Donna’s Mom


No one in this fictional story is under eighteen years old. There is some slight incest, sort of. There is anal, oral and mother-in-law sex in this story. It’s a fantasy! Any similarity to any person living or dead or in-between is entirely ridiculous be nice in your comments, especially you anonymous! Over the top as usual. If you don’t like it, then get off your dead ass and you write something!

Donna’s Mom

She stood at the sink. She was short and fat, but truth be told, it was all in her big tits and ass. Her long auburn hair came from a bottle, but it was shiny and complemented her green eyes perfectly. Her waist and everything else about her was slender.

Her daughter had DDD size tits with huge sensitive nipples. I had gotten her off just by playing with them. I wondered, like mother, like daughter?

“Donna called just before you got here. She got stuck at work, she won’t be home for at least three or four hours. She is getting time and a half, which is good I guess.”

“So it’s you and me? You want me to go Mrs. Johnson?” I asked her. She looked at the hot soapy water and dirty dishes. She was in thought.

“No, you can stay Mark. Please call me Marlene. I could use the company. Sometimes it gets lonely here.”

“It’s funny, but I’ve been at parties with a hundred people, and I never felt so all alone.” I said.

“Me too! Some people behave almost like you’re not even there.” She was using those yellow gloves to protect her hands from the hot water. I walked up behind her. I put my arms around her and cupped her huge breasts. Her nipples popped out right through bra, shirt and sweater. They were enormous, just like her daughter’s. She moaned. I kissed her neck at her shoulder line. My erection was pushing through my pants and into the crack of her big fat beautiful ass. Skinny girls are great. Fat girls are so much better. Not that she was fat. She was shaped like a perfect hourglass, with huge tits up top, a very narrow waist, and a nice big bubble but. She was absolutely perfect! Her nipples just got harder still from my manipulations.

She moaned and I heard it. She was loving what I was doing, so I pinched and plucked and played with her nipples some more. This brought more happy moans!

“Mark! What are you doing? We can’t do this! You are dating my daughter. I’m twice your age! I…I uhhhhh.” I was biting her neck gently, and squeezing the hell out of her tits. I twisted and tweaked her diamond hard nipples. “Oh Mark!” she sighed in a dream-like voice. She shuddered. Did she just cum?

“We can’t…We shouldn’t…MMMMMM, OHMYGOD MARK!” I had spun her around and was kissing her hard on the mouth. Grabbed her and pulled her to me roughly. She was going to be mine!

I was going to rip open her shirt.

“Stop, you fucking animal!” She looked in my eyes. I saw the lust that was there.

“I will unbutton it. It’s silk, and it’s expensive” she just didn’t want to destroy her nice shirt. Hey, I understand.

I played with her great ass while she s-l-o-w-l-y unbuttoned her fine silk blouse. I reached around front and felt her cleft. She was sopping wet. She moaned really loud that time. She was absolutely loving it.

“I’m going to fuck you Marlene.” I played with her mons through her slacks. She was completely soaked now. More loud moaning. She shivered. Did she come again? This woman was a firecracker!

“What about Donna?”She looked at me with wide open eyes.

“I…ok, truth time. She asked me if I thought you were sexy. I said very much so. She said since the divorce you have been very down, depressed even. She wanted me to make you feel better.”

“Make me feel better with sex?”

“Well…yes. But, uhh, can you keep a secret? I have wanted you for years and years. When I used to mow your lawn, and you would sun yourself out in back, I wanted you so bad. But I was just eighteen, I don’t think you even remembered me from back then.”

“I remember a beautiful eighteen year old young man that I used to daydream about” Marlene revealed. “You were in my very naughtiest fantasies!” she sighed.

“I think you are way sexier than your beautiful daughter. Please don’t ever tell your daughter that. I certainly don’t want to hurt her feelings. She expressly asked me to fuck you, good and hard. I want you so bad.”

Her hand touched my manhood through my pants. “Geez Mark! You’re hard as a rock! So you’re telling me she asked you to do this?” Marlene continued to touch my dick. She stroked my cock with purpose, almost posessively. She was fumbling with my zipper with her other hand.

“Yes, she did. But she doesn’t know that I find you more attractive than her. Please Marlene, don’t tell her. Spare her feelings. Ok?” I was trying to unhook her damned bra. It had lots of hooks, and it felt very heavy duty.

“Ok. For a Casanova you have no idea how to open a bra? Let me unhook it.”

“I’m nervous. This damn bra of yours has so many hooks!” I fumbled trying to undo her tit sling.

“It ataşehir escort has a lot of weight to uphold. I have a secret too. When I was sunning myself, back in the day. I wanted you to take me. Just rip off my clothes and fuck me hard. My goodness, your dick is bigger than I remember it.”

I removed the in the way brassiere. I feasted on her big nipples, each like a cherry, with two large wrinkled areolas surrounding them. She moaned like she was in heat. She was in heat!

“When did you see my dick?”

“That time at Donna’s birthday party, I walked in on you taking a piss. She was holding your big dick and pointing it in the toilet. I quickly turned around and left. I…I was jealous. I wanted to hold your dick. I would have let you piss on me too!”

“Wow, you are such a dirty girl. I’m gonna have to spank you for being so bad!” I felt her shudder when I said this. I was rolling her nipples very hard at that moment.

“Let’s go in the bedroom, I want to suck your cock.” Her red plump lips looked so inviting, like good cocksucker lips should.

She lay back on the bed. I offer her legs and worked off her slacks. Her panties were totally soaked. I spread her legs and started eating her pussy. My phone rang.

“Hi babe.”

“Of course I’m eating her. She is delicious! She actually tastes like you. Like mother, like daughter… OK I will.” I pulled the phone over a bit and snapped a pic.I had my tongue in her cleft. I sent the picture.

“I think she’s already had two… ok, I am.”

I put the phone on speaker. “Ok Babe, you’re on speaker.”

“Hi Mom. Is Mark doing a good job? I told him to pleasure you. If he isn’t, I’m gonna spank his ass. Did he make you come yet?”

“Yes Honey, you have such a wonderful boyfriend. Mark made me come just from my nipples believe it or not! This guy, oh OH, fuck. Mark, fuck me Mark. Holy SHIT I’m GONNA, Aaaaaahhhhhh!” She shuddered and came hard.

“Did my mom just come? Hello? Mark?”

“Sorry Babe, I was tongue fucking her asshole. Now I’m gonna tease her clit till she screams. I think she likes it. She gushed all over my face. Can I call you back? I want to make her come again, and then I’ll fuck her till she can’t walk. That’s what you want right? Mmmmmmrrrmm.”

“Yes Mark, please do her as good as you do me, ok? Later on, you can fuck us both, TOGETHER! Oh yeah!! Double blowjob, double pussy, double anal. You are gonna be so happy! Love you Mark, I love you both!”

“We love you toooooo! I’m coming again! How do you do that? Orgasm after orgasm?” Marlene sounded breathless.

“You ready for some cock now?” I asked.

“Please. Just take me! Fuck me hard. Suck on my tits too. Oh I need it so fuckin bad.”

I shoved my hard dick into her succulent squishy love hole. I entered her in one long hard single thrust. My girlfriends mom screamed her head off. I felt her shudder violently. That must have been a good one!

I lifted her legs up onto my shoulders, into the clamshell position, so I could pile drive her. I slammed into her cooze again and again.

Marlene’s orgasm was quite spectacular. When she came, she spasmed. Her vaginal walls rippled, for lack of a better term. Then her cunt clenched my dick, and this caused my own huge climax. I felt like I pumped a gallon of jism into her hungry pussy. She was making happy sounds, not really words. At length she spoke.

“Mark, that was THE BEST fuck I ever had.”

“Marlene, that was just the appetizer. Wait ’till we get to the main course.”

“I haven’t come this hard, in well… ever!”

“Are you enjoying yourself Marlene? Am I a good lover for you? I know this was supposed to be a one time thing, but I feel like I could fuck you every single day. You know what that would make me?

“A motherfucker. A truly FANTASTIC motherfucker!” she giggled.

“It would make me so happy! You really make me feel masculine. You are grateful for whatever we do. You are built. Oh my, my, you are so fuckin built. I just want to fuck the shit out of you. I want you to be happy.”

“I have NEVER EVER been this happy before. Not in all my married years. I want to do something for you. Something I’ve never done with anyone.” Marlene said.

“What could that be? I think we covered all the bases fucking and sucking, that is.”

“I want…” she took deep breaths. “I want you to assfuck me. I want you to take my anal cherry. I did have a dildo up there once, but plastic fantastic doesn’t count!”

I was dumbfounded. She wanted her future son in law to buttfuck her! And to take her anal cherry! Holy SHIT Batman!

“Well? You look, what do the Brits say? Gobsmacked! It’s just my little sphincter for goodness sakes!”


“Yes what?”

“Yes, I’d love to buttfuck you. Yes, I would be honored to take your anal cherry off your hands! Now I’m excited.”

“My goodness. Now you’re excited. What were you before? A little interested? So do you want to buttfuck avcılar escort me or not? I don’t see you grabbing the lube. I will definitely need it with this big meat pole of yours.”

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t bring any lube! We can do it next time. Maybe Donna can stop and get some on her way home from work. I’ll just fuck your pussy and mouth until then.”

“But that’s hours and hours from now!”

“Yeah, so? I want to fuck you all night. I want you to pass out from happiness. Wait, why are you crying?”

“You’re really gonna fuck me all night? You’re not just boasting?” she was smiling.

“Well to be fair, I have to fuck Donna too. She is my fiancee. We have to stop to eat now and then. But yes, I’m gonna fuck you all night. It’s gonna take a crowbar to pull me off you. You are so fine. I am the luckiest man on the planet. I have a beautiful girl, and a magnificent woman who both want me, and want to share me. It doesn’t get any better that that.”

“Oh yes it does get better. Look in his old nightstand, the one on the left. I bet he left his analese. I have a secret to tell you, but you must not tell Donna. I think her dad, my ex, was either gay or bisexual. One time,I caught him sucking one of his friends. Then l caught him last year with his dick balls deep, buttfucking that eighteen year old slut Brianna. Maybe he was pretending she was a boy! Don’t tell Donna please. She thinks the world of her dad.”

“Hey, I found it! I had no idea lube came in half gallon size, or cherry flavored! You want to try it?”

“Is that monster gonna fit in my ass? You’re twice the size of my ex husband, and I never let the son if a bitch fuck my ass!. I don’t want you to split me in half! You’re fuckin huge!”

“Donna never complains. And we don’t even have cherry flavor lube! Brianna used to like it too. Until she met your ex husband. I suppose I should be grateful he showed me her true colors. And he introduced me to you and your wonderful daughter. His stealing her from me paved the way for me to fall in love with your daughter, and you for that matter. I love you Marlene.”

“Brianna must be an idiot to have left you for my ex. I know for a fact he spent a fortune of OUR MONEY on her. Fat fuck. By the way, I love you too Mark. But I don’t ever want to interfere with your relationship with Donna.”

“Too late. We both want you in our bed permanently! Or at least as long as you want to be there.”

“But…it’s so wrong! It’s so dirty and bad! I want to be there, but I feel so confused and conflicted. But you know what…I’m gonna let you buttfuck me. Just please go slow! Donna says she has giant orgasms when you assfuck her. I want this for me as much as you!”

“I want you to fuck my ass. Come on, shove that log up my tushy. I’ll even spread my cheeks for you. Ohhhhmygod you’re so big! Slow! Uhh, uhh, uhh, yeah now do it. Take me! Make me yours. Oh I’m gonna… cooommmee! Yes!” Marlene shuddered very violently, and climaxed for me. She was on all fours in front of me, with her head on the pillow and her ass in the air. She had just had a pretty big climax with my big dick almost halfway in her rectum.

I was going in and out moderately slowly. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt her. It was a spectacular fuck for me. Marlene was clenching rhythmically, she was building to a big crescendo, I could feel it. I never felt more masculine than I did at that moment. She reached behind her and felt that I was only giving her a portion of my cock.

“Holy shit Mark! You’re holding out on me! I WANT ALL OF THIS MONSTER! PLEASE! TREAT ME LIKE THE DIRTY LITTLE SLUT I AM. I’M YOUR PERSONAL CUM BUCKET. NOW FUCK ME DEEEEEPER!” I obliged her, and I started going deeper and harder. She was just about to come, and I wanted to make it the best come she had ever had, with me balls deep in her rectum! Then quite suddenly, she was coming, a giant shuddering, shivering climax, with her eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth wide open, but no words came out as she came and squirted all over me and finally screamed her head off:

“Maaaaaark! Iiiiiiiii looooove yoooouuuu!”

“I love you too Marlene. Let’s stop all this foreplay and get down to some real fucking!” I had ejaculated sometime during her orgasm, and it was sublime! A cum that a man never forgets, that would put a smile on my face to my dying day, yeah it was that good. But truthfully, it was Marlene’s climax that stood out in my mind. She made me feel like a king, her orgasm that could have been measured on the Richter scale.

Marlene was crying, I pulled my still hard, now dripping cock out of her anus and went to her. I held her like she was injured. My face close to hers, like I could kiss away the pain. Oh shit what had I done to her! “Oh my God Marlene, did I hurt you? I am so sorry! I-” she interrupted me.

“-NO, NO, NO! Mark my love, these are not tears of pain. These are tears of joy. I have never, ever come so hard and so long! I have never had such avrupa yakası escort rapture, such pleasure, such a big fucking, dirty, damn fine ORGASM! A CUM FOR THE RECORD BOOKS. Holy shit did I ever cum! I pissed the bed, I came so hard!”

“No Marlene, you squirted! About one out of five women squirt if they cum hard enough. At least that’s what I read in Cosmo.”

“Mark, that was the single best fuck I have ever had. I am so fucked.”

“Oh no, no, no! That was just the appetizer Marlene. Round two will be in a bit when my dick recovers from your very tight little asshole! You know I came too? I shot a huge load where the sun don’t shine!”

Her eyes went wide. “You can fuck like that twice a night?! My husband would have been asleep right now. Wait a second, you came in my cunt earlier! That last orgasm pushed everything else out of my mind! You came hard both times and HOLY SHIT. Your cock… is hard again!”

I was underneath the beautiful woman, sucking on a huge hard nipple, as I tortured the other one with my left hand. I twisted and turned and pulled on her nipple as I sucked for dear life on the other one. Then I switched and sucked the opposite tit, and tortured it’s mate. Marlene’s moans became louder and more staccato, she came again, that dirty girl! She was trying to get my dick in her pussy or her butt again, but we were out of position.

“Wait a second Marlene. Pussy or ass?

“Put your cock in my cunt. Oh I feel so dirty! I’m in bed, fuckin’ my lucky daughter’s boyfriend. And I just used the word ‘CUNT’ and ‘COCK’. I am yours now Mark. You own me now. Take me. Mark me Mark. I’m gonna get a tattoo on my forehead that says ‘Property of Mark’. Oh yes, Yes, YES! Uuugh AAAIIIEEEE!! I JUST CAME AGAIN. OH YOUR BIG…


She was on top of me her hips going a-mile-a-minute, she was gasping and grunting and shuddering as she blasted off. Then she stopped. Her cunt however was still wildly pulsing, grabbing and SQUEEZING my distended member. What a woman! She climaxed so hard. Her head was back, her mouth open, but again no words came out… and then she screamed my name:


UUUGHHH! GOOD BEFORRRRE!” She screamed loud enough to wake the dead, “Eeeeeeeyyyyaaahhhhh!!” That was it. She fell forward on me, her cunt still on my dick, seemingly on autopilot, grasping and spasming like a seizure. I had come so very hard during her orgasm, so hard I was going to make sure I had not spurted out one of my testicles. But my orgasms were nothing compared to her climaxes. She could start to give them categories, like hurricanes! They were just like her daughter’s cums. I just thought, wow, I’m gonna fuck these two every night I can. I probably won’t live longer than a month, but what a way to go. FUCKED TO DEATH BY TWO GORGEOUS WOMEN. I will have that on my tombstone!

My wonderful future-mother-in-law was out like a light. She was drooling on my face, but I did not give a damn! She was so, so terrific.

“Honey I’m home!” I wanted to move, to get out from under my new lover, feeling that I had cheated on her terribly, but I just couldn’t move. My dick was still hard, and I was balls deep in my girlfriend’s mom. Her giant melons still in my hands, her drool on my face, and I could feel our combined juices leaking out around my pulsing shaft. Her cunt was still spasming on auto-cum!

“WOW you really did it! My mom is passed out.”

“Thank goodness! I thought I’d killed her. She came just like you, like dynamite.”

“How many times?”she asked.

“Times what? Sex? We fucked three or four times. Cums? Me three times, your mom, I’m not sure. Maybe eight or ten. She squirted at least three times.” My girlfriend was taking pictures with her phone, She scooped up some of the big pool of juices on my groin and delicately put them in her mouth.

“Mmmm good! You are still hard? I want your dick in me RIGHT NOW YOU FUCKIN BASTARD. GIMME YOUR DICK! I WANT YOU NOW!” I guess my new name was Fuckin Bastard! I didn’t mind. Donna had moved her mom gently, but firmly over to the side, and she promptly sucked my dick almost all the way down. She never got the last three inches in her mouth, but I was ok with her choking herself, she really wanted to take it all! Then when she was sure of my hardness, she jumped on top of me, still removing clothes as she fucked me. Her very beautiful tits were very big, but no match for her mom’s gigantic bosoms. Still they were very firm and high. I grabbed those luscious orbs and started lickin and nipple twisting. Meanwhile, Donna was driving her juicy snatch down onto my meat pole! Again and again I felt her shudder.

“You little bitch! Are you coming ALREADY?! We just started fucking. Now I’ll never last!” I could feel my come generating. It wouldn’t be long.

“Shut up you fuckin bastard! You love it. I love you. Oh shit, fuck, Fuck, FUUUCK ME MARK. OH HOW I LOVE YOU, YOU FUCKIN BASTARD. Uuuugh. Ughhhh. Uhhgh. Yes I’m coming again! Oh oh yeah. Mark! MARK I LOVE YOU” I came too, with her cunt spasming just like her mom’s. Oh what a lucky man I was.

“Mark I have to tell you something.”

“You want to talk NOW while I’m balls deep in your cooter? It must be important.”

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