david’s lucky day ( part 2)


david’s lucky day ( part 2)As David walked into the house he could hear his mother’s sweet melodious voice drifting down the stairs, he listened recognising the tune, I’m on the top of the world by the carpenters, she loved singing the old ballads and love songs and her voice was as good as any he had heard.“Happy birthday mum” he shouted up the stairs, shrugging off his backpack and hanging his school coat up on the hook. He bounded up the stairs with the box of chocolates and birthday card in his hand that he had bought her for her 50th birthday.She mustn’t have heard him as she crooned away beneath the shower head, the water drumming against the base in accompaniment to her. David stood by the bathroom door and imagined his mother soaping her body as the water cascaded down her shapely figure, the water washing away the foamy lather as she cupped each breast in her hands, caressing them with her foam covered palms before running her hands down her lithe body, washing her long slender legs down to her ankles, then working her way back up to that special place he had enjoy only last week. He could feel the bulge of his erection pressing against the material of his trousers.Leaving the card and chocolates on his mother’s bed he went into his bedroom and removed his clothes, his penis stood erect and he stroked it gently as he fell back onto his bed knocking the alarm clock to the floor.“David is that you honey” she called from the bathroom as she turned the water off and stepped out of the shower.“Yes mum, happy birthday”She burst into a rendition of the Eddie Rabbit, Crystal Gayle song “just you and I” as she walked from the bathroom to her bedroom. David could see her wet naked body as she glided passed his half open bedroom door, a towel wrapped around her dripping hair.He heard her giggle in her room and thought she had just read his card “David you’re a thoughtful boy” she cried, “come here and give mummy a birthday kiss”.He istanbul escort got up off his bed and pushing her bedroom door wide open took a tentative step inside his parent’s sacred dwelling. She was stood in front of the full length mirror drying her hair; David stared at her beautiful rounded buttocks. She gave a little wriggle before turning around to face him, “oh David, so hard again I see” she smiled looking down to David’s proud cock “ mummy had a lovely shower and shaved her pussy so she’s all nice and clean “ she said beckoning him to come closer with a movement of her finger, “give mummy a birthday kiss then”. He kissed on her the cheek as she reached down between his legs, grabbing his firm, thick young cock in her hand” so thick,” she sighed, “ so inviting, so suckable, David you have a wonderful thick cock for someone so young” she kissed him on the lips as her fingers trailed softly and gently up and down his swollen shaft.” Mummy just loves your cock “she whispered, as she pulled him close to her, feeling his hot body against her own, his warm breath flowed freely over her hardening nipples, “kiss them David, kiss my nipples, take each one into your mouth and suck them tenderly” she felt a shiver of tingling excitement soar through her body as David’s lips enclosed over her breasts, taking each nipple in turn into his mouth, gently tweaking them between his teeth, feeling them hardening as he flicked his tongue over them. He cupped his mother’s buttocks with both hands and pulled her towards him. She resisted the urging of her son, “not yet” she whispered, cupping his chin and bringing his head up from her sensitive breasts to kiss him passionately on the lips.Gently she pushed down on his shoulders until David was knelt in front of her, then stroking his hair and holding the back of his head she thrust herself forward,” lick mummy’s cunt, let me avcılar escort feel your rough tongue between my pussy lips”Eager to obey David licked her around her pussy lips, smelling the sweet fragrance of his mother’s sex, “stop teasing me, and lick it” he spread her lips with his hands and delved deep into her with his exploring tongue, discovering how wet she was and tasting the first drops of her pussy juice in his mouth.Reaching between his legs he ran his index finger over the head of his engorged penis, covering it with pre cum, as he lapped greedily at his mother’s cliterous” yes “she cried” oh fuck, yes, lick my clit, suck on it”. She spread her legs a little wider, her body beginning to shake with the thrill of an oncoming orgasm.David reached between her buttocks as he gently lapped at her ever increasing wetness, he felt her tensing up and thrust his pre cum covered finger deep into her tight arsehole, he heard the cry of surprise and felt her hot juices flow freely all over his face as she her legs began to give way” quick David the bed, oh god I need that cock in me”.She dropped to her knees before she crumpled to the ground and stroked his penis lovingly, kissing its head “I need it David, I need your cock” she clasped her mouth over the shaft and gave it a couple of sucks as she cupped his aching, burning, ball bag.” I promise to worship your cock” kissing it again” just fuck me, fuck me now”Before he knew what was happening his mother was spreading her legs wide as she lay sprawled stomach down on the bed, the juices of her orgasm trickling down her inner thighs. He noticed the bottom draw of her bedside cabinet was open and inside was an array of sex toys; he grabbed a dildo and teased his mother’s pussy, rubbing her swollen cliterous, spreading her distended pussy lips wide, and proceeded to rub the six inch dildo between them, covering it in with her wetness” no “she cried, “ şirinevler escort I need real cock, your cock, fuck me David, fuck me like a good whore should be fucked, I want to feel your thick cock deep inside my wet, wanting cunt”He stood behind her, teasing her by running his cock between her pussy lips and encircling her swollen cliterous with his pre cum, he could hear her moans and groans of the ultimate pleasure a son could give his mother. She thrust back, trying to impale herself on that thick, firm meat, David pulled away slightly, he was enjoying teasing and having his mother begging for me “oh David “she screamed, her voice sounding as though she was about to cry” I need it baby, I need your cock in my hot cunt”.He smiled, loving this from his mother, loving hearing her talk dirty; he was the master of the situation now, he pressed the dildo against her tight arsehole as she pushed back and he thrust forward, his cock slipping deep into her dripping pussy as the dildo was forced up her arse, she screamed as he manipulated the dildo and thrust his cock into his mother, ramming hard and deep, feeling the dildo rubbing against him as he pounded her wet cunt for all he was worth, ramming into her as she lunged back at him” oh Christ I’m Cumming again,…… fuck yes,” she howled like a banshee as she orgasmed time after time, her juices mingling with David’s hot spunk as he fired his load into her. Together they collapsed on the bed exhausted, they rolled apart so they could face each other, when she got her breath back, his mother kissed him on the lips “ I’m your whore now, “she sighed, “ thank you for a wonderful present, and son I will worship your cock at every opportunity , your own personal sex slave to use and abuse” she reached down and stroked his flaccid cock. David looked in the full length mirror; the dildo was still stuck in his mother’s arse, averting his eyes back he saw she was smiling“Mum I love you” he whispered as he walked out of his parent’s room, “oh and no knickers on tonight, I want to see your cunt when you’re sitting next to dad on the sofa”“Promise sweetheart, mummy definitely promises” she smiled, spreading her legs as the mixture of both of their orgasms trickled down her legs” mummy’s your bitch now”.

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