Do I Have To Beg?


Do I Have To Beg?He’s been gone for business. I never thought I would miss him so badly this soon. It’s not that my heart is missing him. It is my mind, my body, my being. He tells me he is home. It is late, and we can’t make it work. We both decide we should try later. Frustration sets in. I caress myself and think of him, His touch, his gentleness, his strength, his roughness. Though I cum again and again, I am still not satisfied. I need him. I sleep and dream of him. I can’t get him out of m head.The following day is a day of pampering. New color, new cut, mani-pedi with French tips on both hands and feet, massage…A full day of nothing but attention on me. I still have him o my mind. I’m barely home, and have decided to chat with friends online. I’ve been checking my list to see if he will email, or send me a message. Then it comes. The notice he has sent a message. “Hello” is all it says. I can’t be so nonchalant. Before I can stop myself, I reply, “Hi. Ready to fuck yet?” I don’t expect a reply, figuring he would just laugh it off. He comes back with, “Up for another round?” BLINK!! “Always…You make me hotter than anyone ever has! I love the formalities we have going here!”“Well, it is a weeknight, and I do have to work tomorrow. Maybe we should do this over cam.” he replies. “Or do you need the real thing?” I know he is being a tease, but I love it! I shoot back with, ‘I really need you the real you! I don’t mind leaving, soon after…” “How bad?” he says, wanting to know just how far I will go. OK, I decide. He wants’ to play this game, here I go. I give it to him with full force. A volley of pleads run from my fingers into the messages. One after the other, without having to thing. My fingers knowing what my body wants and relaying that knowledge to him.“FUCK ME!!!”“Do I have to beg?”“I will!”“I need to feel you tongue on my body, on my clit, on my pussy!”His only response is, “Well….” I continue…“I need to feel your hands on me!”He says, fethiye escort “OK”, but it doesn’t register and my begging continues.” I need to feel you hard cock in my hand, in my mouth, in my pussy!”“Is that enough?!?!?”It is then I realize he has agreed already. “Call when you are exiting the Highway”I quickly grab the closest thing to throw on, a strapless dress that shows my ample breasts to the best advantage. I never wear panties, so that was all there was. I grab my purse, keys and a wrap for my shoulders. It is, after all, winter here! I hop in the car to make the 17 mile drive; setting the cruise control, because the last thing I need tonight is to be delayed by getting a ticket for speeding. Even with that, I set the speed a shade over the limit. I have an agenda! Halfway there, he calls me. “Where are you?” I’m almost there, why, do you want me to turn around and go home???” I would have to hurt him, if that is what he’s suggesting! He tells me, “No”, so I tell him I will be there very soon and let him go. I know this is not going to be one of our full nights of passion. Instead, it will be one of the nights of hard, fast fucking! Though my favorites are those that take hours as we explore each other in every way, this is not the night for that! It is a raw fuck night! It is necessary!He meets me at the door; we climb the half flight of steps to the living room. I turn to him as I set my things down and flip off my wrap. I am near desperate by now. I grab him and he envelopes me, pulling me closer, our mouths pressing into each other, our tongues darting, and our breathing fast in anticipation. The top of my dress is down in a flash. He is caressing my nipples, gently twirling them between his finger and thumb. His other hand radars in on my pussy. “God you’re wet!” As if he thought I wouldn’t be. We sit, and I immediately climb onto him, kissing, nibbling, and licking. I drink in his scent. I love the way he smells, clean, spicy, just escort fethiye like a man should! I can’t get enough of his mouth. His lips are amazing. His kisses are like a d**g, whether he is kissing my mouth, parting my lips with his tongue, in search of mine, our tongues dancing together, or if he is trailing his lips and tongue down my neck, across my breasts and then concentrating on my very erect nipples. He is talented! My body responds to his touch, his mouth, his tongue, as if this is the first time I have ever been touched! How does he do that!!! I don’t really care! I am giving in to the moment when I need to regroup. If I don’t I will go over the edge and I don’t want that just yet! Too soon! I pull away, looking him in the eyes; our gaze locked and slide to the floor, on my knees in front of him. Damn, his eyes! Piercing and penetrating! Foretelling what is to come. I reach up and pull him to me, kissing him deeply again, biting down his neck, running my hands under his shirt, around his back pulling him close as I do. My hands run under the band of his pants kneading his fine ass. Enough teasing! I take the waist of his pants and ease them over his nice cock, heavy and stunning! I slide them down and off his legs. My attention is on getting this beautiful cock as hard as possible! I want him inside me; my mouth covers the head, swirling around the rim. I take in his full length, and he moans. I love the way he feels in my mouth, in my hand, I stroke with my hand as my mouth moves up and down, faster, cupping his balls, edging him closer. I pause and in a breath he has me on the floor, his mouth on my pussy, his tongue teasing my clit and probing my opening. He has me moaning and writhing within seconds. That talented tongue, again! It should be patented or carry a warning, I’m not sure which! He laps and flicks, his fingers enter; first one, then two… He plays me like an instrument he had owned and played all his life. I respond in an fethiye escort bayan instant. My hips are rolling, my muscles tighten, and I moan and squeal and scream! He eases his cock into me, deep and full. It’s amazing! It is at that moment I realize how my pussy has missed having that cock inside! His rhythm is easy at first, slow and steady. Then, as our bodies move, the pace quickens, faster and faster, waves of titillating sensations poring over us. Staring into each other’s eyes only makes the experience wilder! There is primal lust shooting electric throughout, our bodies moving as one. We tense; I moan; a guttural noise escapes your lips!“I know, I need to go so you can sleep…” I say, as I am trying to catch my breath. He is pulling on his clothes, to step out for a cigarette. I sit on the couch edge, taking that moment to come back to this planet! I look for my dress, bend to pick it up and he is behind me, running his hand up my thigh, across my ass and between my legs. A jolt of fire, like lightening, shoots through my pussy. He shifts me back to the couch, bending me over. He runs his fingers from my dripping pussy up to my tight asshole, slowly rubbing and pressing until he has a finger inside, and before I can resist, he is fingering my ass and my pussy, rubbing my clit and I am on the roller-coaster again! He surprises me when he withdraws his finger, spreads my cheeks and I feel his tongue licking and flicking across my asshole! That is something that is such a turn on but I hadn’t expected! Then in one smooth movement, he is inside my ass. I am pushing back to meet his every thrust. We are grinding together; feeling the lust building again. I have never had a lover like this! The peak is there…right there within reach! We fuck in earnest, our wanton desire taking over all sense of surroundings. We come together again! We both melt to the floor; finally satisfied. After my breathing returns to a place from where I can speak, I again say I must leave. You have business in the morning and must rest. I rise and pull my dress on. I kiss him fully, feeling arousal beginning again in both of us. We could be in trouble here, but I choose to leave…and plan for next time.

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