Decking The Hall , Jingly Belles


Andy looked around the room, which was sparsely decorated for Christmas – a few ornaments, a tiny table-size tree and a few Christmas cards. Most of them were from friends, one from his family – who he didn’t see at Christmas – a few from co-workers and businesses. In a few hours, it’d be Christmas – big whoop. He didn’t begrudge anyone else enjoying the season, but it wasn’t one of his favorites, to be sure. Some of his family used Christmas as a chance to show off their opulence, others made him feel small at having chosen his art over a more lucrative career. Virtually all of them wanted to know why he was still single.

He rubbed his slightly-graying goatee and pondered how he’d gotten to this point at the ripe old age of 45. He had never been big on Christmas, but in the last 10 years, it really sucked. He spent Christmas Day with a few friends who were like him, alone at the Holidays, or far from family. However, Christmas Eve still made him blue. He’d been single a long time and there was no one, no kids or wife or girlfriend to spend this night with. He couldn’t even go out and have a drink, all the taverns and pubs were closed.

Andy threw another log on the fire, which popped and blazed merrily. Andy drank more Egg Nog, it needed more rum, but if he added much more, it’d be Rum Nog and he been snockered – which would just make him more depressed. One of his friends actually had concocted “Beer Nog” one year, which made him laugh hysterically, even though he was repulsed by the combination.

Andy sat in the big, leather Easy Chair, displacing his cat, Colonel, who voiced his annoyance and trotted off to the bedroom to sleep. It was then that Andy heard a loud commotion that seemed to be coming from the direction of the fireplace.

A cloud of smoke – but not from the fire – appeared – and out of it emerged a figure in a red suit, with a jolly “HoHoHO!!” Although somehow, the voice seemed a bit wonky and off-key.

Oddly enough, the sound wasn’t the only thing that seemed off. As the figure stood before him, Andy soon realized the suit was mostly padding and the beard was fake. The twinkle in the eyes was real enough, but not much else was. Andy looked down at the drink still in his hand and wondered if he’d already had a bit too much.

“Santa Claus?” he asked incredulously.

The figure shook its head and walked towards him. “Nope – that’s Granddaddy!” The voice was soft, melodic and most definitely feminine!

Andy looked even more confused, if that were at all possible.

“Look, even with all the time zones and nearly 31 halkalı ucuz escort hours to deliver presents and magic an’ stuff, you don’t think Granddaddy can deliver ALL those presents, do ya?” the woman in the suit said to him. Andy shook his head.

“His kids and Grandkids – and there’s a BUNCH of us – help out! You’re my last delivery, I have the night off now. I’m Chris Kringle”. The figure put out it’s hand – which felt very light and soft to the touch.

Taking off the hat and disguise, shimmering locks of blonde hair fell loose, framing a face that shone with beauty and radiance. “It’s short for Christina. Mom and Dad were traditionalists, y’know! My sisters are Merry and Holly and my brother’s name is Noel” she said with a giggle.

Andy laughed, the first laugh he’d had in a few weeks. “Well, nice to meet you. I’m Andy! You don’t have a brother named Rudolph, do you?” She shook her head and giggled again.

Christina smiled at him, with eyes that sparkled and captivated Andy. Those eyes seemed blue – but with flecks of green, violet – luminescent, like none he’d ever seen before. “I know who you are silly – you know, the whole keeping the list, checking it twice thingie — but what I don’t know is what you want for Christmas. It isn’t on my list!”

Andy smiled, half-heartedly. “What I want isn’t available on any list Chris, but thanks.”

The lovely blonde smiled again, this one seemed to have a touch of whimsy behind it. “Well, I just told you I’m finished for the night. You sure I can’t give you a Christmas Eve to remember?” she asked coyly.

Andy looked over at Christina, in front of the fireplace, backlit by its flickering light. She was wriggling out of the bulky suit – and underneath, she was a Christmas fantasy come true.

Christina was attired in a slinky black teddy that was tight around her round, firm breasts, hugging her every delicious curve. She had a body that came straight out of a centerfold. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders and her eyes beckoned with lust, delight and passion. She had long, silky legs that tapered down towards perfect calves. Her skin was beautiful, unmarked, nary a blemish. She still wore the boots she’d entered the room before, but now they added a touch of spice to the sensuality of her outfit.

“Like?” Christina spun around to give Andy the full effect of her naughty little outfit.

“Uh-huh” Andy nodded, not trusting himself to speak. “Like a LOT Hun – but hey, a beautiful young thing like you with a guy my age…” He felt like an idiot halkalı üniversiteli escort saying this, but he didn’t want to take advantage of this sweet, sexy young woman.

Christina cut him off by placing one of her fingers on his lips and shushing him. “I’m older than I look Hun and besides, you look like you have enough stamina to help me ring in the holidays. Now – are you going to take off those clothes and let me taste that hard cock of yours that’s simply aching to fuck my hot, wet, tight horny pussy?”

Andy practically tripped over himself in his eagerness to get naked. Having sex with someone as desirable as Christina was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he wasn’t dumb enough to pass it up. Within scant minutes, Chris was atop of him in the easy chair, nuzzling his neck with a series of warm, erotic kisses.

“This is nice!,” she cooed, as Andy’s hands caressed her silky skin. “I just broke up with my last boyfriend, he didn’t like visiting me in the North Pole!”

“For a hottie like you, I’d move to Alaska!” Andy smiled at her. “I bet you’d keep a man warm at night!”

Christina ran her fingers across Andy’s naked chest, raking her fingernails across his skin and sending erotic shivers throughout his body. “Well, the silly bugger never stopped to find out if I would commute. Anyway, let’s see if l’il Chrissie can make this hard cock dance!”

She worked her way down Andy’s naked flesh with a tongue that seemed to light him on fire with passion. Never had a tongue inflamed him so, it was the best licking of his life. Her soft hands cupped his balls as her tongue laved down over his flesh. When her warm, red sensual lips engulfed his member, he felt it pulsate in her mouth. Chris licked and sucked at his cock with loving passion, slurping and playing with it like a hot, living Candy Cane. He saw her eyes dancing as she sucked deeply on his cock, feasting on it and making him harder, hornier, than he had ever been in his entire life.

Andy wanted to, NEEDED to taste her and he had her wiggle around so she was literally ON TOP of him, upside down in the chair. He licked at the sparsely furred blonde pussy, which was the nicest Christmas treat he could remember. Her pussy tasted vaguely of mint, like a light and sweet Candy, yet with every lick, he felt his cock harden with the urge to make love to this Christmas delight! Fucking this hot little vixen – he grimaced at the pun his brain had just made – would be the highlight of his year!

She seemed to reciprocate his feelings, haramidere escort for Chris mounted his cock and began to ride him, her body moving in synch with his own. She tightened her pussy muscles around his shaft and squeezed, he groaned in ecstasy. Andy played with her beautiful breasts, which were as sweet and round as sugarplums. She bounced up and down on his manhood, his cock harder and bigger than he could ever remember it being, it seemed to be growing as he fucked the sexy blonde. His cock pistoned in and out of her tight pussy and she slammed her body back at him, the ball on her Christmas hat bouncing along as the two of them fucked wildly, the fire crackling behind them.

Christina’s eyes seemed to look at him adoringly as they fucked, her body moved as his did. The fire behind them blazed and lit them erotically as they moved together, an erotic silhouette danced on the walls behind them.

“Fuck my pussy darling, oh baby, fill Chrissy’s hot pussy with your big candy stick, love me, fuck me, fuck me harder sweetie, I want you to fuck me all night long!” she wailed.

Concentrating, Andy did as he was commanded. “Like my cock baby, goddd, I’ve never felt a pussy as good as yours. You’ve got the sweetest, tightest little cunt I have ever fucked!” he yelled back as she rode his throbbing manhood.

Harder and with more passion Andy fucked her, she gave as good as she got. She matched her new lover, fuck for fuck, if he moved up, Christina came down and impaled herself on his prick. Her cunt rippled around his throbbing dick, massaging it as he moved in and out, in and out, a rhythm he had never before accomplished with any other lover.

Andy had never felt like this with any other lover either. The spirit of the season was within him as he fucked the hell out of her, his self-control had never been better. He ached to cum with this new lover, yet wanted her to achieve her orgasm first. “It is far better to give than receive!” Andy thought to himself. He knew it was corny, but he wanted her to have as good a time as she was giving him.

When Chrissie moaned out her “OhOhOhs” in orgasmic frenzy and released her body to the delights of his lovemaking, Andy felt free to cum. He did, shooting all over his soft tummy and body. She licked the remnants from his thick knob, relishing every lick like Christmas Custard.

Later on, the two new lovers snuggled together in front of the fire after Chrissie had shared some mulled wine with her new lover. Andy beamed, happier than he could ever remember being.

“That was the best present I’ve ever had!” he grinned at her, kissing her lips softly. “Too bad you live so far away Hun, I could get used to this!”

Christina returned his smile and his kiss, then she began licking at his body, his cock began to show signs of life once again. “We’ll work something out darling!”, she purred. “Who says Christmas has to cum only once a year?”

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