Debbie & Her Two Lovers


Debbie & Her Two LoversDebbie pulled into the parking lot at her work place.Traffic was horrible this morning, she thought to herself as she checked out her reflection in the mirror.Debbie is 27, 5’6, 110 pounds, with long red hair, sparkling blue-green eyes, and 34c breasts.She lives in New York. She opens the door of her 2000 Black Ford Mustang and steps out onto the pavement, taking a deep breath.Debbie walks up the step and into her office building. She waves to her coworkers and goes to her desk. She sits down and starts up her computer.Tom waves at her, which is one of her coworkers that she has known for about 5 years. He comes over and notices that she has a scowl on her face.”What’s wrong, Debbie?” Tom asks.Debbie says, “Oh the traffic is so horrible this morning. I was almost late to work. I had to rush out of the house and barely had to time to grab something to eat.”Tom smiles down at Debbie and says, “Well, I hope that you get to eat something for lunch today. Wouldn’t want you just disappearing on me.”Debbie laughs and says, “Well, I wouldn’t worry to much about that Tom.”Tom then walks away and Debbie starts working on her computer. She does clerical work for a law office firm and gets paid rather well.Debbie looks over at the picture of her husband that is on her desk. She has been married to Dave for 4 years.However, in the last one and a half years, things have been somewhat rocky.Debbie thinks that her husband might be cheating on her, but she doesn’t know for sure. They have no c***dren cause Dave works a lot and they have no time.Dave is 30, 5’10, 180 pounds, with black hair and blue eyes. Debbie is happy in her marriage, but secretly she wishes for something more.She has the secret desire to be bad and to be some man’s slut.But she has told no one about it, not even her best friend Sally cause if people knew that then they would treat her differently.Her sex life with her husband is fun but is kind of on the dull side. She yearns for some excitement but sadly knows that she can never have what she fantasizes for.Debbie snaps out of her daydreaming and concentrates on her work.Before she knows it, it is lunchtime so she gets up away from her desk and grabs her car keys.While others stay at work to eat lunch, Debbie likes to go out and eat. Secretly she always hopes she will find someone to fulfill her fantasy.But Debbie just sighs and says to herself, I have to snap out of this. I am a married woman!She gets into her car and drives off heading to one of her favorite restaurants in the city.The traffic jams are still horrible but she just rides along with them, listening to the radio.She reaches her favorite restaurant, which is called El Mexicano and pulls into a parking space.Debbie gets out of her car and walks into the restaurant, walking up to the counter.She orders one of her favorite meals and walks over to a table to sit down to eat her lunch. She finds a table by the window and sits down.She picks up her fork and takes a bite of her food.Mmm, good as always, she thinks to herself.As she is eating, a strange but handsome man walks in. He orders the same thing. He then proceeds to walk over to the next table and sit down.He starts eating his food and Debbie turns her head to look at him.She takes in his description. About 29, 6’2, dark brown hair, brown eyes, weight about 190.She cannot help but stare at this handsome stranger and almost lets her food get cold.Then Debbie turns her attention back to her food and starts eating again.As she is eating, she notices that this strange but handsome man who’s name she doesn’t even know yet is staring at her now.His eyes fixated on her body, looking at her up and down. A slight smile appearing upon his lips. She tries not to notice too much, but she cannot help herself.These strangers eyes are burning right into my soul, she thinks to herself.Before she knows it 20 minutes have passed by already and she has to get back to work before lunchtime is over.Or else, she will lose her job.Debbie hurries up and finishes her food. She then stands up and takes her tray. She throws her plate away into the trash can.She then grabs her car keys and rushes out the door leaving this strange but handsome man behind.She jumps into her car and takes off, driving fast through the city.She makes it back to her workplace before lunchtime is over with and walks fast into her workplace.She goes and sits down at her desk, working right away.But the whole time that she is working, she can’t stop thinking about that strange but handsome man that she saw earlier at the restaurant.About how he looked. Oh how she could just get lost in his eyes if she let herself.But Debbie snaps back to reality and keeps on working till its time to go home.Before she knows it’s time to go home, so she shuts down her computer and walks out the door.She gets into her car and drives home. As soon as she arrives home, she notices that her husband Dave’s truck is parked in the driveway.Funny, she thinks to herself he never parks in the driveway. He always uses the garage.Debbie pulls her car up into the driveway and shuts the engine off. She gets out and walks into the house.She calls out Dave’s name and waits for him to respond. But when he doesn’t, she gets a little worried.As soon as she reaches their bedroom door, she tries to open it but notices that it is locked. Strange, she thinks to herself.She tries again and notices that she is having trouble opening the door. She hears what sound like moans and even a few giggles.She wants to know what is going on so she takes her leg and kicks in the door. As soon as the door opens, she screams seeing the sight before her.”You son-of-a-bitch! I finally caught you now!” Debbie screams out.There lying on the bed is her husband Dave with some slutty bitch riding him. He is fucking her so hard that their moans are filling the room.As soon as Dave hears Debbie screaming he jumps up and pushes the female off him.He starts saying, “I’m sorry Debbie. Please believe me. I love you.”But Debbie won’t hear any of it for she is not listening. She has finally had enough, for she has caught him in the act this time.The girl tries to grab her clothes and throw them on but she knows that it’s too late. They have finally been caught together.Debbie turns and walks out of the room fast. She grabs her shoes, her car keys, and runs out of the house.Dave runs up behind her trying to explain and to catch up. Nevertheless, it is too late. As soon as Dave reaches the livingroom, Debbie is gone. She has left him alone.Debbie is crying as she drives her car fast down the road, swerving like a lunatic.That lying son-of-a-bitch husband was cheating on her all along. After all she has given him.Debbie starts crying harder and almost runs off the road. Instead, she ends up in front of the same restaurant that she was at today.She gets out of her car and walks up to the doors, opening them.She walks in and orders another one of her favorite dishes. She then proceeds to find the same table that she was sitting at earlier and sits down there.She starts eating her food and looking out the window.While she is eating the same handsome stranger from earlier comes walking into the restaurant. He walks up to the counter and orders himself some food.Then he finds the same booth as earlier and sits down there.He notices that the same woman that he saw earlier is here again and he smiles seductively.God, she is so hot. With those luscious breasts and those long legs, he thinks to himself.Debbie notices that the man from earlier is back and is staring at her. She turns her head and stares back at him, looking at his body. She catches his eye and smiles shyly.This guy feeling bold gets up and walks over to her. He sits down in front of her.”Hello,” he says.Debbie looks up and sees this man of her fantasies in front of her.”Hello,” she says back.Debbie then focuses back on her food and eats some more of it. He starts eating his too, but keeps his eyes focused on her.When they are both done eating, she gets up and dumps her plate into the trashcan.This man keeps his eyes focused on her ass the whole time and Debbie feels it. She walks slowly back to the table and sits down.This handsome stranger then asks her what her name is.She replies softly “It’s Debbie. What’s yours?”He replies and says, “My name is Clint.”Debbie says, “Nice to meet you Clint.”Clint says, “Nice to meet you to Debbie.”Debbie feels her panties become slightly wet by just being around this strange man. He was turning her on just by being around her.Clint looks at Debbie letting his gaze focus on her.He then says, “Hey, how about we get out of here. I know a place that we can go to that will be much more fun.”Debbie smiles to herself and says, “Yeah, let’s go.”Clint gets up first and Debbie follows him letting her eyes focus on his tight ass.They both leave the restaurant and Debbie gets into her car while Clint gets into his.Debbie decides to follow Clint since she is not sure of where they are going.She follows his car all around the city until the reach what looks like a dance/strip club.The name of the place is called Dirty Delights and Debbie feels her pussy moisten more just thinking about what might happen.She pulls up next to Clint and gets out her car.Clint gets out of his and she walks up to next to him to join him. They walk inside the club and find a table by the stage.It is quite dark in there, and Debbie becomes a little bit more aroused.Clint takes her hand and leads her to the table. He sits down first then she sits down.The waitress comes up and asks them what they would to drink. Debbie orders some wine and Clint orders a bloody Mary.The music inside the club is booming loudly. Debbie and Clint start talking. Pretty soon, the waitress comes back with their drinks.The waitress sits their drinks down and both Debbie and Clint take them. They start drinking their drinks and talking more.To the left of Debbie, a female stripper comes on the stage.She is about 23 with long blond hair, green eyes, a 32c chest, and long legs. She starts bakırköy escort dancing seductively to the music.All the men in the club, and even some women too, start watching her and throwing dollars at her.Debbie turns and watches this girl. She finds that she is excited by the way she moves.She finds her very sexy and is suprised because she has never felt that way towards a woman before.Clint slips Debbie $5.00 under the table.He then says, “Give this to her. She’ll come close to you.”Debbie blushes some and grabs the money. She starts waving the money around and the dancer comes over to her.The stripper starts moving towards Debbie crawling on her knees. Debbie feels the wetness between her legs grow more as she gets closer.The stripper comes up to Debbie and starts dancing for her. Moving her hips, bending over letting Debbie get a look at her pussy through her thong.Debbie notices that her mouth is watering and that her breathing has sped up some quite drastically.She dances slow and sexy for Debbie. Debbie reaches out and puts the $5.00 into the stripper’s thong.The stripper blows her a kiss and then moves away dancing even sexier now on the stage.Moving towards the medal pole spreading her legs open and jumping on the pole riding it all the way down.Debbie cannot help but watch this scene before her. Clint is sitting there watching the stripper but also watching Debbie feeling his cock grow rock hard.He cannot help but watch her as she watches the stripper. He can smell the sweet aroma of arousal from between her legs.Clint licks his lips and thinks to himself, Mmmm, I can hardly wait to taste some of that sweet pussy tonight.Debbie just keeps on watching the stripper more and more. She cannot believe that she is so excited right now.The stripper gets off the stage cause her show is over with. Debbie just watches her walk away. Then she turns her head to notice that Clint is watching her.She smiles kind of wickedly and thinks to herself, Mmmm, I can hardly wait to have that hard cock in my mouth and in my pussy tonight.The music changes to a slower pace and Clint decides that he wants to dance with Debbie. He has to feel that hot body of hers against his.Clint turns to Debbie and asks, “Would you like to dance with me?”Debbie smiles and says, “I would love to.”They both get up and walk towards the dance floor. Clint takes Debbie into his arms as they start dancing together slowly.Debbie starts grinding against Clint some wanting to get a feel of that cock.Clint feels Debbie grinding and he grinds back into her letting her feel him.He can feel her pussy through her dress and he loves how it feels. Debbie feels Clint’s hard cock grinding into her pussy and she moans softly.They dance together that way for about 20 minutes. Then Debbie gets bold and kisses Clint hard on the mouth.Clint is slightly suprised by her kiss, but he kisses her back anyway.Their tongues intertwine and Clint lets his hands roam down Debbie’s body.He moves his hands down slowly till he reaches her ass.The ass that he could not stop staring at earlier. He grabs it and Debbie moans softly.God, his hands feel good, Debbie thinks to herself as she feels Clint hands on her ass.They kiss more and Clint keeps on grabbing her ass, pulling her towards him. Finally, they stop kissing.Clint then says, “Let’s get out of here baby. I want you.”Debbie replies breathlessly, “Ok baby. I want you too.”Clint takes Debbie’s hands and they walk out of the club together.Once outside, they reach Clint’s car. Clint pushes Debbie against it and they start kissing hard.Clint then takes his hands and runs them all over Debbie’s body.He massages her tits, then moves down her stomach, and finally reaches her pussy.He massages her pussy on the outside of her dress and hears Debbie moan into the night.Debbie takes her hands and runs them down Clint’s back. All the way down till she reaches his ass.She then grabs his ass and pulls him close to her. She starts massaging his ass and hears him groan into her ear.They make out against his car for about 20 minutes. Then Clint looks at Debbie and sees so much lust in her eyes for him.Clint then says, “Let’s go somewhere private.”Debbie says, “Ok. I know just the place.”Clint smiles wickedly at Debbie and they both get into their cars.Debbie has been waiting for this so long and she can hardly wait to get some revenge on her husband.Debbie drives to her house with Clint following her. When they reach her house, Debbie gets out of her car and Clint follows.Clint comes up behind Debbie and puts his arms around her. He starts kissing the back of her neck as they walk into the house together.When they get inside of the house, Debbie leads Clint to the bedroom. She lights some candles and puts on some mood music.Debbie then says, “Let me slip into something more comfortable.”Clint says, “Okay you sexy siren. I’ll just wait here on the bed.”Debbie goes over to her dresser, opens it up, and grabs her tight body-hugging black lace teddy.It comes right below her pussy right at the very top of her thighs.She then grabs her black thong underwear and a strapless black lace bra.She takes her clothes and goes into the bathroom to get ready.She strips out of her dress and underwear. She then starts putting on her bra and thong panties. When she gets them on, she grabs her teddy.She puts it on and brushes her hair making sure she looks sexy, which she does.She sweetly says to Clint, “Now close your eyes, darling. I want to suprise you”Clint smiles wickedly again and closes his eyes. Debbie comes out of the bathroom and strolls into the bedroom.Debbie then says, “Open your eyes now darling”Clint opens his eyes and he smiles more wickedly. He then licks his lips at the sight before him.Debbie is standing halfway on the bed with one leg up on the bed and the other one on the floor. Clint cannot stop staring at her luscious sexy body.He takes his hand and strokes it along her inner thigh, getting close to her pussy. Debbie sighs and then moans.Clint moves closer on the bed to Debbie and pulls her onto his lap.Clint then says, “Give me a lap dance, baby. I want to watch that sexy body move.”Debbie smiles and starts moving on his lap. She rubs her pussy close to his cock, making it like they are fucking.Clint knows that he cannot touch her, but he does not mind. He is just enjoying the show before him.Debbie uses all of her skills that she learned a long time ago and gives Clint one hell of a lap dance. She dances for him for about 10 minutes.She then stops and Clint pulls Debbie closer. He starts moving his hand down her body tracing her stomach.Then moving it lower past her pussy until he reaches her thigh. Clint then strokes her inner thigh softly letting his fingers linger.He knows that she wants him to touch her pussy. But he’s having too much fun teasing her.Debbie moans softly feeling Clint’s touch on her body. She starts grinding against him slowly and hears Clint groan.Clint starts thrusting slowly up into her pussy through her thong panties suddenly having the urge to fuck her. But he wants to make this last.So he moves Debbie off his lap and gently lays her back on the bed. He takes his clothes and rips them off, throwing them to the side.He then starts kissing her body all the way down starting at her neck and then all the way to her toes.Debbie is just feeling so much pleasure right now. More pleasure than she has ever known before. Not even her husband Dave could please her like this.Clint keeps on kissing her body, covering every inch. He kisses back up her body and then he stops at her breasts.He starts sucking on them slowly through the teddy and bra. Debbie has never before had this done to her and she moans quite more loudly this time.Clint traces his tongue around her tits licking the nipples and feeling them get hard through the material. He uses one of his hands to massage her breasts while he licks the other one.He looks up and sees the pleasure on Debbie’s face. Oh how much more beautiful that makes her.Clint then moves down lower on her body licking her body through the teddy. Debbie moans more and moves her head to watch.Clint traces his tongue all over her smooth tummy feeling it though the teddy. Then he moves his mouth lower getting closer to the sweetness between her legs.He licks his way down and stops when he reaches her pussy. Clint gets in between her legs and pushes them apart slowly.What he sees makes him so much harder. Before him, he makes out the trace of her pussy lips through her black thong.The thong fits her so well, hugs her pussy so good he thinks to himself.He then takes a deep breath and smells her intoxicating sweet aroma. He moves in closer and runs his tongue around the outline of her pussy lips through her thong.Debbie feels his tongue and she sighs loudly. Clint licks her pussy more through the thong, wanting so much to just push it aside and lick her fully right there.However, he wants to make it worthwhile. There is no rush tonight.He moves his head from between her legs and slowly climbs on top of her. He lets his covered hard cock rest right at her covered pussy.He thrusts slowly forward, causing a sensual sensation for the both of them.Debbie feels his cock and she thrusts her pussy upward meeting his slow thrusts downward.Clint kisses her hard and they start slowly grinding against each other.Debbie kisses him back hard and snakes her tongue inside of his mouth. Clint feels Debbie’s tongue and snakes his tongue inside her mouth.Both of them kissing hard now, their bodies both aching for each other. Suddenly Debbie rolls Clint over and straddles his hips.They stop kissing and Debbie starts riding his cock through his pants.Clint takes hold of Debbie’s hips and pulls her down on his cock making them both moan in unison.Clint rolls Debbie on her back again so that he is now on top of her. He pulls the top of her teddy down and kisses her exposed flesh.He pulls her bra off and throws it to the side. He then moves down and sucks her breasts into her mouth.Debbie moans beşiktaş escort loudly and grabs hold of Clint’s head, holding it there. Clint’s hands start moving lower down her body and he pushes up her teddy all the way.Debbie lets go of his head and Clint stops sucking on her breasts long enough to pull her teddy all the way off.He pulls her teddy all the way off her body and throws it aside. Then he starts licking her stomach.Then he moves lower and lower down her body until he gets on his knees. Clint then moves in close and gets a hold of her thong with his mouth.He starts pulling it down and off her body with his teeth. Debbie looks down and watches this scene before her.More and more he slides her thong off with his mouth until he reaches her feet. He pulls her thong off and throws it to the side.Clint then takes her toes into her mouth and starts sucking on them.What Debbie does not know is that for Clint sucking on a woman’s toes is such a turn on and is a fetish for him.Debbie has never felt that before and she moans in a more deeper way now.Clint keeps on sucking on Debbie’s toes and licks them. He hears Debbie’s low moans and that excites him more.Clint then moves his mouth up licking her legs getting close to her pussy. He licks slowly up her legs. Getting closer making the anticipation grow.Suddenly, the front door opens and Dave comes in the house. But both Debbie and Clint have no idea that he is there.Clint moves up closer to Debbie’s pussy. Dave starts walking towards the bedroom. Just when Dave reaches the door, Clint places his mouth on Debbie’s sweet pussy.He pulls the lips apart and starts licking. Dave walks in the bedroom and suddenly stops. He cannot believe what he is seeing.Right there on the bed, his wife Debbie is getting her pussy eaten out by this strange man.Her face is showing all of the pleasure she is receiving. You can see it in her eyes.Clint licks Debbie’s pussy more, focusing on her clit.Mmm god she tastes so good, Clint thinks to himself as he licks Debbie’s pussy.Debbie moans so loudly that it fills the room. Clint uses his experienced tongue to lick Debbie in all the right places.He circles her clit with his tongue making her pleasure increase second by second.Clint then moves his head and says, “Baby, your pussy is so sweet and juicy.” to Debbie.Clint then takes his finger and pushes it inside Debbie’s pussy. He starts fingering her slowly making her feel it all.Clint then says, “Ooh, it’s nice and tight too. Just like I like them.”All the Dave can do is stand there and watch this scene. He wants to be annoyed, but finds that he is getting aroused.Dave reaches down and feels his cock. He notices that it is rock hard.Dave unzips his pants and reaches inside his boxers. He pushes his boxers down and takes his cock out. He starts stroking it and lets out a small groan.He cannot believe that he is so aroused by this scene. Debbie still has no idea that her husband is standing there watching her and Clint.Clint licks Debbie’s pussy more feeling her juices flow into his mouth.He swallows them and then goes back for more. Debbie’s moans get a little bit higher and Clint senses that Debbie is coming.Therefore, he increases his licking on her clit.Debbie is feeling so much pleasure right now. She can feel her orgasm coming on.Clint adds one more finger into her pussy and fingers her more. He speeds up and licks her more and more.Dave keeps on stroking his cock watching all of this.God, this is so hot, he thinks to himself.He feels his precum on his hand and he uses it to make his cock slick so he can stroke faster.Dave speeds up his stroking and lets out a series of small moans.Dave then moves his hand long enough to strip off all of his clothes so that he is nude too.He places his hand back on his cock and starts stroking again.He gets the urge to join them. But they still have no idea that he is there.Debbie feels her orgasm coming closer. She opens her eyes and looks over to see her husband Dave standing there.For a moment, she gets somewhat scared. But when she follows his hand and looks down, she notices that he is stroking his cock.She realizes that the scene before him arouses him. That makes her more aroused and makes her orgasm get closer.Clint keeps his tongue and fingers focused on her pussy. He hears what sounds like man moans. He open his eyes and moves his mouth long enough.He looks over and see this man standing there stroking his cock.He is not sure who he is, but finds the fact that he is doing that very arousing. Clint feels his cock get harder.He moves his mouth back down to Debbie’s pussy and licks her clit faster now.Debbie feels her orgasm coming on.Debbie says to Clint, “I’m coming baby. Oh fuck yes, I’m gonna cum in that hot mouth of yours. Oh Clint, lick me harder!”Clint hears that and licks her harder just like she asked him too. Clint feels Debbie’s orgasm coming on and starts alternating between licking speeds.He slows down and then speeds up. Debbie feels what Clint’s tongue is doing to her and it causes her to cum hard right on his tongue.He feels her cum on his tongue and he licks up all her juices that are pouring out. Debbie cums so hard that she is shaking for about 10 minutes straight.Dave hears Debbie cum and he cums too all over. He spurts his cum all over the floor and groans in pleasure.He has never cum so hard before. Clint just keeps on licking Debbie as her orgasm subsides and her shaking stops.Then he moves up and snakes his tongue into her mouth.Debbie kisses Clint back, tasting her pussy for the first time ever. Tasting how sweet it is.After they stop kissing, both Debbie and Clint look over at Dave. They notice that Dave is watching them.Debbie moves from out underneath Clint and crawls on her hands and knees towards Dave.All Dave can do is watch Debbie as she crawls closer to him. He sees a new life in her eyes. He sees that she has changed. She has become a bad girl.All he wants to do now is become part of her new life. Debbie crawls closer and closer to Dave until she reaches him.Dave says,”Suck my cock, baby. I want to feel that sexy mouth around it” to Debbie.She reaches up and takes his cock in her mouth.Although he is soft, she knows she can get him hard again. She starts sucking his cock and can feel him start to get hard.Clint turns and sits on the bed watching his new slut lover Debbie sucking this guy off right in front of him.He takes his cock into his hand and starts stroking slowly.Debbie looks up at Dave as she sucks his cock. For she has never given a blowjob before but finds herself doing it like a pro.Dave looks down at Debbie and cannot help but watch her as she takes his cock into her hot little mouth.Debbie gets bolder and sucks Dave’s cock into her mouth deeper, taking it in inch-by-inch.”Fuck baby. That feels so damn good. You are such a slut. A cum sucking slut. Suck me dry,” Dave says pleasurably.Dave reaches down and takes Debbie’s hair into his hand, feeling very bold.He starts fucking her mouth with his cock, not caring if she chokes. This causes Dave’s cock to go all the way in Debbie’s mouth.He thinks to himself, if she wants to be a slut, I will treat her like one.Debbie feels Dave take hold of her hair and starts sucking his cock faster feeling Dave fuck her mouth.Faster Dave shoves his cock into Debbie’s mouth.Debbie sucks his cock more enjoying the feel of Dave’s cock in the back of her throat.Clint starts stroking his cock faster now especially when he saw that one guy shove his cock down Debbie’s throat.He feels his precum on his hand and strokes harder wishing that it were his cock down Debbie’s throat. Faster and harder Dave fucks Debbie’s mouth.Then suddenly he pulls his cock out of her mouth and he picks her up. He kisses her hard then he turns her over. He slaps her ass hard, which makes Debbie bend over.Dave just stands there for a few minutes staring at the sight before him. Seeing Debbie’s virgin puckered asshole all pink and inviting.He can hardly wait to fuck her there and make her scream.Dave then bends down and licks Debbie’s asshole. Debbie feels Dave’s tongue on her asshole.”Oh Dave. That feels so good. Do it some more please baby,” Debbie moans out.Dave circles Debbie’s asshole with his tongue making it wet. He then takes one of his fingers and pushes it against her asshole.He feels it open up to him and he pushes in more feeling it go in. Debbie screams out in pleasure feeling Dave’s finger in her ass.She bends down more and feels Dave’s finger go deeper into her ass. Finally Dave can’t take it anymore and he removes his finger.He grabs Debbie’s hips and shoves his cock up her ass.”Oh yes, Dave. Fuck my ass. Fucking pound me. Make me scream!” Debbie says pleasurably.Dave starts pounding her hard. Clint, watching what just happened, gets up off the bed and moves in front of Debbie’s face.He picks her face up by the hair and shoves his cock in her mouth. Debbie starts sucking Clint’s cock while Dave fucks her in the ass.Dave looks up at Clint and watches him shove his cock in Debbie’s throat. The sight is so hot to him that he starts pounding Debbie’s ass more making her scream.But her screams are being muffled by Clint’s cock. Deeper, Debbie sucks Clint’s cock taking it all the way into her mouth.It reaches the back of her throat and Clint starts fucking her face. Clint looks up at Dave and watches him fuck Debbie’s ass so hard.He can hardly wait to have some of that sweet ass.Dave pounds Debbie’s ass more and starts groaning. He then cums into Debbie’s ass filling her up.Clint, hearing Dave cum, fucks Debbie’s mouth more and then cums into it.Hot cum runs into both Debbie’s mouth and ass from both Clint and Dave. She swallows Clint’s cum down her throat and moans more feeling Dave’s hot cum in her ass.Suddenly Dave looks at Clint and realizes that he has always want to be with another man. It has always be a secret desire of his.Clint looks up at Dave and sees this new desire in his eyes. He senses that Dave wants to have fun with him.He feels his cock start to grow beylikdüzü escort hard again just thinking about it.Clint bends over and whispers, “What’s that guys name?” to Debbie.Debbie whispers back, “His name is Dave and he’s my husband.”Then Debbie stands up and moves to the bed. She can feel the passion between her two men growing.Dave walks towards Clint and kisses him. He grabs Clint’s ass and shoves his finger in.He feels Clint’s ass open up to him and he shoves his finger in further.Clint moans in Dave’s mouth as he kisses him back. Clint reaches around and shoves his finger into Dave’s ass.He feels Dave’s ass open up to him and he shoves his finger in deeper. Both guys start fingering each other’s asses while kissing.Debbie gets so aroused watching her two men love each other that she starts playing with her pussy. She takes her hand and starts rubbing her clit.Debbie moans and plays with her pussy more while watching the hot scene before her. Dave starts kissing Clint harder and pushes him back onto the bed.He turns him over onto his stomach and removes his finger from Clint’s ass.Clint removes his finger from Dave’s ass and lies there.Dave starts running his tongue down Clint’s body slowly tasting him.He reaches Clint’s ass and pulls his buttcheeks apart. He takes his tongue and snakes it out running his tongue along Clint’s asshole.He licks his asshole and even snakes his tongue inside of Clint’s ass tasting him there.Debbie watches this scene before her and she shoves two fingers into her pussy.She starts fingering herself hard, shoving her fingers in and out of her pussy.Dave then removes his tongue and moves up on Clint. He takes his cock and puts it right at the entrance of Clint asshole.Clint feels Dave’s cock at the entrance of his ass hole.Clint says, “Fuck me hard, Dave. Shove that damn cock into my ass and fuck me like a bitch.”Dave hears what Clint said and that turns him on.He takes his cock and starts penetrating Clint’s ass inch-by-inch until he gets it all the way in.Clint feels his ass opening up to Dave and can feel Dave’s cock filling him up.When Dave gets his cock all the way into Clint’s ass, he starts thrusting slowly. He waits to hear Clint moan. He will not move unless he hears a moan.Clint feels Dave’s cock thrusting into his ass and he moans loudly.Dave hears Clint’s moan and he thrusts faster into Clint’s ass. He starts fucking him faster and faster.Soon he is pounding his ass hard. Clint moans aloud.”Dave!” Clint cries outDave hears Clint call out his name. It suprises him but also excites him at the same time.Faster and harder he pounds Clint ass. Debbie hears Clint’s moans and she shoves her fingers deeper into her pussy, ramming them.Dave fucks Clint ass harder and then starts to shake some which lets Clint know that Dave is about to cum.Dave pounds Clint’s ass harder and faster now. Then he lets out a low groan and fills up Clint’s ass with his cum. Debbie hears Dave cum and she takes her fingers out of her fuckhole and starts rubbing her clit hard.She starts coming on her hand and is moaning out loud.Debbie cums on her hand and Clint leans over. He licks it off her fingers while Dave pulls his cock out of Clint.Dave then brings his up to Debbie’s mouth. Debbie takes Dave’s cock into her mouth and cleans off what cum is left.Dave then moves so that Clint can move. As soon as Clint moves, he pushes Dave down on the bed.Clint gets behind Dave and places his cock at Dave’s asshole. He pushes in penetrating, catching Dave off guard.Dave moans softly feeling Clint’s hard cock in his ass.Clint starts fucking Dave’s ass hard, pounding him like a jackhammer. He does not intend to go slow.Debbie leans back and spreads her pussy lips open wider rubbing her clit wanting to cum again.Dave moves his head up, reaches over, and starts licking Debbie’s pussy. Debbie starts moaning and holds Dave’s head in place.Dave licks Debbie’s pussy fast running his tongue hungrily along her clit.All the while, Clint keeps on pounding his cock into Dave’s ass and watches Dave as he licks Debbie’s pussy.Harder and harder he pounds him. Dave licks faster and quicker swallowing Debbie’s juices down his throat and then going back for more.Using his tongue repeatedly circling his tongue fast on Debbie’s clit.Debbie reaches and takes her breasts into her hands. She starts massaging her breasts hard as Dave licks her pussy so good.Almost as good as Clint does, but good just the same.Clint pounds Dave’s ass harder and harder. Then he starts coming into Dave’s ass. He starts filling him up so fast.Dave starts moaning into Debbie’s pussy and keeps on licking her. Then Debbie cums right in Dave’s mouth.Dave swallows Debbie’s cums and moves his head away.Clint finishes coming into Dave’s ass and he pulls out. All three of them are spent right now, so they all take a nap together.They sleep for about one hour then wake up.They realize they are hungry so they all get up and walk into the kitchen.Both Clint and Debbie walk to the fridge and open it to see what’s in there.Clint wraps his arms around Debbie and kisses her on the neck. Debbie giggles and realizes that there is not much to eat.Therefore, Clint decides to order a pizza.He unwraps his arms from around Debbie and goes over to telephone. He calls the pizza place and orders a large sausage.He then hangs up the telephone. He hears this squealing so he turns around. And he sees Dave and Debbie kissing.He just smiles and comes up behind them. They all decide that they want to share a three way kiss.So Clint gets on the left, Debbie stays in the middle, and Dave stays on the right. They all lean in and kiss each other at the same time.Their lips intertwine with each other and moans are heard all over the room from all three of them.They have to break their kiss after 10 minutes cause the doorbell rings. They decide to all walk to the door together.So they intertwine their arms around each other and walk to the door.Dave opens the door with his free hand. The pizza guy looks at them strangely seeing two men and one woman standing together with all of them nude.The pizza guy says to Dave, “It’ll be $14.99 please.”Dave says, “Ok. Hold on and let me get some money.”He unintertwines his arm from the group and walks into the kitchen.He grabs $20.00 from his wallet and walks back to door.He notices that Debbie and Clint are making out right there with the pizza guy watching.Debbie has her arms and legs wrapped around Clint’s body, kissing him on the lips. Clint is holding Debbie very close to his body, kissing her back.He just smiles and hands the pizza guy the $20.00.Dave then says, “Keep the change.”The pizza guy says, “Thanks.”Dave takes the pizza and shuts the door. He takes the pizza to the kitchen and lays the box on the table.He comes back into the hallway and walks up to them.Dave then says, “Ok, you two. Pizza’s here. Let’s eat. We can make out later.”Debbie pulls her lips away from Clint’s and jumps off him. She then walks into the kitchen with Dave and Clint following.They all sit down at the table and eat the pizza. When they are done, Dave takes the box and throws it away.Debbie and Clint walk into the livingroom. Dave follows them. They sit down on the floor. Dave lays back and gets comfortable.Clint sits on the floor with his legs spread wide. He pulls Debbie onto his lap, where she locks her legs around his waist.And they start making out again.Dave then turns his head noticing that Clint and Debbie has resumed back to their making out session.Dave lets them have their fun but then decides he wants to make a sandwich out of Debbie.With him in the front and Clint in the back. Both of them fucking her at the same time.So he sits up and reaches over. He grabs Debbie and pulls her off Clint’s lap.He then pulls her onto his lap and kisses her. She kisses him back.Clint watches them for a little bit. Then he asks them to move so they do. He puts a blanket down.When he gets it down, Dave summons to Clint.Dave then says to Clint,”Let’s make a sex sandwich out of Debbie. You get in the back and I’ll be in the front.”Clint smiles and says, “Ok.”Dave then lays down on the blanket and pulls Debbie on top of him. He pushes his cock into her pussy making her scream in pleasure.Clint gets on top of Debbie and sticks his cock in her ass. Debbie feels two cocks filling her up and she cries out in ecstasy. ave starts thrusting upwards and Clint starts thrusting downward.”Oh Clint, Oh Dave, yes fuck me. Fuck I can’t believe this is happening!” Debbie screams out.Both Dave and Clint hear Debbie and that just turns them on more.Dave fucks Debbie harder stretching her pussy out some while Clint fucks Debbie harder stretching her asshole some.Debbie uses her hands to go back and forth between both Dave and Clint.She runs her hands down Dave’s chest. Then she moves her hands and runs them down Clint back.Back and forth they move, pounding Debbie’s pussy and ass so good that it turns her into a full bad girl now.She will never go back.Faster and faster they fuck her. Finally, they both cum in her filling up both her pussy and ass with hot cum.Debbie falls onto Dave and Clint falls on Debbie. They rest there for a while. Then Dave and Clint pull their cocks out of her.They all get up off the floor.Clint goes and gets his clothes cause he has to go. He gets dressed and comes back into the livingroom.Both Debbie and Dave don’t want to see him go but they know he has to for tonight. He tells them where he lives.Clint then says, “Call or drop by anytime. I had a really fun time with you both tonight. Debbie, you are my slut now for sure. You’re the slut for both me and Dave.”Clint comes over and kisses Debbie then kisses Dave. Both Dave and Debbie walk to the door and wave goodbye to him.Clint gets into his car and leaves. Dave and Debbie walk back into the livingroom. Dave picks Debbie up and carries her to the bedroom.They lay down in the bed and Debbie whispers to Dave that she forgives his cheating. She doesn’t mind it anymore.He just has to let her have Clint or whatever guy (or girl) she wants sexually.Dave smiles at her and says, “I have no problem with that. Just as long as you share.”They both have a smile plastered on their face and drift off to a peaceful sleep.Debbie can hardly wait to go back to work and show everybody how much she has changed.For now she is every man’s slut.

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