DIY Glory Hole


DIY Glory HoleWe have lived where we are for many years and have had the same neighbours for most of the time. The couple on one side (Brian and Vicky) were a bit older than us but we enjoyed their company. There was lots of fun and teasing between all four of us but nothing too sexual, even though I think we all would have liked that. I used to tease Brian and Vicky used to tease Phil Unfortunately Vicky died last year and Brian was left alone. We tried to keep him happy but be became withdrawn. While I was sunbathing naked in the back garden one day I caught a glimpse of Brian watching me from an upstairs window, I smiled and waved but he disappeared. I told Phil and he said that if I saw him again I should put on a show. Next time I saw him watching I stared oiling my breasts and my pussy. This time he did not go and watched and I imagined him having a wank. A few days later we canlı bahis noticed that a knot in the fence had been pushed out from Brian’s side giving a peep hole looking straight up my sun bed. Sure enough, next time I sunbathed I heard Brian close to the fence on his side so again I put on a show for him. I said “Brian, do you like that hole” He said “do you mean the one in the fence or yours”. I said both” He said “oh yes Kath, thank you”. I thought god I need to help our neighbour and an idea came into my head. I said, “Brian do you know what a glory hole is. He said ‘Oh yes”. I said “so check what hight it needs to be in the fence for you and drill one”. Sure enough next day a hole appeared. I could not wait to test it out so on the next nice day I was out there, naked, feet facing the fence waiting. After a few minutes I heard Brian close to the fence, breathing heavily. I bahis siteleri said “Brian, do you want to use the glory hole”. He said “god yes”. I said “ok you know what to do”. Straight away a Long, thick semi erect penis was poked through the hole. I dropped to my knees and took it into my mouth. I heard Brian moan and he said, “fucking hell Kath, do you know how I have dreamed of sex with you for years” I have stood in my bedroom watching you sunbathe and wanked so many times. I said “Brian just shut up and enjoy”. I sucked his cock to full erection and it was huge! I said “wow Brian, luck Vics getting this for all those years”. I wanked it some more and could feel Brian’s passion rise until he spunked all over my face and breasts. He said “Kath, that was fantastic, I loved it” I said “good, now let me suck and like the spunk out of you and clean you up before I let you go. bahis şirketleri When it was clean I said “ok my turn”. He sad “what do you mean” I said you are not leaving me like this, don’t move”. I checked for something to stand on to bring my arse and pussy level with his cock and told him I needed him to get hard again. He said “oh that’s easy” and I watched it grow again. I said “ok Brian, I need you to push hard against the fence. As he did I backed onto his erection and felt his warm thick, long cock slip . into my cunt, I pushed my arse all the away to the fence and felt a good 7 inches slide into me. I said “ok Brian pump me full of your spunk please”. As he pumped I played with my hanging breasts until I felt my passion rise and I said “Ok lets do this”. He pumped fast and hard and we both orgasmed together. I could feel his warm sticky spunk enter me. We were both breathing heavily and he withdrew I said “Brian, thank you” and he replied “no Kath, THANK YOU. We must do this again” I said “oh for sure Brian darling”. That glory hole is now very well used!!! And not always by me and Brian!!!!!!!!

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