Down the Path


Down the PathDown The PathI hear the knocking on the door. Have my panties on under my shorts and tshirt. Nervously open the door and the man comes by me and I follow him into the living room.He stops and turns. ‘On your knees now’. He moves in front of me showing me his ID so he knows I know who he is in case he gets out of line. ‘Tell me why you invited me here.’ Looking down embarrassed to have to say it. ‘I invited you here to treat me like a faggot Sir. I need a real man to come over occasionally and show me just how much of a fag I am.’He lifts my chin with his finger then suddenly he slaps my face. Not hard but very stinging. ‘And how do I do that faggot?”By punishing me Sir and making me suck cock Sir.”Get up and take your clothes off bitch.’I get up and take my shirt and shorts off. Stand there in just my panties as he looks me over. He runs his hands over my body feeling me up. His hand on my ass over the panties feels so good. He finally makes his way to my balls and he takes them in his fist and squeezes lightly.’What kind of man invites another man over and wears panties to boot. He can’t be much of a man, can he?’ He squeezes my balls a little harder. ‘You aren’t really much of a man at all are you?’Going to my toes as he squeezes harder. ‘No Sir I’m not really much of a man.”Then fucking stop acting like one. You walk and talk like a little fairy, you understand faggot?’ squeezing a little harder.’Yes Sir I understand,’ I answer trying to sound a little more gay.’No you don’t but you will.’ He moves behind me and fastens my hands with the Velcro straps laying there. He pulls me after him as he moves to the straight chair and I’m pulled down over his lap. ‘You will understand faggot.’ And he starts on my ass.It hurts but I know I deserve to be treated like this. Trying not to cry as he spanks me hard. He talks to me telling me how he will be stopping over occasionally to help beat the man out of me and make me accept that I’m just a faggot sissy and needs to be used like one. I start crying, it’s so humiliating to have another man make you cry. It drives home what a wimp I must be.He pushes me from his lap getting up and finishes undressing. Sitting back down in the chair and spreading his legs. ‘Worship it faggot, if I’m not impressed you are back over my lap. Understand sissy boy?’Wiping the tears from my eyes, ‘Yes Sir.”Beg for it.”Please let me suck your cock Sir.”You a cocksucker boy?”Yes Sir, I’m a cocksucker.’SLAP. He slaps my cheek another stinging blow. ‘I don’t believe you bitch.”Please Sir, please let me suck you cock, be your cocksucker, please.’SLAP. The other cheek. ‘Are you going to be a good little fagboy?’Tears flowing again. ‘Yes Sir.”How are you going to act when I’m here?”Like a faggot Sir.”Then suck my cock bitch.’I kiss his cock, running my tongue all over his cockhead, then suck it into my mouth and start sucking him. I work my tongue over his cockhead and underside of his cock as I slide it in and out of my mouth. Slide it a little too deep and gag a little. He grabs my head and pulls me off his cock.’I thought you said you were a cocksucker boy,’ he says.’I’m sorry Sir, I haven’t had much practice. I’m sorry I gagged.’He takes his cock and smears the juices on it on my cheeks and lips. ‘You disappoint me boy and you will regret it, you understand that, don’t you faggot?”Yes Sir I understand, I will try harder.”You need a lot of training boy, nothing would be worse than bringing friends over and you sucking them like you are sucking me right now.’Feel that I must be disappointing him. I thought I was doing all right sucking him but I guess I’m not. Will he really bring other people over? It makes me nervous just thinking about him doing that. The thought of being made to act like a real fag in front of other strangers would be so scary. The thought of having other men watch me suck someone’s cock would be so humiliating. I feel his hands on both sides of my head and he starts pulling me back on his cock. I feel it slide deep into my mouth stopping before it forces me to gag.’You have to learn to suck like faggots suck boy. None of this weak ass sucking like your girlfriends might have given you before you realized what a fag you are.’He pulls my head back on his cock, deeper hitting my gag reflex again and I gag. He pulls my head off his cock and slaps my face, not that hard but it still stings a lot.’Your choice boy, take it or take my hand, now let’s try that again.’He pulls my head down again making me gag again but holding his cock there as I struggle, my hands still bound behind my back. Finally he lets me up and pulls out again.’Lift your head boy, look at me.’When I do he slaps me again. I feel tears in my eyes from the gagging and the slapping.’Damn, you a little crybaby too aren’t you? You ready to try again fagboy?’I nod my head yes and feel his slap again.’When I ask you a question faggot, I expect an answer.”Yes Sir please let me suck your cock again, please.’ He pulls me back onto his cock and against my throat. I try hard not to gag as he holds me there. Finally he lets me up. I try to catch my breath, can feel slobber on my chin.’You will learn to take it all and bigger cocks too. I know you were trying boy, you deserve a reward, suck my balls.’He lifts his legs more displaying his balls and I move my head down and start licking them, getting them all wet.’That’s it faggot, wash them balls for me. Suck them into your mouth and worship my balls. Maybe if you do a good job, I will let you lick my asshole next. Nothing like a fag tongue sliding up your asshole.’I can’t believe he would make me do that. I don’t know if I could do it if he told me to. It’s just sounds so nasty. I keep licking on his balls and suck them into my mouth getting them nice and juicy. Finally he grabs my head and pulls me up on his cock again and starts face fucking me. He gentle at first then starts pulling me deeper and deeper till I start gagging but he doesn’t stop. Pulls me back off his cock a little then slides it in deep again. I start struggling as he face fucks me but he holds me tight and makes me take it. Tears run down my face from the gagging. Finally, he pulls me off, lifting my head, slaps my face hard and pushes me away.’You have a lot to learn faggot if you are to become my cumslut fagboy.’He moves behind me and unfastens my hands.’Bedroom boy.”Yes Sir.’I head to the bedroom with him following me. When we get there he tells me to get on the bed on my hands and knees and I do it. He starts fastening Velcro binding on both my ankles with two steel rings in each. He then takes another Velcro strap and connects my ankles together with one of the rings on each ankle. Then he pulls my left wrist back and velcros it hooking it to the other ring on my left ankle. Then he does the same on the right side. My head down on the bed my ass high in the air. Feel so helpless.’How did I tell you to behave when I was here boy?”You told me you wanted me to act like a faggot Sir.”Do you think you sound like a faggot when you answered me boy?”No Sir, I guess not, I kind of forgot, I’m sorry Sir.”And do you think you walked like a faggot when you walked back here boy?”No Sir, I’m sorry, I will try to do better.”You must not think it’s important to do what I tell you to do, is that it boy?”No Sir, I know it’s important, I’m sorry.”Sorry means shit to me boy, if you don’t do as I say, there are consequences.”Please Sir, please, I promise to do better.’ I look over and see him take a wooden paddle out of his bag.’Please don’t Sir, please,’ trying to sound as gay as I can.’I’ve heard enough of your bullshit faggot, there is only one thing bitches like you understand.’I watch as he takes a red ball gag from his bag. He forces it into my mouth and straps it tight behind my head. I feel the tears coming. I look back, trying to plead with my eyes but watch as he moves down by my ass, paddle in hand. Then my ass explodes in pain. WHACKKKKKKKKKKK. OH GOD. It hurt so badly. Then as I try to recover, the next blow. WHACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. My ass feels likes it’s on fire as I move my head from side to side, mumbling through the gag begging you to stop but you don’t. You work my ass, sometimes not so hard, sometimes hard, sometimes not so hard but over and over quickly in same place. It doesn’t take long before I’m crying hard, trying to move ass out of the way of the blows but you hold me in place. Finally you stop, take the gag from my mouth. I can’t stop crying, my ass hurts so badly.’Do you think that will help your memory boy?’Sobbing loudly as I try to answer. ‘Yes Sir.”How will you act when I’m here boy?”Like a faggot Sir,’ trying hard to sound as faggy as I can.’And if someone else if here boy?”I will still act like I’m a fag Sir.”Why is that boy?”Because I’m a fag Sir.”Good boy.’ You let me loose. ‘Go get me a drink faggot.’I prance out of the room trying to walk like a fag. My ass still feels on fire.I come back with your drink. Head down, I extend my hands. ‘For you Sir.’He takes the drink from me. His finger lifts my chin making me look at him, his stare intense, penetrating. ‘Why are you still standing faggot?’I move to my knees quickly. ‘I’m sorry Sir.’ Head down, knees spread.’What did I tell you about sorry faggot?’ he questions.’Sorry doesn’t count, that there are consequences for my behavior Sir.”Get your fag mouth on my cock bitch, we need to have a little talk.’I move forward on my knees, open my mouth and take his cock into my mouth. It’s only semi-hard and feels so strange in my mouth. I start to suck when you stop me.’No sucking faggot, just keep the head in your mouth and kiss it like your ass depends on it.’I do as he tells me to do. His cockhead covered with juices as my tongue worships it. Really don’t want to make this guy mad. Wondering if this is more than I wanted, the way he talked to me and the hard discipline. The degrading talk is all so strange. I’m still thinking about it when you tell me to look at you. I look up and see that look on your face, wanting to lower my eyes but know I better not.’This too much for you boy?’ he asks. ‘I always give faggots a chance to show what a wimp they are and beg out of it. I don’t have time for faggots like that, a faggot should know this is what he deserves, what he needs.’My mind racing, he is giving me a chance to put an end to this. He is so intense, I try to concentrate and get my thoughts together. Thinking, isn’t this what I always fantasize about. A man who really takes control of me when we are together. Then I think about the pain, the abuse, do I really want to be treated like this. If I don’t stop now will I get another chance if it gets to be too much????I lift my head from his cock ‘It’s a little more intense than I was thinking about Sir.”Answer the fucking question. Is this too much for you faggot?’Knowing what I should say, I hear the words, ‘No Sir’ come out of my mouth. Is this what I really need?’Look up at me faggot.’When I do he slaps my face. Wincing I look down, my face stinging.’Look at me faggot.’Not wanting to do it but know I must. I look up and when I do he slaps me again. Feel like I’m about to cry again.’Is this something you need faggot?’Looking down, ‘Yes Sir.’ Tears running down my cheeks as I try to keep from sobbing.’Beg bitch.’I can’t believe he is making me beg him to treat me like shit, use me, abuse me, humiliate me. How can I do that? Not knowing what to do but find myself bending over submissively. ‘Please Sir, please show me my place. I need a real man to help me. Please Sir.’He puts his foot on the back of my head, pushing my face down near the floor. ‘I don’t believe you faggot.”Please Sir please train me to serve real men. I will do what you tell me to. I want to be your cocksucker Sir, please.’He lets me up, making me kneel in front of him. ‘Look at me.’I look at him, bracing myself figuring he is going to slap me again.’It’s ok faggot you can go ahead and ask me.’I don’t know what he is talking about. ‘Sir, I don’t know what you mean.”I can tell by looking at you that you want to show me how much you mean what you said when you were begging to be my fag slut. You know, how you want to lick my ass nice and clean and then see how far up my ass you can get your fag tongue.’I can’t believe what he just said. How can he expect me to do that? But how do I say no? I had just told him I would do what he said and this is what he wants obviously. Don’t say anything, face down.’Isn’t that what you were thinking faggot?’Quietly, ‘Yes Sir.”The thought of your tongue licking my ass excites you boy?”Yes Sir.”Maybe if you ask nicely, I will let you lick my ass faggot.’So humiliating, I keep looking down. ‘Please Sir, please let me lick your ass for you.”You sure you want to do this boy, stick your face in a man’s ass crack and lick his ass, only nasty faggots do shit like that?”Yes Sir I want to do it to please you,’ I tell him.’No I don’t think so, it would only be right if it was something you really wanted, really wanting to lick a man’s ass. I don’t know if you really want to do it.”I want to do it Sir, I really do.”Convince me.’I recognize the look on his face and know what I must do. ‘Please Sir, I really want to lick your ass for you, get it nice and wet.”Anything else you want to do faggot?’Know where he is leading, I just do it. ‘Yes Sir I want to slide my tongue up your asshole as far as I can.”You are a nasty little fucker aren’t you? It’s no wonder you need a real man in your life, showing you how you deserve to be treated.”Yes Sir.’He moves his hand forward, sticking out a finger, ‘Suck faggot.’I do as told sucking his finger, feeling like such a wimp. He moves his hand to the back of my head pulling it forward as he slides a second finger into my mouth. He presses them forward till they finally make me choke. He pulls then back a little as he makes me look at him. Then he starts moving more fingers into my mouth making me stretch my lips over his fingers. He forces me to look at him as he humiliates me like this, his other hand behind my head pulling me onto his hand. It all makes me feel so small and weak. Finally he pulls his hand out, wiping the slobber over my cheeks.’OK faggot, you get your wish. I’m going to let you eat my ass but if I feel like you aren’t really trying or just no good at it, there will be consequences.’He moves to the bed getting on hands and knees leaving me room behind him to get on the bed. It seems to make it worse, him sticking his ass out to be worshipped. What kind of guy does this, lick a man’s crack, tongue fuck his asshole. Realizing what kind of guy does do this and realize that I really must be a faggot to do this. A nasty faggot that need guidance for sure. I moved forward and move my head towards his ass.’Just stick your face into the crack and then I want you to tell me that this is what your deserve.’I do as he says moving my head into his ass crack. It wasn’t repulsing but was very humiliating. I then tell him, ‘Thank you Sir I know I deserve to be treated like this.”Spread my cheeks and lick my ass faggot, get it nice and clean with your fag tongue.’Know it’s the moment of truth and do as told, stick my tongue out and lick slowly up his ass crack. It was so humiliating and then I did it again, licking, licking ass, licking another man’s ass crack. Thinking about all the times I have thought about this and now I’m actually doing it. I continue licking, your crack getting wet. It hits me suddenly that I’m really trying to make it feel good for you, that you deserve this and I want to please you. His ass crack is getting so wet and juicy and I feel his hole when my tongue licks across it. My cheeks wet from being shoved into your ass.’Beg for it boy, beg for my hole.’Can’t believe how I am feeling, realize I really want to stick my tongue up his ass, I mean I really want to. Panting, I raise my head a little. ‘Can I slide my tongue up your ass Sir.’ Saying it, it seems even nastier but know I want to do it. ‘Please.”Do it faggot, but do it well bitch.’I move my head down, find his asshole with my tongue and try sliding my tongue in. Harder to do it than I thought, I spread his ass cheeks, my face buried in his ass cheeks as I push my tongue into his ass. Feel it slide inside, so weird, moving my tongue around licking then try to get it deeper, deeper up his asshole. Why do I feel I need to get my tongue deep up his ass and tongue fuck it? Why do I want to do it so badly? Feel his hand on the back of my head, grinding my face into his crack. I feel like such a fag.Finally he pushes me away, on my knees my face covered with juices. He rolls over lifts his knees spreading them, pulling me between them as he strokes his hard cock. It’s right in front of my face then I realize what is going to happen. His thighs hold my head tight and he is stroking harder, faster, then it happens. He starts cumming, the first string over my nose and on a cheek. Then he paints my face with his cum. I feel like such a fag slut. I can taste his cum on my lips.Feel him start rubbing his cock in the cum then he moves it to my mouth and I lick his cum off his cock. The feeling of submission overwhelms me as I clean his cock over and over. Finally he gets up and starts dressing. I just lay there my cock full and throbbing.’Jack off faggot, catch your cum in your other hand.’He watches me as I do it. It doesn’t take me long till I fill my other palm with hot cum.’OK faggot, lick it all up like a good little sissy faggot.’I do as he says. My first time tasting my own cum. Always wanted to do it but once I cum the desire leaves. It’s almost the same now. After cumming, I feel like such a faggot. How could I let him treat me like this? Why would I do that? I feel like such a wimp. But I find myself lowering my head, my mouth opens and I start licking the cum from my hand. Hear him laughing at me.’You will be in panties anytime we are together faggot, really can’t think of you as a man now. This will be when I am here or if I tell you to meet me somewhere. It’s easy to see that you are really rather fem.’Makes me feel so low now. Realize he must be right or why did I do what I did. ‘Yes Sir.”I will let you know when we are going to meet again faggot. Answer my emails promptly. Any disobedience will be dealt with, understand?”Yes Sir.’ He turns his back, grabs his toys and I escort him to the door, remembering to walk like a fag.’Bye faggot.’I go back into the bedroom, curl up on the bed thinking about what just happened. How could I let him treat me like that? Tears flow as I think about how he will be back. What if I tell him I can’t do this? How can I tell him no? I don’t think I can. Where will this lead?? I fall asleep and the tears stop.End of part one.Down The Path Ch. 02I waited to hear from him again. At first, I didn’t know if I really wanted to get together again. The first time we met, at times it was a little more intense than I was looking for. After a few days I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I couldn’t believe how badly I wanted him to call me.Finally one evening he called. ‘Hello fag.”Hello Sir.”Do you know the xxx rated bookstore on Industrial fag?”Yes Sir, I know where it’s at.”You have one hour to be there. Wear your panties. If you do not show up, you will never hear from me again.’ Then he hung up.Damn, damn, I told him that discretion was important, that I wanted to keep this in my house. What if someone sees me there? But, if I don’t go, he said that was it as far as getting together. Really don’t want that. I know what he did when we met and that it hurt a lot at times and he made me feel like a real fag but I really want to be with him. I need to see him again. Looking at the clock, he said one hour. Damn, I wish he wanted me there now. I can imagine all the thoughts that will race through my mind as I wait. How many times will I change my mind about going? What will he expect me to do there? I think about having to wear a pair of panties. No doubt that he will check to make sure I did. Damn, damn.I pull up in front of the bookstore. I’m so nervous, not really ready for this but know I have to do it. He told me to. Walk into the bookstore and see a middle aged man behind the counter looking me over as I walk in. It did not seem to matter to him that he was staring at me, checking me out. I quickly broke eye contact with him and headed back to the booth area in the back.’Boy, you will need tokens for the booths,’ the clerk informs me.’Oh, ok, I walk over to the counter.’ When I look up at him as I get closer, his look leaves no doubt what he is thinking.’Haven’t seen you in here before boy.”I haven’t been here before,’ was my reply.’Too bad, you make sure you come back again boy.’I can’t believe he keeps calling me boy, I know I’m older than he is but I don’t say anything. I hand him a $5. ‘Can I have some tokens?”That won’t be enough, give me $10.’What’s with this guy? I take back the $5 and get a $10 out of my wallet, ‘Ok here.’ He leans over looking at me.’I like boys who do what they are told,’ he says as he places the tokens in my hand, his fingers stroking my palm lightly.Embarrassed , can feel my face getting red as I turn and walk back towards the booths.’Have fun sweetie.’Fuck, how can he say that? Do I really come across like that? There was no doubt that guy thought I was a fag and must think I’m submissive. I can’t believe he thought it was alright to talk to me like that. Why didn’t I say something? I just stood there and took it.I round the corner into the booth area and see you leaning against a wall in the back. I walk back to you. ‘Can we talk about this Sir?”No.’ He grabs my arm around the bicep and leads me over to a larger booth, pushes me inside then follows me in, locking the door behind us.’Sir?”He just looks at me. ‘Shut the fuck up, take off your shirt.”Please Sir. Please don’t make me do this in public.”If you aren’t down to your panties in 30 seconds, I will strip you and lead you around the booths in just your panties, is that what you want faggot or are you going to do as told.’I look at him and know he isn’t k**ding. I pull my shirt off and slide my shorts down and off, in just panties and sandals. Feel so exposed, what if the cops show up? Feeling a little panic setting in as you turns me toward one of the walls. I see it, a large glory hole.’You seem to be having trouble accepting the fact you are a fag, maybe this will help. You don’t want to disappoint me, do you boy?”No Sir, I don’t but I could get in trouble doing this.”Then you better hope it doesn’t take you to long to suck three cocks then boy.”Sir, please don’t make me do this, please. We can go to my place and you can punish me hard, please don’t make me do this.’ I hear noise in the next booth then hear the door being shut. Try to turn away but he holds me tightly, letting the man in the booth look in and see me if he wants. I hear the video next door start, the sound adding to the sound of the video playing in our booth. Then I see the light darkening around the glory hole and see him looking in. Really can’t tell what he looks like, can just see his eyes. He stays there looking at me for a little while then he moves away. A short time later a cock slides through the hole. Oh god.’Do it faggot, get your mouth on his cock unless you want everyone hear you get a spanking right here.’You release me and I move toward the hole. It’s so low I have to get on my knees. I feel the wetness on the floor and realize that I just knelt in someone cum. It’s so nasty but I needed to be on my knees so I just stayed there. Then I moved my hands against the wall and leaned in and took his cock into my mouth. It was only semi-hard but was really warm. I ran my tongue all over his cock head and sucked him a little deeper in my mouth. I felt his cock getting bigger, harder to stretch my lips around it and I felt him start moving his cock in and out of my mouth.I felt your hand on the back of my head holding me in place. I feel your hot breathe in my ear as your hands grab my balls through my panties and squeeze lightly.’Come on faggot, you can do better than that. Show him what a cocksucker you are, go on bitch. Take his cock deeper.’ I feel you press my head forward more as the man continues fucking my mouth, slowly but steadily, trying to make me take more and more. ‘Maybe, he might like a good moan faggot,’ you say as you squeeze and twist my balls.I moan loudly. I wonder if anyone heard that, but my thoughts go back to the cock as he moves faster. You pull me off his cock.’Beg him to cum on your face faggot.’Your grip still hard, threatening, on my balls, and I lean up to the hole. ‘Will you cum on my face please?’ Can’t believe this is happening.’Sure faggot, I like giving facials to fag bitches,’ is his reply.His cock comes back through the hole and I start sucking again. It doesn’t take long till I feel his cock swell. I take it in my hand and stroke it aiming it at my face, my mouth open. Realize even with all the concerns and fears I have, that I want this to happen. I want this man to cum on my face and he does. The first spurt across my nose and cheek. I move my face closer and stroke him as his hot cum lands on my lips, my forehead, my cheeks, my chin and as he finished I took him back in my mouth and sucked the last of his cum into my mouth. Panting, feel the wetness on my face as I realize what I just did. Feel like such a fag, looking for something to wipe my face off.’Leave it where it is boy, get down there and thank the man for letting you suck him.’I look back towards the hole. Lean forward, ‘Thank you Sir for letting me suck your cock.”You fag bitches always make the best cocksuckers. Thank the man with you for sharing his fag.’Down from the high I got sucking him and now just feel nasty and humiliated. Hear the man next door leaving and the door shuts again, then I hear it being locked. Another man must have come in when he left.’Do it now faggot, mouth to that hole and beg the man. Tell him you need more cock.”Please Sir. Please don’t make me do this.”Would you prefer to get up and get over my lap faggot?”No Sir.”Then do as you are told.’I move my face to the hole again. ‘Sir would you like me to suck your cock? I really need more cock.’ How can I do this? What am I doing?I look through the hole as I see him unfasten his pants pushing them down. See the outline of a big cock through his tight jockeys, can see a big mushroom head. He slowly takes it out and strokes it slowly. I watch as it grows in his hand and he moves closer stroking still. I see it as he gets close, a big drop of precum on his piss slit. I open my mouth and hear him laugh softly as he moves his cock to my lips and I stick my tongue out licking it off.’Kiss it for me, I want to see your fags lips on my cockhead,’ the man orders.I do it, kiss his cockhead over and over. Such a big head, so soft so juicy. I love running my tongue all over the head making it shine. Hear you laugh softly from behind me.’Not a fag? Look at you. A real faggot cocksucker. You can’t fucking wait. Ask him to fuck your face faggot.”Will you fuck my face Sir?’ Not thinking, the feel of the cock at my lips has me intoxicated.’Put your face up against the hole fag and keep it there. Open wide, prove to me how bad you want it.’I hear you laugh again behind me and you take my head in both your hands and press my face up against the panel with the glory hole. Then I hear you say, ‘Use my fagboy.’ I feel so helpless. I open my mouth wide, I can’t see anything. Then I feel him rubbing his wet cock all over my lips. it’s so slick from precum. Then he pushes forward slowly pushing his big cock into my mouth. My lips being stretched letting his big mushroom head into my mouth. Oh god, I love the way it feels and tastes.’I like my fag’s mouth nice and wet if you want to help me out over there.’I realize he is talking to you and feel your hands pulling my head back making me look up at you.’Open your mouth fagboy.’I open my mouth wide and watch as you open your mouth and lets a big glob of his spit leave your mouth falling right into mine. So nasty.’Don’t move or swallow that fagboy, I have some more for you.’I see you slowly let your spit slide from your mouth in a long line slowly falling in to my mouth. The look on your face leaves no doubt in my mind that you are into this and I better do as told.’That should help, get on that cock bitch.’You press my face back into the hole as I hear you tell me that I better not disappoint you. Immediately, I feel his cock slide between my lips and back into my mouth. Feel him moving it around finding your spit.’That’s better faggot, you are going to need that.’I’m sucking on his cock, my mouth so wet and juicy. Love sucking his cock. I feel him push it in a little further, my mouth feels so full, my tongue licking the underside of his cock. Then a little further, almost makes me gag but he pulls back a little and I catch a breath.I feel your hot breathe in my ear. ‘Boy this is going to happen, we will take it slow. I know it will be hard for you but do you really want the people outside to hear you gagging?’Try to pull my head back but you hold me tightly. I hear you say go ahead and then feel him slide his cock deeper. Want to gag, trying to pull back harder but I can’t. I can’t choke everyone will know.’Breathe through your nose, let it in. It’s what fag cocksuckers like you do. It’s what you need. To have a cock take your mouth. Open up. Let his cock into your throat.’There are tears running down my cheeks, the urge to gag so strong that I barely can control it but I do out of fear of discovery. Try breathing through nose and realize I can and a little of the panic is gone.’He’s ready for more I hear you tell him. I try again to pull back but can’t move at all as I feel him push his cock deeper. Oh god, I can feel it in my throat. He hasn’t moved, letting me relax more and adjust to it. I stop struggling so much.’I knew you could do it boy,’ your breath hot in my ear. Your hand moves to my throat and you rub lightly. ‘I can feel it boy, I can feel his cock.’I feel like my face is impaled on his cock. I feel him pulling back a little then slowly sliding it back in. Then he starts slowly fucking my throat. Each time he slides a little further out before sliding it deep.’This is what faggots like you do boy. You give it all to real men. You do as told.’My ears hearing it but my mind on the cock in my throat. Oh god. Oh god the feeling so intense. Your hand still on my throat. It feels like your hand is pulling him deeper into my throat. Suddenly, he’s so deep and he holds it there as you stroke my throat. The feeling is indescribable. I feel it swell and get even harder, then he pulls back to where just the head is in my mouth and he starts filling my mouth with cum. It’s so hot and so much.’Don’t swallow boy’, you tell me.I feel him wiping his cock off on my lips. Feel you pull me back from the hole making me stay on my knees.’Open your mouth boy, look at the hole. Let the man see the faggot cocksucker who just serviced him.’I just see his eyes. Kneeling in the cum, my mouth open, full of cum. Some is sliding down to my chin. Realize what I must look like.’That’s a good start faggot. Thanks Mike.’I hear him get up and leave. I realize you know this guy. I bet you planned this. I can’t believe I took his cock into my throat. Didn’t figure I would ever be able to do that. He had a big cock too, thinking about how it felt in my mouth. How can it be so soft and so hard at the same time?You pull my head back, take a finger and wipe some cum off my chin and move your finger to my mouth. I look at your cum covered finger as you lower it into my cum filled mouth. Feel you stirring the cum with your finger coating my mouth, making sure I get a good taste of the man’s cum. I feel like such a slut.’Swallow his cum boy, I will train you to need the taste of man cum.’He makes me feel so low but I don’t seem to be able to resist him. Hear him laugh softly making me realize I’m sucking his finger like it’s another cock.’I think you are starting to understand fagboy. Only one more to go.’I can’t believe you want me to suck another cock after that. ‘Please Sir. Please no more.”Look at me boy.’I look up at him.’We can leave now and go to your place. Of course, you will have failed and that will have to be handled or we can stay here and you can tell me how much you want to suck another cock. Your choice, you know I would never make you do anything you really didn’t want to do.’Thinking about how pissed he might be even with what I already did. What if he gets rougher than last time? I look down. ‘I want to suck another cock Sir.”You sure boy, I don’t mind taking you home right now.”No Sir, I want to suck another cock, really.’ I try to deny it to myself and know that you are making me do this but realize the thought of sucking another strange cock is exciting me.’You are going to be a good little fagboy for me aren’t you?”Yes Sir.”You need another cock boy, get down by the hole and wait like a good little bitch.’I move up to the hole. Feel anticipation, knowing soon I will be sucking cock. I hear the door shut and lock. He puts money in the machine and I watch him take his cock out. You made me beg him again and helped him use my mouth. Again I begged for another facial. It didn’t take long for before I felt his cock swell. I grabbed it, stroking hard, aimed it for my face wanting to make sure he got it all over my face. I opened my mouth, wanting cum. He sprayed my face. I sucked him clean, wanting to please him. He got up to leave.’Thanks Steve, I will be in touch.’Oh god, he knows who I am. Who was he? I didn’t recognize his voice. Oh god, someone knows what I just did. What if he tells others? You can see me panicking.’I think you made a new friend fagboy,’ and I hear you laugh softly.You help me up and lead me over to a mirror and make me look at myself. My face covered with cum, my knees dirty from kneeling on the floor. See you behind me looking in the mirror also. Feel you reach around me with one hand stroking my cock through my panties.’Tell me what you see boy.’Looking in the mirror, I see streaks of cum across my nose, on my cheeks, cum drop hanging from my chin. ‘I see a fag cocksucker Sir.”That’s what I see too. You just sucked three cocks and ate cum just like the sissy wimp you are. You would have sucked more cock if I wanted you to, right?’Your hand is stroking me faster. It feels so good. Nodding my head yes.’You would have sucked more cock because you wanted more cock didn’t you, I could see it all over your face. I wouldn’t have had to make you do it, you wanted more cock didn’t you faggot?’You holding me tightly making me look at myself in the mirror. My head back against your shoulder, almost on my toes. The feel of your hand rubbing my cock through my panties is making it feel so good. I shake my head yes. He is right, I did want more.’Look in the mirror faggot. Look in the mirror and tell me what the fagboy wanted.’Tears start rolling down my cheeks, softly ‘More cock Sir.”Say it boy.’Looking at myself in mirror, ‘I want more cock.’He makes me say it over and over as he strokes me. He takes his other hand bringing it around to my face and starts smearing the cum all over my face, coating it, forcing his fingers into my mouth deeply at time. He uses my face and mouth for his pleasure, humiliating his boy, making him lick his hand all clean. Realize my face smells like cum. Your hand pulls me back against you to where I can feel your hard cock through your slacks pressing against my panty covered ass. Your hot breathe in my ear, repeating over and over softly, faggot, cumslut, cocksucker, sissyboy, wimp.Your hand feels so good, I feel that I’m about to cum. ‘Sir, if you don’t stop, I’m going to cum.’You go faster. ‘Cum in your panties sissyboy.’ I can’t help it and I cum so hard. It’s all I can do to keep from crying out. I fill my panties with my hot cum. Feels so wet, so messy as I start to come down from the high I was on. Thinking that must be one of the best cums ever.’Time to go fagboy.’Putting my clothes back on, I notice my knees again. ‘Sir, do you have anything I could clean my knees with?”Leave them like they are boy. I think most people here know what went on back here anyway.”But Sir.’ He ignores me and takes my bicep again and leads me slowly through the booths. It feels like he is showing them all his dominance over me. My eyes low not wanting to make eye contact with them but I can tell that all the men are looking at me. I wonder if I sucked any of them. I don’t see anyone I know. I’m still scared about someone who knows me knowing I was here and what I was doing here. He takes me into the main area and I see the clerk staring at me and then you looking back at him.’Go ask him if he works tomorrow and what time he gets a break boy. I think he likes you.”Please Sir. I did what you wanted me to do back there.”Then do what I tell you to do out here or we can go back there for more lessons.”Yes Sir.’ I move over to the counter and force myself to ask the questions.He leans over near me. ‘Be here at 11, I will save a big load for you, sweetie.’ He leans over looking at my knees. ‘How many boy?’Looking down, I say softly, ‘Three Sir’.’Good boy, you didn’t waste their cum did you?”No Sir.”I didn’t think so. I thought you probably loved cum.’Head down, so humiliated.’Let’s go boy. You got your date for tomorrow so you can quit bugging me about the hot guy at the counter.”See you tomorrow sweetie.’ Hear him laugh and wave over to you. ‘Thanks man.’Embarrassed, I walk away till you grab me again and lead me from the place. You lead me to my car. You tell me you will follow me to my house, that it’s time for another talk.I get in and drive off. I can’t believe what I just did. Why do I do everything he tells me to do? Why can’t I tell him no, that I won’t do it? I wonder what is going to happen at my place. What if I didn’t do good enough? Is he going to punish me? I need to try harder to please him. Realize what I’m thinking, know it’s wrong but I can’t stop. Then I hit me. Oh god, I wonder if he wanted me to act that way he told me to act when we were together last time? Was I supposed to act like a fag? I realize I didn’t. He has warned me about this already. Oh god, he might be really mad at me. Feel like I’m about to break into tears. Pull into the garage and you park and follow me into the house not saying a word.’You are in so much trouble boy, you seem to be a slow learner.”Please Sir please, I’m so sorry, I was so nervous going into a place like that I just forgot. It was all so much Sir, I hope you understand. I mean I did tell you that I wanted to keep it private.’ Pleading with him as we move into the living room.’Knees boy.’I drop to my knees, ‘I’m really sorry Sir.”Tell me what you did wrong boy,’ he asks pacing back and forth in front of me.’I didn’t act like a fag, I didn’t walk or talk like one. I acted like I was a man.’He stops, ‘Look up boy.’When I do he slaps me a stinging blow.’Are you a man?”No Sir, I’m a faggot.”Yes a stupid one, can’t even remember what a fag he is, stills tries to pretend to be a man. Right boy?’ he asks as he slaps my other cheek. ‘What did I tell you about sorry fagboy?”That there are consequences for being bad, sorry doesn’t count Sir.”That’s correct. When bursa escort you go see the bookstore clerk tomorrow how are you going to act?”I’m going to act like I’m gay Sir.”You were always going to have to do that but for fucking up so badly tonight, tomorrow you will be a sissy fag when you go in and see him. You will flirt with him like a girl, you will try on one of the dresses they sell there and you will model it for him. You will tell him you couldn’t sleep last night. That all you could think about was being a sissy fag for him. A sissy fag!!! Am I clear?’Begging you from my knees, ‘Please don’t make me do that Sir please. Just tell me what you want me to do and I will do it.”I just finished telling you what I wanted, now that isn’t going to be a problem is it? I would hate to show up at your work place and have to talk to you about it.”No Sir,’ realize I really don’t have a choice. This guy could really fuck up my life if he wanted. I know he took a lot of pictures the first time we met.’Since you felt it necessary to not agree to do as told immediately, I now want you to wear the dress home.”But Sir…’ he interrupts.’I can keep adding more if you insist on arguing or you can do as told. Your choice faggot. Look up.’When I do he immediately slaps me. ‘You must learn to obey faggot.”I will be calling my friend at the bookstore checking on your behavior. Do not disappoint me again faggot.’ Smiling to myself as I think about how I won’t make him wear the dress home but will let him worry about it till the clerk lets him off the hook.You turn and let yourself out leaving me kneeling on the floor, tears running down my cheeks as I realize how it’s going to be. Know that I will do as he says. I can tell his threats are not idle ones. My mind is racing. I think about what I did tonight and now tomorrow. How can I do that? I think about the dresses I saw in the store, the skin tight miniskirts. Then there were all the plaid, pleated skirts and the white blouses. Then suddenly realize I’m thinking about what dress I might like best.What is happening to me? I get up slowly, go lay down on my bed still in the sticky panties. Still can taste the cum in my mouth, my panties almost dry but sticking to my trimmed pubes. I lean down and take them off and hold on to them as I lay back down. I look and I can see where some is still wet and where some of the cum has dried already. I just keep looking at it then bring them closer so I can smell them. I roll over on my stomach, can feel my hard cock against the sheets. I can’t help humping against the sheets a little. I bring the panties closer and closer and find them against my lips as I kiss them. My tongue glides over the silky material, licking then and finally sucking them into my mouth. I can taste the cum. I can’t stop. So turned on, oh god, I start cumming from just humping the sheets. Take the panties from my mouth and look at them. They are soaked and all the cum is gone. I roll over and start crying. What is wrong with me? Down The Path Ch. 03I haven’t been able to concentrate all day, didn’t get anything done. All I can think about is having to go back to the bookstore tonight. I don’t know if I can do it but if I don’t I’m not sure what he might do. Maybe he just won’t contact me anymore and I really don’t want that. More troubling is the thought of him having the pictures of me. I know several of them are really nasty and I can’t imagine them getting out. What if he went to where I work and just left some copies lying around, like in the men’s room. I know I would have to quit my job. How could I go to work with everyone knowing?I know what I have to do. It’s going to be so hard to act fem. I really don’t think I’m very good at it. How can I try on a dress there and let him see me in it? What if he makes me come out of the dressing room? Oh god, how did I get into this? Maybe I should just refuse to do it. I wish I could do that but I know that fear of discovery will overcome everything else and that I will do what he told me to do. What will the guy want me to do? I know he wants me to suck his cock but will that be all. What if he expects more? I never have had anything bigger than my finger up my ass. What if he goes there? I’m so on edge, can’t sit down very long till I’m pacing around again.Unknown to me, you call the guy you know at the bookstore. He was home and you talk to him about me. You two aren’t really friends, just know each other through the bookstore. He had got in touch with you a few times when he saw submissive boys at the store. You had went down there and had some success so you kind of felt you owned him and this was a chance to square things up a little.’Hello, Brian here,’ the clerk answers the phone.’Hello ,Brian, Mike here, nice seeing you again last night.”Yea, you too Mike, where did you find this one?’I laugh, ‘I didn’t find this boy anywhere. He found me online. Boys got issues, he a fag if I have ever met one but he is having trouble admitting it to himself. He needs to be pushed there if you know what I mean Brian.”Yea Mike, I know what you mean. I spotted that about him the minute he came into the store. I love this kind don’t you? Pushing them, knowing it so hard for them but they do it anyway,’ he laughs softly. ‘So are you really sending him over here tonight?”The little bitch better show up or he and I have issues and he wouldn’t be very happy about what I would do to prove a point. Guys like this must learn it’s not important what they think.”My guess is he scared to death of being exposed. Is that the way it is Mike?”Exactly, and that makes everything so easy when dealing with guys like this. They will publicly humiliate themselves so that people don’t find out what a fag they are. Bitches don’t want others to think they are a fag and what does he do, he goes out and let men see him behave like a total fag. Crazy isn’t it and they don’t even realize it. By the way this fag’s name is Steve but I want you to call him Steffi when he shows up. That work for you?”For sure, can’t wait. I could see how hard it was for him last night. He did admit to me that he sucked three cocks. I would have like to have seen that,’ laughing.’Yea, it was great. He didn’t want to do it but once he was on a cock it would have been hard to pull him off. The fag loves a cock in his mouth. Anyway, when he comes over tonight, I told him since he tried to act like a man in the bookstore last night that tonight he had to be a sissy fag when he comes over to see you. I told him that he would be expected to sound like a sissy fag and act like one. I also told him that he had to tell you about how much he wanted to be a sissy fag for you. Make sure you draw that out of him. Make him admit it to you out at the counter. Let’s put him through it Brian, test him. That ok with you? I know you like sissy boys too.”I’m going to enjoy this Mike. Something about the fag when he showed up last night that really got my attention. How far can I take it?”First of all, no fucking him this time. I get first shot at his virgin ass. That’s not to say there would be a problem with a small butt plug if he needs help learning how a sissy walks. I told him he has to try on a dress over there tonight. Dress him as fully as you want. You can put some makeup on him if you want but make sure he still looks like a man, a sissy fag man. As far as exposing him, if you want to walk him through arcade in dress, I have no problem with that. It would be good advertising. Sexually, anything goes except the fucking. I owe you, enjoy my fag.”I know you Mike. I know exactly how you like to have these boys treated and I’m really looking forward to this one. I have seen some of your boys when you have released them. Biggest little sluts that come in here, they will suck anyone and don’t mind being fucked either. You definitely took the man out of them Mike.”There was no man there before Brian, they just didn’t realize it or want to accept it. Amazing with a little time with a strap or paddle will help them understand. Time spent with a cock in their mouth is also needed.”Hey Brian, I told him he had to wear a dress home tonight. Let him believe that but when you finish with him don’t make him wear it,’ I tell him laughing. ‘That is unless he begs to wear it home.’Thinking to myself that I will have to make sure he begs to do just that. I can imagine him walking out of here all dressed now. I have to reach down and adjust myself. I wonder what he looks like with tears running down his face, cute I bet. Got to stop thinking about him or won’t be able to save a big load for him later. ‘Got you Mike. I really appreciate this. I guess you noticed the way I looked at him last night. I owe you for this buddy.”No problem, will talk to you tomorrow to see how he did. Enjoy.’ The phone call ends.I’m still home trying to settle down. Should I give myself an enema? Really don’t want to, hate them but what if he wants to play with my ass? I decide I’m not going to do it, I think he just wants me to suck him and anyway, maybe that might keep him away. The phone rings.’Hello.”Is this Steffi?”I think you have the wrong number.”I don’t think so faggot.’I realize who it is now. ‘Hello Sir.”You will answer to Steffi now, Steve sounds way to masculine for you,’ I hear you tell me.’Yes Sir I understand.’ It really doesn’t seem that big of deal.’Tell me where you are going tonight Steffi.”I’m going to the bookstore Sir.”Why are you going there Steffi?”Because you told me to Sir.”Don’t lie to me Steffi, why are you going there?”I’m going there to meet the clerk there Sir.”That’s your excuse. Tell me why you are going there. There is only one reason guys like you go to places like that. Tell me.’I know what he wants me to say. Is he right? No, he’s making me go there but if I tell him that he might get mad at me. ‘I’m going there to suck cock Sir.”Why do you have so much trouble admitting the truth boy? I can see we need to spend some serious time together to adjust your thinking.’I know what he means. He’s going to punish me, probably hard. Why do I keep disappointing him? I know I have to try harder to please him. ‘I’m sorry Sir, I really am trying.”Well boy, you need to start trying harder then because I’m not at all happy with you right now. I better not get a bad report on you from Brian at the bookstore. Do you fucking understand faggot?”Yes Sir, I will try harder.’ Damn, he has me near tears over the phone.’You understand how you are expected to behave tonight, right?”Yes Sir.”Tell me.”I’m supposed to act like a sissy fag Sir.”And if Brian tells you to do something, what are you going to do Steffi?’I’m going to do it Sir.”And what are you going to wear home Steffi?”A dress Sir.”Why?”Because I’m a sissy fag Sir.”Good. Do not disappoint me Steffi. I have told Mike that I want him to take a few pictures on his phone and send them to me so do not give him any shit about that or there will be consequences.”Yes Sir,’ I try not to sound down but that will just give him that much more to hold over me. This is all developing into much more than what I was looking for.It’s getting about time to leave and start getting dressed. Do I wear panties? He told me he wanted me to be a sissy so I guess I better. Want to try and do this right and maybe he will take it easier on me then. I put on a pair of pink panties and then a pair of shorts and a polo shirt. Sit down and smoke some pot. That usually helps me relax and feel more submissive. Finally, it’s time to go and get up and take the short drive down there.I sit there in front of the bookstore trying to build up my courage. How can I do this? I practice saying hello, trying to make my voice sound more fem but it just comes out sounding really faggy. No one has gone in while I have been sitting here so maybe there aren’t many people in there right now. I finally force myself out of the car and go in. I move inside and look over at the counter and see the clerk looking at me then he smiles.’Hello sweetie,’ he says from across the room.There was only one other man in there looking at DVDs and I notice him look over at me. I can feel my face getting red as I walk over to the counter. I force myself to take smaller steps and try to swish my ass a little as I walk. ‘Hello Sir,’ trying hard to sound fem but not feeling like I did it very good.’It’s so nice so showed up, I was afraid you would wimp out of me but of course you aren’t a wimp at all, are you?’ Brian says leaning over on the counter looking at me, a smirk on his face.Concentrating on my voice, ‘No Sir.”Lean over enough to put your forearms on the counter.’I do as he says then he tells me to put my feet together and stick my cute butt out a little more so I do it. Realize he makes me stand like a girl might stand there. It does make me feel different.Leaning down closer to me, ‘Why don’t you tell me what you are Steffi?’He called me Steffi. You must have called him and talked to him. Wondering what you told him about me. I bet this guy is going to tell him all about tonight and if you aren’t pleased I will be in trouble. Head down, I say softly, ‘I’m a sissy fagboy Sir.”I know Steffi, I knew the first time I saw you yesterday. It doesn’t take a detective to tell you aren’t very manly. You are behaving so much better than yesterday but a good sissy doesn’t just stand there. They move their butts slowly to attract men. Did you get a good night sleep? You must have been worn out. You know, sucking all those cocks.’I can’t look up at him. I force myself to slowly swish my ass as I stand there. I can’t believe how he talks to me. What did you tell him, does he know what I’m supposed to say? What if he does and I don’t do it? What would you do to me? Know I better not take a chance so I force myself to say it. ‘Sir, I didn’t sleep very good last night, all I could think about was you and how much I wanted to be a sissy for you.’ My face feels like it’s on fire.’Look at me Steffi, I didn’t hear the last of it, look at me and tell me again.’I look at him and try to keep eye contact but fail as I tell him again. ‘Sir all I could think about is how much I wanted to be your sissy.’ He smiles at me.Just then the door opens and a guy, looks to be in early 30’s come up to counter. He turns and looks at me. I see him checking out my ass and then he tells the clerk he needs some tokens.The clerk looks at me, ‘Can you give me a minute sweetie while I take care of this real man.’I see the guy look at me again, smirk, and I look away. Why did he have to say that? He has to know how embarrassing that is for me. I hear him give the guys his tokens and the guy goes back to the arcade.’Good looking guy don’t you think Steffi?”Yea I guess.”Think he has a big cock Steffi?”I don’t know Sir.”I bet he does. Maybe he will hang around and you will get a chance to find out later.’Head down, this is all so hard for me.’What’s wrong sweetie, I thought you would be happy to see me but you look so sad.’Realize what he is hinting at and know that I have to do better. I look over at him and smile. ‘I am happy to see you Sir. I was thinking about you all day long.’ Know that I sound like a fag but it’s as fem as I can make it sound. I reach out and put my hand on yours. ‘I couldn’t wait to be with you,’ smiling up at you as I squeeze your hand.’I have a few things I have to do before my break. Why don’t you look around, toys over there, female clothes over here. Maybe you will find something you like.”Ok’, I walk away. I’m just glad to get alone for a few minutes to try and stop my mind from racing. I go over to the toy section and start looking around. Come to a section of leather and chrome toys under a glass counter. You walk over. ‘See anything you like?”I was just looking.”One of my favorites is the chrome butt plug,’ he tells me pointing to a chrome butt plug that is around 5″ long and maybe an inch and a half wide at the widest till it narrows back down. ‘Would you like to try it? It’s not too big, just right for new sissies.”No thanks. I’m not ready for something like that, trust me Sir.”Ok sweetie but I think you are missing out.’I can’t believe he keeps calling me sweetie. It sounds so faggy. I keep moving till I’m finally in the section with the women’s clothes. There is a lot of stuff in this section. They must sell a lot of clothes here. There is a small room in the back with nothing but shoes, mainly high heels and boots. Then there is the wall full of different stocking and some corsets and garter belts hanging there too. There is an area that has sweaters and blouses and next to it a full rack of school girl skirts cut so short. On the far wall is nothing but dresses and skirts. In the back is a table with nothing but panties and bras. Find myself fascinated by all the clothes when suddenly, I realize you are standing behind me.’See anything you like Steffi?’ I tense up when I feel your hands on my shoulders. ‘Would you like to try something on? It’s my break time, I have an hour.’Oh god, oh god. I force it out, ‘Do you want me to Sir?”That’s up to you sweetie. If you would like to dress up for me, that would be nice but I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do.’I’m so glad not to be facing him. I know I have to do this or he will find out. ‘I want to Sir.’ He makes me turn around and he puts his hands back on my arms holding me.’You want what sweetie?”I want to dress up like a sissy for you Sir,’ I finally get it out.’That would be so nice Steffi. Do you know what you want to try on?”No, I don’t have any idea. There is so much stuff back here.”Do you want me to help you Steffi?”Please Sir.’You walk over to the wall and take down a package of black, seamed nylons and a black, lacy garter belt and you bring them over to me. ‘The dressing room is back there, I want you to go back there and take your clothes off and put these on while I look for something for you to try on. Now be a good girl and give Daddy a kiss then go do as you are told.’I’m shocked when he says that. I hadn’t even considered having to kiss another guy, suck his cock or be fucked, but to kiss another guy. And the Daddy thing, he wants me to call him that? Look around and no one is in this part of store. ‘Maybe we could do that later Sir…you know back there.’He puts his arms around me and pulls me close. ‘Now give me a kiss sweet boy.’There’s no way out of this, I look up some, coming closer until our lips finally meet and I give him a quick kiss. Surprised when he grabs my head pulling it back as his lips meet mine and he pushes his tongue into my mouth. He holds me tightly as he kisses me passionately. Feels like he is sucking the breath from me and find myself panting softly when he finally breaks the kiss.’That is how you kiss Daddy sweetie, do you understand?’I nod my head yes.’Tell me, Daddy I understand.’Still can taste him in my mouth, eyes down, ‘yes Daddy, I understand.”Ok sweetie, go do as told and make sure you get your seams straight.’I go back to dressing room and start undressing. At least the store is empty, that helps a lot. Get down to my panties and then unwrap the nylons. They are so silky feeling, black and when I look closer notice the seam up the back. I have watched videos enough to know how to put them on. Pull them up as high as I can. They feel so smooth and sexy, running my hands over them. Then put the garter belt on and attach the stockings after a struggle. When I stand, it pulls the stocking up nice and tight. You open the door and come right into the booth and look me over.’Those panties will never do, take them off now.’ much more forceful than before.I wait for him to leave but he just stands there so I go to take panties off but realize I can’t take them off with the garters in the way. ‘Sir, do you want me to unfasten the nylons or what.’ You walk over to me.’That won’t be necessary,’ and you reach down with both hands, take my panties in them and pull, ripping them. You stay with it till you have ripped them off of me. ‘Any other problems Steffi?’I can’t believe you just did that. Standing there as I see you looking at my cock.’I guess I understand now why you are a sissy. No way you could satisfy a woman or a gay guy with that little cock.’I never really thought it was that small but when I look down it does look really small and having him talking to me like this is making it shrivel up even more. ‘I’m sorry Sir but I’m very nervous right now and…”Spare me sweetie, I don’t care at all that you have a little boy cock. Your cock is not really important anyway, is it?”I guess not Sir.”Tell me what’s important around here Steffi.’Thinking what he wants from me then think I know. ‘Your cock is important Sir.”That’s right and whose cock is it sweetie?”It’s Daddy’s cock.”That’s right sweetie, maybe you aren’t as big as bimbo as Mike says you are. Now lift up your arms.’I lift them up and feel you slide the bra straps over them and then attach it in the back. When you let go, it feels so heavy and when I look down there are really big silicone breast forms in the bra. They have to be at least a D cup. ‘Sir, please, I just wanted to try on a dress or something.’ He comes around in front of me giving one cheek little love slaps. They are just hard enough to sting a little but worse on my physic.’Steffi, this is something, now quit whining. I don’t like whiny girls, you understand?”Yes Daddy.’ You smile when I call you Daddy, know that you are breaking me down already.’Now I got this nice little black miniskirt for you, try in on.’I take it and pull it up my legs and try to zip it but it zips in the back and I can’t get it. When I look down I see how short it is. Standing up it just covers the top of my nylons.’Don’t worry about the zipper, put this on.’ and he hands me a bright pink long sleeved sweater.I pull it over my head and its stretchy material but still very tight as I pull it down. When I look down, I realize it makes my tits look even bigger, stretching the sweater and making the fake nipples really stand out.’Tuck it into the mini skirt.’I do as you say and after I do it, I feel you zip up the skirt in back. Then you take a wide black patent leather belt, must be about 5″ wide and put it on me and tighten it very tight making me hold my stomach in and forcing my tits and ass to stand out even more. Wish there was a mirror in here but mirror in other section of dressing room. ‘Sit down on the stool, I will be right back.’When he comes back he has a shoe box and he takes out a pair of black patent leather pumps and tells me these should match my belt and he leans down and puts them on my feet. He tells me to stay seated and he comes back with a tray of makeup.’Please Daddy, please don’t put makeup on me, please, please.”Just a little sweetie.’I feel him brushing something on my cheeks and he does something to my eyes. Then see him grab a tube of pink lipstick and he puts it on me. Everything so out of control, I just sit there, not believing what is happening. Then he puts something on his hands and rubs it in my hair then he combs it back.’There, I think I like this look. Let’s see what you think sweetie.’You help me up and I’m so wobbly on the heels. Four inch spike heels are so hard to walk in but with his help I make it to the mirror. I can’t believe what I see. I look like a working girl but not really a girl. It’s easy to see that I’m really a guy but that I’m dressed totally fem. And the pink sweater, it’s so pink and so tight. My hair looks wet and is combed back behind my ears. The eye shadow is subtle but you can see it but my lips are anything but subtle. They are bright pink and look really wet. I just stand there looking at myself not believing it. The tits look huge and when I move, they move too. I feel like a caricature of the women you see in the artsy drawing of whores. When I look up I see him taking a picture of me with his phone.’Mike wanted to see what he little girl looks like when she’s all dressed up for her Daddy.’Realize the man I have been meeting with must be named Mike. More than I knew before.’Walk across the room for me Steffi.’When I try, it’s all I can do to keep my balance.’Take small steps. Put one foot right in front of the other. Let your hips loose.’I try it and it is easier but feels like I’m really swishing my ass but I can’t help that. He makes me walk back and forth as he watches. I can feel the movements of the big breast forms. Is this what it feels like to have tits?’Much better, don’t be afraid to swish your cute little ass. Trust me, men are going to love your ass.’Feel myself starting to feel more comfortable. Maybe this isn’t going to be so bad after all.’You look so pretty Steffi. I can’t wait to show you off.”What??? I can’t go out of here dressed like this. Just take your pictures of me or whatever you want me to do but I’m not going out there dressed like this.”What did I tell you about whiny girls Steffi?’Getting very nervous now. ‘You said you didn’t like whiny girls Daddy.”I guess you don’t understand or care about what I tell you and that is not acceptable. See that soft chair over there?”Yes Daddy.”I want you to go stand behind it and bend over it and put your hands on the seat cushion.”Daddy, please don’t. Can I just have my clothes and leave, please? I have some money. Please.”Maybe I should just call Metro and tell them I have caught a shop lifter and let you see how that goes. I can do that you know. I have a very good relationship with Metro.’Feel a tear run down my cheek. It just gets worse and worse. I look over at you and start walking over to the chair. When I get to it, I lean over and place my hands flat on the cushion. The high heels make my legs feel so different like they are stretched out. Look back pleading with my eyes. ‘Please don’t hurt me Daddy, I will be good.’I feel him come up behind me and pull my skirt up and lay it on my back. I don’t have any panties on and feel so exposed. Feel the cool air on my bare ass. Then suddenly, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Oh god, what was that? It really hurt. When I look back can see you holding a leather paddle.’Steffi, you need to learn to do as told and stop your fucking whining.’My ass stinging so bad, feels hot. ‘I’m sorry Daddy, I’m sorry.”Not yet but you will be.’ Then he starts on my ass, working over both cheeks, really concentrating on the bottom of my ass cheeks. By the time he stops, I’m crying really hard, my sobs fill the room. I look in the mirror. My ass is really, really red. No wonder it hurt so badly.’I have a special treat for you Steffi.’Sob, sob, sob. Wiping the tears from my eyes as I try to quit crying. When I look up, I see him standing there holding the chrome butt plug.’Oh Daddy, ‘a little panic showing on my face.’It’s just what sissies like you need Steffi. Now I know you were a little surprised to see it so I will forgive you this time. I know you are excited about your new toy and can’t wait to see what it feels like in your pussy. Isn’t that true sweetie?’Still sobbing, my ass feels like it’s on fire and don’t want to endure any more of the paddle. I nod my head yes. ‘Thank you Daddy for the nice present.”Do you want Daddy to put it in your pussy for you Steffi?’Not wanting it at all I still know what I must do. ‘Yes Daddy, please.’You stand in front of me and take a bottle of lube and pour some on the top of the butt plug and start coating the chrome plug as I watch. Then you move behind me and I feel the wetness right on my tight ring. Feel you start pushing slowly and feel the tip slide into me. It’s so slick and not that big around and doesn’t really hurt much. Then you start sliding more into my ass. Slowly but steadily, you keep inserting it. It doesn’t take long before it starts hurting.’Daddy, stop please, it hurts. It really hurts. Please just stop for a minute. Please Daddy.’ Moan loudly as I feel it go in deeper. Oh god, that must be about all. I don’t realize that it’s only about half way into my ass. His hand is pressed against my back holding me down as he keeps feeding it into my ass. Soon I’m pleading and begging him to stop, that I can’t take it. It feels like a post up my ass. Finally I feel him stop. My ass stretched over the plug at its thickest part and he just holds it there as I plead with him. Finally another push and I feel my ass clamping down on the plug. It doesn’t hurt as badly now. I know it didn’t look very big but it feels huge up my ass. He takes my shoulders and makes me stand straight up and it feels like the plug goes even deeper bringing a loud moan from me. He pulls down my skirt and turns me to face him.’Thank your Daddy sweetie.’Wiping tears away, feel so out of control. How did I get myself into this? Sobbing softly, ‘Thank you Daddy.”Walk for me Steffi.’I try walking and it all feels so strange. I’m forced to take smaller steps and know that I’m really swishing but I’m trying to keep the butt plug from hurting too much and keep my balance. Feel it moving inside me when I walk. It’s all so strange.’Now it’s time to take a little walk. That isn’t going to be a problem again is it. I’m sure people will be very impressed with your new look Steffi.’Know that if I refuse he will just punish me more. ‘No Sir,’ wiping away more tears.’Good, before we go I want to get a few more pictures of you for Mike and for my personal use. You don’t mind do you Steffi?’Shaking my head no, he starts making me do poses for him. He takes one of me bending over looking back at him, another with my leg up on a chair showing off top of nylon and bare thigh above it, another with me hand standing with a hand on my hip like I’m a hooker, a big smile on my face. He takes another of me sucking on my thumb. Finally, he makes me look at him and pull up my skirt so he can get a picture of my cock. When I look down, it has really shriveled up and looks so small. Realize that I’m really fucked now.’It’s time to go show everyone your new outfit Steffi.”Daddy, can I have a pair of panties to wear, please,’ I ask not wanting to be humiliated again by others see how small I am. It does get bigger but this is so embarrassing for me that I just don’t seem to get hard.’No Steffi, you haven’t earned your panties yet. Now it’s time to go. Follow me.’He walks out of large dressing room back into the front of the store. I follow behind him. The clicking of my heels on the floor seems so loud. As I look up I see a younger couple in the DVD section. They are both looking at us. I see them leaning over saying something to each other. I know they are talking about me. I wonder what they are saying.There is another clerk behind the counter and figure that must be Brian’s relief. Young guy, rather rough look to him.’Hey Brian, who’s the sissy?’ he asks in way too loud of voice. The couple is still just watching us. The girl is young but very pretty.Mike leads me over to the counter. ‘He’s Mike’s new boy,’ he says laughing. ‘Well kind of his new boy,’ he says emphasizing the work boy. ‘Cute little sissy isn’t he but he’s rather shy and I’m trying to help him through that. Isn’t that right Steffi.’This is so hard. I force myself to try and sound feminine, ‘Yes Daddy.’The clerk laughs, ‘Daddy?”Yes she almost begged to call me that didn’t you sweetie?’The humiliation doesn’t stop. I stand there in front of both of them. ‘Yes Daddy.”I couldn’t not hear the noise back there, was someone misbehaving?”Turn around and show him Steffi.’I look at you and know I better not say anything. I turn around and lift up my skirt for about 15 seconds letting him see how red my ass still is.’Somebody must have been a bad girl, were you bad Steffi?’ the new clerks asks.Head down, “Yes I was being whiny.'”Girl like you need to do as told and no bullshit. It’s the way it should be.’I stand there embarrassed, humiliated.Brian tells the other guy to hand over some of the gold hoop bracelets. He hands over several, looks like five of them. Brian takes my wrists and put some around each wrist. The look the other clerk is giving me is almost scary. Then Brian points to something else and he hands Brian a pair of earrings, long chandelier type with the cut glass that supposed to look like diamonds. He leads me away from the counter to where we are alone.’Look at me Steffi.’I look up at him. Feel like I’m almost in shock, overloaded by the whole thing.’You have been a pretty good girl tonight Steffi. You have one more little task to perform to help you understand better sweetie and I know you don’t want to disappoint me. I’m pretty sure that Mike would be upset if I had to pass on any bad news. But you are going to be a good girl, aren’t you Steffi?’He’s putting the earrings on me as he talks. Oh god, what is he going to make me do? ‘Yes Daddy.”Say it.’My eyes down as I speak. ‘I’m going to be a good girl Daddy.”I hope so sweetie. I’m going to go into the arcade now. I want you to wait a minute or so then I want you to come to me in there.’Know that arguing isn’t going to do any good. ‘Yes Daddy.”This is your outing as a sissy so it’s very important for you to display the right attitude. You will be graded on your walk, your voice and your demeanor. I expect you to walk into there in such a way every man in there will want to fuck your ass, do you understand.’He seems much more serious and forceful right now. I feel like I’m about to cry but that will just make things even worse. ‘Yes Daddy.”I expect your head to be up and for you to smile at each man in there. You will stop a few seconds and let him look you over before you go to the next guy. I want every eye on you. You will come up to me and in your sexiest voice you will say, “Hello Daddy” and you will give me a kiss. You do remember how Daddy gets kissed don’t you sweetie?”Oh Daddy, I don’t know if I can do this.”You will do it Steffi, Ron does like take disappoint well. If you don’t do as told, the next thing he would make you do, will be much worse. You need to do this Steffi. Now be a good girl and do as you are told.’ He walks into the arcade.He leaves me standing there. The cute couple still in there and it’s obvious that they were watching us and now just me. What am I going to do? What would Mike makes me do if I leave? I can’t leave anyway. I have no idea where he put my clothes but I didn’t see them in dressing room. The girl leaning over and whispering something to the guy and he shakes his head yes.I finally just do it. What else can I do? I walk back to the arcade and walk in and it’s so dark that it takes my eyes a little while to adjust. Then I see them. The booths run down both sides of the aisle and lounging in front of the doors, I see the men. Looks to be maybe seven or eight guys and all of them are looking at me. I don’t see you anywhere. I know what I got to do. I start walking trying to exaggerate my walk some hoping that my ass looks nice when I do that. I start coming to the men. They are s**ttered along both sides of the aisle. When I get to the first man, I look over at him and smile, trying to look sexy doing it. I stop, head down, and let him look at me.He just stares at me then I watch as he eyes go down to my tits and then to my ass. He doesn’t say anything and I pass on down the aisle. I do the same to the other men as I walk by. One man reaches out and rubs my ass but I hear your voice, ‘NO TOUCHING.’I see you down at the end of the aisle. I look at you smile and try sticking my tits out a little. I come up to you. ‘Hello Daddy.”Hello sweetie,’ and he holds his arms out.I move into his arms, put my arms around his neck and kiss him passionately. I can hear comments behind me but not sure what is being said. Not really thinking about it. My mind is on kissing you. Feel your tongue slide into my mouth and I start sucking it. Feel you sucking the breath out of me, kissing me. I’m getting so turned on and then feel you push me away and make me turn. I see them all standing there watching. In the back, I see the young couple. Brings me back suddenly and I realize what I just did in front of all these guys. He holds me by my forearms displaying me for what I am.’This is Steffi,’ Brian says. ‘Say hello Steffi.’So humiliated, standing there, eyes down. ‘Hello,’ I say and I know it sounded more gay than fem but trying.’Steffi has got a thing for cock, don’t you Steffi?’Why does he feel like he has to humiliate me so badly? I can feel a tear run down my cheek. I feel like I’m about to break down. I can’t do that. ‘Yes Daddy.’ I hear a couple laughs and hear them talking between each other.’Take it easy guys, Steffi is only going to suck one cock tonight aren’t you sweetie?’Blindly going forward, what else can I do? ‘Yes Daddy.”Tell the men whose cock you are going to suck tonight.”I’m going to suck Daddy’s cock.’ My head down, how can I be doing this?’See the pretty girl in the back Steffi?’I look back there and all the other guys do to.’Tell her what you are going to do tonight.’She almost has a glazed look on her face. ‘I’m going to suck Daddy’s cock,’ I tell her, not knowing how it can get any worse. The look she gives me leaves no doubt that she is getting turned on by this and what she thinks of me. You turn me around and tell me quietly that you put a clean towel down on the floor in front of me so I wouldn’t get my nice nylons dirty.He says quietly, ‘Do not disappoint me sweetie.’I look at him and then slowly start sinking to my knees. Realize that I’m going to suck his cock with all them watching. Tears are running down my face as I reach up and unfasten Brian’s slacks and pull the zipper down. He has tight jockeys on and I can see his cock outlined in it. I move my hand over and let it slide lightly over his cock feeling the heat of it through his jockeys. I reach the head and there is a big wet spot there. I lean up and kiss it. You pull my head away making me look up at you.’Tell me what you are Steffi.’Tears running down cheeks, I answer. ‘I’m a sissy faggot Daddy.”Tell them all what you are sissyboy.’I say a little louder, ‘I’m a sissy faggot.”Louder sissy.”I’M A SISSY FAGGOT.’ Tears running down my cheeks.’Show them now sissy fagboy.’Why do I feel like this, why do I want to suck your cock so badly. Realize I can’t wait to be sucking you. I forget about them and reach up and pull your jockeys down and your cock springs out almost hitting me in the face. I take it in my hand and kiss your cockhead and I mean really kiss it. Running my tongue all over it, getting it so nice and slick. My tongue explores your piss slit. Then I feel your hand on the back of my head. Again I hear a soft, ‘do not disappoint.’He starts pressing down slowly feeding me his cock. It so hard and my lips are stretched around it as I feel it continually sliding deeper and deeper. I feel it almost to my throat and I get the urge to gag but control it. He doesn’t stop and slowly presses it against my throat seeing if I can handle it. Hear rustling and movement behind me when I realize they are all getting closer to watch.He doesn’t stop. I remember about breathing through the noise and start doing it and I suppress the gagging. I feel his cock slide into my throat. I concentrate on what’s happening as his cock slide further down my throat. Then I feel his pubic hair on my nose and know that he made me take his whole cock. He holds me on his cock not moving.’This is why whenever you get a chance at a sissy like this, you pay whatever is necessary. Sissies like bursa escort bayan Steffi makes the best sluts, they will do whatever you want because they need it. They need to be a bitch for men.’ Brian lets go of my head. ‘Show them Steffi. Show them how you just can’t get enough cock. Show them what a cocksucker you are.’His words pour into my head. A cock is buried down my throat. I slowly let the cock slide almost all the way out of my mouth then I start taking it and taking it till my nose is pressed into his pubes again. Over and over, his big cock stretching my throat. I wish it were even bigger and I start going faster, bobbing up and down on his cock like my life depended on it. He pulls me off his cock, slobber hanging from lips and dripping from my chin. He is pulling on my hair keeping me from getting back on his cock like I want to.’Tell them what you want faggot.”More cock, I want more cock.”Show them what a faggot you are.’ Realize he is calling me a faggot now and not a sissy. I guess he wants me to understand that I might be a sissy but that I’m really still a faggot.He releases my head and I’m back on his cock. Sucking and sucking, loud slurping, hear them encouraging me and it’s not long till I feel his cock swell. I take it in my hand and keep just the head in my mouth. Then it comes, hot cum, spurt after spurt, filling my mouth, dripping from the corner. I stroke him making sure that I have all his cum. Panting, swallowing his cum, feel it running down my throat. I look up at him.’You have cum on your lips fagboy.’I lick it off my lips as he helps me to my feet. He turns me making me look at them. The feeling of humiliation floods over me as they all look at me not saying much. I look down and see a couple drops of cum on my sweater but do nothing about it. Just made to stand there and be displayed as a faggot. Several of the men take pictures of me with their phones. My eyes glued to the floor. I feel totally defeated.’Lift up your skirt Steffi.”Daddy, please no, please.”Now Steffi.’I reach down and lift up my skirt. They all see my small cock and there is a buzz. I see flashes of light and know what they are. Tears running down my face, soft sobbing. He finally takes my arm and leads me back to the dressing room.’You did very good Steffi. Mike is going to be very pleased.’I start crying, ‘Oh god, they were taking pictures of me and everything.”Don’t worry sweetie, no one will recognize you. You look so much better than when you are pretending to be a man.”You are going to make a really good sissy Steffi, I promise I will help you get all the cock you need.’Brian sits down in a soft chair. ‘Come here sweetie, come sit on Daddy’s lap.’Sobbing loudly, I do as he says. It feels so strange to crawl into his lap. I put my arms around his neck and continue crying softly.’Everything will be alright sweetie, I know it seems like a lot but you need these kinds of experiences to learn about yourself. Were you thinking about the people watching you while you were sucking my cock?’ ‘No Daddy.”What were you thinking about sweetie?”I was thinking about your cock Daddy. I wanted to make it feel really good to you. I wanted to make you cum Daddy.’ He pulls my head down and kisses me and soon I’m kissing back and it all feels so good. His lips move to my neck and he starts kissing, so tender, then harder and I realize that he intends to mark me. I know I should try to stop him but if this is what he wants, then I shouldn’t stop him. I want to be a good girl for Daddy. He kisses me again, his hand moving under my skirt and he starts playing with my cock. I feel it growing in his hand. He starts stroking me as he kisses me. I feel his hand press against the butt plug at times and it brings a moan from me. In too short of time, I go over the edge and cum all over his hand. My mind is racing, I’m so turned on.’For you sissyboy,’ he says.He brings his cum covered hand to my face and he feeds it all to me. I suck each finger. I make sure I get it all. It’s what sissies do.’Good girl. It’s time for me to go back to work.”Ok Daddy,’ I answer still in his lap but he helps me up. ‘If you get me my clothes, I will get dressed. Do you have somewhere where I can get the makeup off.”Steffi, why do you want to ruin such a nice night? Why do you have to be like that?’I don’t know what he is talking about. ‘What did I do wrong?”You look so pretty in your outfit and you were behaving like such a good little girl and then I find out that you don’t even appreciate my help. Why would you want to take it off?”You want me to wear this home?”Yes very much. Mike said you didn’t have to wear feminine clothes home but he said if you really wanted to it would be ok. I just thought we were getting along so well. This is going to put a damper on the whole evening.’Thinking whether he means he might not give a good report to Mike after all. I guess he can make it seem as good or as bad as he wants. ‘You really want me to wear this home. What if I get into an accident or something?”Drive carefully, everything will be ok. I put your ID, credit cards and money in here along with your makeup,’ he says as he hands me a pink leather hand purse. ‘I bagged your clothes up and put them in your car already. Here’s your keys.”I don’t know.”Be a good girl and do as you are told, goodbye Steffi.’I feel like I don’t have control of anything anymore and I start to walk out.’Aren’t you going to give Daddy a kiss goodbye?’I look back at him and turn around and go kiss him. By the time he breaks the kiss I really don’t want to go. He hands me a pair of bright pink panties with black lace on the ass.’You earned your panties tonight faggot,’ his demeanor no longer as a daddy but more like a boss. ‘Put them on.’I slide them up, they feel so sexy. See him watching me do it. He smiles when I tuck my cock back between my legs and pull the panties up tight.’We are going to spend some time together Steffi, you understand that don’t you? I’m sure you will be a quick learner Steffi. And sweet boy, you can have all the cock you want.’What is he talking about? What does he think he can make me do? He just smiles at me but it scares me.’Bye sweetie, you might want to fix your lipstick in the car. Looks like you might have just sucked a cock,’ he says smiling at me.Feel a little blush come on as I walk away and leave the store. What a night. Head over to my car. It’s late so not many cars around, pretty quiet which is good. Felt so weird walking to the car. The tits moving on my chest, the heels clicking on the street, the cool air blowing up my skirt. I get into the car and look in the mirror and lipstick smeared all over my lips. I take a Kleenex and wipe it off as well as I can. As I’m doing that I hear my other car door open and someone sit down.’Hello Steffi.’It’s the other clerk. He must have been waiting for me. ‘What are you doing? I think you better get out.”Not yet Steffi,’ he says as he checks me out. ‘Aren’t you going to put lipstick back on?”No I’m done for the night.”That’s a bad attitude and I know you know what happens to girls with bad attitudes. I insist you put some on. It makes your lips look so luscious.”Please just get out.’ He glares at me. I start worrying a little about him.’Put the lipstick on sissyboy.’I don’t really want this to develop into something bad so I take the lipstick out and look in the mirror putting it on.’So much better, your lips will look so good on my cock.”Please leave me alone. I will go in and tell Brian.”Go ahead. I’ve wanted to kick his ass for a couple weeks. Then you and me will really party. You sure that is what you want?”No, please don’t do this.’ I watch as he starts unfastening his jeans, pulling them and his shorts down.’Come on sissyboy, you know you want it. I watched a little of your performance tonight. What was that you wanted? Oh yes, more cock. Well here you go sissyboy.’I look at his cock. It’s bigger than Brian’s and thicker too. I see a little precum wetting the tip. It shines in the street lights.’Come on sissyboy, you know you want it. More cum for you. Look at you. You want it so badly.’I do want it. I lean over in the seat and take him into my mouth. It feels so good and the taste of his precum hits my tongue. I want to suck his cock. I really want it. I start sucking, in and out of my mouth, taking him deep. I pull it from my mouth and smear the juices all over my face then slide it back into my mouth again. It’s so good, I want to suck and suck it. Feel his hand on my head moving up and down with my rhythm. Oh no, not already but I feel his cock swell and he holds my head down as he fills my mouth with cum. Swallowing it down, sucking to make sure I got all his cum. Feel him pull my head up and he just gets out without saying anything and shuts the door and walks off.Catching my breath, realizing what I just did. Fuck, what is wrong with me. Fuck, he just used me to get off then treated me like shit. He couldn’t even say thanks. Realize that he probably didn’t think it matters what I think, I’m just a mouth to shoot his cum into. Makes me feel even lower about myself. Christ, how big of wimp am I? As I’m thinking this, I’m u*********sly licking his cum off my lips.I get another kleenex and wipe the lipstick off again. Start the car and drive home being really careful and staying to the back streets. Walking into the house, I can’t believe what I did tonight. Go back to the bedroom and look at myself in the full length mirror. How did it get to this? I see the earrings. Wonder if anyone saw them when I was driving home. I go to take them off but stop myself. Looking in the mirror, looking at what’s looking back.I turn my head and I can see the hickey on the side of my neck. Know I can’t hide it, what kind of story could I come up with that anyone would believe. Look at the big tits, so big. My hand moves to one of them and I feel it. The material so soft, I close my eyes and I can almost imagine it’s a man playing with my tit. Soon I’m playing with both. I feel my cock getting hard again.I come out of it and realize what I’m doing. What is happening to me, why am I acting like this? I have to put a stop to it before I can’t. Is it too late already? I think about all the pictures. It’s too late. I lay down on the bed, still dressed like a whore, curl up and start crying.Down The Path Ch. 04I haven’t heard from anyone all week. Finally feeling like I can relax a little. The weekend was too much. I didn’t feel right for at least a couple days afterward. I just kept thinking about the stuff I had done. I can’t believe that I finally really sucked a cock and not just a cock but several cocks and that I really like it. The situations were very scary and humiliating but at the same time so exciting. I can’t stop thinking about it. Fuck, I drove home wearing girl’s clothes. What the fuck?It just seemed like I was a different person, it was so strange. I can’t believe that I have got into this kind of situation. Last weekend was so crazy and I loved it, maybe not at the time, but thinking back about it all, them making me say such embarrassing things, it excites me to think about it now. I just didn’t seem to be able to say no to you or Brian. I know you have the pictures and you can fuck up my life good and I felt like I must do what told but beneath it all I knew I wanted to be treated like that. It’s embarrassing to admit it but I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m so worried about what they might make me do. The public play is so scary. I’ve always been rather reserved and to be treated like I was, humiliated, sissified and used like a faggot in front of others, was such a hard thing for me to do. To just be put on display and exposed, it was unreal and I still get confused thinking about it all when I try to remember how I felt.Those guys there now have pictures of me. Will they look at them when they are stroking their cocks? Will they wish I was sucking their cock? Would they want to kiss me? Remember how they were looking at me. Did they get off on watching me being humiliated? I think they did. I can’t help think about the girl in the back watching me. What was she thinking about me? I do remember thinking at the time how they must all think that I was a total fag willing to do as told no matter how demeaning or embarrassing. I remember being embarrassed being thought about like that. How they must think I would do anything just to be able to suck a cock.The phone rings. ‘Hello.”Hello Steffi. How’s my little faggot?”I’m ok Sir, thank you for asking Sir.’ I realize who it is. I found out his name is Mike.’Did you and Brian have a good time?”It was so scary Sir but also very exciting. Did you talk to Brian Sir? Did he tell you I did alright?”Yes Steffi, I did talk to Brian. He said you were a very good girl. He told me you gave him a great blowjob.”I tried hard to be good Sir. Some of it was so hard. Dressing up was rather fun till I realized that he was going to make me go out into the bookstore dressed like I was. The thought of going out and letting men see me dressed as a sissy was frightening. I never thought I would be able to do anything like that and then what followed. I still can’t believe what I did.”He told me it wouldn’t take much to turn you into a total sissy but that isn’t really what I want. If I want a girl, I will just get a girl, but to have a boy and make him be fem but still a boy, that is what I want Steffi. The pictures were really quite nice didn’t you think?”I really never saw them Sir.”He told me you kiss like a girl Steffi. Nothing says fag quite like a couple men kissing is there boy?”It was embarrassing with all the people watching but his kisses were…you know…they were nice.”You did good Steffi. Now I will be at your house in 30 minutes, I want you naked, Velcro straps on both wrists and ankles with a metal ring in each. Unlock your door and go kneel in the middle of the living room, head down on your hands on the floor, ass up in the air. Any questions?’Oh god, he’s coming over now! I try to remain calm. ‘No Sir, did I do something wrong Sir?”We will discuss that when I get there. Now go do as told.’He hangs up and I almost panic. Did I do something wrong? I thought he said I did well but from the instructions I know that I’m going to be tied up. Is he going to hurt me? I go get undressed and get out the toy box and take it to the living room and put it where he likes it. I start binding my wrists and ankles with the Velcro restraints making sure I have a silver ring in each. I look at the clock. Fifteen more minutes, I better wait a little while before getting down on my knees. They will probably get sore enough anyway. But what if he gets here early and I’m not in position like I’m supposed to be? I move over to the floor and get down, wait for him. I try thinking about what I might have done wrong. I have to try harder, I really do. Is he really mad at me? Maybe he just wants to play around but realize that he has never been like that. It’s been about domination. Kneel there waiting for him, so nervous.You open the door and come in, shut and lock it. You walk into the living room and feel you move around behind me and stop. I know better than to look up. You lean over me and drop a large manila envelope in front of my face.’A gift for you Steffi. Open it.’I open the envelope, reach in and bring out some 10 X 8 photos. When I look at them, I realize they are the pictures Brian took of me the other night. I can’t believe how faggy my face looks. And the tits, they look huge, pointed out stretching the sweater. The short skirt, the nylons, the high heels, all made me look like a really fem guy who likes dressing like a slut or a whore. They were very embarrassing especially when I got to the last one. This one, Brian made me lift my skirt and show everyone my cock. It looks so small in the picture. I put the pictures down after looking at them.’Do you understand what these mean Steffi?”I think so Sir. You have pictures of me that I don’t want anyone to see so I better do what you say.”Let’s make it simple Steffi, I own you now. You are mine to do with as I like.’Realize that he is probably right. I will have to do as he says but to say he owns me. Don’t know if that’s right. ‘Yes Sir.”I will expect a lot from you Steffi. I hope you are not going to disappoint me. I don’t take disappointment well.’As he is talking to me, he pulls my right arm back to my ankle and I hear the click of a padlock locking the two rings together. Then he does the same with the other wrist and ankle. I tense up, know this can’t be good. My head is lying down on the bed with my ass sticking up in air.’You would not believe how disappointed I was when I looked at the pictures Steffi.”Did I do something wrong Sir, I didn’t say anything. I did what he said, just what he said.’ I wonder if he hears the panic in my voice.’You were told to go over to see Brian as a sissy faggot, correct?”Yes Sir and I did it. I tried to act feminine, I really did. I just need more practice Sir. I will try harder next time. I promise,’ almost pleading.’Then what the fuck is with the all the hair? Hair on the body is for men, not faggots and especially not sissy faggots. And still you went over like you did. I was so embarrassed when I saw it. I felt like you really let me down.”I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you wanted me to do that. You didn’t tell me to shave my legs and pubes and stuff Sir.”So it’s my fault, is that what you are saying?”No Sir, not at all,’ I say trying to back out of it. ‘It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have known, it all my fault Sir. I’m really sorry.”No you are probably right. It probably is my fault. I have been too easy on you. Sometimes you want to be nice and it’s just not possible. There is only one thing bitches like you understand.”No Sir, please, it’s all my fault. I promise I will do better. I promise. You don’t have to do this Sir. Please. I will try harder, I will.’ I watch as you reach into the toy box and bring out a red ball gag. You press the ball against my lips making me open wide. You push the ball into my mouth and secure it tightly.’You will need that boy.’ You reach into the bag you brought along and take out a wooden paddle. It looks to be about 18″ long and 3″ wide with two rolls of holes drilled in it.I mumble into the gag, shaking my head no.’Put your knees together and stick your fag ass out boy.’ You move down by my ass. ‘WHACK,’ the paddle strikes across both ass cheeks. It really hurts and I cry out into the gag.’You need to understand boy. If you don’t, then I’m not doing my job right.”WHACKKKKKKKKKK.’ This one even harder and I scream into the gag.’I told you, you were going to need that boy.’Then you start on my ass in earnest. The pain is so intense. I have never been paddled like this before. My ass feels on fire. I’m just babbling into the gag now, all my screams wasted as you just continue working over my ass. The worse ones are when you strike up right into the bottom of my ass cheeks. I’m crying so hard. Finally, you stop. I’m a babbling mess, not even thinking, just trying to deal with the pain. You come around in front of me, taking the ball gag out and shoving your black boot under my face. I start licking your boot. Licking it all over not even thinking about it, just licking it, tears running down my face as I try to stop crying but can’t stop sobbing loudly.’You disappoint me again boy and this will feel like a love tap compared to what I will do to you. DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND???’Sobbing loudly, ‘Yes Sir, I understand.’ You sit down and lift the bottom of your shoe up. I have to crane my neck to get to it but I do it and start licking the bottom of your boot. Can feel the dirt and grime in my mouth.’You see where you are, don’t you boy?”Yes Sir.”Tell me boy.”I’m under your boot Sir. You own me.’You lean down and unfasten the padlocks taking them off. ‘Lean up boy, hands behind your back, knees spread wide. Get up on your knees.’I do as he says, my eyes down, tears still running down my cheeks.’I am leaving town for a few weeks boy. You know my email address. I expect pictures from you at least once a week. I want you to show me how badly you want to be a fag and what kind of things you will do for me if I decide you are worth wasting any more time with. You understand boy?”Yes Sir.”I know you will not disappoint me again. Now I want to leave you with one final thought about our relationship.’As you finish speaking you suddenly bring your boot up hard right into my nuts. I double over on the floor, taking my nuts in my hands. Oh god, it hurts so badly. When I finally look up you are gone. Lay there, curled up, crying. I have to try harder to please him.The pain goes away slowly. I finally get to my feet and take the restraints off. I keep wiping the tears away as they continue to flow. I reach back and rub my ass lightly and it stings from my touch. I go look in the mirror. Both of my ass cheeks are so red. Why does he need to punish me so severely? Am I not trying hard enough? Realize I’m scared of him but I probably shouldn’t be. This is what I told him I wanted to experience and he is just doing it. It must be my fault for making him be rougher than he probably wants to be.I go take a shower. When the hot water hits my ass cheeks, it stings so badly I turn back around quickly. Let the hot water flow over my head as I think about it all. Then I remember what he said about body hair. He wants me smooth from the neck down. I use an electric razor so know I will have to buy some razors. What about hair remover? I guess I will have to get some of that too. No way that I can go to the gym all smooth like that. I know what everyone would say if they saw me in the shower.He expects pictures of me too. I know what kind of pictures he is talking about. I have to make sure he will be satisfied with them. What if I don’t do anything for awhile? That won’t work. I have to get pictures for him. Maybe I will call Brian. Will he treat me like a sissy again? Realizing how deep I’m getting into this but there really doesn’t seem like it’s something I can just quit. What would he do to me?I get through the rest of the day and night. Have trouble sitting down, my ass is still too sensitive. Finally go to bed but my mind just keeps going over and over what is happening. I realize that thinking about it all is getting to me. I reach down and stroke my cock slowly. It seems so much smaller now, maybe I just feel different about it. All those other guys were quite a bit bigger than me down there. I see the pink panties with the black ruffles across the ass lying there on the floor. I can’t help it. I get up and put them on and curl up in bed. I fall asleep as I feel my cock through my panties.I get up in the morning. Feel silly now for putting the panties on last night and sleeping in them. I take them off and look at my ass. It’s still red but doesn’t hurt near as bad. I get up and go have breakfast and take it easy all day. Nothing happens for the next couple days and I start thinking about the pictures I need. I will probably have to call Brian. I really don’t want to, he will think that I loved being treated like he treated me and maybe he will think I want even more.The phone rings.’Hello.”Hello, is this Steve?”Yes, who is this?”I’m your secret admirer Stevie. I was so surprised to see you the other night and was even more surprised how much you liked sucking my cock. I really never had you figured for a faggot, the way you flirt with the ladies at work.’I realize it’s the guy from the bookstore that knew me. I don’t recognize his voice at all but I must work with him. Who can it be?’I can explain that, please tell me who you are.”What fun would that be? You wouldn’t be able to look around and try to figure out who knows what a fag you are. By the way you look so pretty in pink. Brian knows I know you and he thought I might want to see how pretty you can be.’Fuck. Fuck. I can’t believe he sent him a picture of me dressed like a sissy. I wonder which picture he sent.’I really think you should stop flirting with the girls at work. I really don’t think they would want anything to do with a guy who wears panties to work. Don’t you agree?”Please, can’t we meet and talk about this. I will…you know…suck you again if you want but can we keep this away from work.’ By the way, I’m a table supervisor in a casino.’I asked you a question Stevie boy. Don’t you think the girls would want anything to do with a man who wears panties to work.”You are probably right Sir, if they knew…”Knew what a fag cocksucker you are?’ You are going to stay away from them. Understand?”’Yes Sir I understand.”Listen fag boy, if you do as told, no one needs to know. First, you will wear panties to work each day, won’t you?”Yes Sir,’ knowing I can keep anyone from knowing I’m wearing them.’Second, I can’t expect you not too flirt with any of the dealers can I? That wouldn’t be fair. I know you know the dealer Chris, you know the one you like calling Chrissy, the fairy princess. I have heard you call him that enough times and I better not hear it again. You will spend time at his table and you better treat him right. I know he thinks a lot of you and will be thrilled when you flirt with him. Also, he usually eats alone in the employee lounge. You are to join him whenever you see him alone like that.’God, Chris couldn’t be more of a flaming fag if he tried. What will people think if they see me spending time with him? What will all the girls I flirt around with think if they see me spending time with him and not with them? My mind is racing as thoughts fly through my head.’That’s not going to be a problem is it Stevie?’Why are you doing this? Can’t we just work something out? I will do whatever you want me to do if you want to meet. Please Sir.”You will do that anyway Stevie. I know this job is important to you and I would hate to have to do anything that might jeopardize your job. Tell me you can’t wait to get to know Chris, Stevie.”I can’t wait to get too know Chris better Sir.”That’s a good little fagboy. Lastly, I will have friends stopping by to make sure you are behaving as told. If they call you Stevie, you will do as they say. Do you understand?”Yes Sir but Sir, please don’t let others at work now, please. I promise to do as told.”We will see won’t we?’ and he hangs up.I’m trying to figure out who he is but realize I have no idea who it might be. How can I hang around Chris? I know the other supervisors at work know how I talk about Chris. What will they think if I start being friendly to him?I go to work wearing panties the next day. I can’t stop being nervous as I do my job. One of my favorite dealers calls me over and she starts flirting. I look around to see if I see anyone looking. I make some excuse about having to take care of something and see the look she gives me as I leave. I move to the other end of pit and when I look up I see Chris looking at me from the pit across from mine. I force myself to smile at him and he smiles back. He isn’t in my pit so really don’t have a chance to talk with him. I get back to work when a man calls me over.’Do I give comment cards to you?”Yes, I can take the card. Thank you Sir.’When I read the card, I can feel my face getting red. It reads: “Stevie, I can’t wait to see your panties. I hope you wore a pretty pair for me. Your next break, go the men’s room in the back and go into the last stall. Take your suit coat off, drop your slacks and lift up your shirt. When you hear three soft knocks on the door you will unlock the door.” I look around for the man but don’t see him anywhere.My break comes sooner than I want and I leave the pit. Looking around, I don’t see anyone watching so head to the bathroom in back. It’s not used very much. I go into the stall and get ready. Then I hear the knock and I unlock the door. I recognize the man that gave me the comment card. He presses his way into the booth and locks the door behind him. I start to say something when he pulls me close and tries to kiss me but I move my face away.’You sure you want to do that Stevie? My friend told me you like older men. I would hate to have to talk to him about your behavior.”Please Sir, I can’t afford to lose this job and if they catch me like this…you know what will happen.”Then maybe you should do as told before someone else decides to use this men’s room. You really are quite cute. I love your baby blue panties sweetie. I figured pink was your favorite. Now kiss me.’I lean forward and put my arms around his neck and start kissing him. I feel him press his tongue between my lips and he kisses me. I can’t keep from responding and soon I’m kissing him back, sucking on his tongue. He breaks the kiss holding me in front of him.’I can’t wait for my turn Stevie, I just love using sissy fags. They can be such sluts. Your friend told me you get off at 8:00 tonight. You will go to Suite 2023 at Caesars. You will be expected exactly at 8:30. You will be taken to a very exclusive private club here in Vegas by the gentleman waiting for you there. You will shower at the suite and appropriate clothes for you to wear will be provided. Tell me your sizes.’I figure it’s useless to argue so I give him my sizes. He gives me a quick kiss.’I will tell your friend you are being a good fagboy. Time for me to go,’ and he leaves me standing there in my panties.I have trouble getting through the rest of the day of work. Feel like I have no control over things now. They tell me what to do and I do it. How am I going to get out of this situation? If it were only one person, he would probably tire of me but it seems like more and more people are getting involved. Anyway, I get through the day and drive over to Caesars and go up to the suite and knock on the door.The door is opened by a short Asian boy. He looks to be only about 5’4 or so and looks young. Knowing how many Asians look younger than they actually are, I figure he is low 20’s. He is wearing what looks like a white silk pajama like outfit with white sandals.’Please come in,’ he says.I’m more than glad to get out of the hallway and go into the room and he closes the door behind us. As I look at him, it’s hard not to notice that he is really rather fem looking but it looks right for him. He has to have some makeup on, his facial skin looks so smooth and the coloring is just right, emphasizing his eyes and cheekbones without being made up like a girl. He is rather stunning. Realize I’m staring at him. It was not what I was expecting to open the door.The suite is huge. He leads me through the entry way into the main room. I see a tall man standing over at the bar, his back to us. He about 6’2″, black hair, looks to be in good shape, dressed in an expensive looking suit. He turns around and smiles. He reminds me of the men you see on the covers of the financial magazines. Looks like he is probably around 50, a high level executive, one who likes being in control and having others do as he says.’Hello Stevie, you may call me Mr. M or Sir. I have been looking forward to meeting you. Mike has told me that he thinks that I would enjoy your company.”Hello Sir. I was told to come to the suite and that we would be going out to some club. Can you tell me anymore? I need to tell you this is all very new to me and I’m kind of being overwhelmed by it all.”You don’t need to know anything else Stevie. That is what is so nice about being a boy like yourself. You don’t have to know anything or make any decisions. All you have to do is obey.’I don’t say anything, just stand there. Don’t really make eye contact with him. I know what this is and there is nothing I can do about it.’Isn’t Cici pretty?’ he asks looking over at the Asian boy. ‘Mike found him about a year ago and is nice enough to send him over whenever I’m staying in town. Cici is very good at making sure I have everything I need.’I realize that this guy knows Mike too. I thought that it was just the guy I work with was doing this but they must all know each other. What did I get myself into? Trying to deal with this but when I look over at Cici, I have to agree with him. ‘Yes he is very cute.’ He is standing next to Mr. M, his head lowered.’You will love this Stevie. Cici take off your top.’I can see his face getting redder as he pulls it over his head. When I look at his smooth chest, he has small breasts, probably like a B cup. His nipples look bigger than you would thinks they would be.’Mike put him on hormones over 6 months ago. Don’t you love his little tits? Mike wanted to get big implants for him but I talked him into the hormones instead. I know Mikes likes having his sissies get big tits but little Cici needs real tits, don’t you sweetie?”Yes Sir,’ Cici answers.’I have been putting nipple suckers on him to help stretch out his nipples. I can’t wait till Mike gets the nipple rings for him.’See the embarrassment on Cici’s face. I can’t help wondering if he was forced into all this like I am being forced.’My messenger earlier told me you still have body hair. Mike told me you would be smooth, maybe I misunderstood him. I will have to check it out with him. It’s not that big of deal, Cici will help you with that.”I was going to shave it all off, really. I have been working and just haven’t had time to do it yet. Please don’t tell Mike, please.’He smiles, “Mike told me about his embarrassment when he saw what you had done, what you forced him to do and look at you, still not smooth. I doubt if Mike will believe that you ignored him. I can’t believe that you would want to piss him off worse. You really don’t want to do that with Mike.”Please Sir, please don’t tell him. I was going to do it, I promise. Don’t tell him and I promise to try and really please you.”We will see, maybe you can show me it won’t be necessary to inform him. Now I have to leave for a while to take care of some business. Cici will get you ready. Just do as you are told Stevie. You are going to behave aren’t you?”Yes Sir.”Good girl,’ he says, his last words bringing back the nervousness and anxiety.Cici leads me into the bathroom and tells me to undress and I do so. Stop when I get down to the panties and see Cici smile at me then he tells me to take them off too. Then he undresses. He is totally smooth and when I can see his cock it’s so small. It can’t stand out more than an inch and not very big around either. Did the hormones do that to him? I notice that he sees me looking and it looks like he is embarrassed but he doesn’t say anything. He turns around and turns on the water in the shower. It’s a huge shower with shower heads on three sides.He reaches out and takes my hand and leads me into the shower after him. The hot water feels so good. After we are wet, Cici turns off the water and picks up a bottle of lotion and starts spreading it all over me from the neck down. No doubt in my mind that it’s a hair remover. He puts his arms around me rubbing it all over my ass. Our bodies touch as he pulls me close to him.’You have to do as told or it will get very bad for you Stevie. I know it’s hard but if you don’t, it will be much worse. I had a friend that Mike…no… never mind.”What about Mike and your friend?’ I ask him.’I can’t talk about it. Just do as they say, ok? It’s important that you do.’His hand moves down as he spreads the lotion all over my cock and balls. He starts stroking my cock slowly. I keep thinking wondering what Mike might have done to some guy. The lotion on my cock is making it so hard. His hand feels so good that it’s not long till my cock is hard but he still strokes it slowly. I forget about Mike and just enjoy his touch.’You are pretty too Stevie, I can see why Mike likes you. I like you too.’I can see his is a little embarrassed as he says this. The lotion is burning now and Cici tells me just a few more minutes. Finally he turns the water on and I watch as all my body hair, even the longer hair like my pubes, slides down and off my body. Looking down my cock and balls look so strange all smooth. Was hoping it would make me cock look bigger but realize it just make me look more like a young boy.Cici squirts liquid soap into his hands and start soaping me down. His smooth hands feel so nice as he runs them over my body. His fingers tease my nipples a little and that feels really good.’Do you like my breasts?’ he asks me.I realize I do. They make him look so sexy. ‘Yes Cici, they are very nice.”You can touch them if you want.’I can’t resist and run my hand lightly over his wet, smooth tits. I take a nipple between my thumb and finger and play with it. I feel him move closer and hear a soft moan.’That feels nice,’ he says as he looks up at me. He moves closer and puts his arm around my neck and brings his lips to mine and we kiss. The hot water runs over us as we kiss passionately. When we break the kiss, he looks up at me then slowly sinks to his knees and takes my cock in his hand and starts kissing it. His lips are so soft. I can’t keep from moaning when I feel him suck me into his mouth. He has no trouble taking my whole cock in his mouth and he proceeds to suck my cock better than it’s ever been sucked. His mouth so wet so warm. I can’t believe how it feels and in no time I can feel I’m about to cum. As I feel it almost on me, he suddenly stops.’No please, I was so close.”I know Stevie. If I let you cum, we would both be in big trouble. We can’t ever cum without their permission.”They won’t know, please Cici. That felt so good.’ I can feel my cock throbbing still.’They will know. They know everything. You must never lie to them or it will be very bad.’I can see that he seems almost afraid of them or at least afraid of doing anything to upset them. Makes me wonder what they must do if they aren’t happy with you then think back to the hard paddling I got and him saying it could be much worse. That paddling hurt so bad I didn’t think I was going to get through it. What if it really was worse than that?We get out of the shower. Looking in the mirror, I look so much different with no body hair. Cici dries me off and sits me down in a chair and kneels down in front of me and picks up a bottle and I realize he is about to paint my toe nails. ‘Do you have to do that?”Yes, you want your toes to look nice for him don’t you? It’s important that he is pleased with how you look.’I don’t say more as he starts polishing my toe nails pink. When he finishes, he spreads my legs apart telling me not to touch anything with them till they dry. He leans down between my legs and takes my cock back into his mouth. I wasn’t imagining it last time. It feels just as fantastic this time. How does he make it feel so good? Soon I’m at that point again and as before he stops leaving me feeling so frustrated but so turned on.He pulls a stool over in front of me then pulls over a makeup table. I know what he is going to do and would protest but know it wouldn’t do any good. Just sit there as he takes my face into his hands and kisses me again. Our kiss is so soft and sensual. Then he starts does whatever he does to my face. Then he sprays my hair and combs it out. No mirrors that I can see to see what he has done. I feel him plucking a few eyebrows but not very many so I don’t figure it should be noticeable. He helps me up and over to a mirror. I see that he didn’t put much makeup on me, just enough to smooth out my skin. He escort bursa did add a little color to my cheeks and he must have put a little mascara on me, my eyelashes look longer and more noticeable than usual. The lipstick he put on me was pink and doesn’t really show up much unless you are really looking for it but I can taste it.’Now you are pretty like me Stevie.’I just look at myself in the mirror till he pulls me into the bedroom. He leads me over near the bed and hands me a pair of silky white panties. I put them on. The material feels so nice, so smooth and silky.’No silly boy, sissies always keep this tucked away,’ he says as he reaches into my panties and tucks my cock back between my legs and pulls the panties up tight holding it there. ‘You want to be nice and smooth in the front don’t you sweetie.’His fingernails scratch lightly over the panties. It feels so nice. He hands me a pair of beige slacks. The material is light and soft. I take them to put them on then realize the zipper is on the side. ‘Cici, these must be for women.”Yes, put them on, they will look nice on you. You have nice legs. No one will notice the zipper.’I put them on. They feel so different. They fit tighter on my ass and the legs are slimmer but the material does feel really nice. Then he hands me a silky white blouse. Giving up on protesting I just put it on. It’s long sleeve and buttons up the front. I tuck it into the slacks.’Let me help,’ he says as he adjusts the collar and unbuttons the top buttons I buttoned and open it up to where the neckline is open all the way down to between my pecs. ‘This is how this should be worn.’Then he hands me a pair white sandals with a one inch heel. I put them on and when I look down I see me my pink toe nails. The slacks are short enough that the sandals will add to the look. It’s definitely a woman’s sandal. Then he puts some gold chains around my neck that hang down the neckline of the blouse. He leads me over to a mirror. I can’t stop looking. I can’t believe how much I look like the effeminate boys you see in the magazines. Anyone who dresses like this has to be really feminine. Maybe not a total sissy but no doubt that he is gay and not at all manly. How can I go out like this? I mean, a xxx bookstore, yes but a casino with all these people in it. What if I see someone I know? I know they will recognize me and I know what they will think. Oh god.’You look so pretty Steffi. I’m sure Mr. M will be pleased. He is waiting for you at the bar downstairs.’Realize that I’m going to have to go down there by myself. I know I have to do it but how can I?’Remember what I said Steffi. You must do as they say or things only get worse. Mr. M will take care of you and he does have…,’ he says with a soft giggle, ‘he does have a really big cock.’ He smiles at me taking my hand and leading me to the door. He opens it and I move through it and hear the door close and lock behind me. Standing in the hallway, near panic but realize I have no choice.Hope you like. What awaits Steffi?Down The Path Ch. 05I force myself to walk down the corridor and to the elevators. When the door opens there is an older couple in the elevator and I get on and move to the other back corner. The man’s wife is standing a little in front of him and I see him look over at me briefly. Then he looks again, giving me the once over. His stare makes me uncomfortable and makes me look down embarrassed. I wonder what he is thinking. Do I disgust him or does he wish he were alone with me in the elevator right now?The elevator door opens and we get out. So many people around and I see some of them notice me as I try and see where the bar is. I notice the older men look the longest, even some of them with the wives. I see some of the wife’s looks too and they leave no doubt what they think. I can’t believe I’m doing this.I finally see the bar and go up the walkway to enter bar area. It looks like bar is filled mainly with businessmen, maybe conventioneers. See several of them notice me but I just keep moving looking for Mr. M. Notice a couple lean over and say something and more heads turn to watch me. I can feel my face getting redder. I finally see you at the bar and move over to you.’Hello Sir.”Hello Stevie, don’t you look nice. Please sit down,’ he says motioning to the bar stool next to him and I crawl up onto the stool. ‘Are you nervous Stevie?’Yes Sir, I’m very nervous.’The bartender comes over. ‘Tom, will you bring my new friend a Pink Lady.’ The bartender brings back a creamy pink drink in a cocktail glass. ‘Stevie just loves creamy drinks don’t you?’The bartender looks at me, a smirk on his face. ‘Yes, thank you,’ I tell him. He leaves.’Mike told me this is your first outing as a fem gay man.”Yes Sir, this is so hard for me but I’m trying.’ I keep thinking about how I need to be nice to this guy so he doesn’t tell Mike about not me being shaved.’You got a lot of attention when you walked in here Stevie, did you notice?”Yes Sir, I saw a lot of the men looking at me.”I bet you never got near that attention when you were pretending to be a man, did you Stevie?’Embarrassed to have him talk to me like that but I know what I must do. ‘No Sir, I guess I didn’t.”How’s it make you feel knowing you get more attention as a fem guy than as a man Stevie?”It’s humiliating Sir if you want the truth.”Grab your drink and turn on your stool like I am,’ he says as he spins his stool to where is looking out into the bar.I do what he says. It’s so embarrassing holding my creamy pink drink as I turn and look towards the people in the chairs. I see several of them start looking at me.’Cross your legs like a proper young lady Stevie.’ He smiles as I cross my legs, crossing them like women do. Notice that it exposes my fem sandals and my pink toenails. It’s so embarrassing. ‘Look up Stevie, I’m sure the men want to see how pretty you look. You know, it just doesn’t seem right to call you Stevie, I mean that is rather a masculine name for someone like you. What do you think I should call you Stevie?’I just sit there looking out at the men and see how they are looking at me not wanting to say it.’Tell me your name.”It’s Steffi Sir,’ I say quietly.’That does seem much more appropriate and if anyone calls you Stevie tonight, you will tell them you prefer Steffi, understand?”Yes Sir.”Take a drink Steffi and make sure to get some on your lips. I want you to lick your lips as you look at the men. I’m sure a fem boy like you love teasing men.’I do as he says and see several of the men watch as I do it. I know they must think I’m such a fag. After I do it he turns back around facing the bar and I turn to join him. The bartender comes over.’Another Pink Lady Stevie?I look at Mr. M and he nods yes. ‘Yes please but would you call me Steffi please?’ I can feel my face getting so red.’Sure sweetie, you want anything from me all you have to do is ask,’ he says as he and Mr. M exchange smiles.’Steffi, please try not to pick up any guys while I’m sitting right here. I know you love cock but try and control yourself a little.”I was just trying to be nice Sir, I’m sorry if I did something wrong.”It’s ok. I understand how it is with you gay guys.’I’m wishing I could tell him that this is so much more than I even imagined but know I need him to like me. ‘This is so new to me Sir.”I know and I’m going to help you reach your potential. I brought you a present Steffi to try and help make things easier for you.’He hand me a small present. When I open it up, I can’t believe what it is. Inside is a black silicone butt plug with three bumps on it, each one getting bigger. It looks to be about 5″ long with the largest bump about an inch and a half in width. I look up at Mr. M not knowing what I should say.’I know this is all hard for you Steffi but it’s time you stop fighting it and start acting like the fem fag you are. You will take that to the men’s room and insert it in your pussy. There is a small tube of lube in box. When you come back, you will walk, talk and act like a fem fag boy. Do you understand?’I feel the panic again. How can I do that in a public place like this but know I really don’t have much of a choice. ‘Yes Sir, I understand.’ I pick up the package and go to the men’s room and get in the last stall. I still can’t believe what I got myself into. I had fantasized about things like this but never, ever, thought that I could actually do these things for real. Shaking my head when I realize I’m dressed as a fem fag and here with a stranger I know nothing about and that he expects me to behave like a flaming fag. And that there is nothing I can do about it but obey.I start to take slacks off and then remember they zip on the side and it just reinforces the feeling that I’m dressed in women’s clothes. I slide them down and see the silky white panties. The smooth look in the front looks strange but kind of like how it looks. I move my hand down and run them over the panties. They feel so soft and silky.Snapping out of it, I remember what I have to do and pick up the butt plug. It’s made of silicone, black and feels soft and spongy. The first bubble isn’t very big but the last one looks pretty big. I start coating it with the lube till it’s nice and slippery. Reaching down with my other hand, I pull my panties down and bend over and press the plug against my ass. It feels slick and I press it harder forcing the first bubble into my ass. That wasn’t so bad. Brace myself and press again and I feel the resistance and I moan as I press harder till the second bubble finally slides in. I got to be quieter, what if someone heard that but don’t think anyone else is in the men’s room. Trying to hurry up, I start pressing again and feel the last bubble stretching me open. I have to put my hand over my mouth to keep quiet as I press hard till it finally slides in and I feel my ass clench down on it.Oh God, it feels so big up my ass. Just stay bent over trying to adjust to it then finally start straightening up and the feeling is so intense. It feels like it just pushing the plug deeper and deeper. Finally, able to stand and I pull my panties up making sure I tucked myself back. Pull up the slacks and tuck blouse in and adjust it making sure I leave the collar rolled back showing the long gold chains I have around my neck. Cici told me that was important.Unlock the door and step out. I have to take small steps as I feel the plug move in me as I walk. The feeling is so strange, so intense. Look up and see myself in the mirror. I can’t believe how gay I look. Still looking when the door opens and a man walks in and see me looking at myself.’You look fine, or should I say pretty because you really are a very pretty boy.’Embarrassed, not making eye contact. ‘Thanks.’ I start to walk out but he moves in front of me stopping me.’Where are you going?”I have someone waiting for me at the bar, I have to go, please let me by.”He likes pretty boys too does he?”Yes I guess, will you let me by, please.’ He takes out his wallet and takes a C note out and writes something on it.’Here’s my phone number, call me, I will be in town for a few days. There can be many more of these waiting for you pretty boy. Now you be a good little boy and call me, ok?’Figure I will tell him what he wants to hear and he will let me go. ‘Ok, I will call you.’ Look at the hundred, ‘Thanks.’ He moves aside and lets me by and I start to walk out and am suddenly reminded of the butt plug and immediately slow down, taking smaller steps. The plug feels so big and can feel it move when I take a step. Remembering what you said I try to force myself to swish my ass a little as I walk away from him. I look back and he is holding up what looks like ten one hundred dollar bills.’Call me sweetie.’I walk out into the bar trying to walk a little more feminine. Feels so strange but I see you smile at me as I walk up to you. Someone is sitting in my seat, thought you would save it for me, oh well. He spreads his knees and I move between them a little facing him and the bar.’That was better Steffi. Your walk should make every man in here want to fuck you. You do have such a cute ass. You wouldn’t believe how many men are looking at it right now. Put your hand on your hip and stick it out a little for them, my little tease.’I do as he says and the way I’m standing feels so strange. I know I have to look like a really gay guy standing like this. I’m just glad that I don’t have to see the looks that I must be getting.The bartender comes over with another drink. I don’t realize this one has a Viagra pill and a tab of Exstacy ground up in it. When I thank him I try to sound more fem but think it just sounds like I’m gay. I see Mr. M smile at me when he hears the way I thanked the bartender. I take a big drink.’Move closer Steffi,’ he tells me and I feel his hand go to my waist. ‘How’s your pussy feel Steffi?”Full Sir, it is pretty big.”Maybe I should reach down there and try to adjust it a little for you. Would you like that?”Please don’t Sir, I feels fine. It really does.’ I can’t imagine him doing that to me out here but really don’t know the guy at all or what he might do.’You like it don’t you Steffi? You like having your pussy filled don’t you. Mike tells me you haven’t been fucked yet. I bet you can’t wait.’Embarrassed when he talks to me like that but know I have to go along with him. ‘Yes I like the way it feels Sir. I haven’t been fucked Sir and I’m kind of scared that it might be very painful.”Maybe at first but it doesn’t take long for boys like you to start begging for it deeper and harder. I guess you guys just need to give it up to real men. Now take your drink and turn around, the men want to see you again.’I turn around and see that a look of the men were looking at me, some look away trying not to be too obvious while others just act like they don’t care if I find their stares uncomfortable or not. Feel you pull me back against you, feel your hands on my hips.’Tell me why you took so long in the men’s room Steffi,’ he whispers in my ear, his breath hot in my ear.’Sir, I man came in there and wouldn’t let me leave at first then he finally did.”What did he want Steffi?”I think he wanted me to go with him. He gave me a phone number and wants me to call him. I told him I would just so he would let me go.”Let me see it Steffi.’I take the hundred dollar bill out of slacks pocket and hand it back to him.’You really shouldn’t lie to men Steffi. That is not acceptable. You will call this man before he leaves, I will make sure of that. You fag boys must learn how to behave properly.’ He hands the bill back to me. ‘Hold it out in front of you and read me the phone number Steffi.’I realize it looks like he just gave me a hundred dollars. I bet all the men think he is paying me to meet him. I read the number out to him and he tells me to put it away.’Do you think it is right to take a hundred from this man and not do anything to show him your appreciation?”No, I guess not.”I don’t think it is right either. It’s time to go, get up and take my hand and lead me from the bar and I better see some swish in that ass. Make ever man here want your sweet ass baby.’I realize he wants it to look like I’m a whore dragging you to your room. I get up and do as you say, actually exaggerating my swish a little and almost smile when I see the looks on their faces. I know they want to fuck me. See the look you give me and know you know what I’m thinking. Once we are away from the bar, he lets loose of my hand and we head to the main entryway and he has a limousine waiting for us and we get in and drive away.’You enjoyed that didn’t you, you little cock teaser?’ he says as we drive away.’I was so scared to have to come to the bar dressed like that Sir and it felt so strange having the men look at me like they did. I was so surprised that so many men react like they did to a really fem looking guy.”Yes, I bet I could have gotten a good price for you in there. I just love silent auctions and you really won’t believe what some men offer to spend time with a fem boy like you. Of course, anything goes. For what they pay, they really expect few restrictions.’I know what silent auctions are. I have ran across them in some of the stories I have read. Men write their name and their bid on a slip and submits it to try and buy whoever is being auctioned and the highest bid buys them for a certain time period, usually just a night but sometimes can be for a weekend. It sounds like this guy has done the silent auction thing before. Try to imagine what it would be like, knowing you are going somewhere and be sold to a stranger. To have to just stand there and know you are being sold to a stranger would be so weird. Realize my body is feeling so hot and I feel a little light headed, not aware the d**gs are starting to affect me. Look up and see you just staring at me.’How do you feel Steffi?’Feel a rush pass through my body and shiver from it. ‘I’m feeling ok Sir but it still seems so strange to be dressed like this.”Slide over next to me Steffi.’ He can see the look in my eyes. The start of the feelings of the ecstasy, making my mind rush, a little confusion but a feeling of being relaxed and the Viagra has my body feeling hot and I feel stirrings in my little cock. I slide over next to him and he takes my hand in his. ‘You like it don’t you Steffi? You like being dressed like a fem man. I saw the way you looked when you saw all the men looking at you.”I have thought about it so much Sir but I never imagined I would do anything like I have done recently. I have to admit that I do kind of like it. It’s very embarrassing to do it but when I think back on things I have done, all it does it excite me.”I know Steffi, boys like you can’t help it. You really are more like a little fem bitch than a man. I know what boys like you need and it’s my responsibility to help you accept what you really are. Now I want you to move in front of me, put your arms around my neck and ask me to help you.’ It’s embarrassing to be spoken about in that manner but also realize what he is saying is probably true. I move around till I’m kneeling on the seat facing you. My whole body tingling. Your legs between my knees making me spread my knees wide, one knee on each side of your legs. I put my arms around your neck and look at you. ‘Will you help me Sir, please?’ I feel so pliable, having trouble concentrating. The music sounds so good. The way I’m straddling his lap feels so strange.’Ask me again Steffi and this time I want you to forget you are a man. I don’t want to talk to Stevie, I want this to be between Steffi and myself. Now ask me again and I know Steffi knows she needs my help and needs to try harder.’My mind racing, my body feels so alive. I think about what he is saying and imagine what it would be like if I was really Steffi. How that would be so hot. I look at him and know that I want that. In a voice that sounds so much better than my previous attempts, I beg him. ‘Please Sir, please help me.”Tell me who you are.’I feel so good, so relaxed. ‘I’m Steffi, Sir.’ He lifts my chin making me you look at him.’You are so pretty Steffi, I bet your kiss is so sweet.’ He can see that I’m flying now.His hand caresses one of my cheeks and I close my eyes and press back for more of his touch. I look at him and just lean forward and kiss him. My tongue licks his lips lightly. I feel him open his lips and I slide my tongue into his mouth. I try to kiss him like I imagine a girl would kiss him, trying to make it soft and sensual.We break the kiss. ‘You sure that is what you want Steffi?’Flying high, my body feels so good as I sit on his lap. My eyes closed as I feel his hands on my ass cheeks, lightly running over the thin material. It feels so sexy and I can’t keep the smile off my face. ‘Yes Sir, please.”Will you obey Steffi?”Yes Sir, I will obey.’ His hand moves to my crotch and he can feel my cock and balls through the thin material and he suddenly grasps them tightly in his fist.’This is your last chance to go home tonight Steffi.’He squeezes my cock and balls tighter. It really hurts. Up high on my knees trying to relieve the pain but doesn’t help and then he squeezes even hard making me cry out. I can’t get away and feel him jerk my cock and balls down hard, forcing me more onto his lap.’Look at me Steffi,’ he tells me as he continues squeezing my balls, making sure it hurts. ‘Do you still want my help?’Oh god it really hurts but I don’t want him to take me home. ‘Yes, yes, I want you to help me please Sir.’ The tears are running down my cheeks. His hand releases my cock and balls but they still hurt. I reach down and rub my sore balls.’Good girl, I just need to know this is what you really want. One more thing, if you ever rub your sore balls again like you just did, you will regret it more than I can express. You deal with the pain.’My mind so confused. What did I just agree to? He helps me off his lap, and as I turn around, we are going through some private gates and up a long path to what has to be classified as a mansion. See several limos parked in the circle around the fountains. He leans over, ‘Steffi you are expected to behave totally fem, if I see any sign of Stevie, they have several rooms here where we can deal with this. Do you understand? You will walk, you will talk and you will be as feminine as you can. I don’t like being disappointed.’He was so nice, but the way he hurt my balls, I realize that he also shares the same interests as Mike and know that if he doesn’t like my behavior, it’s not going to be a good thing. A cute young boy in a tight white shirt dress shirt and bowtie opens the door and offers his hand and he helps me out. As Mr. M comes around I look over at the boy again and notice his tight black pants then suddenly realize his cock and balls are exposed. The tight pants hold them out like they are on display. I can’t help but see that he has a really small cock. It has to be embarrassing to him to have others know how small he is. Then I then feel Mr. M’s hand on my arm.’See something you like Steffi?’Realize that I was staring. The boy turns and heads up the sidewalk and when he turns his bare ass is on display. It’s a bright red and I know there is only one way an ass gets that red. The boy doesn’t say anything and always keeps his eyes down.’Cute little sweetie isn’t he? He’s also has such a sweet ass. Asses like that need to be kept as red as possible. Boy, stop, come here.’ The young k** turns around and comes back and kneels down in front of you. ‘Boy, tell my date about yourself.”I’m a total faggot Miss. There isn’t anything I won’t do to suck a cock. My ass needs be kept red all the time to remind me what a pathetic excuse for a man I am.’ He looks over at Mr. M, ‘ Would you please slap me as hard as you want Sir?’Mr. M suddenly slaps him really hard almost knocking him off his knees. That had to really hurt but the boy leans back up and asks him if you would please do it again harder. I can’t believe it. Mr. M doesn’t hesitate and backhands him hard on the other cheek. I see the tears running down the boys face as he kneels in front of you and thanks you. Then he asks you if you want to slap him some more. Mr. M declines and the boy gets up and walks away. Mr. M looks at me, the look in his face intense but his voice is soothing.’He needed that Steffi, faggots like him need what real man can give him.’He takes my arm and escorts me into the mansion, my mind is racing, taking in the sights, not believing what Mr. M just did to that boy and how Mr. M really seemed to enjoy it. If I had any doubts about what kind of place this was and what might happen, that exchange with the pretty boy doesn’t leave much doubt and again I realize how important it is for me to do well. I take small steps, can feel the butt plug, making me swish my ass, holding onto your arm and smiling at all the men and women we meet as you escort me into the mansion.A man comes up to you. ‘You are late Mr. M.”Yes I know but you know how our special girls are. She saw this dress in a store and she just had to try it on. It did look nice on here and I told her if she was good tonight, I would buy it for her tomorrow so she’s just being so good. Isn’t that right Steffi?’Know he is making this all up but know that I better go along with it so I answer him in the fem voice I used earlier. ‘Yes Sir, the dress was beautiful and I want to look so pretty for Mr. M.’ It seems easier to sound like that now. The two of them move away a little and get into a discussion about something so it gives me a chance to look around.The place is so high end. Most of the men in there are in tuxedos and their ladies are dressed in fancy dresses and their makeup is very exotic. Then I realize that some of these women aren’t really women at all and I start looking closer and I’m sure a lot of them are really guys but they still look so hot and sexy. Suddenly, I feel a soft touch on my arm and a pretty girl is standing there.’You are to go with me Steffi,’ she says.I look at you and you nod yes. She leads me up a winding marble staircase to a room upstairs.’Undress Steffi.’I wait for her to leave but she doesn’t move and not wanting to get off on wrong foot so I start undressing. I get down to my panties and look at her. She tells me to take them off so I do. It’s rather intimidating to be naked in front of her with her totally dressed. She is dressed in a tight black dress with seamed nylons and unbelievably high heeled pumps. The heels look to be about 6″ high making it look like she is standing on her toes and it also makes me look up at her. She also has a leather collar around her neck. I think she must work here. She really isn’t very friendly. Notice my cock is soft and looks small. I see her look at it and look away like she thinks it pathetic. She moves behind me and notices the butt plug.’I should have known you would have something up your sissy ass, take it out. Now!!’I bend over and reach back and grab the end of it and start trying to remove it. Moan when I feel the first bubble stretching my asshole. Can feel her watching me as I finally pull it free and let out a moan. I continue pulling and the rest comes out easier. I stand back up. I feel so empty as I hold the plug not knowing what to do with it. See her move back in front of me.’Stop acting like the first thing you have had up your ass, I know how you “boys” are. Don’t just stand there, lick it clean.”I can’t believe she wants me to do that but when I look up to say something, the look on her face tells me not to say anything. I bring the plug up to my mouth and lick it. The taste is so strange but really not that bad. I glance at her and see the disgusting look she gives me. I wonder why she seems so unfriendly.’Lick it up sissy boy,’ she tells me and I start licking it as she watches me. ‘That’s so disgusting, you realize that don’t you girl? Taking that plug from your ass and licking it clean. Yuck! I bet you want to suck it don’t you bitch?’ her glare so intense.I can’t make eye contact with her and just nod yes. I hear her laugh.’No bitch, I don’t think so, I’m sure you prefer real cock anyway.’ It’s time to get you ready. Go put your new friend down and come over here. Lift your arms.’When I do, she puts a white corset around my waist and start lacing it up.’Grab the bar above your head and breathe in.’She starts tightening the corset, tighter and tighter. I tell her that I’m having trouble getting a breath but she tells me it will get easier. She finally has it as tight as she can get it. I can’t take more than a small breath and start feeling a little light headed. Feel her hand running lightly over my ass. My mind still racing and I close my eyes and her touch feels so good.’The corset makes your ass look so nice Steffi, I’m sure the men will love it.’Her voice seems to be more of a taunt than a comfort. She moves around in front of me.’Too bad Mike hasn’t got you tits yet but this should help and she picks up something with a small rubber ball on it and puts it against my nipple and squeezes the ball. When she releases it, I pull my nipple up hard into the little bell shaped glass piece hooked to the ball. I cry out as it hurts being stretched like they are. Realize this is what Mike and Mr. M must have done to Cici. I cry out again as she does the other nipple. Looking down, I can see my nipples stretched all the way into the glass bells.’Don’t be such a wimp, I really can’t stand wimps.’ Her hand is slapping one cheek lightly. ‘You don’t want to give me a good reason to hurt you or do you Steffi? Oh wait, I’m almost forgot.’ She comes back with a pill and a glass of water. ‘Take this.”What is it?’ not recognizing ecstasy. She slaps my face hard.’I said take it.’I reach down and take it. She pushes a finger into my mouth making sure I swallowed it. One time she prods so deep it makes me gag.Hear her laugh, ‘If my little finger makes you gag you are in for a long night sissy boy. Hold on the bar above you again.’When I do she lifts on leg and starts sliding white nylons on me. I feel her connect them to the garters hanging from the corset. Then she does the other leg. Then I feel her slide a high heel pump on my foot and when I look down it looks like white patent leather and the heels look to be at least 4″. The pumps have an ankle strap and she fastens it then I hear the click of a small padlock and realize I won’t be able to remove the shoes without help. She puts the other shoe on me. It’s a good thing I’m hanging onto the ball to keep my balance.’Ok, let loose, you need to learn to walk in the heels.’I let loose and almost lose my balance but recover. I feel a little slap on my ass and when I look over I see the girl has picked up a leather crop and is slapping my ass lightly with it.’Walk bitch,’ she tells me, her voice getting more commanding and domineering.I start walking taking small steps trying to keep my balance when suddenly a hard whack on an ass cheek from the crop.’Eyes up, look straight ahead, one foot right in front of other.’I try doing as she says but it’s even harder and catch myself looking down to try and make it easier.’Ok bitch, if that’s the way you want it.’She goes takes something out of closet and when I look I see it’s a white patent leather collar but not a regular collar. This one looks to be about 6″ wide and has silver rings front, back and on both sides. She start fastening it on me and I have to stretch my neck for her to get it on and when she tightens it, it holds my head erect and I can’t move it even from side to side.’Now walk bitch.’She walks me back and forth across the room not sparing the crop. Soon I get better at it. Have to listen as she tells me that I’m swishing my ass like a real little whore. She tells me that sissies like me disgust her and her Master makes her help dress up sissies because he knows I hate it. She tells me how it makes her sick that some men would rather be with a pathetic fag sissy than be with a real woman. She tells me that I won’t ever be a real girl but will just be a sissy for men to use and throw away like they are trash. It’s so hard to hear all this as she makes me walk back and forth, responding to her blows. Finally she lets me stop and she hands me a pair of silky, white panties. They have rolls of white ruffles across the ass. I put them on and realize they have a small opening in the crotch.’Pull your cock and balls through the opening. Thankfully, he doesn’t make me touch your disgusting cock and balls. By the way, your cock is pathetic. It’s no wonder you are a sissy fag. No woman would want that cock.’I was feeling pretty good when we went up to the room but her statements are making me feel smaller and smaller. She brings over a makeup case and starts working on my face. She works on it for over a half hour then another fifteen minutes doing my hair. She then makes off the nipple stretchers and my nipples look big and are all red. See her smile when she sees them. She leads me over to a mirror.I can’t believe how I look. My face and hair look so sexy. I can’t believe how much I look like a woman. Then I look down and see my red nipples and my cock and balls. The small opening holds my cock and balls up putting them on display. The collar is not letting me do anything but stare at myself. I feel a body rush, my body feels so strange but so good. The tight corset has such an effect, don’t know if it’s because I have to take smaller breathes or what but it makes me feel…I guess fem. I feel so strange just look at myself. What kind of a man could I be, just look at me. Feel like I’m about to cry. I feel so out of control. My mind rushing, my body feeling so alive and then I see her back there just staring at me.The ecstasy and the Viagra still doing their thing and I just stand there and look in the mirror. I see a woman looking back and me. I feel her come up behind me and she slips a long white sheer nightgown on me. Then she puts expensive looking earrings on me and then she takes the posture collar off me. It feels so much better without it stretching my neck. In its place she puts a small feminine white collar around my neck. She attaches a silver chain leash with a white leather handle on it. She makes me stand there looking at myself in the mirror. My waist looks so small and makes my ass stick out even more and gives me small breasts.’I want you to remember this fag boy. In case you wonder how much of a man you are, I want you to remember this and your question should be answered. You aren’t a fucking man at all. You are just a fucking sissy faggot. Say it!”I’m a sissy faggot.’ She makes me say it over and over. She is coming on really strong then gets in my face.’I’m going to hurt you so bad someday and I’m going to love it.’I look at her in the mirror and see the hate in her eyes. Wonder if she is like this to others or does she just not like me? I look down quickly.’Your public is waiting faggot. The auction starts in about thirty minutes and the men need to see what they are bidding for.’Oh god, the silent auction. He brought me here to sell me? How can they do this to me? Oh god. What if it’s for the weekend? I know they know I’m off the next two days. I feel the jerk on my collar and follow behind the woman. See the look on her face and it leaves no doubt she can’t wait to see me being sold like a piece of meat. She leads me from the room and to the top of the staircase. I look down and all the people below are looking up from me. She starts leading me down the stairs as my mind tries to deal with what’s happening. I see Mr. M standing at the bar. A boy is on his knees in front of him sucking his cock as I swish my way down the stairs. What is going to happen to me?I look at the people and notice some looking at the matching staircase on other side of room. When I look over there, I see another woman dress much like the woman leading me. Behind her follows a very pretty girl. She is small, blonde and very sexy. She is dressed identically to me but all in pink. What is going on? My mind is racing not able to really focus.The crowd is totally quiet as we are lead down the staircases around on onto a raised stage. The other girl is brought over right next to me. Our leashes are unfastened, we are told to hold hands. When I look over at her, I can see the same glazed look in her eyes that I saw in mine. I realize they are probably doing the same thing to her as they are to me. I reach out my hand and our hot hands hold each other tightly. This helps me feel not quite as lonely and out of control having her with me. I notice the other two women are gone. Good. She wasn’t very pleasant at all. I hear a soothing voice over a speaker system.”It’s so nice to have you all join us tonight for this very special auction. Aren’t our two newest guests lovely?”I feel the other girl squeeze my hand. I look over at her, can’t believe that it’s really a guy. She is so sexy. I give her a little smile and she smiles back as we try and make the best of the situation.”First, in pink is Angel. Doesn’t she look like an Angel?” and we hear clapping and cheers from the crowd. “And then there is Steffi, our sweet little girl in white.” Again there is applause. Both of these young ladies were found on the internet so please don’t give up on all the fakes in there since these two prove there are gems out there too waiting to be discovered. Angel, please step forward.”I hate letting go of her but do and watch as she steps forward a couple steps.”Angel met a man online who realized that Angel needed his help. Angel has known she is a faggot for a long time and had those occasional opportunities but her man realized she could be much more than just the fag boy who kneels in men’s cum while she sucks a stranger’s cock through a hole. The man found a boy who needed to find his way and look at him now. Angel’s life as a man is over. She will be trained and eventually sold. Angel is now owned by this club and her training starts tonight. She will be trained to be a whore for those men who want special girls like her. Angel, open your gown and let them see you.”I watch as she opens her gown. I can see tears running down her cheeks. Is this something she wants or has she been pushed to this time and place? Oh god, what do they have planned for me. I see Angel turn and walk slowly back, the tears are flowing. I can’t help noticing her little cock. It has a little pink bow tied to it. I take her hand and squeeze trying to help her handle it.”Now Steffi, please step forward.”I feel her squeeze my hand before letting it go. I step forward, so scared but still flying high on the ecstasy. I see them all looking at me.”Steffi here was found by one of our favorite members, I wish I knew how he found all these pretty boys. Steffi was having trouble admitting that he is a faggot but admitted to his helper that all he thought about was cock. By the time Steffi finally met her helper, it was well established that Steffi was a submissive little sissy but didn’t want anyone to know. Steffi’s helper knew what she needs and look at her now all dressed in white. I know you all know what that means. That’s right, she is a virgin but her helper is putting that up for her lucky buyer. Steffi, open up your gown and let the people see you.”I open my gown and let them see me. It’s extra humiliating because my little cock is hard, standing straight out. It feels more embarrassed that I’m hard in this situation not realizing it’s the Viagra. I hear a few laughs and many comments till I’m finally allowed to go back with Angel.”What’s an auction without a little competition?” As he says this a curtain goes back and a round bed slides onto the stage. It looks to be covered in a shiny white satin covering. “Our pretty young ladies are going to spend some time enjoying each other company. When we feel the time is right, they will be stopped and you may decide which of the young ladies is the sexiest. The sexiest girl will be auctioned off for a night of your choosing. The other young lady will spend the rest of this weekend with the person who buys her.”I look at Angel and we both realize what’s going to happen. We are going to be lovers. The thought of it is so exciting but having them all watch us is going to be so strange. I wonder if she is thinking as I am about how much better it would be if people think you are the sexiest. I look at her and she is looking at me. We move closer and we hold hands with each other and we both lean in and kiss. Her lips are so soft. I can taste her lipstick. See the room go dark except for a soft light enveloping both of us.Further and further down the path.

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