David’s Ordeal


David’s Ordeal


Copyright Oggbashan September 2005

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


LADIES NIGHT OUT……… David was having a quiet drink in a local club one night when a group of attractive ladies out on the town for a ‘girls night out’ entered the bar. It appeared they had already been celebrating for some time and were looking to have more fun as the night went on…

Every other man in the club was with a partner or in a mixed group. I was the only obvious single male. The ladies descended on me like a pack of hounds that had cornered their prey. One sidled up to me and asked:

“Are you all on your own?”

I nodded.

“So are we. What’s your name? I’m Deb.”


“Well David, it’s like this. We are celebrating Anna’s forthcoming marriage this weekend. We’re a Hen party but we are bored without male company. Could you help?”

I nearly choked on my drink as the eight women gathered around, cutting me off from the rest of the club. What an opportunity.

“Perhaps, Deb. It depends what you have in mind. I’m just an ordinary man, not an entertainer.”

“Ordinary will do very well, David. Won’t it, Anna?”

Anna was wearing a short bridal veil over a cream ball gown with the largest skirt I had seen in a long time. She nodded. She looked as if she had already drunk a little too much.

“Then the bride-to-be agrees, so it’s up to you, David. Would you join us ladies in the small function room for some fun and games? The drinks would be on us.”

How could I refuse?

“I would be delighted,” I replied.

“You will be, David, you will be. Come on.”

Deb took my hand and dragged me across the club’s dance floor to the door of the small function room. The other women surrounded me. I doubt that anyone noticed me in the crush. My legs were caressed by their long skirts as they hustled me across the club. All of them were wearing bridesmaids’ dresses or similar gowns. I was becoming excited by the attention I was getting. Once inside the function room, that was dimly lit by coloured wall lights, I noticed Deb lock the door. She saw me watching.

“We don’t want to be interrupted by drunken slobs, do we?”

“No, we don’t.” several women replied.

“OK. Now we are here we have some games to play. David, will you please stand in the centre of the room – there.”

“OK, Deb.”

I stood where I’d been shown.

“Ladies! These are the rules for this game. David has to try to reach either of the doors at each end of the room. If he does, he gets a drink. If he doesn’t, we all get a drink and the one who stops him gets two drinks. OK so far?”

“I think I’ll sit this one out, Deb,” Anna said feebly.

“OK, Anna, you can sit here and be the referee.”

“Everyone else, David has to get to either door on his hands and knees. You have to stop him but only with your legs and skirts. No hands, no body, just legs and skirts. If you can trap him under your skirt and hold him there for ten seconds – he has lost. If he gets out in under ten seconds he can continue. OK?”

Everyone nodded.

“David and I will demonstrate first. David, on your hands and knees, please.”

I dropped to my hands and knees.

“Now crawl towards me. Don’t try to miss me. I want to show how this works.”

I started crawling towards Deb. She grabbed her full skirt and lifted it up. I kept crawling and she let me crawl under her raised skirt. She spread her legs astride my crawling body and scissored around me. Her stockinged legs were firmly grasping me.

“Now he is trapped. As long as my legs can keep him for ten seconds then he will lose. Even if he escapes from between my legs he has to get out from under my skirt, and he can’t use his hands.”

Deb dropped the front of her skirt. I was completely hidden and in the dark. Deb’s skirt was heavy, dark blue with a darker lining, and held out by a single hooped petticoat. I was inside the petticoat with at least three layers between the others and me. I could scent Deb’s perfume, her natural one and the one she was using. I felt that I could enjoy being under Deb’s skirt.

“While he is trying to lift the hem of my skirt with his head, I can try to trap him between my legs again. Even if I don’t catch him with my legs if he’s not out from under MY skirt within ten seconds then he has lost. David? Can you try to get out starting from when I say ‘One’? Anna will count the rest of the seconds. Ready?”

My ‘Yes’ was muffled as it came out from under Deb’s skirt.


Deb’s skirt heaved and shook as I struggled to free myself from her legs. When I was free from her legs I fell forwards into her skirt. I tried to move it away bahis firmaları with my head. The petticoat’s hoop was tucked underneath my chin and all I was doing was bagging my head deeper in the folds of the skirt. I pulled back, scuttled around and managed to get my head just visible before Anna’s counting reached 10.

“OK. David escaped that time. You can lift your skirts. You can drop your skirts. What you can’t do is this.”

Deb grabbed the hem of her skirt, hauled it up and over my head, then pulled it around me. Her arms wrapped around the bundle, holding me tightly wrapped between her skirts and petticoat.

I shouted “Hey!” as Deb’s hand stuffed her skirt over my mouth. My protest was nearly unheard. The silken underskirt was smothering me in its perfumed depths. When Deb released me I could feel that my face was red.

“Sorry, David,” Deb said. I didn’t mean to leave you that long. “Ready for the game?”

I nodded.

When Anna started the first game I scuttled to the side of the room to avoid the women bunched in front of behind me. Two ran to cut me off. I dived under one skirt, avoided the legs and emerged at an angle, hoping to distract the second woman. I did but crawled straight into another skirt because all the women had surrounded the first. A forest of legs pressed against the skirt I was under and I was timed out, helplessly penned in, and suffocating under layers of satin and net.

Jean, the woman under whom I had been trapped, helped me to stand. Jean had two drinks from the bar. Everyone else, including me, had one. I grinned. This way I couldn’t lose. If I succeeded in reaching the door I got a drink. If I failed and was trapped under a skirt, I got a drink. Jean shook out her skirts. She was wearing orange satin over yards of white net. That white net had been my downfall. While I was trying to find a way through the layers, the other women had time to surround Jean.

“This dress is a disadvantage,” Jean said to me. “I couldn’t get my legs to grip on you.”

“And I couldn’t find the way out,” I replied. “It’s like a maze under there.”

“Is it?”

“Yes. And trying to find a way through a maze in the dark isn’t easy.”

“I’m sure you could find your way through, David.”

“If I could use my hands, perhaps.”

“Why not try?”


“Yes. Try to find your way through to my legs. I’d let you use your hands.”

Deb chipped in. “Go on David. Have a go.”

Jean lifted her skirt I dropped to my knees, and ducked underneath it. She dropped the hem over me. I felt around and lifted layer after layer, pushing them behind my head. Jean helped by pulling each layer down my back. I became more and more entangled in the net and there always seemed to be at least one more layer between her legs and me. My face finally reached her pussy. My nose pressed against it. Her pussy pushed back through another layer of that enveloping net.

“I think you’ve lost, David,” Jean’s voice teased.

“I have,” I admitted.

Her legs squeezed my ears through a layer of net. I dropped down and shuffled backwards until I was outside Jean’s skirt. I sat back on my heels.

“Why did I lose?” I asked.

Jean laughed. She hitched her skirt up, bunched the layers of net, lifted them and showed me that she was wearing net pantaloons trimmed with lace. To get inside I would have to have approached from the waist downwards.

“Sorry,” Jean said. “I cheated. You had no hope.”

“I think that you are outnumbered, David.” Deb said. “Next time we’ll only have four women playing.”

“I want to join in,” Anna announced.

“OK, Anna,” Deb replied. “You can be one of the four. Jean has trapped him already so she’ll stay out this time. So will I. Any one else willing to miss this one?”

“I’ll wait till next time,” a voice said.

“OK, Hilary.” Deb acknowledged. “Sorry, David, I haven’t introduced everyone. You know that I’m Deb and you can see I’m wearing dark blue. Anna is the bride to be wearing the veil and the cream dress. You’ve met Jean face to pussy underneath her orange satin and white net maze. This is Hilary. She’s wearing the royal blue. Margaret, Maggie, is wearing bright red.”

“Hello, David,” Margaret said. Her dress was a brilliant red strapless gown showing a very interesting cleavage.

“Hello Margaret,” I said.

“Maggie, would you stay out this time?” Deb asked. Margaret nodded.

“OK. Then the four to try to stop David this time are Anna in cream, Elaine in dark red, Pam or Pamela in lilac and Sonia in glossy black.”

The four of them waved to me as they were introduced.

“Just in case you were wondering, David, the reason why we aren’t colour co-ordinated and why were are wearing such a variety of gowns is because we bought all of them from charity shops. Our proper bridesmaid dresses do match. These dresses are for playing rough games in so we aren’t worried if they get torn or stained. Neither you nor any of us have to be deterred from playing hard by thinking about our clothes. Is it OK if your kaçak iddaa clothes get damaged? They’re not likely to.”

“That’s OK, Deb. I dropped in to the club on the way home. This isn’t my favourite clubbing kit.”

“OK. Are we ready to play again?”

I went to my hands and knees in the middle of the room. The four women had a short huddle as if they were discussing tactics then they went in pairs between me and the two doors.

“Go!” Deb shouted.

I scuttled to the left of the room and then reversed, hoping to throw them off track. Somehow I ran into an outstretched leg. I didn’t notice whose leg. I fell to my side and a lilac skirt, Pam’s, shunted into me, flipping me to my back. Before I could recover Anna’s cream skirt covered me. Her knees dropped to my chest knocking the breath out of me. Like Deb’s gown, Anna’s skirt was held out with a hooped petticoat, this time with three graduated hoops. I just had time to see the inside of the hoops before Anna’s knees slid past my ears. Her feet hooked under my outspread arms. My upper arms were trapped between Anna’s nylon-sheathed thighs and calves. My forearms were flailing helplessly in thin air under the massive dome of her hooped petticoat.

I hadn’t noticed before, but Anna’s dress had a chapel train and her hooped petticoat was elongated behind her. Even though the front of her dress was out of reach behind my head, my body and legs were completely hidden by the train of her skirt. I tried to thrash my body from side to side, waving my legs. My most violent movements weren’t moving her gown. I was completely hidden from view and when the ten seconds were up I would have lost.

Only then did I know I was in real trouble. As Anna tried to stop my arms with her thighs she was sliding down my chest towards my chin. Her silky French knickers billowed over my lower face. As I breathed, the silk panties flattened over my mouth and nose. They were slightly damp from Anna’s excitement and they were stopping me breathing freely. Her pussy inched closer and closer to my mouth until it pushed the knickers hard against me.

In the distance beyond the rustling sound of Anna’s skirt and petticoat I could dimly hear Deb counting to ten slowly. I wanted Deb to speed up so that I could breathe. By the count of ‘seven’ my nose was also swamped by Anna’s pussy and I was unable to breathe at all. I barely heard Deb say ‘ten’. Anna continued to sit on my face.

“I think you cheated, Anna,” I heard Deb say as I struggled under Anna. “You used more than your legs. You used your body.”

“I didn’t,” Anna retorted. “I’ve trapped his arms with my legs. Look!”

The vast dome of Anna’s hooped petticoat and skirt lifted. Flicking my eyes upward I could just see Deb and Hilary looking down at me.

“I think that is holding with your body,” Deb announced. “What do you think Hilary?”

“I think that Anna is suffocating David. If we want to use him some more he needs to breathe.”

I felt my face turning bright red from lack of air. Anna had dropped her skirt again. I was invisible and very close to passing out.

Anna’s body moved back slightly. I snorted for breath through my nose. My mouth was still against the damp silk of her knickers and her pussy. Anna unwound her legs from my arms and stretched them out straight. Her thighs clamped the sides of my head and wriggled. Silk caressed my ears. At last she moved back to my chest and I could breathe freely. I gasped for air.

She lifted the hem of her skirt before lowering it again under my chin. Only my head was outside her massive skirt.

“Let him out, Anna, please,” Deb asked. “He’s had enough.”

“Did I win?” Anna asked.

“Yes,” I said before Deb could reply. “You won. I’m helpless.”

I was. Although Anna’s legs weren’t holding me I was so weak from shortage of breath and weighed down by Anna’s body on my chest that I couldn’t struggle.

“You are helpless, aren’t you?” Anna remarked, tossing her skirt over my head again. “I’ll let you out if you kiss my pussy. Will you?”

“Yes. Anything.”

Anna moved up my body and poised her silk covered pussy over my face. I could just feel that my feet were beyond the back hem of her skirt. I bent my head forward and kissed. Anna pushed back and wiggled. She rolled to one side and lifted a leg over my body. Finally I could crawl out from under Anna’s dress. Cream wasn’t my favourite colour at that point. I staggered as I stood up. Deb caught my arm and held me up.

“I think David’s just a bit flattened,” she stated. “We’ll have a drink and then a game with more skill.”

I leant against the bar while I drank. I was glad of the breather. While I had been enjoying myself, Anna’s facesit had gone on too long.

“OK,” Deb started. “This time it is an obstacle race and involves us demonstrating that we can control David. One by one we will ride on David’s shoulders and negotiate an obstacle course. That would be easy IF he could see but he won’t be able to because his head will be deep under our skirts. We have to tell him where kaçak bahis to go without our voices, just with our legs, just like riding a horse without using the reins – simple.”

“David?” Maggie asked. “Have you ridden a horse?”

“Once or twice. Not enough to ride one without a bridle.”

“Hm. That means that you won’t know the signals a rider gives to a horse just with legs.”


“How do we get around that, Deb?”

“OK. Each rider can have two minutes to explain to David what her signals will be. You can be first, Maggie. Sit on the bar and cover David with your skirt while we set out the course. When we have, you whisper your signals to David and when you are ready he stands up, we’ll help, and you ride him around the course. There will be a ten second penalty for every obstacle that David touches and we’ll time each attempt.”

“David?” Maggie beckoned to me. I went to her.

“Help me on to the bar and kneel down facing me, please.”

I lifted her to the bar. She shifted position until she was perched on the edge. Maggie lifted her bright red skirt. I knelt in front of her. With one hand she pulled my head between her thighs. Her white stockings had lace tops. My cheeks were above the lace and between her soft skin. My ears were between lace-covered thighs. My face was almost touching her white satin panties. Her knee-length nylon petticoat shrouded my head and shoulders. Beyond that her heavy white underskirt and folds of her red skirt pressed against my back. Everything had an attractive pinkish hue.

I heard furniture being moved about as I breathed Margaret’s scent. I edged forward, closer to her panties and her perfume. Maggie’s hand dropped to the back of my shrouded head and pushed me hard against her satin panties.

“Go on! Have a good feel,” she whispered. “I like a nose just there.”

Margaret’s legs spread to allow more room as both her hands dragged my face deeper in. Then she clamped her thighs together to hold me in place. Now my ears were against her bare thighs instead of the lace tops of her stockings. I pressed my nose in and opened my mouth to enjoy the meal presented to me. Margaret signed gently as she relaxed her pussy to allow my tongue to ease her panties inward slightly.

“We’re ready, Maggie,” Deb announced. “Stop face-fucking David and give him your signal code.”

Maggie pushed my head back between her thighs. Her head came down to her skirt until it was touching mine through the layers of her clothing. She whispered to me.

“David. If I squeeze your head with both legs – stop. When I relax them – go but very slowly one foot at a time. Put your foot down, get your balance and wait for the next signal. If I don’t squeeze after 3 seconds, step again. When you are stopped I will give turn signals. Left thigh means turn right, away from the pressure. Right thigh means turn left, away from the thigh. Turn forty-five degrees for each signal then stop and wait for next signal. To go backwards – I will lean backward. Got all that?”

“Yes,” I whispered. Squeeze means stop. Relax means go, one step then stop. Turn signals only given when stopped. Turn away from the pressure and wait for next signal. If you lean backwards I go backwards – one step. Is that right?”

“Yes. Well done. Now turn around under my skirt and prepare to stand up.”

I turned. I was still kneeling.

“OK, Deb,” Margaret announced. “We’re ready. Can you help get me on to David’s shoulders?”

I felt Margaret’s weight lessen as she was helped to mount me. She wrapped her legs around my arms and wriggled until she was satisfied.

“Go!” said Deb.

I took one step forward and waited. No signal. I took another step forward. No signal. I took a third step. Margaret’s thighs squeezed. That was nice. I stopped where I was. Margaret’s left thigh pushed against me. I started to turn to the right but Margaret began to lose her balance. Her hands grabbed at my head. I stood still while she adjusted her position. With her hands still on my head she pushed with her left thigh. I turned what I thought was forty-five degrees and stopped. The left thigh pushed again, I turned another forty-five degrees and stopped. Another turn then the thighs relaxed. I took one step forward, stopped, another step, another stop.

We went on and on, slowly and steadily. We never touched an obstacle. I could feel Margaret’s legs getting warmer beside my ears. Her perfume was getting stronger. Her pussy was warm and damp against the back of my neck.

Suddenly the women were clapping. Margaret was helped to dismount. She wrapped her arms around my head and kissed me hard, her tongue pressing insistently into my mouth.

“Thank you, David. We did it. A clear round! You’re wonderful.”

I might have replied but her mouth covered mine again.

“Eight minutes and no penalties,” Deb announced. “Sonia, it’s your turn. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Deb. Is David?”

Sonia has a sultry contralto voice. I liked the caress in its sound. I nodded consent.

Sonia climbed on to the bar and lifted her heavy black skirt. The underlining shimmered as much as the outer skirt. She had several layers of black net over a black nylon slip that ended just above her ankles. I walked towards her.

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