Down on the border 2

Down on the border 2Well, the wife had been working at the local truck stop for a while now, doing a little this and that on the side. Always coming home with new stories of her adventures to amazing me more every day of her holding off these guys’ real intent of sliding deep into her sweet little pussy. She so far had kept them at bay satisfied to lick her out as she sucked them dry. She came home one night complaining that they had hired a dude who was an unfair advantage. As she continued on saying that he was gay and taking these guys out back for a free suck and fuck, I ask how she knew this she said she had followed that night to watch him in action. She said that he had two of her biggest customers one on each side playing with his ass as they headed out the back sinop escort door towards a lincoln limo outback that belonged to a black pimp. The two dudes didn’t waste any time dropping their big dicks out as they approached the limo. She said the young black gay dude didn’t waste anytime eighter dropping down to start the show, taking turns sucking those giant cocks. They were all over him rubbing his face force-feeding him. He managed to get the rear door of the limo opens and the one guy slid in as he sucked the other. The guy that was already in wasn’t going to be left out of the action reached out to grub the hand of the cock sucker pulling him in, as his partner followed. I ask the wife if she had gone back inside since they were now out of site? She said hell escort sinop no she had cume for the whole show. The wifes pussy now was hot and wet so I went down to feast at the Y while she continued with her story.She said that she tried several angles for a good view of the show and just couldn’t get there when she decided maybe the front doors are not locked maybe she could sneak in to watch. Gently trying the passenger door it wasn’t locked she opened it enough to slid in as the two dudes were to busy working there prize over when she got into position. As she took the action in the bigger guy had his pants off and trying to free the gay guy of his pants, the other was feeding him and smiling trying to get all of his massive black cocks down his throat. The guy sinop escort bayan behind this black snake tamer just about had him in position to slid his big cock deep down his little boy pussy. She said were both smiling as the guy behind found his target started to feed his big cock to the black boy’s young ass an inch or two at a time till all his monster was buried deep in the young man. He stopped as he bottomed out to let this young cock sucker get back to sucking his friend. My wife said she couldn’t help but believe this wasn’t the first time for these two to work this youngster over. She said they took turns fucking him (as I slid into her pussy) she said that she was getting afraid that by the time that they had enough of feeding him and butt fucking him and got out so she could get back to work. I fucked her till she came then I felt my nuts swelling as my load emptied into that sweet pussy. Again it left me wondering where this would end, as she asked if I wanted some of that young black ass?

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