Discovering I’m a Cougar Part 2


Discovering I’m a Cougar Part 2It was about a month later that things again changed. Ironically it involved Rick and Emily in the equipment room again. I was once again making my rounds to check for students smoking under the bleachers. Again I saw the door ajar and I had a feeling that Emily and Rick were up to sex again. Just as I reached the door there was a loud crash.”You fucking little pervert! I am going to beat the shit out of you!” Said Rick as Emily screamed and another person grunted as a punch landed on a stomach.”What is going on in here?” I said as I stepped in to see Rick ready to punch Nate Wilson in the face while Emily was trying to pull her panties and tight jeans up at one time.All of them looked at me and they each knew I could destroy them. It was then that I noticed that Rick had a condom on his cock and Nate had his pants down to his ankles. I wonder just who was having sex with who but it looked kinky.”That fucking creep was recording us and jerking off! Fucking looser couldn’t get a real girl!” Rick said as Emily finished pulling up her pants.”Ok, Rick and Emily this will be my last warning. Don’t let me catch you again! If I do we will have to tell your parents. I will deal with Nate but you both will keep this quiet or I will turn you in. Now get out of here.” I said and the two ardent lovers left but Rick still had fire in his eyes.I then turned to Nate who was still standing there with his pants down. It was then that I noticed that despite his small stature he was rather well endowed. His cock was no longer erect but it would be a monster when it was. In fact Rick would look kind of average in comparison and I had thought he was bigger than my former husband.”Nate, I need to see your camera.” I said and I expected to see his phone but instead he brought out a full-fledged video camera.I found the on button and started to watch what was on the camera. There was Emily bent over as Rick pounded his cock into her. It struck me that while he had enthusiasm he was not exactly making Emily happy. Instead she just looked like she was being used for his pleasure.I then noticed there were other videos and wondered just what Nate had captured. I looked at him and he pulled up his pants. It was strange I had seen him around but had never really looked him over before and he had always struck me as a nerd. He had short red hair that sort of reminded me of Heather. He was shorter than most of the guys his age and he was also thin. On the other hand he was actual nice looking with wonderful blue eyes. If he actually dressed right he could easily shed his nerd image. He also had to have ten inches of cock and rather large set of balls. I had some rather obscene thoughts about him and decided I was going to take him on as a project.”Nate, this could get you in some serious trouble! If this was known to the principal she would expel you and call the police. You would probably be classified as a sex offender. This could destroy you! Do you understand?” I asked him as he now looked terrified but shook his head that he understood.”Nate I do not want you ruined for something so stupid so I would like to meet with you after school and see what else you have been recording before I decide what to do. This is my home address and you will need to be there by four today. Do you understand?” I asked as I handed my address to him.”Yes Ms Tate.” He said in a terrified voice.”Ok, get to your next class but keep this to yourself!” I said and watched him leave.I then sent Heather a text message telling her that she and Megan would need to go to Megan’s house that night and I would send a message telling her when it was ok to come home. Heather replied that she understood but wondered what I was up to.I got home and changed out of my teacher clothes and instead put on a short skirt and a top that revealed the top of my tits and just enough cleavage to be suggestive but not slutty.Then just before four the doorbell announced that Nate had arrived. I opened the door and watched as his eyes were drawn to my tits.”Follow me.” I said and walked in front of him as I felt his eyes check out my legs and butt.”Ok, let’s see what is on this camera.” I said and he was red as could be.I backed it up and we started watching. There were many things which in and of themselves seemed harmless. Mostly they were videos of women and girls just going about everyday things but he managed to catch hatay escort them where they were bent over or their dress was pulled up. He had a number of shots of panties exposed or shots looking down a blouse. There was even one of me bent over with my tits hanging in my bra.Then there was the hard core stuff. Yes Rick and Emily had been recorded several times fucking and sucking and again I found that Rick was not a terribly good lover and Emily mostly seemed to put out to be with the alpha male athlete. Then there was an older girl that I did not recognize but I soon concluded that it was his sister. Apparently she was quite the slut as he had recorded her with at least five different guys either fucking or giving blow jobs.”Your sister?” I asked and he looked terrified as he nodded that it was.Then there was an older woman that I did not recognize but she had sex with a man that looked like an older version of Nate. He even had a large cock as well.”Is that your parents?” I asked and again he looked scared but nodded that it was.Then I actually heard Nate whimper when the next scene came on. It was his mom but the cock she was sucking was definitely not his father since it was black. Then she crawled up and rode it until the black had orgasmed and cum was running down his shaft.”Please don’t show my dad that! I don’t want my folks to get divorced!” Nate said sounding terrified.Then the scene changed and at first I did not understand what I was seeing. Then I saw that there was a TV with the recording of his mom with the black man in the background but the camera was focused on a cock with red pubic hair being jerked off with a hand that had freckles on it. Then several large blasts of cum erupted from the cock as there was loud moaning. Then there was nothing else.I looked at him as he burned bright red.”You are quite the voyeur. You do understand that recording people without their permission is a serious offense. You could get into some real trouble.” I said tenderly letting him know that I was concerned for him.”I know. I cannot help it.” He said.”Nate, do you get sexual gratification from recording and watching others having sex?” I asked and he shyly shook his head.”Perhaps you need a girlfriend who can help you get that gratification a more normal way.” I said.”Girls don’t like me!” He said with frustration. “They like those assholes like Rick! My slut sister loves those kinds of assholes and then when they have used her they just move on! Same thing for my whoring mom and those black men she sneaks around with!” He unloaded all his frustrations at once.”Nate you are a nice looking guy and I bet you are a better man than those guys. You know guys get all caught up in long legs and big tits just like your sister and Emily get caught up in hot looks without a guy who will take time to make them happy in bed. I bet with the right woman you could be the best lover in town.” I said as he just looked at me with doubt in his face.”Yeah well what about my mom! All she wants is a big black cock to ride.” He said with anger but there was also a hint of arousal.”Nate there is something about forbidden sex that can be a big draw. I bet your mom has sex with black guys because it is forbidden and so is cheating on your dad.” I said and he just shook his head no. “Let me point out something to you. Out of all of the videos the only one that you recorded yourself jacking off too was your mom fucking that black man. I think you found that forbidden sex exciting too.” I said as I looked into his blue eyes but then he shook his head that I was right.”Forbidden sex excites me too so there is nothing to be ashamed of.” I said as he looked at me and smiled like he thought I was condescending his situation.”What kind of forbidden sex do you like?” He asked with doubt in his voice.”You know as a teacher I get to be with young men all day. Guys who I am old enough to be their mom. Guys who are so horny that they fuck their girlfriends on the school grounds. Horny enough that they make videos of others having sex. You have no idea how badly I want to teach a guy like you how to fuck!” I said as he looked at me with his mouth wide open.”Would like to have me teach you how to have sex? If you do we will have to practice quite a bit.” I said as I reached out and let my fingers rub his cheek as his head slowly nodded that he was willing.”Ok I know that you are ığdır escort very excited but that is the first lesson. You must help the lady to be just as excited as you. So we are going to begin by kissing.” I said as I leaned towards him and tenderly kissed his lips.He moaned but instead of closing his eyes and kissing back he just stared at me.”Yes you are still in a state of shock.” I said with a giggle. “Now close your eyes.”He did and again I kissed his lips while stroking his face. His lips pursed and began to kiss back perhaps a little too hard but soon he began to get the hang of it. I let my mouth open and let my tongue run over his lips and his mouth opened. Our tongues played with each other.My body was on fire like when I had girl sex so I already knew I was not a lesbian. I found that humorous and soon I giggled into Nate’s mouth.”Did I do something wrong?” He asked as we looked at each other. “Not at all baby. Now we are going to add some touching. Now every woman can be different but I like nice light and tender touches. Other woman like to be squeezed and held tight. You as a man have to try different things but pay attention to how we react. If we like it do more if not try something else until we do. Understand?” I said as I again kissed his mouth with more passion.He did well on the kiss and then I felt his hand rest on my side just above my hip. I was surprised myself just how erotic it felt. My own hand ran down his chest and over his stomach. His hand moved higher and then her lightly brushed his fingers over my C cup tit. He moaned into my mouth as he touched his first tit. Then he cupped my tit and gently squeezed. I moaned into his mouth to show my approval.My hand now rubbed his thigh until I found his throbbing cock. He was moaning and his hands gripped my tits with increased force as his mind spun out of this work into the state of sexual desire. I continued to lightly touch his cock as I knew he was on a hair trigger and there was only one way for him to cum.Then he lowered his hand from my tit to my thighs. I thought that was a wonderfully intuitive thing to do. Clearly I had moved from simple touching to foreplay and now he was going to try to play with my pussy. I opened my legs wider and his hand moved up a little more quickly than I wanted but he was now only driven by his physical need for sex. He pulled back from our kiss as his fingers found the warm damp crotch of my pussy. He looked in my eyes as his fingers moved the fabric aside and then he slowly slide a finger into me and I moaned for him telling him that it was ok. My hand now squeezed his cock as he gasped at the feeling. I let him explore my pussy. He found my clit and rubbed it with his thumb as his finger pumped in and out of me. I pulled up my top to show him my tits. I pushed his head down and soon he was sucking on my nipples as he fingered my horny pussy. Then I knew I had to get back control or I would start cumming which might push him over the edge.I pushed his mouth off of my tits and then I reached down and opened his pants. Despite my age I had never played with a guy with a really big cock. I figured his cock would pop right out but it took a minute and both of my hands to free him. He was enormous! I could put both of my hands around him which I did out of my own amazement.”You have a really big cock! I know you are so close to cumming but there is something I have to do!” I said as I got up from the couch as he looked disappointed.Then I knelt in front of him and gave him another sexy kiss. Then I moved down to his balls. I kissed each of them as I wanted thank them for what I was going to get. I kissed and licked his cock that was physically jerking. I then looked at the big purple head at the end of the shat. There were several drops of clear juice that had ebbed from him. I opened my mouth slightly and sucked just the tip.”Oh Fuck!” He groaned as I looked up at him.The taste was so erotic as that clear juice flooded my mouth with his taste. My eyes closed and I pushed my mouth down his shaft! The feeling of his heart beat could be felt through my lips and tongue. Then I began to move my lips up and down him faster and faster as my eyes looked into his astonished face. I may never have sucked cock before but at this moment I knew I was hooked. Then his hands grabbed my head and held me. His cum filled my mouth and for first time in my escort bayan life I was going to swallow a man’s cum!”Oh shit! Cum….cum..,cumming!” He groaned telling me what my mouth already knew.It was hard to think but then I swallowed a mouthful even as his cock continued to erupt. Then he let go and just whimpered like a puppy as I licked and cleaned the remnants of his orgasm. I sat and watched him as he gradually recovered the ability to speak.”So was that better than recording a blowjob?” I asked as I giggled.”Yes, oh fuck yes! Thank you Ms Tate!” He moaned.”Nate, you are going to be my lover so please call me Robin. Now I think you need to help me have an orgasm. I am probably just as ready as you but I want you to eat my pussy. There is one thing that I am going to warn you about. Sometimes when I am really excited I can shoot juice from my pussy just like your cock does. I want to cum on that sweet freckled face. Are you ready?” I asked as he smiled and nodded rapidly.I moved onto the couch as he knelt in front of me. I spread my legs to reveal my over excited pussy. I spread myself open.”Put your tongue in my hole! Oh fuck yes now push it in and out just like cock!” I said as he began eating me.”Use your thumb on my clit! Oh fuck yes that is it!” I moaned as he worked my cunt.I looked down to see his head with that short red hair, his freckled forehead and those boyish eyes. I ground my pussy into his face as I felt his hot breath push up into my fuck hole!Then I pushed his head away as he needed to learn my hot spots. “This is my clit! See how it sticks up when you open it up! Flick your tongue on it!” I said and then screamed with pleasure as he did and then he added to my pleasure by sucking on it!He sat back and seemed pleased with what he had done.”Now down here is my asshole. It too can give me a lot of pleasure. Lick it lightly and then rub it with the tip of your finger!” I said and I jumped as he tongued my tight ass. Then he sat back and looked at me as his finger lightly probed my ass as my headed nodded that he was doing it right. I had to work to talk at that point as my mind was drifting into the orgasm dimension.”Now put you two fingers with the tips up into my pussy! You will find a small swollen spot that is my g-spot. Rub it with fingers and my clit with your thumb! I will shoot then push your finger up my ass! DO IT!” I screamed.The last thing I remembered was the shocked look on his face as my pussy blasted juice on his face. As for me my orgasm was all that existed. Everything but the feeling of pleasure was gone!”Are you alright!” Nate asked as he shook me and I slowly came back to reality.”Wow that was exciting and terrifying all at the same time!” He said with relief as he gently rubbed my tits.”Stand up.” I said still feeling my body tingle.He did and his cock was sticking straight out. My hand gripped it and pulled him toward my pussy. He looked so young as I positioned his cock to enter me. I knew this was his first fuck and he would like cum to fast but I did not care. He had earned his first fuck.We just looked into each other’s eyes then he pushed and that big thick head pried my unused pussy open. He was at least twice the size of my x husband. My pussy slowly opened and sensed that it was best to push in and the pull back. Each thrust put him deeper into me until I felt those large balls smack against my ass.I expected him to start pumping uncontrollably but he seemed to keep his composure and we fucked with a slow grinding until my body adjusted to him. Then he seemed to experiment with different tempos and depths and I could see that he was trying to figure out what gave me the most pleasure. Nate was going to be a great fuck!I grabbed his ass and rocked my hips telling him to pound my cunt! He fucked me harder and harder until his eyes rolled back and his breathing came in gasps and I knew he was filling my pussy with his seed.He collapsed on top of me and I felt his cock slowly slip from my freshly fucked and very happy pussy!”Did I fuck you good Robin?” He asked.”Yes Nate you did a great job.” I said as he held me.I looked at the clock and it was almost six and I knew he would be missed by his parents soon.”Nate you need to get on home and you know this needs to be our secret. You do that and we can fuck all the time. I also have a few others things that you will get to enjoy.” I said as I thought of Heather and Megan.In a few minutes Nate was gone and I got my phone to let Heather know she could come home. I was rather surprised to see that she had sent me message that she was already on her way home.To be continued…..(I hope you enjoyed and your thumbs up and comments tell me so…)

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