Discovering watersports ch 1

Discovering watersports ch 1A nice quiet evening in, the k**s in bed, and we’d had a few beers. “Are you ready for bed?” she asked.“I’ll put the cat out” I replied. I got up to find the a****l and put it outside, and went upstairs, bursting for a piss, undoing my trousers as I went.She was sitting on the toilet with her bathrobe open, fully open and I could see her small, outward swinging 34B tits. I came in with my flies undone and my dick in my hand. I was at that point where I really needed to get let it go. “What’s up with you?” she asked.“I’m bursting”, I said.“Well, what’s stopping you?” she asked. “Go between my legs”. “Are you sure?” I asked. We’d never done anything like this before.She opened her legs, and I could see the pee starting to trickle from her flaps. Just seeing it turned me on a bit. “Better than you wetting the carpet”.I aimed at the small triangle of toilet between her legs and let go. The first jet hit her hairy mound and splashed on her legs, joining her pee as it dripped into the toilet. I manisa escort quickly corrected and the stream went straight into the bowl.“That was nice and warm and quite sexy” she said. ”Do it again”.This was going into my fantasy territory. I aimed a bit higher, back on to her mound. No objections, so I tracked slowly up her belly to her tits as my dick began to harden. She was smiling as my piss finally ran out. Hers had already stopped. She pulled her bathrobe around her, covering her tits and belly. “Now, let’s do something about those drips” she said, pulling me closer and taking my dick in her mouth. I began to harden very quickly as she rolled her tongue round my dick.I pulled her to her feet and kissed her, tasting my piss. I turned her round and lifted her bathrobe. I put my hands between her legs and felt the warm piss on her cunt hair and down her legs. I pushed her back down, now I could see her long flaps dangling, dripping still. I took my dick in my hand and guided it into her cunt. She escort manisa pushed back against me, driving it in deeper. I banged her hard, my balls slapping her legs and I could feel the wet. After about thirty strokes, I came, emptying myself into her. Her right hand was on her clit, and her left was pulling me into her.I pulled out, picked her up and carried her into the bedroom, laying her gently on her back on the bed, and started to lick her clit. I could taste the piss, and as she came close to orgasm, her hips pushing into me, I put three fingers into her wet cunt. I could feel the cum in there and as I worked her clit, she came with a gasp and I could feel her contractions on my fingers. I left them there and carried on licking, as she started again.My dick was pretty limp but not completely, I carried on licking her and as she came close I moved around so my dick was under her fanny, her legs over mine. “You won’t get that in there! Even after two k**s that dick is too limp. Let me help” she said, manisa escort bayan and I could feel her long finger nails stretching my dick as she got them behind my bell end and pushed it into her cunt with two fingers to keep it in there. With her other hand she finished herself off, groaning loud enough to wake the k**s. It was great to feel the pulsing a second time, and I was starting to get hard again.“You going to come again?” she asked.“Could do” I replied.“You do it then. I’m sore and tired. On my tits. I may fall asleep. Don’t stop, though”I pulled my semi hard dick out and moved up the bed, so I was lying above her and my dick was close to her tits, and started to wank. All those memories really helped, but it was hard work. I heard gentle snoring as she fell asleep. Quietly, I moved up so my dick was near her face. At last I got that tingling feeling that runs all the way from toes to head, and I came again for the second time in about 15 minutes. I felt very proud of myself as my cum dripped into her hair and the side of her face. I wiped my dick on her hair, pulled the covers over us, and snuggled down next to her, with my right hand still on my dick.A good night’s sleep, with plenty to dream about. “Have to find some more fantasies now”, I thought.

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