What a way to end my vacation. The biggest snow storm of the year decided to hit on the exact day I had planned to fly home after my Christmas vacation. I had spent two lovely weeks visiting family and friends in Ontario, and now was tired, grumpy, and ready to get home to my own bed. Unfortunately mother nature, the fickle bitch that she was, decided otherwise. I was trapped at the airport; runways too bad to planes to take off; roads too bad to go home to my parents’ house. The worst part? They expected the storm to last for 24 hours.

The first few hours were fine. I sat down for a nice meal, did some window shopping, and even stopped in at one of the many bars. As the night wore on, and stores began to close down, I grew more and more tired. I began to walk around in a trance-like state, looking for somewhere to lie down and sleep. Unfortunately the terminal was packed with unhappy would-be travellers, and space was at a premium. After over an hour on my feet searching, I finally found what I thought was a perfect place to stretch out: A padded couch near, but just outside, the first class section. The small hallway was abandoned and silent. Using my purse as a pillow, I laid myself down, snuggled deep under my long jacket, and drifted blissfully off to sleep.

Unfortunately life is never that easy. I wasn’t asleep for ten minutes when I was gently shaken awake. Bleary-eyed and groggy, I glanced around confused till I came face to face with a strong-faced security guard. “Miss, can I see your boarding pass?” the guard asked politely, but without any suggestion of weakness or sympathy. Reluctantly I rifled through my purse, suspecting that I’d be ejected from my sanctuary in a moment. As I held out my pass, a thought crossed my mind; a devious, naughty thought.

“Miss, since you’re not a first class customer, I’m going to have to ask you to vacate this area.” stated the no-nonsense guard.

I felt tears welling up in my eyes, the tears of hours of frustration, stress, and exhaustion. Without a thought to the possible consequences of my actions I blurted out, quietly:

“Please… let me sleep here for a few hours, I… I… I’ll sarıyer escort make it worth your while ”

Well there it was, my cards laid out on the table. I kicked myself immediately, feeling like a fool for trying to talk my way past this strict looking guard. As my face turned beet red, and I gathered my things to leave, I nearly jumped at the guard’s unexpected reply.

A strong hand reached out and cupped under my chin, tilting my face upwards. I made eye contact with the guard for the first time and saw how deep blue his eyes were, and noticed a sparkle of mischief. He tilted my head side to side slightly, and then in his deep baritone announced “You’ll do.”

My smile spread widely as he took me by the hand and led me, my hastily snatched up purse in hand, to a nearby locked door. He produced a key and quickly led me inside what turned out to be a staff bathroom. The dark marble floors and multitude of mirrors gave it a classy feel, and a view from several angles as he turned around and unzipped his pants.

As his pants hit the floor, and his very thick cock sprang to life, the guard muttered “We don’t have much time, so get those dick suckin’ lips to work baby.”

I knelt on the hard cold floor, and reached out with my right hand, giving his hardening cock a few leisurely strokes. It felt hot, hard, and smooth in my hand. Looking up at his strong facial features, I took a deep breath, and plunged my mouth onto his tool, all business. Like he said, we didn’t have much time.

Wet slurping sounds filled the room as I stroked and sucked his cock with abandon. I formed a tight circle with my thumb and index finger, and placed it against my lips, as if I were playing a trumpet. Using my hand to create friction, I bobbed my mouth and hand together on his cock, my lips and tongue providing ample lubrication for my tight grip. As I pulled back off his cock each time, I would twist my hand, adding to the sensations of my work. The guard was speechless, the only sounds coming from him were moans of increasing intensity and volume.

I moaned loudly myself and I felt his cock throb as it plunged deep sefaköy escort into my throat. I never gagged once as I took his uncut seven inches all the way to the hilt. I was very accustomed to cocks of this size, and considered myself an expert in them. I swallowed as I sucked his dick, and it leaked a steady stream of salty pre-cum for me to taste. I moaned louder each time I felt a pulse of precum ooze onto my tongue, and swallowed it voraciously. As his cock left my throat each time, it took with it the thick, sticky saliva that gathers there, and soon his shaft was shining with it, and my mouth overflowing. Streams of spit began to run from my mouth each time I moaned, coating my chin, and his balls, before slopping down into my legs as I knelt.

“Fuck you’re a good little cock-sucking slut aren’t you?” the guard asked me as he began to thrust back in time with my bobbing mouth.

I attempted to nod my head yes, and moaned out a very wet and slurpy “uh huh” in response.

“Yeah bitch… take my big cock all the way…” he groaned, and I did as I was told.

I held myself there, his cock in my bulging throat, my lips at his base, his balls on my chin, for what seemed like ages. When he started to pull back, probably fearing for my comfort, I grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him back against me. I felt my throat begin to contract with involuntary gags as my lungs ached for oxygen.

It was at this moment, as I prepared to pull myself off his cock and gasp for air, that he began to cum. Unprepared for the deluge, I gaged hard on his first massive spurt and it spewed out of my mouth, around the edges of his cock. I desperately tried to pull back, but the guard placed his powerful hands on the back of my head and held me in place as he gyrated his hips, forcing his cock deeper into my throat as it pulsed stream after stream of cum. Most bypassed my mouth entirely, and rocketed right into my belly. Those that didn’t, I was unable to swallow, as his cock assaulted my throat. They spurted messily from my lips, coating my chin and the front of my sweater.

“Ohhh yeah fucking take my load you slut silivri escort ” the guard exclaimed as he pumped what was left of his cum into my mouth.

My eyes were streaming tears and my face beet red when he finally removed his cock from my mouth. I was barely even aware of him zipping up his pants and saying “Thanks a lot whore…” as he left the bathroom. I gasped for air, and my vision, which had narrowed to a pinhole of light from lack of air, returned. I looked down and surveyed myself and was startled by my state. I stood and looked at myself in the mirror.

I was an absolute MESS. My long fitted skirt was stained with globs of cum and saliva. It looked as if I had spilled a gallon of liquid on it. My sweater wasn’t much better off, with long streaks of thick saliva and cum smeared down the length, and even a strand dangling off the shelf created by my big breasts. My mascara had run all over my cheeks, and my face was wet and shining with saliva around my mouth and tears on my cheeks. My chin actually looked bubbly with cum and spit. My whole face was beet red and my chest heaved as I still tried to gulp down air.

“You ARE a slut ” I told myself in the mirror.

“Yes… you are.” said a voice from behind me.

With a start I turned quickly around, to look up into the grinning face of a very large black guard.

“I heard you were pretty good at sucking a cock,” he said “So get back down on those knees slut.” Like the good little obedient slut I am, I obeyed, and sank to my knees.

“You’re going to service every single guard today you little whore” he stated matter-of-factly, and to prevent the possibility of me protesting, he jammed his fat black cock into my waiting mouth.

I spent the next 3 hours on my knees on the hard cold marble floor. Men came on my face in buckets, and by the end I could no longer see, my eyes irritated from all the cum, and my lashes glued together. I suspect I sucked off more than just the guards, for all I know they were charging admission to lines of travelers. I swallowed easily a pint of cum, and lost track of the number of cocks I sucked after 15. One of the guards was nice enough to take me to my checked luggage so that I could change my clothes before boarding my flight, but he forced me to walk through the crowded terminal to reach my bags, and many people saw me, my clothes pasted with cum and spit, and my face coated in a thick layer of semen. I AM a slut.

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