moment then withdraw and plough to the full depth without hesitation. You help it on it’s way each time as I withdraw so your heels dig in my buttocks to drag it back in again. I begin pumping hard as you caress my rippling torso and gently dig your nails into my nipples. We ride for what seems like an eternity, both perspiring and the lovely squelching sound of your wet love tunnel.You are determined that you will receive a full head of sperm soon. You roll me on my back and mount me. You breasts are right in front of my eyes, your eyes are rolling and you whisper, ‘Now you are mine for the taking.’ The ride my cock like a wild stallion and grind down to where both our pubic hairs mingle. I am biting your nipples as you ride me. I can feel the build up in my testicles and I am ready to erupt like a Volcano. I feel it rising as I scream, ‘I am cumming, my God I am cumming’. It gushes from me like a rocket from a launch pad and splatters right onto your cervix. It triggers a huge orgasm in you and you thrash about as you cum. Your white cream and my sperm intermingle on our pubic hairs and we are both soaking. Our orgasms go on for ages until we fall into each other’s arms, completely spent. The whole night went into a dream as we fell asleep in each other’s arms, not to wake until the sun was shining through the bedroom window.It was a beautiful sunny morning when we woke in each other’s arms. We kissed passionately and I felt my cock rise to full hardness. My hand slid down your body and your thighs parted as my fingers slid down your soaking wet lips to your love tunnel. I fingered you, pressing my finger up to locate your G spot. I knew when I had because you gasped and started gyrating your hips. I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked it gently and squeezed the other between finger and thumb. You caressed my testicles and pulled my head tight onto your breasts. It was not long before you had your first G spot orgasm with me, so different to a ‘normal’ one, so deeply intense. You let out a long scream, which must have woken half the Hotel, but who cares. While you were still cumming I roll you over, pull you up to your knees and drive my rock hard cock straight into your love tunnel. I am fucking you fast and hard while leaning over you and pulling both nipples to either side of you with my finger nails dug in. Wave after wave of orgasm comes from you as your love tunnel spasms on my manhood. My own orgasm rages and I cum deep and hard inside you and our love juices and as one forever. We are both totally spent and all that is left is the closeness of the shower, the breakfast together and the emotional farewell. The amusing part of us trying to convince the waitress that we are a couple on a one night break from our k**s was shattered when I asked, ‘Do you take sugar?’, as I poured our tea. The look of ‘where do I look’ on the waitress’ face was a picture to behold.We have both led very different lives since that secret rendezvous but………No-one can ever take the bond we cemented. The sperm will have ooze out of you, your own juices will have dried but our memories of this night and morning will stay forever, as has happened. Those secret feelings for you of mine never left me, nor ever will, no matter what. Something I can never change, nor would I want to!

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