Doing Dirty Debbie Ch. 05


It was not often I got to stay over at Debbie’s, but as I lay in her bed that morning I reflected that it was thoroughly worth the wait. Last night had been a spectacular session and as I stretched, then opened my eyes I could see the results on Debbie’s beautiful body. As she moved around the bedroom the bruises on her tits stood out in contrast to her white skin and when she bent over the weals from her vicious caning stood out in relief from her lovely ass cheeks. She was bending over now. “Lovely view,” I murmured, “Come on, shake that ass!” She glanced back, smiled and wiggled it invitingly.

“It’s a bit of a mess this morning,” she said, reaching back to stroke it. “You did a real number on me last night!” She straightened. “And have you seen my tits – I’ll be feeling the bruises there for days and my nips, oh my God I don’t think I’ll be able to put a bra on today they are so sore!”

“Come here,” I growled. She advanced towards me rolling her hips seductively. I pushed back the covers to reveal my stiffening cock and as she leaned forward to deliver a morning welcome with her ever ready lips I reached out and grabbed each nipple between my thumb and first finger, squeezing as I did so.

“Aaaahhh,” she groaned, her body writhing as she sucked harder on my cock. She pulled off briefly. “Oh yes, that is so…ooowww…aaahhh… amazing!” I continued to twist as she sucked my cock.

“OK you can cum now,” I whispered. Immediately her finger sought out her clit and as I twisted her nipples fiercely, she came panting and gasping. I pulled out of her mouth – I enjoyed the sucking but didn’t want to come yet.

“Carry on with what you were doing before, ” I told her as I slowly got out of bed. She was unrolling an area of plastic sheeting and securing it. I wandered over to our toys bag and rummaged around. As she finished laying out the sheets I called her over. She looked down and saw me holding a thick dildo – some 9″ long and three in diameter and a sturdy butt plug with a two inch diameter and some 6″ in length. Her eyes widened but she said nothing. “Turn around and grab your ankles, ” I commanded. She slowly turned and did as I bid, though I could sense her reluctance. I was now sitting on the bed with her bent over in front of me. What a lovely sight! Her pink cunt, hairless and with tiny labia, stood gaping in front of me and above it her tight brown ring pulsed gently as she anticipated the stretching she was about to endure.

“Cunt first,” I stated and introduced the dildo to her entrance. I slowly pushed on it; there was some definite resistance as the girth began to be felt but this was a cunt that could take pretty much anything and soon the length was slowly disappearing into her beautiful twat. As it bottomed out she wiggled her hips slightly and I gave her a couple of hard slaps on the welts on her ass.

“Good girl,” I said. “Now just relax, this next one is going to be a challenge for you.” I could hear the ragged intake of breath, feel the desire to move away, to complain, but she was better trained now and stayed in place, defying her innermost fears. I squeezed some lube onto my finger and inserted it into her waiting hole. She tensed, squeezed my finger, but then relaxed as I moved it through into her rectal cavern. I stuck another finger in and she groaned. I finger fucked her gently, then withdrew, lubed the plug and introduced it to her hole. She was already used to a one and three quarter inch plug but this was a new level for her. The first couple of inches slipped straight in, but I met resistance and tensing as I continued to push. So I started to fuck her with the plug, increasing the penetration a fraction each time. Soon we were within an inch or so of the widest part. She was beginning to writhe now, her dislike of anal stretching beginning to get to her. I started to corkscrew the plug, pushing and waiting for the gasp as she was forced a little wider.

“Please master, this is too big. I can’t take it…oohhh….nnnooo…..please.”

I ignored her pathetic whining.

“Debbie – come kneel on the bed.” I told her. She did so as I kept the plug moving up her with one hand and kept the dildo in place in her cunt with the other. “Now, reach back and frig yourself'” I commanded. As her finger sought her clit I pushed and twisted that bit harder and the plug began to reach its widest part. Finally her anal ring stretched as far as it ever had and the plug was poised to disappear. The burn for her was intense and at that moment her orgasm began. I held the plug at her maximum burn / stretch until as her orgasm was in full panting, gasping, wailing flow, I released the plug and let it disappear up her.

“Aaaaiiieee………aah…aaah,…aahh,” she screamed then panted with the plug firmly up her. I gave her a few seconds then told her to stand up and keep her fingers on the dildo to stop it sliding out. I produced a harness and quickly wrapped it round her slim waist and down between her legs and up through her ass crack, securing everything in place.

“Ok Debbie,” I said, “Now you lie down here on the plastic; I have to pop out for a couple of minutes to get some canlı bahis stuff from the store. You know what’s coming so you can lie and think about it and feel how stuffed your holes are.” She lay down obediently and I quickly dressed, grabbed my wallet and headed for the door.

We did need a few things from the store round the corner, but I wanted her situation to get to her mind a bit while I was out. As the butt plug worked on her innards her morning shit would build up and the release would be spectacular. I made my purchases and turned round to leave the store when who should I see but our friend Susan.

I grinned at her. “Hi Susan, how are you?” We hugged and she mashed her huge tits against my chest and stomach.

“Just popped out for a few things,” she said with a smile.

“Well I’m over at Debbie’s right now, can I walk you back?”

“Really – what were you two up to last night?”

“A lot – put it this way she has sore nipples, bruised tits, a well whipped ass and right now is coping with a dildo in her cunt and a large plug in her ass.”

“Wow – lucky girl'” sighed Susan. “I could do with some fun but right now I need to get home.”

“Why, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“Stomach cramping – need to poop,” she gasped and increased her pace.

I hurried to catch up. She was wearing sweat pants and a baggy top and was jiggling interestingly as she hurried down the street.

“Hey stop,” I said. “I have an idea.”

“What do you mean?’ she asked with a frown and a grimace.

“Have you ever shit in your pants?” I asked. “You could sit on that bench there and just let go. Then we could go over to Debbie and see what she has packed inside her.”

“You are an evil but creative man'” she smiled. “You mean just shit out here? What if someone sees?”

“Who cares? You’ll sit down, ease up to let it out then sit back down into it. Your panties will hold it, it’ll all be wedged in that big ass crack of yours and we’ll go back and drop the lot on Debbie.”

She looked at me, her eyes glazed over with pain and lust. “OK,” she said, “I’m up for it – sounds a really disgusting way to start the day!”

We sat on the nearby bench and almost immediately she braced her legs against the ground and raised her ass a few inches off the bench. I heard a wet fart as she started to shit and suddenly the look on her face of blessed relief let me know she had released her load into her panties. A smell of open sewer wafted towards me and I grinned at her.

“All out? I asked. She nodded. “Well now for the fun part,” I said and kicked her legs from the ground. She sat down suddenly and the look on her face as the warm shit squished up her ass crack and forward round her cunt was truly priceless. She sat there, rocking gently to spread the warmth and feel the texture on her ass.

“Oh my God!” she gasped, rocking from side to side to spread the feeling.. “That is amazing – what a feeling, it’s so warm and sexy on my ass and I can feel some squeezing over my cunt. Wow. This was a great idea.”

“Come on,” I said, pulling her up. “Let’s go surprise Debs.”

We walked slowly back towards Debbie’s condo. I reached back and squeezed her ass a few times, feeling the soft mass of shit wedged and spread over her ample butt. We entered the condo and found Debbie still lying on the plastic sheeting and strapped into her intruders. “Look who I found!” I said, pushing Susan ahead of me.

Susan smiled at Debs – “Wow, he really did a number on you didn’t he?” Debbie nodded, blushing at this unexpected interruption, catching her naked and plugged. “And now he did me too in a way.” she added.

Susan reached down and peeled off her top and quickly whipped off her bra, letting her huge veined mammaries flop down. She went down to Debbie and rolled her on her back, straddling her slim stomach and grabbing Debbie’s nipples. Debbie squealed in pain and reached up to grab Susan’s as I quickly shed my clothes. As Susan and Debbie got reacquainted I kneeled over Debbie’s head and presented my cock to Susan’s mouth. As her mouth started working on me, I felt Debbie’s tongue start rimming my ass. I quickly hardened at the sight of the two bitches squeezing each other’s nipples, Debbie’s tongue snaking up my back passage and Susan’s expert licking. Reluctantly I pulled away and went down to rub Debbie once more to orgasm. Straight after that I stood Susan up and pulled down her sweat pants. Debbie gasped as she saw the huge load so obviously caught in Susan’s underwear. Her pants hung precariously down as she stood over Debbie wiggling her copious ass. Debbie began to have some idea of what was to happen and started to whimper and shake her head. I immediately grabbed her hands and cuffed her wrists together, pulling them back over her head and securing them to one of the legs of the bed. Her ankles I separated and locked into a spreader bar. She was ready.

Susan sat her ass over Debbie’s tits and slowly peeled her panties down, turning them inside out to reveal a huge soft stinking brown mass. As she upended her panties the whole mass fell straight onto Debbie’s tits. She whimpered gently. bahis siteleri Susan then pulled her panties the rest of the way down, stepped out of them and wiped them on Debbie’s stomach and thighs. Debbie writhed helplessly as Susan reached between her legs and took the largest lumps out of her ass crack and her cunt area and smeared them onto Debbie’s pubic mound and labia around the harness. Having completed her disrobing she stood over Debbie before slowly starting the descent of her brown encrusted ass towards Debbie’s face. My little toilet slut was getting her breakfast alright this morning!

Slowly the huge cheeks descended until they covered Debbie’s face and then I heard her tongue starting to get to work cleaning some breathing room for herself. Susan leaned forward and started to rub Debs’ clit in encouragement which caused more spasms in her abused body.

“C’mon bitch, clean my filthy shit hole,” Susan growled.

The response was muffled but we could hear slurping noises and Susan’s face was lighting up with pleasure as she felt the tongue working her back passage, cleaning her up and eating the lumps that remained. Susan’s fingers strayed down towards her clit and her eyes closed as she started to rub her clit, determined to get maximum enjoyment from her position. I couldn’t let her have too much pure pleasure so went over to my bag of tricks. Returning, I stood in front of Susan and started working her nipples again, twisting and pulling. She moaned excitedly and was starting to pant her way to a climax when I released the first tight bulldog clip onto her nipple. She screamed once and sat down hard on the unfortunate Debbie and then again as I released the second one on the other side. She shook her massive tits from side to side but kept working at her clit, determined to climax properly now. As her breath became more ragged and her eyes glazed over I quickly linked the two clips with a chain and fed it to her mouth, pulling her tits painfully upwards. This was too much, she started to come violently, raising up so I could see Debbie’s shit smeared mouth and face. As she came, she jerked up on her chain, popping one of the clips off her nipple and released a load of soft shit straight into Debbie’s face. As Susan leaned forward I rubbed Debbie to a stinky climax and we all took a pause and wiped some of the shit off Debbie’s face.

Debbie looked in some pain now. “What’s wrong? I asked her.

“I need to go – I can’t hold that plug in much longer,” she stammered.

I pulled the still dazed Susan off her, took the clamps off and helped her roll onto her back, her massive tits pancaking out under her armpits. I helped Dirty Debbie up, untying her restraints and removing the harness. The dildo popped out of her cunt but the butt plug remained firmly in place. Her stinking shit smeared body looked oh so beautiful and I urged her to kneel over Susan. I quickly tied Susan to the bed as I had Debbie and used the same spreader bar. Debbie squatted over Susan’s tits, and I told her to relax and let the plug come out naturally. This was the biggest plug she had ever held in and I watched as her anal ring slowly expanded as the plug started to emerge. She whimpered as it got to the widest part and I put a finger on it then to stop the progress. The burn and stretch was at its maximum and she whimpered in pain and desperation until I finally pulled it clean out and a huge mass of soft stinking shit dropped straight onto Susan’s chest, splattering out over her tits and leaving drops and bits on her face and in her hair. The plug itself was encrusted with shit so I gave it to Debbie and she started rubbing it over Susan’s clit and cunt.

Now she shuffled backwards, her anus gaping and still well over an inch distended. She was almost reluctant to cover Susan’s face with it even though her own face was still a solid mass of brown from what Susan had inflicted on her. “Come on Debbie, give her some of her own medicine,” I urged. She grinned evilly at that point and sat her ass hard down on Susan’s face.

“C’mon you cunt,” she breathed, “Lick me clean.” Susan started in with a will and Debbie started to gently rub her own clit as Susan’s tongue burrowed up her warm brown hole. I left then to it for a couple of minutes by which time Debbie had come and Susan had made a good job of cleaning her up. I took myself round behind Debbie and pushed her up off Susan’s tongue,. Her anus was almost closed now but still very slick as I put my cock to its entrance and pushed hard, burrowing deep into her bowels immediately. A contented moan escaped Debbie and I felt Susan’s tongue probing at my balls and trying to get to my ass.

Concentrating, I rocked gently in Debbie’s ass and was rewarded when I relaxed enough to send a hot stream of piss into her rectum. I had been bursting to go all morning so my stream was copious. Susan, not quite knowing why I wasn’t fucking Debbie hard continued to tongue my balls until I had finally finished. At that point I pulled out and Debbie squeezed her ass shut. I stood up and walked round to grab Debbie’s nipples. I pulled on them, straightening her up right over Susan – “Now, bahis şirketleri release,” I commanded, and she did, sending a stream of hot yellow and brown piss straight into Susan’s unsuspecting face. Susan gasped, but quickly opened her mouth to receive the gift from Debbie’s ass. I pushed Debbie down so Susan could drink as much of the stream as she could and eventually Debbie closed off the stream, sat back down on Susan’s face and released the rest straight into her waiting mouth. From the spluttering and gargling noises coming from under Debbie’s ass I could tell Susan was getting her morning refreshment and eventually it all came to an end. Debbie remained sat on Susan’s mouth, moving back now to give Susan access to her clit. Debbie started to sigh and moan as Susan expertly tongues her clit, gasping, coming and licking the shit from her own face as she did so. Once she had climaxed, I eased her off Susan and lay her down next to her partner in shit. I tied their arms together, leaving their faces next to each other and undid Susan’s legs from the spreader bar. “Now girls, why don’t you have some fun with each other – I have something to attend to,” I said. The two of them looked at each other with lust filled eyes and Debbie put her knee up between Susan’s defiled thighs so she could hump her cunt and clit on it and they began to kiss and lick the shit off each others’ faces.

I headed for the bathroom where I quickly filled our enema bag and shoved the nozzle up my ass. My rectum was packed with shit and my morning dump was overdue but I wanted to give my two sluts a real bath this morning. I released the clamp on the enema tube and felt the warm water begin to fill my bowels. I knew there was not much space available but wanted to take what I could, so as my rectum filled and the cramping began I did what I could to massage my gut and ignore the pain. The result was going to be worth it I knew. Finally I was able to absorb the whole bag and the cramping subsided. However to say I felt full was a serious understatement. My ass demanded release and I had to concentrate fiercely to keep the sphincter closed. I waddled back into the room where the girls were still kissing and humping each others’ legs as best they could. They looked up at my entry, I was waddling slightly and stroking my stiffening cock. “OK girls, lie together and put your heads together, face up, mouths open,” I commanded. Susan moved to obey and Debbie, a worried look on her face, laid her head next to Susan’s so their ears were touching. Quickly I squatted over them, my straining anal ring about a foot above them. I settled down, relaxed and pushed slightly. Immediately a huge stream of brown water and huge lumps of squishy shit exploded out of my ass and hit the two faces square on, splattering over their noses, foreheads and hair, running down off their faces. Debbie began to turn away but I reached down and slapped her face hard and she moved her mouth back, opening it again to drink more sludge. My ass was still pulsing, still releasing more liquid shit with some lumps thrown in. I descended over Susan’s mouth, running with slushy shit and forced more lumps out straight onto her shitty tongue and watched as she chewed and swallowed, her mouth opening for more. Then onto Debbie for her to lick me clean, which I rewarded with a particularly nasty piece of black shit from way up inside me. She gagged, wailed but eventually chewed and swallowed as she had been trained.

My anal stream was at an end but my cock needed relief. I undid Susan and had her get on her hands and knees over Debbie so they could comfort each other. I grabbed the big butt plug and then put my cock to Susan’s now clean hole. A push, a gasp and I was up her lovely rectum, pumping away furiously. The whole room stank of festering shit, I was buggering a plump bitch whose tits were swinging freely and my own dear bitch was pinching the nipples hard while kissing and licking at Susan’s shit encrusted face. My cock pistoned madly in and out, my balls got tighter and tighter as I felt the spunk begin to rise until it shot out into the warm confines of Susan’s pulsing shit hole. I shuddered and came to a halt. Now I slowly pulled out of her violated ring but immediately began to introduce the large butt plug to her ass. There was relatively little resistance initially but then as the stretch began she began to pant and whine. It did no good as I corkscrewed the plug up into her gut and finally her hungry ass sucked it in to the accompaniment of a shrill gasp. “There you go, cunt, nicely full huh?” I sneered.

I stood up shakily and relaxed for a couple of minutes while Susan collapsed next to Debbie and began twisting Debbie’s nipples as Debbie did the same to her. After a period of watching this I grabbed Susan by the hair and pulled her up to a kneeling position and positioned her anus over Debbie’s mouth. I forced her body upright with the plug now about six inches over Debbie’s mouth. “Open wide, you shit eating whore,” I told her and pulled the plug out, pushing Susan further down onto Debbie. After a pause, shit stained semen began to leak from Susan’s ass and Debbie put out her tongue to catch it, raising her head to make sure every drop was accounted for. Susan grunted, pushing hard and some slimy sludge also appeared which Debbie gobbled up, before moving her tongue round, seeking Susan’s clit once again.

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