Don’t Dent the Car


All day…all fucking day.

Started in the morning. She threw her panties she had slept in all night at me as I came out of the shower. Hitting me squarely.

“Smell them and come back to bed tiger.” She purred. Lowering the sheet to show me she was naked, those sexy breasts teasing me.

“You know I have to get there early.” I replied. My voice wavering but I really did have to get to work.

Her pout. Her puppy dog eyes. Fuck, I couldn’t be late again.

“I promise tonight. Anything you want.” I said.

“Anything?” she said, a hint of interest.

“Yes baby, I have to go.” I leaned over, kissing her luscious lips. God, if she asked again I would jump in bed with her.

That was the morning.


Throughout the day.


Photo of her god damn amazing breasts.


Photo of her pulling her nipple hard, turning it white.




Ass spread and her gorgeous face looking over her shoulder


Frontal spread, finger deep inside herself.


Licking said finger.

I was hardly keeping it together. My urge to masturbate in the work bathroom was overwhelming. My cock was throbbing and I swear it was going to cramp. Cock cramp, is that even a thing? At this rate it would be.


The güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri drive home was occupied with thoughts of what awaited me. I could not wait. Hunger, desire, a craving.

The house was silent. No answer as I walked through the house, finally entering the bedroom. On my pillow a pair of her sexy black lace panties. And a note.

“Not wearing these. Meet me at The Bullockshead for dinner at 6”. It was 5.30.

Quick shower to smell nice and I would get there right on time. The thought of her with no panties now firmly in my mind and pants.


She looked ravishing. Tight fitting top, cleavage teasing me with every movement. Her tight jeans, knowing that underneath was a bare pussy rubbing on the seams, was making me hard all evening. I swear my own pant seams were about to burst.

She delighted in my torture. Leaning forward, licking her lips with every bite. Teasing about the photos and how much she loved fingering her pussy after I said no this morning.

My deep growls alerting her that I was ready. But she knew this and she wanted to provoke to ensure when we had the opportunity I would be all over her.


We had parked in another street from the restaurant. A solitary street light the only illumination on an otherwise quiet street. She was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri skipping ahead of me, sauntering that ass, the motion deepening my lust. I couldn’t resist anymore.

“You’re fucking mine.” I growled as I ran quickly at her. She squealed as she heard my running footsteps, turning around to see me coming at her. Almost a scream as I grabbed her around the waist, turned her and pushing her on the bonnet of a nearby parked car. Her hands stopping herself from getting injured.

I grunted, hands fumbling at her jeans, then yanking them down. I was hard, fucking hard. And she was wet. No fucking panties. Barely registering as I pushed her back down on the car, my knee pushing her legs apart and I pressed my hard cock in.

“Fuck, slow down,” she said.

I grunted, grabbed her hair and pushed her down. “Oh I am not slowing down.” I replied as I thrusted. She moans loud, a mix of her pleasure and pain as she felt my cock push straight inside her.

I was overwhelmed. That yearning, craving desire now all flooded out. I had to fuck her and fuck her hard.

The car wheels squeaking (thank god no alarm) from our motions. Her face pressed on its side on the cold metal hood. Her sexy ass rippling with each violent thrust of my hips. My hand firm in her hair and the other grabbing and pulling her arse apart so I could güvenilir bahis şirketleri see my cock pumping in and out of her wet, gripping pussy.

She was panting now. Moaning in little whimpers. She loves to be taken. And taken rough. To give that power over to someone, she once said, makes her feel so sexy and desired. She knew it would end with us fucking, but how and when she didn’t know.

Harder and deeper I thrusted. Ramming and pumping my cock as though all I wanted was to fuck. Which wasn’t far from the truth. My hands holding her down, just the position and angle I need her in. I could feel the pressure building and knew it would be a matter of moments before I came.

My final grunts, hands gripping hard then the sudden hard jolt as I thrusted deep. “Fuck!” I moaned.

“Fuck.” she whimpered. Feeling the full length and force of my hard cock in her pussy.

Then the pulsing as I came. Torrents. Unleashing all my seed. My cock throbbing inside, my balls tightening. God it felt so good, a day long torture released in this moment. Her weak moans and my heavy breathing a mixture of the contrast between her and me.

I stayed inside her. My grip relaxing. Then I pulled out, nice sticky strands following my wet cock.

“Holy fuck that was good. But god I’m sore.” She giggled. Wriggling up her jeans over her arse.

I laughed. “I was fucking great.” I replied.

“That’s why you love me. Now come on and get me home to a hot shower.” She grabbed my arm affectionately, her touch light, loving, removing the last traces of the animal lust in me. Indeed, that is why I love her. The mix of absolute passion and desire mixed with her love and tenderness.

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