Doctor visit

Doctor visitI was the last appointment of the day and the doctor was running late but I was ok with that. finally I was taken to the exam room and told to undress and put on a very small gown that tied in the front. I have firm DD tits and the gown would not go over them so I left it open. I am not shy at all and he was my doctor.The nurse came in and took all my vital signs while looking at my huge tits. She then listened to my heart taking time as to feel my breasts. Soon the doctor came in and smiled as he could see the gown did not cover my tits and he finally just removed my gown. He layed me back and began to check my tits for lumps really feeling them up. As he ran his hands over my tits the nipples got hard and he than rubbed the nipples and pulling on them.He then put my legs in the stirrups to do the vaginal exam but I felt straps go around my ankles as my legs were now spread far apart and tied. He spread the lips of my pussy and touched my clit. Next he inserted the instrument maraş escort in my cunt and cranked it wide spreading my love hole. With his latex gloves on he kept tweaking my clit.The nurse then came back in and I felt my arms now being put in straps so I was completely tied down. She then removed her uniform uncovering nice big tits as she had no underwear on and then started to strip the doctor. When she pulled down his pants a huge cock bounced out and it was long and thick. She stroked his cock til it was sticking straight out and rock hard. The doc then removed the instrument from my cunt and began to insert a jelly in me. He rubbed a lotion over my tits and told the nurse she could lick it off. She wasted no time sucking and licking my tit and and nipple. Then he put more lotion on and watched her lick it off. She was a tit loving lesbian. She sucked my tits like she was starving and horny.He then went back to my cunt and inserted anything he could find inside me. escort maraş I was getting so turned on with the nurse sucking and licking my tits and the doctor playing with my cunt that I had already cum twice. He then started inserting his latex wrapped fingers into my cunt. He had three in me and was finger fucking me making me scream and multi cum. I never wanted wanted the tit sucking and finger fucking to stop. But he did stop only long enough to stick his cock into my hole. Now this was a huge cock and when he pushed it in I felt the walls of my cunt stretch to the max. As he began to fuck my hole the nurse did a huge sucking number on my tits. She was sucking and biting and really eating my nipples. She bit the sides of each tit and bit my nipples. It felt good as the doc continued to fuck me with that huge cock of his. He was pouning my hole fast and hard and soon I had to scream as I reached the top of my climax. As I screamed the nurse slapped my tits to shut me up. Then maraş escort bayan she shoved her big tit into my mouth which I sucked like a starving baby. She had a great set of mounds with nice big nipples.I soon felt the doc fill my hole with his warm cum. It ran out my cunt and down to my ass. the doctor wasted none of it. He took the cum leaking out and rubbed it over my sweet ass hole. He used the cum as a lube to finger fuck my ass. My mouth was full of the nurses huge tit and the doc was finger fucking my ass and I was in heaven. I then started to bite the nurses nice full nipples and she seemed to like this. I chewed them and bit hearing her moan. As I bit her titties, she then began to slap my tits. Every time she slapped, I bit a tit harder. I figured the next day she would have bruises and teeth marks all over those big globes.tAfter fucking me for over an hour he doctor began to release me and I was able to get myself up off the table. We were a crazy naked threesome. But that doc did have a nice big cock that I did want more of. And I wanted some of the nurses huge tits and her shaved cunt too. So.. I invited them over to my house, no clothes allowed. It was going to be a sexy fucking week end.

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