Deceived Newlyweds


Deceived NewlywedsLooking at the wedding invitation in his hands from his frat brother, Tyrone Milton let his thoughts drift back to the end of his junior year in college. The invitation came from Brad Wilton, the frat brother who had beaten him out of the coveted office of president of the fraternity for their senior year of college. He began to fume as he tossed the invitation off to the side of his desk. “That fucker! I owe him one!” he muttered loudly. The fraternity that Tyrone and Brad Wilson had joined, in their freshman year, was one of the best in the college. The frat was noted to accept only those who excelled in academics with athletics not considered a factor. The fact that Tyrone was on an athletic scholarship for football played no part of his being accepted into the fraternity. It was an understood rule of the fraternity of there being no hazing nor racial bias regarding all their members. In running for an office within the fraternity, it was understood there was to be no bad mouthing of the opposition and one would run on his own merits. These had been the rules that Tyrone had played by and when he lost the race, he graciously accepted his defeat. In their senior year, it was then that Tyrone learned of the underhanded tactics that Brad had pulled to win the presidency. He had learned that Brad had tried to garner as many votes as he could be pulling frat brothers aside, buy them beers while referring to Tyrone negatively, telling them that the prestige of the fraternity wouldn’t be there anymore if the president was just a ‘dumb black jock’! Tyrone had confirmed this with several of his good buddies in the frat but never confronted Brad about it, feeling it best just to let it go at that point. Picking up the wedding invitation again, Tyrone saw that it was indeed the same girl that Brad was going with during his senior year in college. He remembered meeting her that one time, just before spring break when she had stopped by the fraternity house to see Brad. ‘Man, she sure was a sweet little thing!’ he thought to himself. ‘That’s right, she was a couple years younger than us and going to an ivy league school! She had gotten out a bit earlier than we did and stopped by to meet him for dinner that night! Yeah, that’s right, she was his little sweetheart from his hometown!’ he recalled. ‘God, how can an asshole like that end up with such a beautiful babe! Damn, she looked so fucking na’ve and innocent like hell!’ he pondered. In his mind he could still picture her long sexy white legs in the pair of shorts she was wearing that day. He could still remember that day vividly, recalling how all the frat brothers were stumbling all over themselves to get a look at that gorgeous little bitch, wondering just who the hell was she and who was the lucky guy. Tyrone also recalled the hardon he got in watching her that brief time, a hardon similar to the one he was getting now as he pictured her in his mind. Then, smiling to himself, he yelled out “It’s payback time, asshole!” Having thought about it the entire night, Tyrone smiled as he checked off the RSVP card to indicated that he would be attending and bringing a guest, as the invitation had so indicated. He tried to think of who he could call upon to solicit her help in pulling off the caper he had in mind. ‘Yeah, asshole, I’m getting my pound of flesh! Actually, I’ll be getting that pound of flesh off your beautiful bride’s sweet white ass! Maybe I’ll leave you something in return, something that’ll be all yours to care for in nine months!’ he laughed to himself. That day, at the office, Tyrone looked over the files he had pulled. He narrowed it down to three possible women who could assist him in what he had in mind. With all the other frat brothers there, he needed that special someone who could look classy as his date and still have that wild streak to go along with what he wanted. Opening the three folders again, he looked at their photos and read their rap sheets. ‘Yes, this lousy job as a probation officer does indeed have some benefits!’ he smiled. Tyrone looked over the file of Ms. Andrea Thompson, age 20, a year at a community college, with her first arrest as a teenager for streetwalking. Counting up the number of arrests, he chuckled when he reached ten arrests, all for streetwalking. “Hmmm, Ms. Thompson has missed her last check-in! Released just three months ago for her last arrest! Grounds for probation to be revoked! But, this is your lucky day, Ms. Thompson!” he muttered. Putting on his coat and picking up Ms. Thompson’s folder, Tyrone advised the receptionist that he was going out on the field for the afternoon. With a lot of the frat brothers attending the wedding, it was only natural they would set up a bachelor’s party for the groom. Sure enough, Tyrone got the call from Brad’s closest buddy in the frat and a night of drinking along with a strip show had been set up. While on the phone with the best man for the occasion, Tyrone learned that the wedding reception was being held at the same resort the newlyweds would be spending their wedding night at, as the plush honeymoon suite was a part of the deal that they had gotten. The night of the bachelor’s party had all the frat brothers greeting one another as it had been awhile since they had gotten together. Tyrone listened intently and learned from Brad’s admission that his beautiful bride was quite conservative and indeed na’ve when it came to sex. The guys k**ded him when they learned that Brad had never been allowed more than some light petting from his bride-to-be. He saw Brad blush and countered “Well, how many of you clowns will have the honor of breaking in a virgin on your wedding night?” The day of the wedding had arrived and young Lisa Fenner looked absolutely stunning in the satin white wedding gown. Indeed she looked every bit the na’ve innocent young virgin that Brad had led them to believe. As the beautiful bride made that walk down the aisle, Tyrone felt his cock throbbing in his pants. She looked so damned innocent that Tyrone would have bet that all the frat brothers in attendance had their own bulges to keep down at that moment. At 22 years of age, Lisa Fenner had recently graduated from a prestigious ivy league college and was now to be married to her high school sweetheart. With Brad having a good paying job and with some inheritance from his grandfather, they had just put the downpayment on a new home. Once they returned from their honeymoon, they would then take possession of the new house, which she looked forward to decorating. Lisa was a quite nervous, with the wedding to consider but also the thought of surrendering herself to a man for the very first time. It did excite her in thinking she would finally allow Brad to go all the way with her but the thought of the pain of losing her virginity scared her. Still, she was glad she had saved herself, kept herself pure so she could give it all to the man she loved on their wedding night. Once the wedding ceremony was over, Lisa expressed a sigh of relief as she leaned against her husband as they cuddled in the back of the limousine. Although brought up in a very conservative household, she had learned that a husband and wife should not be ashamed of their private sex lives together and a married couple should enjoy one another in the privacy of their bedroom. Now married to the love of her life, Lisa took this belief to heart but was still nervous in her innocence. Throughout the years they had been courting each other, she and Brad had of course kissed and petted each other but she had drawn the line beyond that. Although they had touched each other intimately, it was always through some clothing. Lisa had touched Brad’s manhood through his pants, even stroked it to hardness but that was the extent of their knowledge of each other’s bodies. Brad had tried numerous times to get her to put her hand directly on his manhood but she had stood her ground, telling him that he had to wait till they were married. Kissing passionately in the back of the limo, Lisa wanted to let Brad know that she was not going to be a prude now that she was his wife. As they hugged each other, she let her gloved hand grasp and stroke his manhood through his trousers. Then she whispered in his ear “I’m going to wrap my hand around him tonight like I promised!” Feeling Brad throb in her hand, she wanted to be naughty and excite him even more, whispering “Know what else I’m going to do? I’m going to put his guy in my mouth and bite him …Hard!” The reception went quite well as the bridal couple made the rounds, thanking all the guests for coming. Before the dancing was to commence, many of the elderly guests began departing and the bride and groom drifted off to different parts of the room to chat with their respective friends. Lisa was gathered near her friends, some from her c***dhood days and one group consisted of her sorority sisters who could make the trip. Meanwhile, Brad was partying it up mainly with his fraternity brothers. Lisa knew from what Brad had told her about himself and his fraternity brothers and how they often partied. Although the frat brothers were serious about their academics, they took every opportunity to party up a storm on weekends. She had also seen what it was like with fraternities at the college she had attended. But she saw no reason to put a damper on Brad on the amount of alcohol he was consuming. Besides, she did not want his friends to think that he had just married a nagging wife by interrupting their fun. With all of the toasting among his frat brothers, Brad was feeling the drinks. As the dancing was to commence, the guests were clamoring for the bride and groom to start it out. Once that initial dance was over, Brad brought his lovely bride over to sit with his fraternity brothers and their spouses or guests. Immediately the bridal couple was provided with drinks for a toast with the group. Brad and his lovely bride eventually came to where Tyrone and his date were sitting. After Brad made the introductions, Tyrone got a chance to chat with the lovely bride and found that she was genuinely the real thing! ‘How the hell does such a prickhead like Brad get such a beauty girl like this, one so sincere and pleasant to talk to!’ Tyrone wondered. ‘God, she’s so fucking beautiful! Man, I’d sure like to have her squirming under me! Oh, baby, I’ll send you into outer space when I make you cum!’ he thought. Having talked to the lovely bride, seeing how innocent and truly nice she was, he didn’t think he could go through with his plan. Having only stolen a few candy bars when he was ten years old, Tyrone had never committed any crime since then. Though his aching cock twitched at the sight of this beautiful bride, wanting desperately to put his body up against hers, he had second thoughts of taking her against her will. In his job as a probation officer, if he did go through with his plan to gain revenge, he would be no better than the criminals that he saw daily. Just at that point, Brad opened his mouth, telling Lisa “I really got lucky in beating my good buddy Tyrone for the position of frat president in our senior year! Thought for sure I’d lose to Tyrone!” Then, of course, Brad started bragging about himself and his success since college. Finally, Brad asked Tyrone what he was up to. Whatever had been going through Tyrone’s mind of calling off his devious plan was wiped out by Brad’s arrogant bragging, especially how he was so lucky in winning the presidency, Lisa’s unfortunate fate was sealed. “Well, I’m just muddling along in all the paperwork that goes with working in the Corrections Division of the State! But the best part of the job was meeting Andrea! She and I have really become a team after working very closely together on one case!” Tyrone advised. Just then, a slow song started and Brad announced that it was the first song that and Lisa had ever danced to together. “Go ahead you two, lovebirds! I’ll get a refill on your drinks while you enjoy the dance!” Tyrone advised. When the dance ended, Tyrone handed the newlyweds each a fresh drink and watched as they sipped their drinks before moving on to greet guests sitting at another table. Tyrone sat back and watched as the other guests proposed another toast to the newlyweds. Soon, the groom had downed his entire drink and being handed another. Looking at the lovely bride, Tyrone smiled to himself and thought ‘Oh, honey, you’re going to be mine tonight!’ A half hour later, the effects of the alcohol and d**g could be seen on the unwitting groom as he began to stagger and being assisted to a chair by the best man. family and friends merely assumed that he just had a bit too much to drink. The best man was another frat brother of the groom and had been partying it up with the frat brothers in attendance, obviously a bit tipsy himself. As the best man began assisting Brad, Tyrone made his move, going up to them and announcing “My date and I were just about to head on out. I’ll give you a hand with my good buddy Brad!” Once up in the honeymoon suite, Tyrone and the best man got Brad’s tuxedo coat off and assisted him onto the sofa. Not wanting to stay too long in the bridal suite, the best man laughed and told Lisa “We’ll leave the bride and groom to yourselves for this special night!” Then the two couples departed and made their way to the elevator. As the best man and maid of honor entered the elevator, Andrea played her part “Oh, you two go ahead! I forgot bursa escort my purse on the counter!” Tyrone and Andrea waved as the elevator doors closed, then smiled at each other, turning to head on back to the honeymoon suite. Knocking at the door they heard a “Yes?” as Andrea responded “Lisa, its me, Andrea! I left my purse on the counter!” Then the door opened, Lisa was still in her lace wedding gown noticeably distraught, saying she couldn’t get Brad to budge. Lisa was obviously confused, embarrassed and upset with Brad for having passed out cold, ruining their wedding night as well. It was the night she’d dreamed of, the night she’d saved herself for, and now her husband was useless. As Andrea entered with Tyrone right behind her, Lisa expressed her dismay “I don’t believe this! After all the years of waiting!” As Andrea retrieved her purse, Lisa asked “Oh, Andrea! Before you leave, could you help me a second with my gown, it’s difficult to get to the zipper!” “Sure!” Andrea replied, setting her purse back down as she followed the lovely bride into the bedroom. When Andrea reappeared, she advised “Don’t worry, we’ll see our way out and see that the door’s locked!” Andrea then smiled at Tyrone and gave him a wink, coming up to him and whispering “Why don’t you go and help the pretty bride get her wedding gown off!” Hearing the front door slam shut, Lisa rolled down one white glove, then the other. She then unclipped the long bridal veil from her silky blonde hair and d****d it over the back of an armchair. Tipsy from drinking far more than she was accustomed to, she closed her eyes and gave an emotional sigh as she began to push the wedding gown from her shoulders. She gasped as she suddenly felt a male’s hands caressing her back, moving to push the gown from her shoulders. Her eyes still closed, she moaned “Oh, Brad! Darling, I didn’t think you’d be up till morning! Oh, yes, touch me …..touch me ……I’m all yours!” “Hmmm!” she moaned as she felt the clasp of her bra being undone. “Ahhhh …..ohhhhhh ….ohhhhhhh, Brad …..yesssss!” Lisa swooned as she felt the very first sensations ever of having her nipples touched without the hindrance of her clothing and bra. “Oh, darling ……you’re driving me crazy! Oh, don’t stop ……oh, yes, I’ve wanted you to touch me for so long!” she moaned. Feeling one hand slowly move down over her trim belly, she moaned as it neared her womanhood. “Oh, yes …..oh, yes …..touch me, honey!” she crooned as the hand moved over her silky panties and rubbed her moistening slit through the thin garment. Tyrone laughed to himself ‘Fucking little bitch think I’m that wimp of an asshole who’s still on the sofa! God, she’s a hot little bitch! You wanted to become a ‘woman’ on your wedding night and I’m here to please! Oh, baby, you’re gonna scream when I pop that precious little cherry of yours!’ Slipping his hand under her lacy white panties, he delved his middle finger into her creaming slit, feeling her lean her head back against his chest as she moaned. Bending his head down, he tongued her earlobe, then traced and teased his wet tongue into her ear. “Oh, Brad …..oh, honeyyyyyy …….ah ….ahhhhh ……ohhhhhhhhhh!” Lisa moaned as the thick finger sawed into her leaking slit. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she shivered as the finger found her sensitive clit, teasing it unmercifully. “Oh, God …….I …..I …..oh, honey …I ….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed as her body shook in her very first orgasm that racked her innocent young body. If not for Brad’s strong muscular body holding her up, Lisa thought she’d surely collapse to the floor. Panting in exhaustion, her body still shuddering periodically as the spasms of the aftershock began to diminish. “Oh, Brad …..oh, Brad! Oh, honey, take me to bed and make me your woman!” she cooed as she caressed his forearm. Then Lisa’s eyes fluttered open and she blinked her eyes again as she looked down at the black arms embracing her body. “Wha …..wha …..Brad!” she screamed as she tried to break free of the muscular arms. “Stop ….stop …… can’t do this!” Lisa screamed and struggled as she was being dragged backwards toward the large king-size bed. But her struggle, in swinging her arms and kicking her legs about, served only to have her wedding gown slip off her legs. She was now clad only in her panties, garter and white hose, along with her white heels. Suddenly, Lisa felt herself being lifted in he muscular arms and then she was unceremoniously dumped upon the bed. She shuddered in revulsion as her attacker’s muscular black body had fallen upon her, knocking the breath out of her. “Please …….please, Tyrone! How ……how can you do this to me? You’re …’re Brad’s good friend …….you’re his frat brother!” she pled in horror. She struggled and sobbed under the heavy body but her arms were now captive in one of his strong hands. “Please …please …….please, you can’t do this to me!” she sobbed. “Sweetie ….your fucking hubby ain’t no friend of mine! Know how that fucker got to be president of the frat? Fucker broke the honor code in bad mouthing me so he could get enough votes! Getting to be president of the frat was also a shoo-in to a prestigious job with all the visibility! That fucker screwed me and now its pay back time, baby!” he growled. “Limp dick Brad was bragging that he was getting himself a pure innocent little virgin on his wedding night! You’re gonna get yerself a ‘real’ man to do the honors for ya, honey!” Tyrone snickered. “Please ……please …..please don’t **** me! Please ….I ….I’ve saved myself all these years for Brad! Please don’t …..please don’t do this to me!” Lisa wept. “Oh ….ohhh ..ohhhhhh …..ah …ahh …ahhhhh!” she shivered as a sensitive nipple was captured in a hot suckling mouth. “Ohhhhhhhhhh …..!” she shivered as the now flicking tongue teased her rising nipple. She tossed her head from side to side, her flowing blonde hair whipping about as her other nipple was teased in the same manner. Panting for breath as the teasing of her nipples stopped, Lisa was not aware that her arms were being drawn down to her side, still held captive in the stronger hands of her attacker. She shivered as the exploring tongue made its way down her trim belly, teasing her belly button. Then her assailant stopped and leaned up to grasp at a legband of her thin panties, tearing it with a yank as if it was tissue paper. When his face bent back down to nuzzle at her belly, making its way further down, she was in a panic ‘No ….no ……oh, no ….no man would do such a thing!’ “Ahhhhhhhhh …..oh God, pleaseeeee ……noooooooooo!” Lisa groaned and shuddered. Involuntarily, she arched her hips up as Tyrone’s hot mouth clamped down over her soft golden curls, the withering tongue parting her slick slit in search of her sensitive clit. Planting her heels into the mattress, she threw her head back, gasping for breath, and groaned “Ohhhhhhhhh, Goddddd …..I …I ….you …’re ……driving me crazyyyyyyy ….arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” Lisa screamed. Body shuddering, Lisa closed her thighs around the pleasure giving head, her body shaking in an unwanted orgasm. Tyrone leaned up, slurping and smacking of his glistening lips, chuckling as he looked down upon the lovely bride who had fainted dead away as the climax shook her innocent young body. His cock was rock solid and he couldn’t wait to deflower this little beauty. He moved up, rubbing himself against her soft limp body, his cockhead delving into her soft golden curls. His cock throbbed but he forced himself to remain absolutely still for fear of losing he load right then and there. “Ah, God !” he moaned and shuddered, knowing he had to make it a special moment for the lovely bride, a moment when she was awake to feel him pop her precious cherry. Awaking from her momentary faint, Lisa realized this not a nightmare and fought as best as she could, hit her muscular attacker but her tiny fists did absolutely nothing. But her sharp nails dug into Tyrone’s shoulders, causing him to grimace and give a yell “Owwwww!” The shifting of her attacker’s body then allowed her legs to kick out and her sharp heel created a 4″ gash into Tyrone’s upper thigh, as he yelled out “Owwww ….you Goddamn bitch!” Though hurting, Tyrone enjoyed the pain as he got his arms under her knees and bent her in two, her kness now pinning her upper arms to the bed. He had the frightened bride in a position where she could no longer kick or scratch at him any further. Tyrone laughed and sneered as he looked on the teary eyed little beauty, telling her “Gonna ‘ruin’ ya now, bitch! You’re always gonna remember who copped your precious little cherry! Busted, right on your wedding night, sweetie!” Helpless, Lisa pleaded “Please, oh please, Tyrone ……..please don’t **** me! Not on my wedding day! Please …….please, I’m a virgin!” “Oh, please ….please, Tyrone ….please don’t!” she sobbed, feeling the blunt fleshy instrument prodding at the entrance to her womanhood. Then the horror of it all struck her, the thought of the potential consequences of this vicious ****. ‘Oh, God! Oh, God! I wanted so desperately to have Brad impregnate me on our wedding night! Oh, God, I wanted so badly to conceive on our wedding night ….but ….but …with Brad!’ she worried. “Ohhhhhhh ….oh, God ……oh, God …….help meeeeee!” Lisa pleaded. Then she heard laughter coming from the doorway, the familiar voice of Andrea encouraging Tyrone on “Give it to the beautiful little bitch! Bust her wide open!” Blinking away the tears, Lisa turned and gasped as she saw Andrea holding up Brad’s video camera, taping her horrible ****. “Stop …..stop …..please!” she whimpered, then began sobbing in her helpless position. Lunging forward, Tyrone’s body shivered with pleasure as his cockhead was suddenly enveloped in her tight gripping slit. The agonized pleas sent another shiver of pleasure through his body, hearing Lisa cry out “Arggggghhhhhh …….noooooooo ……… ….stop …..stop! Pleaseeee ………stop ….it hurts ……it hurtsssssss!” Tyrone smiled and gloated “Lisa, sweetie, I only got my cockhead in ya so far! Think it hurts now, baby, just wait till I bust your fucking cherry!” Licking his lips in anticipation, Tyrone reared back, then slammed forward with all his might. “Aieeeeeeeeeeeee ………..ahhh ……..ahhhhhhhhhhh ….ohhhhhhh!” Lisa screamed as pain tore through her innocent young body. She sobbed and whimpered in shame, knowing that she was now no longer a pure innocent young virgin, all those years of preserving herself for Brad had been ripped away in an instant. Her body shuddered in revulsion, the thick shaft splitting her in two, forcing itself deeper and deeper. Tyrone stilled himself, letting Lisa get accustomed to the size of his cock in her and also to keep himself in check for fear of cumming at that very moment. He had been with many women since his teenage years but never had he ever had a virgin before, never felt gal grip his cock to tightly as this, threatening to squeeze the cum from his balls if he moved just a fraction of an inch. “Oh, baby! Oh, Lisa, you’re so fucking tight, honey!” he moaned. “Oh, please …..please …..please stop! Please …please, please stop! Please …it hurtsssss” Lisa sobbed as her body shuddered in pain and revulsion. Frozen to the spot, unable and unwilling to move, the pain between her legs suddenly began to ease. By instinct, her cunt muscles squeezed at the thick invading shaft, gripping it like a tight velvet glove. “Please …….no, please ….I ….I could get pregnant! Please stop! I ….I can’t have a baby from you!” Lisa sobbed and pleaded in fear. “Ohhhhhhhh ……ohhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned as Tyrone pumped into her slowly, withdrawing, then pushing forward again and again. “Oooooooooooh …….ah …..ahhh …..nooooooo ….noooooooo…. arghhhhhhhhh!” she groaned, her quivering from the pleasurable but unwanted sensations coursing through her body. Her body was reacting on its own, her slit becoming slick with her juices, allowing the r****g shaft to slice itself between her folds faster and faster. “Oh, God …….ohhhhhhh, God …..oh …..ohhhh ….what’s …hap ….happening to meeeee! Oh, God …….ah …….argggggggggghhhhh!” Lisa screamed, her body tensing and convulsing in a mind-shattering orgasm. “Ahhhhhhhhhh ……ohhhhhhhhhh …..ahhhhhhhhhh!” she groaned, arching up as an explosion flooded her insides with a torrent of hot stickiness. Moments later, Tyrone withdrew his bloody shaft from the ****d beauty as she lay sobbing beneath him. Kneeling on the bed, he saw Lisa’s body curl up into the fetal position as she wept in shame. He saw her bloodied thighs and looked down at his blood streaked cock that had done the damage. He knew he had hurt her badly and remorse began to set in for the crime he had committed upon the innocent little beauty. ‘Shit, what did I do?’ he asked himself. Getting off the bed, he then covered the ****d beauty with the sheet and bedspread, then dimmed the lights as he closed the bedroom door. Exiting the bedroom door, he saw the punk he hated and who had led him to doing the evil deed he had not thought he was capable of. He now wished that he had confined his revenge on the bastard Brad rather than making Lisa suffer through the **** he had forced upon her. Taking the camera from Andrea, he got it ready to start filming as Andrea began to get undressed. As the filming bursa escort bayan started, Andrea played the part of the bimbo to perfection as she stripped off her clothing. Down to her panties and bra, she looked at the camera and said “I’ve got the perfect surprise for the groom!” Then she unbuttoned Brad’s shirt and stripped off his pants and jockeys. Next came her bra and then she fiddled with her panties, announcing “Got that surprise for you right here, Brad, baby!” Hidden in her panties was the pad she was wearing, a very soiled pad from that time of the month. On film, Tyrone got it all as Andrea rubbed that messy pad all over the prick’s face. Then Andrea got onto the couch and squatted herself right onto Brad’s face, rubbing her smelly twat about. Reaching down, Andrea handled Brad’s cock and laughed “What a tiny little pecker!” She began to pump on the cock in her hand, jerking it till it was as hard as it’d get. Looking up at the camera, Andrea leaned over and opened her mouth wide, putting Brad’s cockhead into the side of her mouth. Through the camera lens, Tyrone watched as Andrea suddenly bit down hard on the cockhead, grinding her back teeth into the flesh. He saw Brad body flinch automatically and Tyrone himself shivered as he imagined if Andrea had bit down on him in such a manner. Then he watched as Andrea took her mouth off Brad’s cock and continued to jerk on it. It had started to dwindle from the painful bite she had inflicted, then finally it began to grow again. He saw Brad’s cock expand from the handling then it spewed its hot white seed in spurts, right onto his black tuxedo pants. Tyrone knew he had gotten his revenge when that wicked look came over Andrea’s face as she smiled for the camera. With Brad’s dwindling cock in her hand, she leaned over and bared her teeth. She pumped at the cock to keep it up in size, then with her teeth parted, she rubbed the pisshole against her bottom teeth. With a tooth in the pisshole itself, Tyrone felt himself flinch when Andrea snapped down on the cockhead, inflicting a cut right in Brad’s pisshole. The next morning, Brad awoke to the sunlight coming in from the balcony. “Ahhhhh, God …owww!” he grimaced in pain, bending in two as he grabbed his crotch. “Oh, God ……fuck …it hurts!” he moaned, his body shivering in pain. “God, what’s that fucking smell? Shit,it smells so fucking bad!” he groaned as he looked down to examine himself. Touching his cock, he saw some blood and touched it. Bringing it up to his nose, it had that same smell about his face. Touching his cock, he grimaced as it was so tender and felt bruised. Pulling up his pants, Brad tried to recall the events of the night but all he could remember back to was the reception. Everything else was totally blank. Peeking into the bedroom door, he observed Lisa lying in the bed, her back to him. Going to the bed, he could see that his lovely wife was fast asleep. Lifting the spread and sheet a bit, he saw that Lisa’s back was naked, then lifting it further he could see her naked buttocks except for her garter belt. His cock gave a twitch of excitement but he grimaced as that twitch caused a throbbing ache in his bruised cock. Peeling the sheet down a bit more, he observed that Lisa still had her white nylons on. His heart was beating fast and he gasped as he observed her ivory white thighs smeared with blood and noticed the large red stain on the bottom sheet. Brad lay the sheet back down on Lisa as he grimaced and made his way to the bathroom. He needed to relieve himself from all the alcohol he had consumed. Standing over the john to relieve himself, he immediately cried out as he began to pee “Owwwwww …..ahhhhhh!” His body quivered in pain and he was caught in between the need to pee and the need to stop the horrible pain. In just that moment of horrendous pain, he was covered in sweat. His fingers pushed at the tip of his cockhead so he could examine his pisshole. He could see the gash in his pisshole and cussed “Damn, Lisa, I knew you promised to bite it on our wedding night! But fuck, don’t leave teeth marks!” Taking a shower, Brad examined his aching cock, saw the discoloration on his cockhead and obvious teeth marks on its stem. He grimaced as he handled his cock, pressing down at points to see where the bruises were. A bad hangover did not help matters as this honeymoon was turning out so different from what he had anticipated. The thoughts of making love to his lovely wife for the first time were gone as he could not even remember taking her cherry, something he had dreamed about for years. Seeing Lisa still curled up and asleep, Brad knew he had to get something for his headache. He wrote a note to Lisa, telling her he had gone down to the coffee shop for some orange and coffee, that he’d return in an hour so they could have breakfast together. Going to his shaving kit, he took a couple of aspirins from the bottle he had packed with him. Still cussing as he made his exit, Brad slammed the front door shut as he cussed loudly “Fuck, it even hurts when I walk! Dumb fucking bitch!” Hearing the front door slam shut brought Lisa out of her deep sleep. She moaned as the memory of her **** and deflowering flooded her mind. Then a feeling of guilt rushed through her as she recalled how her body had betrayed her and how she had indeed climaxed from the unwanted sex with Tyrone. Tossing the covers and sheet from her body, she looked down and observed that she had bled from the ****, indicating that it had been no nightmare. Her thighs were smeared with blood along with the tops of her white nylons. She grimaced as she sat up on the edge of the bed and kicked off her white heels. Then she peeled down her blood stained nylons. Standing, Lisa let her garter belt drop to the floor before making her way to the bedroom doorway. She peered out and saw that Brad was not on the sofa and wondered where he had gone. Making her way to the bathroom to shower, she then observed his note on the sink. She wondered if Brad had any idea of what had happened last night. Under the shower, not knowing what to do, Lisa decided not to say anything and to find out what Brad recalled of the night’s events. When Brad did return, Lisa hesitantly embraced him. When Brad apologized “I hope I didn’t hurt you too much, honey! I saw the blood on the sheets this morning!” Lisa breathed a sigh of relief as Brad thought he had been the one to deflower her. She could not bring herself to tell him that she had been ****d and deflowered by his black fraternity brother. Then she shuddered, wondering ‘Oh, God! What ….what if I’m pregnant with his baby? I …..I got to make this disgrace up to Brad …make this a honeymoon he’ll remember!’ She dropped her hand to his hip and let it wander further. What Brad had been looking forward to for years, now sent shivers of fear coursing through his body. His loud groan of pain was mistaken for one of pleasure. He cringed when Lisa cupped his crotch through his pants and squeezed. “I’m going to put this guy in my mouth and bite him everyday of our honeymoon! Would you like me to get down on my knees right now and give him a nibble?” his wife cooed to him. Desperately he changed the subject “Ah ….honey, the breakfast line was getting long! We …we better go down there now or we’ll never get served!” The honeymoon turned out to be thoroughly agonizing period for both bride and groom as they did not consummate their marriage at all. Lisa wanted so badly to make love to Brad but he always seemed more interested in going sightseeing or swimming than spending time alone in bed with her. She wondered if he did in fact know that she had been ‘ruined’ by his black frat brother and now did not want to touch her. She so desperately wanted to feel that fantastic feeling that came with sex, wanting Brad to be the one to take her to the heavens. Although her thighs were still a bit sore from the **** as well as feeling guilty for achieving several orgasms during the ****, it seemed that she wanted again to experience such a fantastic feeling. With the honeymoon an utter disappointment, little by little Lisa’s guilt turned to anger. In her mind, she began to blame Brad for what had happened, recalling why Tyrone had sought revenge against him. After all, if he hadn’t gotten drunk and passed out on their wedding night, the r****t and his girlfriend would not have come to the honeymoon suite in the first place. She rationalized that if Brad hadn’t been passed out, he could’ve protected her, prevented the **** from taking place. It would have been her husband, not the r****t who had claimed her cherry on her wedding night. Of course, Lisa did not know the Tyrone had d**gged her husband and that it wasn’t Brad’s fault that hed passed out on their wedding night. Neither did she know that Tyrone’s date had done her part in sabotaging the honeymoon by chewing Brad’s penis raw and that she had deposited the foul aftertaste of her dirty pussy into his mouth, turning him completely off to any desire to consummate their marriage during the honeymoon. Brad, of course, wasn’t going to add insult to injury by criticizing his new bride for the foul smell and taste of her pussy or for butchering his penis. Brad merely assumed they’d consummated their marriage on their wedding night, but he was just so drunk that night he didn’t remember. He felt so guilty in not remembering anything and also recalled the semen he had shot all over the front of his pants. His sexually-inexperienced bride had tried to please him orally, something he had always wanted, but she had sucked and chewed much too hard. He cringed at the thought of having his bruised and battered penis suffer another such disastrous event. The ten long days of their honeymoon was just coming to an end, yet it was still painful to just take a damned piss. By the time they returned from their honeymoon to begin their married life together, Lisa had become quite angry with her new husband. She secretly blamed him for ruining the wedding reception, their wedding night and also their honeymoon. In addition, his disinterest in expressing romance and affection during the honeymoon had left her, thinking more and more about the pleasures she’d experienced with Tyrone. Weeks later, Brad and Lisa traveled the three hundred miles to attend the wedding of another of Brad’s frat brothers. The wedding was set for Saturday but they planned to stay till late Monday as Brad had set up a round of golf with his close buddies and was going to make some business calls on Monday. That way the company would pay for part of the trip. It seemed that most of the out of town guests were staying at the resort where the wedding reception would take place. It seemed to be fate that the seating arrangements had Tyrone sitting at the same table with them. Lisa had been nervous when she first saw Tyrone at the reception but he acted quite the gentleman, extending his hand to shake in a warm greeting. She had dreaded this moment, wondering if he intended on blackmailing her with the incriminating videotape of her ****. Lisa knew she needed to get that tape, not wanting her parents or friends to see it, not really caring at this point if Brad saw it. She wondered what it’d take to get the tape, squeezing her thighs together at the thought of what it would take. The unwanted thoughts of the fabulous feelings of the orgasms she had reached flooded her mind as her slit began to get slick with her juices. Throughout the dinner, Tyrone felt so guilty at what he had done to the beautiful woman sitting across the table from him. He noticed that she often glanced up from her meal to gaze at him, making him feel even worse for the crime that he perpetrated upon her innocent young body. But he couldn’t deny that she was the best ever compared to all the women he had possessed. Over the past month, all he could think of was Lisa, the pleasure of feeling her soft body against him and the guilt that was at times overwhelming. Tyrone had come alone for this occasion and Brad could not help but to stick a jab out at him, laughing “What’s the matter Tyrone, can’t get a date?” This had upset Lisa, who wanted to tell Brad ‘Hell, at least he can get his cock up! God, Brad, his cock makes yours look like a little toy!’ Her thoughts went back to the other night when they had finally embraced for some lovemaking in bed. It had been a total disappointment, having pumped his cock to stiffness, Brad finally got his cock embedded into her for the very first time. But in Brad’s frenzied lovemaking attempt, he had actually withdrawn too much and slipped out of her slick slit. She desperately had grabbed his cock to put it back in but her clutching fingers sent him over the edge, sending his spurting seed onto her furry mound. With Brad having a good time talking to his frat brothers, Lisa didn’t ask him but instead told him “Since you don’t like to dance and Tyrone doesn’t have a date, I’m going to have a dance with him!” Brad was a bit upset as he watched his lovely wife being led to the dance floor by his black frat brother, trying to keep his prejudice from showing. Brad was fuming, not wanting Tyrone to put his black paws on his personal property, not wanting him to soil her ivory body with his touch. On the dance floor, Tyrone looked down at the beauty’s lovely face, feeling guilty orf having ****d her on her wedding night. He had been surprised when she had wanted to dance with him, wondering what she was escort bursa thinking as she looked a bit scared and nervous. Then he found out when she nervously asked him “What …..what do you want for that videotape? Please …..please Tyrone …..I’d die if anyone saw that tape!” Feeling her soft body up against him, Tyrone was speechless, unable to think clearly. He had no intention of letting anyone see the tape and in fact was going to destroy it. But the feel of her body up against him had his mind in a jumble. “Tyrone …..please …..I …..I’ll do anything you want if you promise never to show that tape to anyone!” Lisa pleaded. “Please …..please, Tyrone! I’ll prove it to you! Let me prove it to you …..I’ll ……I’ll do anything!” she looked up at him with her pleading blue eyes. She told him of Brad’s golf plans and Monday’s business meetings, hoping she could convince him. As they danced in a far corner, a darkened corner, Lisa looked about to see that no one was looking their way. Letting her free hand drop from his shoulder, she let it wander between their bodies, her fingers finding and tracing the outline of his thick bulge. As the dance came to an end, she gave the thick muscle a squeeze with her hand. At that point, Tyrone could not pass up the opportunity of a lifetime, even if the beautiful newlywed was doing it under duress. The guilt he had been feeling was set aside by the chance of bedding the beautiful little blonde again, bringing out the a****l in him. As they began to leave the dance floor, he told her “I’m in room 814! Be that at 8 a.m., bitch! I don’t want to hear no pleading or whining when you arrive! I want you to strip when you arrive and get on your fucking knees to suck me off! You had better find a pillow to sit down on tomorrow night cause I’m gonna bust your cherry white ass open!” In bed that night, Lisa couldn’t get to sleep, her mind racing as thoughts of anticipation flooded her. ‘Was it fear of submitting to the man who had ****d her on her wedding night? Or was it really that she wanted to be forced to submit to him again? ‘ she asked herself, feeling guilty as she squeezed her thighs together to quell the itch. Under the covers, she reached down and slipped her hand under her panties, letting her finger delve into her slick slit. As soon as Brad had departed for his golf game, Lisa quickly jumped out of bed for a quick shower. Then she put on a pair of lacy white bra and panties. Then she slipped her pink dress on and stepped into her white heels. She brushed her long hair and put on her pink lipstick, looked into the mirror to reflect that she had dressed to perfection. Getting off the elevator at the eighth floor, Lisa bit her bottom lip in nervousness. ‘Turn and run while you still can!’ she told herself. But the itch between her legs told her otherwise as the crotch of her panties became wet with her juices. Just as she was about to knock on the door of Room 814, she saw that it was not closed all the way. Swallowing deeply, she pushed the door open and stepped in, closing it behind her. She walked the short distance of the entranceway and took a sharp intake of breath as the sight before her. Standing off to the side of the bed was Tyrone, his muscular black body glistening in its nakedness. Without a word, Lisa licked her lips then reached behind her neck to unclip the hook of her dress. Drawing the zipper down, a moment later, her pink dress lay upon the carpet. Reaching behind her, she unclipped her back and undid her bra clip, then peeled the lacy garment from her body. Thumbs in the waistband of her panties, she bared her golden mound for her admirer, letting the lacy garment fall to her heels. Stepping forward with her white panties tangled on a heel, Lisa knelt down onto the carpet, reaching up gingerly to touch the stiff black muscle that throbbed in front of her. Tyrone couldn’t believe his eyes, seeing Lisa kneeling subserviently before him, touching him as she nervously stuck her pointed tongue out to taste him. “Ohhhh, babyyyyyy!” he moaned loudly as he felt her soft hand squeeze him as her wet tongue gave his pulsing cockhead a swipe. He wanted to wrap his fingers into her hair and face fuck her but restrained himself, letting her do whatever she felt capable of doing, not wanting to force her to do something that would repulse her. He stood there totally amazed at what Lisa was doing, encompassing his entire cockhead into her mouth and going down on him like a two-dollar whore. He wanted to shoot his load into her sweet sucking mouth, to hold her hair tightly so she wouldn’t pull away but against his will, he moaned out a warning “Oh, Lisa, baby! I’m going to cum in your mouth if you don’t stop …….oh, baby …suck it!” But Lisa didn’t pull away, instead she pumped her head on his cock faster and faster, seemingly wanting him to shoot his load into her mouth. “Ahhh ..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned, his body shuddering as spasm after spasm rocked his body. Finally, he had to clutch her hair to keep from slumping down to the floor from exertion of spurting his entire load down her gulping throat. Still on her knees, licking the cum from her lips, Lisa felt her stomach feel a bit queasy but she was proud of herself at what she had done. Her girlfriends had made some nasty talk at her bridal shower, talking about ‘blowjobs’ and tasting all that sticky male cum. She felt so proud that she had performed her very first ‘blowjob’ and did it like a pro. She felt so powerful at what she had done, reducing the huge powerful male to jelly with her mouth and hands as she looked at Tyrone lying upon the bed. Satisfied that her stomach would not rebel, she crawled forward to grab the now limp black muscle. She smiled as it gave a twitch of revival the second that she wrapped her hand around it. Tyrone lay back upon the bed in total amazement, feeling that soft petite hand wrap around him and began to shuck his cock back to its stiffness. Then he saw her stand up and get onto the bed, spreading her legs wide to straddle him. With her hand on his cock, he watched as she guided his cockhead to her opening. He was in disbelief as Lisa let go of his cock and dropped her full weight onto him, impaling herself on his stiff muscle, causing her to moan loudly “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……..ohhhhhhhhhh ….ahhh …ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh, God ……oh, God ……it’s so thick ……oh, yes ….oh, it feels so goodddddddd!” As Lisa reached up to cup her breasts, thumbs flicking at her stiff nipples while she rode his cock, Tyrone knew she was now hooked on his black cock. Two more fantastic love sessions took place on the hotel bed, each time it was mutually satisfying for both participants. Tyrone filled the lovely newlywed with his thick seed, with her legs wrapped tightly around him as they both shuddered together in ecstasy. Tyrone had forgotten what he had told her the night before but it was apparent that Lisa had not. On all fours on the bed, Lisa had looked back at him, telling him “Please Tyrone, please don’t show that tape to anyone! I’ll let you have my cherry white ass like you demanded last night!” He certainly did not need another reminder. He knew she was in need of some rough loving and got into position. With his cock in position, Tyrone then slammed forward, knowing he was giving her exactly what she wanted. “Owwwwwww …ohhhh, stop …..ohhhhh, it hurtsssss …..oh, please ..ohhhhhh, you’re tearing me!” came the cry for mercy but Tyrone slammed forward again, knowing it was what she really wanted and needed. As they showered before Lisa had to go, they embraced in the shower and Tyrone lifted the petite blonde wife. It was another fantastic fuck as Lisa wrapped her trim white legs around his waist as he literally nailed her to the shower stall. Before she departed, he wanted to see what her reaction would be and told her “Be here as soon as Brad leaves for his business meeting!” Instead of a look of disappointment or that of horror, the lovely bride instead wrapped her arms around him and they engaged in a passionate kiss. “I’ll do as you want …..I just can’t have anyone see that film!” she replied with a smile before leaving. A month later, Tyrone couldn’t get the lovely blonde beauty out of his mind. He got hold of her and told her he was going to be in town for the weekend, he advised “If you want that tape, tell Brad you’re going to spend the weekend with some friends. You’re going to have to really convince me if you don’t want that tape being seen by anyone!” But Tyrone was in for a surprise the next time he met up with the hot blonde minx. “Please, Tyrone! Please don’t send that horrible tape to my parents and friends! Please don’t use that to force me to leave Brad and move in with you to be your whore! Please don’t force me to go to those fraternity tailgaters before the football games – they’ve all met me last year and know I’m Brad’s wife – it’ll be so embarrassing for Brad if I’m there with you, along with ‘our’ baby!” Lisa said as she feigned a look of terror. Tyrone could see that this was no longer the same na’ve and innocent Lisa that had just been a virgin bride just five months earlier. He could see that she was really giving him ideas on how to really put the screws to the guy who had cheated him out of the presidency. He couldn’t believe that this lovely beauty was really telling him that she wanted to move in with him and in fact she was already carrying his baby! ‘Oh, baby!’ he groaned, feeling her hand slowly pumping at his cock and her pointed tongue darting out to tease his pisshole. Ever since graduation, Tyrone got calls to attend the tailgate functions with the frat. He had decided earlier not to go as that asshole ‘Brad’ was in charge of the functions and just didn’t want be bothered with that prick any further. Now it was Brad’s beautiful wife that was giving him the avenue for his ultimate revenge. He chuckled to himself ‘Damn! Revenge is sweet!’ Two weeks later, Tyrone cuddled up with Lisa in the bed that they now shared together. She had packed up her belongings, letting Brad come home to an empty house with only a note from her telling him it was all over between them, without a mention as to where she was moving to. When Lisa’s cell phone rang, Lisa looked at the display to see who the call was coming from, then smiled and handed it to Tyrone. “Hello!” Tyrone answered as he smiled at Lisa, who was reaching under the sheets to wrap her soft fingers around him. Holding the phone aware from his ear as Lisa leaned over to listen to the conversation. “Who ….who is this? Is this Lisa’s cell phone?” asked a puzzled Brad. “Hey, Brad, is that you? How ya doing, my man! This is Tyrone! Hold on, Lisa’s right here!” Tyrone replied, handing the phone over to a quietly giggling Lisa. One hand on the cell phone and the other on a bigger black instrument, Lisa deliberately answered the phone in a rather unemotional tone “Yes! What is it?” She also did the same in holding the phone away from her so Tyrone could listen in. They heard a puzzled Brad “Lisa, honey, where are you? Why …..why is Tyrone answering your phone? I ….I called to apologize for everything …..I want us to get back together again, Lisa!” Lisa smiled at Tyrone, then replied into the phone “I’m at Tyrone’s place! He answered cause I didn’t want to get out of bed!” Both Lisa and Tyrone looked at each other and smiled, listening to the silence on the other end of the phone. Then finally the silence was broken “Ty …Tyrone’s place? Wh ….what are you doing there?” “I moved in with Tyrone, Brad! Brad, next week, I want you to file for divorce based on irreconcilable differences! If you want to put ‘adultery’ as the reason for the divorce, that’s up to you! But remember, it’s then public records and imagine what your frat brothers will say when they learn that your wife of less than six months cheated on you! Got to go now, Tyrone and I were just about to make love when you called! It’s so good to have a ‘real man’ who knows how to please a woman!” Lisa advised, then turned off the phone. The next year, in the first week of September, the college football season was about to kick off. From early morning, at their regular spot, the fraternity brothers and their guests started to gather. Walking ahead, carrying a cake for the potluck, Lisa was greeted by the many familiar faces whom she had not seen since the end of the last football season. Then one of the fellows asked “What’s keeping Brad, Lisa?” She then gave him a puzzled look and replied “Gosh, I have no idea at all where Brad is!” Moments later, Tyrone came strolling up to the group with a couple of chairs and food for the tailgate in one hand. In Tyrone’s other hand, he was carrying a baby’s carseat by its handle. Everyone’s head turned as they were in total shock as Tyrone as he put the baby’s carseat onto the ground, then put his arm around Lisa’s trim waist. Their jaws dropped wide open as Lisa turned and tilted her head up for a passionate kiss from Tyrone. Their eyes next drifted down to the baby in the carseat shaking his toy rattle, stunning the entire crowd. A bit later, a jolly greeting could be heard from a distance “Hey, guys! Sorry I’m late! Had to pick up this keg of beer!” Brad was puzzled as to why everyone was looking at him strangely. ‘Shit, just because I’m a bit late with the beer, no reason for them to give me that look!’ he muttered to himself as he pulled the cart along. As he neared the group, he loudly advised “Okay, okay …….I know I’m a bit late with the …….!” He swallowed deeply, seeing the couple at the far end waving at him, seeing the little baby’s arm held high by its mother to give him a wave.

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