Double Crack Jack


Jack, Brenda, and Juan were friends. One Friday evening they went clubbing together, had a great time, and got drunk. They danced and partied until closing time.

As they walked out Juan said, “Why don’t we go to my apartment?”

“Yes,” they all chimed in.

While Jack drove, Juan and Brenda made out in the back seat, kissing and playing. They arrived at Juan’s apartment. Walking into the apartment it was obvious Brenda was horny as hell. They worked their way to Juan’s bedroom as both Jack and Juan kissed and fondled Brenda. Brenda fell back onto the bed with her blouse partly open and the two guys were soon fondling her breasts, and twisting her nipples. Jack ran his hand up her skirt and started caressing her pussy, teasing her clit and palming her pussy.

Juan removed her blouse and bra, and Jack stripped off her skirt and panties. Brenda was completely naked.

Soon Brenda was straddling Juan’s cock as he laid on his back. Her ass was in the air, and Jack could see Juan’s upturned crotch as his cock was sliding in and out of her pussy. Brenda’s ass was up in the air and Jack had the most tempting view of her ass and her pussy clinching Juan’s cock stretching her pussy skin out and bulging over his cock. Jack could see both of their perineum and both ass cracks. He could see Brenda’s pussy juice dripping out.

Jack could not resist and started licking Brenda’s buns, up and down her crack, rimming her asshole, and across her perineum to her stretched pussy skin over Juan’s cock. Jack licked this skin gathering every drop of her pussy drips and his tongue brushed against Juan’s cock. He tasted even more of her pussy juice on his cock. He licked the sides of her hairy vulva with his tongue grazing Juan’s cock. He saw a dribble of cunt juice dripped on Juan’s hairy balls, and licked it up.

Brenda gathered Juan’s legs and used her weight to hold them closer to his chest. This caused his ass to upturn in Jack’s face. Jack licked his exotic perineum, licked and sucked each of his balls, rimmed his asshole and licked up his crack to the top.

He had just licked both ass cracks. Brenda said, “Get some Vaseline and fuck my ass.”

Juan told him where he kept Vaseline and Jack retrieved it coating Brenda’s asshole and fingered her hole to spread it in. A glob fell. Jack reached to retrieve it but found it smeared on Juan’s upturned asshole. While Brenda had him locked and kissing, Jack tried to take the smear of Vaseline with his finger but it spread on the asshole. In order to do something with it his finger accidentally pressed some of it into the asshole. Trying to be respectful and clean up the mess Jack went after it with his finger which slid into the asshole. Brenda loved bahis firmaları her bisexual friends.

The least he could to he thought was to spread it in so it wouldn’t make a mess. Lifting up, Jack slid his cock against Juan’s asshole and losing his balance briefly his cock pushed into Juan’s asshole. It felt warm and smooth and went all the way in. After a couple minutes of stroking in Juan’s asshole, Jack lifted and pushed it bareback into Brenda’s asshole. After a few minutes he went back to Juan’s asshole and couldn’t hold back a volley of cum into Juan. Between volleys of cum Jack lifted and pushed into Brenda again, releasing two more volleys.

Relaxing for a few minutes Juan and Brenda laid on their stomachs, hip to hip, with an arm around each others back. Jack took some felt BDSM straps from Juan’s drawer and strapped their legs together, hip to hip, and leg to leg with the outside legs bent out at the knee. This left both butts upturned. It was Jack’s adoring fetish to see both young ass cracks positioned and facing up. He felt of both asses, fondled, and felt the warm cracks, and spread each set of cheeks open and watched them bounce back. He licked up and down the insides of each crack and tongue bathed both asses feeding his fetish. He loved feeling his tongue squeezed between each crack. He loved placing a hand deep in each crack feeling the warmth shared with his hands.

He took still pictures of both bodies and asses. Both ass cracks were small and tight, looking cute. Jack re-positioned the video camera he had quietly set up.

Jack rimmed both assholes, then took out the Vaseline and finger lubed each one. He loved the warmth that clamped his fingers, one in each ass hole. Soon after lubing his cock, he pressed the head into Juan’s ass. It was firm and the asshole slowly gave in until his cock head slid in as Juan’s virgin asshole pushed outward as if to stop the invader, but then accepted it with a warm grip. After a few strokes and pushing all the way in, Jack switched to Brenda’s virgin ass. He pushed his cockhead against her kinky anal ring. She was pulsing and massaging his cockhead with her asshole and he almost couldn’t hole back until it was in.

As his shaft started a smooth twisty switchback journey into her ass, she responded by dancing with his shaft. Jack never knew how many sensations the shaft of his cock could have as she squeezed and corkscrewed his cock shaft. His cock sank all the way to his pubic hair until his stomach smacked her crotch and his balls teased her vagina.

Quickly Jack withdrew from her then slammed into Juan’s ass all the way with his stomach making a spanking sound on Juan’s upturned ass. Juan slipped a hand between his legs and kaçak iddaa fondled both sets of balls, while he humped and squeezed Jack’s cock with his asshole.

Jack was almost loosing control, and jumped back onto Brenda’s ass sinking his cock all the way in. It only took a couple more of her fabulous anal moves to cause Jack to climax hard. Brenda had an amazing anal orgasm, while one of Jack’s hands had slid under Juan’s crotch and balls to squeeze his cock and stroke it to cum strongly. Jack could feel Juan’s ass crack clamp strongly on his wrist. He took Juan’s cum shot in his hand then spread the cum all over his sexy ass, massaging it in.

Jack’s cock slid out of Brenda, and one last cumshot splattered her ass which he used to massage into her perfect butt skin.

Double Crack Jack smacked both ass cracks in a finale and watched them bounce. Juan didn’t mind any of it.


The following week, Jack cruised the bars at closing time.

He pulled up outside one bar at closing time. A cute couple came out. They were both dizzy drunk. Jack had a GPS and his cell phone propped on the dash. He rolled the window down, “You called?”

They said yes, and got in thinking he was their ride.

Making conversation and distracting them, Jack asked, “What do you guys like to do, PNP?”

“Oh yes. We are into BDSM also.”


“No, we are both anal virgins.”

Someone had left some crack cocaine in his car. Jack is not a drug taker so he offered it to his cute new passengers. They both took it and got high. Now they were really tripping.

Jack took them to their place, parked and helped them inside. Neither could hardly walk. Once in the door, Jack helped them to their room where they offered to show him their BDSM set up. They had a queen size bed on the floor. The mattress and box springs were nearly two feet high, and there were bed posts at all four corners and two in the middle.

Jack and the young man helped take the top off the young woman, and Jack assisted in taking off her pants too. Showing him a favorite position the topless young woman laid down on her stomach, with her panties down to her knees, and Jack convinced the young man to lay next to her, naked. Quickly and gently Jack took the soft straps and tied both of their wrists above their heads to the posts at the head of the bed. He used soft straps to tie both of their legs together. Thus far immobilized he took her panties off then tied their outside ankles to bed posts, and tied their inside ankles together. Both were now spread eagle. He pushed pillows under the waist of each one, raising asses and crotches.

Once this was done Jack took out two cock gags out and applied kaçak bahis one to each of them, with a dildo stuck in each one. They both giggled at the cock gags. Standing back Jack looked at his handiwork. There were two tight ass cracks tied side by side, cheek to cheek. Jack ran his hand up and down both ass cracks, feeling the warmth. He ran his hand under and massaged her boobs until she moaned. He pulled her hair up and caressed the fine hair at the base of her neck.

Jack fondled both crotches. He fondled, cupped, and played with her pussy for a while, then he cupped and stroked his cock and balls hardening his cock.

Squatting in front of them, he took out the dildos from the cock gags and one at a time sank his cock in their mouths, then replaced the dildos.

He fingered her pussy thoroughly, and teased her clit. He fondled her pussy lips inside and out , massaging her vulva. Taking out some anal lube from his belt bag, he called his “Possibles Bag,” Jack then fingered both assholes enjoying the warmth and tightness. They were both super relaxed and he thoroughly lubed both. Jack was amazed at how tiny both ass cracks were, hardly a finger length from the asshole to the top. Both had firm and enjoyable butt cheeks. Jack fondled each ass cheek. Then he spanked all four butt cheeks across in one swipe and watched them bounce. He felt the inside corners of their butt cheeks and the warmth near the assholes. He felt the firm transition from the top of their legs to their bottoms.

Jack kissed and licked both ass cracks. He licked up and down the bottom of their ass cracks, and the inside cheeks of both.

He lubed her pussy and fucked it for a few minutes.

Finally he applied more lube and pushed his cock against her asshole. She was relaxed and the lube had anesthetic properties. He was surprised how easily it went in, and he fucked her for a few minutes before switching to the young man. Both had been anal virgins, and after he applied more lube to the guy his cock slid right in and Jack fucked away. He switched back to the young woman, the back to the man, finally releasing volumes of cum. He took it out and managed to push one more volley of cum into her asshole.

Jack took his cock gags, and replaced them with socks. Having stripped her Jack felt he might as well take her clothes. He took the young woman’s panties, bra, shoes, short skirt, and blouse with him for future play.

Before leaving he used her phone to advertise on social media two asshole turned up and ready, door open.

Jack turned around at the end of the block and had to come back past their place. He saw a car pull up answering the social media ad, and walk inside. Jack grinned and drove off.


Later Jack checked their face book pages and found they told of having one of their best PNP weekends ever.


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