Desert Heat – Part 10


Desert Heat – Part 10Desert Heat – Pt 10As usual, I woke early on Saturday morning. Ginger and Jerry were still sleeping, so decided to go for a morning swim. I swam laps for about half an hour and then got out of the pool to relax and enjoy the quiet morning and get some reading done. About an hour later, Ginger comes dragging herself outside, looking like she had been run over by a truck. When she walked over to me, her gait looked like that of a duck. I asked her if she was doing okay and she said that after the last two days her pussy was so sore that it even hurts when she walks. She admitted that she has been used that much in two days ever and that now she was paying for it. I asked if she regretted any of it and she smiled and said no, that it was a good soreness considering what she did to get this way. I chuckled at her comment as I got up to give her a morning hug. As I did, my still naked cock began to get erect, causing her to back away and jokingly tell me to keep that thing away from her. I started teasing her, chasing her around the pool waving my cock in my hand at her. Jerry came wandering out and his eyes lit up and asked if he could join in the chase. Ginger turned and said no and told me stop. She went up and hugged Jerry and told him about being so sore after the last two days. She grabbed Jerry’s cock and then told him not to worry, her jaws weren’t sore and that by the time we got back after our next 10 day stretch out in the field. Jerry had a disappointed look on his face and Ginger told him not to pout or he could lose all privileges. She smiled, bent down and gave his cock a quick kiss and then headed inside to fix breakfast. Jerry and sat and down and discussed the day’s plans. I told him that I had planned on mowing and trimming the lawn but noticed that he had already done it and thanked him for it. Then I told him that Ginger really needed a rest, so I was going to finished our laundry and do her chores and wait on her hand and foot. Jerry smiled, and suggested that we give a day to remember and wear only an apron around the house and serve as her personal servants. I thought about it and agreed that she would get a kick out of it. We got up and went inside. Jerry escorted Ginger out of the kitchen and set her on the sofa and told her to relax that we had everything under control. I found the drawer where she kept her aprons and handed one to Jerry. Once we had them on, we stood in front of her and announced that we were her servants for a day and that she was rest and command. She started laughing and laughing and asked if we were serious and we told her we were. With a big grin on her face, she said this should be a really fun day and from the look on her face, I almost regretted agreeing to it.I took over cooking breakfast as she only had a chance to get the coffee started before we came in and drove her out of the kitchen. I fixed French toast with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon, sausage links and toast. When breakfast was ready, Jerry escorted Ginger to the table and poured her coffee. I fixed her plate and served her. Then Jerry and I got our plates and joined her at the table. While eating, she started mentioning all of the chores around the house needed doing. There was shaking out the rugs, vacuuming the carpet, mopping the kitchen floor, clean the bathroom, dust including the blinds, empty the trash and clean out the refrigerator. Then she looked at us, smiled and said that needs to be done by lunch and then I’ll give you the rest of the list. Jerry looked at me with a look saying what have we gotten ourselves into and I just told him it was his idea, and Ginger just laughed. As soon as breakfast was done, I cleaned up the dishes and started cleaning out the refrigerator and then took out the trash. Jerry started on the dusting and then moved to shaking the rugs, vacuuming and mopping. I then moved to the bathrooms and cleaned them till they shined. We finished the list by 11:30 and I decided it was time to start lunch and today’s menu was tacos.Sitting at the table eating, Ginger told us we did a good job this morning and then asked if we were ready to get our instructions for the afternoon. Jerry and I looked at each other, both with looks of ‘what now’ and Ginger started chuckling. She looked at us and told us that she didn’t want to ruin our appetites, so she’d wait until after we were done eating. I could tell by the look on Jerry’s face that he his curiosity was peaked as much as mine was, but as curious as I was, I knew her devious mind and began to get a little apprehensive. After lunch, Jerry helped me clean up, wash and dry the dishes and put everything away. I told him it was time to face the inevitable and we headed over to where Ginger was setting on the sofa. Then I panicked as the doorbell rang. I began to head to the bedroom to get some clothes and Ginger told Jerry and I to remain where we were. Ginger was still naked and Jerry and I were wearing aprons and nothing else. I looked at her quizzically and then she hollered to come on in. I tried to reach a furniture throw to cover Ginger up, but she told me to stop and answer the door. It dawned on me that this was someone that she knew and probably asked to come over, but I couldn’t imagine who. When I got to the door, I peeked out and saw that it was Ginger’s two sisters, Rosemary and Pepper. I hesitated opening the door and Ginger commanded me to open it and let them in. Figuring Jerry and I were had, I opened the door and let the sisters in. They took a look at me in my apron and began to laugh. Pepper spotted Jerry standing between the family room and kitchen also wearing an apron and asked who the yummy looking hunk was. Jerry’s face turned red and was too shocked and embarrassed to respond. Ginger had been hiding down in the sofa and the sisters hadn’t seen her, so when she stood up stark naked and said that was Jerry, their house sitter, the sister’s just stopped and stared at Ginger. Rosemary said that when Ginger called and asked them to come over and that she had a surprise for them, they had no idea this is what she meant. Ginger told them to sit down and then told them that we had offered to be her servants for the day and thought that she would have some fun. But her sisters were still shocked about Ginger’s nudity in front of Jerry and them. She ordered us to take their purses and get the sisters some drinks and she began to explain what had happened the past two weeks. As Ginger began by describing her sexual blossoming while working with me out in the field and then yesterday with Jerry. Then she told her sisters that she had been having so much sex the past two days that her pussy was too sore for any more today. When she told Jerry, he looked so disappointed, that she thought of the two of them, knowing that they have always been a lot more open sexually than she used to be. The entire time Ginger was recapping the last two weeks, Pepper couldn’t take her eyes off of Jerry. She was two years older than Ginger, about the same size, build and shape. They could probably pass as twins if it weren’t for Pepper’s blonde hair that almost covered her breasts. Pepper’s eyes lit up when Ginger said that since us guys told her that we were there to serve her, that we would obey her and Rosemary’s commands as well. Hearing that, Pepper wiggled her finger at Jerry, motioning him to come to her. She asked him if he was going to obey her commands as Ginger said and Jerry nodded yes, he would. She looked Jerry straight in the eyes and told him to undress her. He wasted no time unbuttoning her blouse and sliding it off her shoulders. His hands moved to her shorts and slid them down her long legs. By this time, it was obvious that he was erect under his apron and Pepper was staring at the tented effect it gave. As Jerry reached around Pepper to unhook her bra, she reached down and grabbed his cock through the apron. Once the bra was removed, he kneeled down in front of Pepper and slowly slid her panties down. Stepping out of her panties, Pepper pulled Jerry head into her mound of thick blonde pubic hair. Jerry knew exactly what to do as he began to lick Pepper’s thighs and all around her pussy before plunging his tongue as deep as possible into her wanting pussy.My watching of Jerry and Pepper was suddenly interrupted as I heard Rosemary ask Ginger if what she said included me and Ginger told her of course. Rosemary was the youngest of the three, being two years younger than Ginger. She had shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, green eyes and stood a couple inches shorter than the two older sisters. Her breasts were a little smaller but as I was about to find out, were firm with puffy nipples. Rosemary looked back at Ginger and asked her if she was sure and Ginger told her to enjoy her chance, especially since she knew that Rosemary always had a crush on my. When Ginger said this, Rosemary blushed and admitted it was true and that now her fantasies were about to come true. The first thing Rosemary told me to do was to take off the apron, which I did. I was already erect after watching Jerry strip Pepper and bury his head into her pussy. Rosemary looked at my cock and said she couldn’t wait and knelt down and immediately began sucking on my cock. Before closing my eyes, I looked over and Jerry’s apron canlı bahis was off and he still had his face buried into Pepper’s pussy except that Pepper was lying back on the sofa next to Ginger and Ginger was caressing her sister’s breasts. Rosemary continued to suck my cock like she was starving for it. The surprise of everything happening and the thrill of having Rosemary sliding back and forth on my cock was nearly overwhelming and in only a few minutes I felt the movement of my sperm from my balls towards my cock. As it neared my shaft, I felt my cock swell in size and excitement. Rosemary sensed it too and mumbled with my cock still in her mouth to give it all to her. By the time she finished mumbling I began filling her mouth with spurt after spurt after spurt. She did her best to keep swallowing, but a little forced its way outside her mouth. When she was sure I was done, Rosemary began cleaning me up with her tongue. Then she stood up and instead of ordering me, she asked me to undress her, which I was more than happy to do. I slid her top up over her head and while the top still had her arms trapped over her head, I leaned down, kissed her cleavage and unhooked her bra. She got her arms free and her top and off asked me if I liked her breasts. I smiled and started softly caressing them. Her puffy nipples changed at my touch. The puffy aureoles pulled in and her small nipples stuck out as if inviting me to suck on them, so I did. I picked Rosemary up and she wrapped her legs around me. Walking over to the sofa, I set her down next to Ginger on the opposite side of Pepper and Jerry. Then I unfastened her shorts, she lifted her butt up and I pulled them and her panties down her legs and off. Rosemary’s hair wasn’t nearly as red as Ginger’s and neither was her pubic hair. It was strawberry blonde, nicely trimmed and so sensuous. Kneeling between Rosemary’s legs, I let my hands caress her legs, starting with her calves and the gradually working my up to her thighs. Ginger smiled and nodded her approval as my fingers gently brushed against Rosemary’s pubic hair and pussy lips. Rosemary reacted very much like Ginger as her head leaned back, her eyes closed, a smile on her face and soft moans emanating from her throat. Ginger wiggled her tongue at me, telling me to lick her little sister’s pussy, and I since I was hers to command, I readily leaned forward and began kissing and licking Rosemary’s outer lips. Her hips began to move in anticipation of what was to come and I tried to tease her as long as I could, but I just had to get a good taste of her pussy and suddenly sunk my tongue deep inside her. When I did, Rosemary moaned louder and her hips moved up to meet my face. My tongue explored every minute part of her pussy that it could reach. I recalled that Olga’s pussy tasted different than Ginger’s, but Rosemary’s tasted virtually the same. Every part of Rosemary was just like a slightly smaller version of Ginger, with a little bit lighter hair. That made me wonder if she would react the same to me sucking on her clit, so I moved my lips to concentrate on her tiny bud. Her backed arched just like Ginger’s and her moans picked up just like her sister. The more Rosemary reacted to my sucking of her clit, the more intensely I sucked. Sensing she was getting close, I started using my teeth to lightly chew on her clit and like her sister, Rosemary exploded in my face. Her orgasm was so loud that both Pepper and Jerry stopped what they were doing to look over. Pepper grinned and said, ‘way to go baby sister.’After her body stopped shaking and she could open her eyes and focus, Rosemary turned to Ginger and told her that she was right in that I did the best job of eating pussy. Ginger replied telling her to wait until she felt my cock with its flare inside her pussy and Rosemary said that was about to happen. She managed to get up off the sofa, told me to sit down next to Ginger. When I did, Rosemary sat on my lap with back to me. I reached around and cupped each breast in a hand and began working my cock up and down inside her. Rosemary told Ginger she was right, that the flair of my cock was fantastic and a whole lot better than the typical straight shaft. Pepper replied saying that she hoped to get her chance to find out and Ginger assured her she would. Rosemary was riding my cock for a couple minutes and then suddenly stopped and stood up. She leaned over the coffee table and told me to take her from behind, which I gladly did. I put my hands on her hips and thought how much they looked just Ginger’s sexy hips. Picking up the pace, I leaned to the side so I could see her breasts swaying forward and back in time my fucking her. I always enjoyed watching Ginger’s breasts swaying when we did it doggie style. Sometimes doing it like this with Ginger I would reach around and put my hand out just right so that her nipples would graze across my palm as her breasts swayed and when they did it would quickly send her over the edge. Since Rosemary was so much like her sister, I just had to find out so I reached around, opened my hand and felt her nipples brush across my hand with each movement of her breasts. Within seconds I could feel her pussy tighten, just like her sister. Her moaning got a little louder as her back began to raise and lower as she climbed towards her orgasm. When Ginger gets to that stage, I would take and roll both nipples between my fingers which always sent her over the edge and Rosemary was no different. As I began to roll her nipples between my fingers, her body began to buck, her moaning got louder and her pussy clamped down tight on my cock. The muscles in her pussy pulsated and massaged my shaft making it feel like she had a hand inside her stroking my shaft while I was fucking her. After cumming in Rosemary’s mouth a short time earlier, it allowed me to have more staying power and I continued to pump in and out of her very tight little pussy. She asked me to slow down which I did, giving her a chance to come down from her intense orgasm. Then pulled out, led her over to a kitchen chair, sat down and had her straddle me facing towards me. Sliding back down on my cock, she held my head and began kissing me passionately. Our tongues danced with each other explored each other’s mouth. Then I pulled her against me, feeling her breasts press against my chest for the first time, and they felt so good. For several minutes, we just sat there with me inside of her, kissing and hugging. My cock started to get soft and Rosemary began working her pussy muscles like a woman does when they do Kegel exercises and I instantly got hard again. She sat upright and told me it was her turn to fuck me, and she began to ride me like I was a horse. I shifted her just enough so that I was hitting her sweet spot and it didn’t take long before I could feel her building towards her third orgasm. As she built towards hers, I could feel myself building and getting close. I did everything possible to delay it, at least for a little bit. Finally, as Rosemary crested again and her pussy clamped around my cock, I let myself go and exploded inside her. The spasming walls of her pussy did their job of milking every bit of cum possible out of me. Rosemary collapsed against my chest as she tried to catch her breath and her senses. I sat there and held her close, feeling her heart pounding against my own. Catching her breath, Rosemary looked back at Ginger and said ‘wow!’ Ginger chuckled and said she told her so. I guess it didn’t dawn on me earlier but I suddenly realized what Rosemary meant – Ginger had been telling her sisters about our loving making. Looking at Rosemary I asked her what all Ginger has told her and she said that ever since we got home this weekend that Ginger’s been telling her and Pepper everything that happened and then described in detail how good of a lover I was. I looked at Ginger and she shrugged her shoulders as if to say she just couldn’t help it. Rosemary added that after Ginger told her how good I was, that she said she envied her sister and would love to find out for herself. Ginger piped in that when Rosemary said that she thought why not, invited the two sisters over so they could find out for themselves. I asked when this conversation took place and she said while Jerry and I were busy cleaning this morning, trying to look all innocent, but it looked more like devious. By now, I had grown soft and was falling out of Rosemary’s pussy. She climbed off me on wobbly legs and grabbed a cloth from the kitchen to clean us both off. During our trist, I had lost all account of Pepper and Jerry. When I looked over at them, Pepper was sitting on Jerry’s lap with him inside of her. Pepper caught my gaze and told me that Rosemary and I were putting on such a show that they stopped to watch, but now it was our time to watch. I sat in my recliner across from the sofa and Rosemary climbed sideways onto my lap. Pepper turned to Jerry and told him to continue. We sat and watched as Jerry and Pepper fucked each other. They started with Pepper sitting on his cock with her back to him, then facing him and then finishing doggie style. Pepper came twice before Jerry emptied himself into her. Watching Pepper, I could see that she was very much like her two sisters when it came to sex. When everyone was done, Ginger suggested bahis siteleri we all go swimming, so we headed out to the pool. We swam around for a while talking and more or less relaxing in the water. We eventually relaxed on the lounges with cold drinks. I wanted to badly to get the camera and take a picture of the three sisters naked, but Pepper strongly objected. She said she couldn’t take the chance of anyone finding out what was happening here as it would ruin her career and reputation. She worked for a high level consulting firm that handled a lot of sensitive government work. I promised that I would never show the photo to anyone, but she was so adamant and concerned that I put the camera away without snapping a single shot.After an hour of swimming, relaxing and drinking, Pepper came up to me, grabbed my cock and told me it was her turn to find out for herself if it was as good as her sisters described. She stroked until I was hard, which didn’t take long at long, and then she knelt down and began to suck on my cock. Rosemary then asked Pepper if Jerry was any good. Pepper stopped sucking me, looked up at me and said that he was so good that it will be hard for me to do any better. Hearing that, Rosemary grabbed Jerry by the cock, headed into the house and told him to follow her. As they disappeared into the house, Ginger told us to come inside also so she could watch all four of us at the same time. We obliged and followed everyone else inside. Rosemary was already sitting at one end of the sofa and Jerry was between her legs licking and sucking on her pussy. Ginger sat down next to them and patted the cushion on the other side of her. Pepper pushed me down on the sofa and knelt between my legs and resumed sucking my cock. She seemed quite skilled and even knew a few tricks with her tongue that Ginger didn’t know. I don’t know how she managed to do it, but she was able to wrap her tongue around part of my shaft as she sucked in and out. It felt very intense and was bringing me close to cumming in no time. When she sensed I was getting close, she stopped, stood up and told me to stand with her. She hugged me with my cock between her thighs and against her pussy and then sat down on the sofa and spread her legs and told me it was my turn. Her black bush looked so inviting that I dove straight in, plunging my tongue as deep as it could go. She was soaking wet and tasted great. She had a slightly different taste than that of her two sisters, but I found that difference to be very enticing and pleasant. My tongue explored as much of Pepper’s pussy as possible from the depths to the out lips. When I licked across the roof of her pussy I got a distinct reaction that told me that was her sweet spot. I concentrated on licking it and she immediately exploded with a body shaking orgasm that sprayed me in the face. Never had I had a woman squirt when she came and from the reaction of the others, none of them had ever witnessed it either. It took Pepper a couple of minutes to regain her composure and focus on what was going on in the room. She lunged forward, wrapped her arms around me, hugged and kissed me with her tongue down my throat. When she finally came up for air, she told me that was the most intense orgasm she had ever had in her entire life. Ginger asked her if she had ever squirted before and Pepper said no and asked why she was asking. Ginger told her to take a good look at my face and it was then Pepper realized that my face and hair were soaked. She had the most incredibly shocked look on her face realizing that she had squirted all over me. Ginger then asked me how I managed to make her sister squirt and I said that all I did was to keep licking her sweet spot and bang, she exploded all over me. Rosemary added ‘literally all over you’ and we all laughed. Ginger then said that she expects the same from me and Rosemary echoed her desires. Pepper said that I needed to fuck her before the others steal me away. Saying that, Pepper lay on the sofa with her head in Ginger’s lap and motioned for me to climb on top of her. I carefully maneuvered myself between her legs and slid my cock all the in her in one stroke. When I hit the back of her pussy, her eyes popped open and she smiled. She looked up at Ginger, then at me and told me to show her what I had. Taking my cue, I began pumping away in and out of her. My face was only inches away from Ginger’s and she looked at me, told me she loved me and then kissed me. I kissed her back, told her I loved her and thank you for the surprise. Continuing to pump Pepper’s pussy, leaned down and kissed Pepper. Ginger’s breasts were right there and I ended up sucking on them while fucking her sister and thinking to myself that life was good. Pepper said she wanted it doggie next so we moved and leaned into Ginger. She put a hand on the back rest of the sofa and each side of Ginger’s head. I entered Pepper from behind and watched as Ginger played with her sister’s breasts. Ginger slid down enough so that she could suck on Pepper’s tits while worked her from behind. I held onto Pepper’s sexy hips so I could drive myself as deep into her as possible. Rising up on my toes, I did my best to make my cock hit her sweet spot. I kept adjusting until I could feel her body respond and I then I knew I was hitting the right spot. Holding on to her hips, I kept stroking her sweet spot with my cock. Her pussy kept tightening its grip around my cock as she quickly built toward her next orgasm. Ginger sensed her building and switched from sucking on her nipples to nibbling on them with her teeth. This added to Pepper’s orgasm and a few seconds later she came and came hard and once again she began to squirt in rhythmic gushes. Her pussy had clamped so hard around my cock that it caused me to erupt like a giant fountain spewing my hot sperm deep inside my wife’s older sister. Not only was she squirting all over me, but also over Ginger as she had slid down under Pepper to suck on her breasts. Her squirting also washed some of my cum out of her and onto myself and Ginger. The three of us looked like a total mess, but we didn’t care. After shooting my load deep into Pepper, I almost collapsed on her back, but barely managed to keep my feet and hang on to her. Pepper in turn had almost collapsed onto Ginger who was still sucking and playing with Pepper’s breasts. Fatigued and worn out, I lifted myself off of Pepper and she in turn lifted off of Ginger and we slumped down to the floor like limp rags. Looking back up at her sister, Pepper told Ginger that this was the best sex she had ever had and considered her to be the luckiest person in the world. Jerry and Rosemary were busy trying to have sex on the other end of the couch, but when Pepper squirted the second time, they stopped to watch. They were in the doggie position also, and I told Jerry to go up on his toes enough to make his cock rub against Rosemary’s sweet spot. He wasn’t how to tell and I told him that he would be able to feel her react when he hit the right spot. They started back in and Jerry kept adjusting his height and angle, trying to find Rosemary’s sweet spot. Watching them from the floor, I was enamored with the way Rosemary’s breasts swayed as Jerry drove himself deep within her. He finally found her sweet spot and her head began to sway, her back arched up and down and her face began to grimace. I told Jerry he found it and to keep working it with his cock. Rosemary’s back arched so far that I thought it would snap in two. Jerry thrusted harder and faster. Rosemary let out a primal groan as her face contorted and she began to squirt in gushes all over Jerry as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her life. The orgasm was too much for her and she collapsed onto the couch with Jerry still on her back trying his best to stay inside and keep pumping, but alas, he could not stay in her all the way down to the couch. He gave Rosemary a minute to regain herself and then he pulled her to the floor with him, rolled her on her back and took her missionary style. I told him that he could do it to her again by lifting her hips and hitting her sweet spot again. He cupped her butt cheeks in his hands and lifted them just enough to give him the perfect angle. Within a minute she began to buck on the floor and her head rolled back and forth. Her hips moved up and down as if they had a motor driving them. Her reactions again drove Jerry to work harder and faster and her movements increased as well. I could tell by the look on Jerry’s face that he was doing everything possible not to cum until Rosemary did, but he didn’t have to wait much longer. Another primal groan emanated from Rosemary’s throat as she climaxed hard again. Jerry’s thrusting changed, indicating that he was cumming also. Rosemary’s entire body contracted like a spasm and she squirted again, but not as much as she did the first time. Spent of energy, Jerry rolled off of Rosemary as the last of his seed leaked out of his cock. Everyone had a very satisfied look on their faces. It was an afternoon that surpassed the day with Bill and Olga. My thoughts of everything that had happened in the past three days was interrupted when Ginger loudly announced that her two servants needed to clean up her sisters, the sofa and the floor as we had made a terrific mess. güvenilir bahis I looked at her with a questioning look and she quickly reminded me that we had both promised to wait on her hand and foot all day. I stood up and bowed and said yes ma’am. I extended my hand out to Pepper and Ginger and told Jerry to bring Rosemary and follow me. Everyone wondered where I was taking them until I led them into our master walk-in shower. I adjusted the water temp and then told everyone to pile into the shower. They were surprised to find out that all five of fit with room to spare. We spent the next twenty minutes in shower with everyone soaping everyone else. It was a shower soaping orgy and lots of fun. Toweling each other off was also lots of fun. When everyone was dry, I left the sisters to brushing out their hair and talking. Jerry followed me and we went to clean up the mess we made in the living room. Fortunately we had an upholstery cleaner and I proceeded to clean up the sofa while Jerry tackled the floor. Half an hour later, everything was clean and the only remnant was a slight dampness on the sofa which would soon dry.The sisters came out of the bedroom, still naked and smiling. The looks on their faces told me that they had been conniving against Jerry and I. We looked at each other and I said uh oh, I think we’re had. As they approached, I told Ginger that I as much as I hated to admit it, I was now getting a little sore after the last three days. She gave me a pouty look and said that’s too bad, guess Jerry will get all of the attention now. I looked at Jerry and he was grinning from ear to ear.I said that was fine as it was time to start dinner. Ginger informed me that Pepper and Rosemary were staying for dinner and hoped I had enough for everyone. Thinking for a moment, I told them no problem. I took two more steaks out of the freezer and quick thawed them, while I fired up the grill. While slicing onions I glanced into the family room only to see it empty, getting my curiosity up. It take me long to find them in our bedroom with Jerry tied up on our bed and blindfolded. Each arm and ankle were tied to a corner of the bed, leaving jerry spread wide open and helpless. The girls looked when I stood at the door and Ginger asked why I was crying. I told her it was the onions I was cutting and she laughed and said she thought I was crying because I wasn’t included. I chuckled back at her and then asked Jerry if he was okay. He asked if I k**ding and what guy wouldn’t want to be at the mercy of three beautify and sexy women? I told him if needed rescuing to yell out and he told to fat chance of that would happen.I laughed and returned to the kitchen, envying Jerry but realizing that my cock was just too sore to continue today. Dinner was one of Ginger’s favorites and I knew her sisters liked it as well. It consisted of freed potatoes and red onions, corn on the cob and steaks on the grill. For dessert, we had ice cream and all the fixings for sundaes and banana splits. About ten minutes before dinner was ready, I headed back to the bedroom to give them a warning of how long they had. When I walked into the bedroom, Pepper was sucking Jerry’s cock, Rosemary was sitting on his face and Ginger was lying under Pepper, eating her pussy and playing with Pepper’s tits. The sight before me was so erotic that my cock got hard and said it wanted to play. Knowing I couldn’t, I hollered in ‘ten minute warning before dinner’ so which Pepper replied that they were already eating. Fifteen minutes later, they four of them come out to the dining room. Pepper was licking her lips and announced that she was sure if she had room for dinner after swallowing all of that cum and everyone laughed. The conversation during dinner centered around favorite positions and what had happened today and of course that led to the two sisters have such intense orgasms that they squirted. Ginger started giving me a hard time wanting to know why I hadn’t done that to her. Pepper and Rosemary began teasing Ginger that I liked them better. I tried to tell them that even though they are sisters and very similar to each other, that every person reacts differently to the same stimuli, but that didn’t satisfy anyone. I could tell the teasing was starting to bother Ginger and I tried my best to quell it, but the two sisters didn’t back off. Finally, I said that it was time for everyone to leave the table and that Jerry and I would clean up. I suggested that Ginger show her sisters the new clothes she bought and that seemed to change the conversation and ease the situation. Half an hour later, the food was away and the dishes cleaned and put up. Jerry and I decided to give the girls some time, so we grabbed a couple beers and headed out to the pool. We were in the floating lounges, sipping our beers and talking about the day’s events. Jerry told me that Ginger’s sisters were just as gorgeous and sexy as Ginger was and I agreed. I told him that I had often teased Ginger about how cure and sexy her sisters were and fantasized what it would be like to have all three of them in bed at the same time. I surmised that with Ginger’s new found sexual freedom, she acted on my teasing and that’s why she invited them over today. Jerry then told me that he really liked all three girls, but felt a special connection to little Rosemary and asked if she had any in her life. I told him not that I knew of. She had a boyfriend earlier in the year, but they had broken up several months ago. He also asked about Pepper and I told she was divorced just before last Christmas and as far as I knew, she wasn’t seeing anyone and then asked if he was planning on dating both of them and he said no, just curious about Pepper. Then he asked me if I thought Rosemary liked him and I said it sure looked it while they were having sex earlier. About the time, the sisters came out to see what us guys were doing. We told them we were just kickin’ back and drinking beer while we were waiting for them. Ginger told me that there was another chore that I had to do inside, so I swam over, got out of the pool and dried off. I followed her inside as did everyone else. She walked over to the sofa and told Pepper to sit down, which she did. Then Ginger leaned forward over Pepper with her hands on the back of the couch on each side of Pepper’s face. She then told me that she wanted to see if I could make her squirt like her sisters did. I told her that I couldn’t guarantee that I could and she told me to try. I told her that I had a better chance of making her squirt orally and convinced her sit on the sofa next to Pepper. I knelt down between her legs, told her how much I loved her and then began licking and teasing her thighs and outer lips. Her clit got some special attention for about a minute before I began to penetrate her pussy with my tongue. Pepper began playing with Ginger’s breasts and twisting her nipples between her thumb and fingers. Ginger began to react to my tonguing of her pussy, so I worked my tongue up to the roof of her pussy and found her sweet spot. I knew it had to be fast and intense so once I found the spot, I worked it as hard and quickly as I could. She reacted instantly with her body arching, louder groaning and the muscles of her pussy began to convulse in waves. I tried to increase both pace and pressure and when I did, Ginger grabbed my head and held it as tightly as she could to her pussy. Fortunately, I was angled just right to keep my nose above her pussy because she started to gush like a fountain and if she had held my nose in her as tightly as she held my mouth and chin, I’m I would have drowned trying to breathe. Like Rosemary, a primal groan emanated from her throat as her entire body convulsed and spasmed with the intensity of her orgasm. I sat back, satisfied that Ginger was able to squirt like her sisters and like them, the orgasm was so intense that it took her over a minute to recover before she was able to carry on a conversation. When she finally raised her head and looked at me, she had a huge smile on her face and all she could say at first was ‘wow.’ I told her I was glad that she enjoyed it, but now I had to clean the sofa and floor again. She told me that we would all help. I told her to stay and I would be back with a wash cloth and towel and cleaned her and myself up. Rosemary and Jerry cleaned up the floor and Pepper cleaned the sofa. The rest of the evening was filled with chatter and banter and a few more drinks. The night was getting later and Ginger asked her sisters if they would like to spend the night and they readily said they would. We gave them the choice of where they would like to sleep. Ginger and I shared a Cal-King bed, Jerry was sleeping in a queen bed and the other guest room also had a queen bed. Jerry’s face lit up when Rosemary asked if it would be okay for her to sleep with Jerry. Pepper thought for a moment and then said she would like to sleep with Ginger and I because she missed sleeping with her sister. Ginger explained that whenever one of them was scared, had a bad dream or just feeling down and lonely they would climb into each other’s bed, cuddle against one another, but nothing sexual, and go sleep. She admitted that she missed sleeping with Pepper also. When we climbed into bed, Pepper took the other side of Ginger from me. I cuddled up behind Ginger and she cuddled up behind Pepper. As drifted off to sleep, I couldn’t help getting hard thinking about sleeping in the same bed with two gorgeous and sexy naked women. To be continued…

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