I pulled back the curtain and stared in disappointment at the downpour. Rain splattered across the window and condensation appeared as my breath brushed against it. I wiped my hand across the window and wondered what to do. Katie would be back any minute and my surprise of a jaunt through the woods was dashed. I glanced up to the sky and tried to find a break in the foreboding clouds. With a sigh I let the curtain fall back down and walked back to my chair in front of the television.

Picking up my drink from the table, I gently swirled the dark whiskey around and wondered what to do now. I had promised Katie a surprise and I had to deliver. I slumped back into the chair and tried to come up with something. Sitting still wasn’t going to do any good I decided. I got up and walked to the back door, opened it and stepped out into the rain.

There was something about the rain I loved. Maybe it was the way it runs down your face, or the slight chill which sends little shivers down your spine. Maybe, it was just getting closer to nature. Whatever it was, I always got a sense of liberation.

I watched a few raindrops land with a plop into my glass before taking a sip. The cool rain and the warmth of the liquor provided a rich contrast.

Inspiration hit me.

“Fuck me, you’re a genius,” I said aloud to myself.

I glanced around to make sure no one could see into the garden and walked back into the house. I closed the back door just as the front door opened and Katie walked in.

“Hello love,” she said brightly despite the weather.

“Hi, I’ve got us a bottle of wine I thought we’d like,” I said as I walked over to her and gave her a long kiss.

“Wow, that’s a nice welcome.”

“I treat my wife now and again,” I said laughing.

I walked into the kitchen whilst Katie settled and got the bottle and a couple of glasses. I was worried it hadn’t chilled enough but the moisture drawn to the bottle told me it was ready. I smiled inwardly at the thoughts that filled my mind as I walked through to the living room. Katie wasn’t there so I opened the bottle and poured us each a glass.

An idea struck me as I put the bottle down and I ran up the stairs.

“You’re in a hurry,” Katie said as I pounded across the landing.

She was in the bedroom which was a good thing. I walked into the bathroom and closed the door. On a shelf over the bath were a row of bottles and I carefully selected one with a neutral scent and poured some into the bath. I turned the taps on and soon steam filled the room. I impatiently tapped a foot as I waited for the bath to fill. After what must have been five minutes, it was ready and I gingerly tested it with my fingertips. It was hot, but by the time I would need it the temperature should be just right.

I turned the taps off and ran back down the stairs to find Katie sat in her chair drinking the wine.

“This is nice,” Katie said approvingly.

“Thanks, I thought it would be nice to try something different from the usual.”

I sat down opposite and looked at her. The dark business suit she wore was great against the white blouse and really helped to show off her long brown hair. Each bakırköy escort morning she got up and got ready in the same way and walked out the door with that same look. She knew she looked great and she knew how to use it. I’d noticed over the months the skirts had gotten shorter and her blouse ever so slightly lower as her confidence had grown. Just thinking about the power she held over other blokes made me dizzy. But tonight wasn’t about the power she held it was going to be about mine. This was my surprise and I was determined to see it right.

“So what’s this surprise?” Katie asked.

“Ah, the surprise. You’ll do anything I ask right?”

“Mmm, now that sounds interesting.”

Katie put her glass down on the table and lent towards me. The front of her blouse dropped and I could see her breasts held in place by her bra. I smiled and looked up to her and leant forward mirroring her stance.

“I seemed to remember saying something along those lines,” she said.


Her face took on a questioning look about the surprise.

“Stand up and get undressed,” I ordered.

Katie flashed me a smile and stood up. With deliberate slowness she took off her jacket and placed it on the arm of her chair. She bent down to take off her shoes. “No, leave those on,” I said.

Katie glanced up and arched an eyebrow at me. I stared right back at her with a slight smile touching my lips. She got the message and continued to remove her clothes. One by one the items joined her jacket on the aside of the chair. Watching her strip, revealing a little more of herself was still hugely erotic for me, even after all these years.

When she was naked except for the shoes, she faced forward with her hands resting on her hips in a slightly challenging fashion.

“Stay like that,” I said as I stood up.

I quickly removed my clothes and piled them on the chair. Katie let out a little giggle as she stared at my erection which thrust out in front of me. I stuck my tongue out and moved to the backdoor.

“I’ve checked the door already, love; it’s locked.”

“I know,” I said as I turned the key and swung the door open.

The sound of the heavy downpour filled the room.

“What are you doing?” Katie asked.

“Come over here,” I said leaving no room for argument.

Katie walked over, her hips swaying as she walked in her high heels. My eyes followed their hypnotic dance until she was right up to me. I embraced Katie and drew her in close, feeling the soft skin of her belly and breasts brush against me. Leaning into her I kissed her passionately on the lips which she returned with equal vigour.

I picked Katie up as I held the embrace without any warning and carried her outside. The rain immediately soaked us and I had to watch my footing on the now slippery decking. I moved carefully across to the paved area before letting her go.

Katie glanced around the walls of the garden to be sure no one was looking in. Her face was a picture of shock, maybe even some horror before she started to relax. “Adam, what are we doing out here?” she asked.

“You look good,” I said as the rain başakşehir escort matted her hair and ran down her body.

“I can see you think so,” Katie said pointedly looking down at my erection.

I wrapped my hands around her again, picked her up and placed her on the long wooden table which dominated the garden.

“Adam, we can’t do this here. Someone might see,” Katie protested.

“Let them see,” I said as I pushed gently at her chest so she fell back onto the table. I spread her legs and knelt forward and allowed my tongue to run over the slit of her pussy. The taste of her and the rain was intoxicating, urging me on. Katie sighed and gently thrust her hips towards me. I could sense her worries of being outside slipping away. As my tongue pushed between her lips she grabbed a handful of my hair as if trying to steer me to the spot she wanted me to touch. I moved my head and tongue with her guidance and soon Katie was groaning to the point I was starting to worry about the noise. I accepted I had been the one to create the situation so I thought, fuck it! I’ll live with the consequences!

Katie tried to stifle her groans as she came and I felt her legs tremble as the waves of pleasure washed over her. When I sensed her orgasm subside I stood up and walked around the table so I could kiss her. Her juices, the rain and our saliva mixed into a magic cocktail and for a few minutes I sat there next to her, kissing her lips as my hands wandered up and down her soaked body.

When I felt the time was right, I stood up and gently pulled her along the table on her back. The streetlamp nearby shone enough light to give her body a soft glow and I watched for a few seconds as golden rivers of water ran across her breasts and belly. Her head hung over the edge of the table, supported by my hands I let her head drop and slowly fall below the edge of the table. Her mouth opened and closed as she breathed. I walked around to stand in front of her face and her eyes followed by erection, a large drop of pre-come resisted the large rain drops which landed on the head of my cock.

I stepped forward and pushed my head against her lips and she willingly opened her mouth. I pushed in and felt the warmth of her mouth grip me and I sighed in pleasure. Her mouth opened more and more as she adjusted to my size and I thrust a little more each time. The sight of her body spread before me as I fucked her mouth was almost too much and I had to really fight the urge to come. I reached over her and let my hand spread the lips of her pussy, before inserting a couple of fingers. Her juices and muscles combined to pull on my fingers, drawing me into her. Katie’s body struggled for breath but I held on a little longer before pulling out.

I stood back for a few seconds and looked down at her to make sure she was okay. She took a few deep breaths before I decided to continue. I pushed my cock against her lips again and she obediently opened wide and accommodated me. I pushed in slowly and with some force until I felt her gag. As she lay there she was mine. The powerful woman in the work place was now my thing to do with as I pleased and I was bebek escort fucking her mouth in the garden for the whole world to see. What I felt was a strange mix of love and lust and complete appreciation.

I held my position in her mouth up to the point I felt she had better take some proper deep breaths and pulled out. My balls felt heavy and ached to be released. Katie gulped down the air mixed with the rain and smiled at me. I gently raised her head and helped her off the table so she stood next to me.

“That was enthusiastic,” Katie said with a grin, “My tonsils got a seeing too.”

I laughed and turned her around so her back was to me and I pushed at the centre of her back so she was bent over the table. As soon as she was in position I grabbed hold of my cock and guided it into her pussy. Katie gasped and let out a little shriek as I buried myself in her. I casually glanced around to see if anyone had caught sight of us but we seemed to be in the clear; which in a way brought a twinge of disappointment as well as relief.

I turned my attention back to Katie and slowly thrust in and out. Her arms stretched out in front of her and her head rested on the tabletop on one side. I gradually picked up the pace and watched her eyes roll in pleasure as we both moved towards a climax. The rain and the mingling of our naked bodies brought the animal out in me and I found myself thrusting harder and faster into Katie. Her hands gripped the far edge until her knuckles shone white. My hips slapped against her wet arse and I grabbed hold of her cheeks, giving them a hard squeeze.

My balls and body could take no more and I felt the build up of pressure within me becoming unstoppable. I slapped harder and harder against her until I was right on the verge of coming. I slipped out of Katie and quickly walked around to the front of the table and pulled her towards me so her face was level with my cock. I grabbed my length in one hand and worked up and down until I felt the come shoot from my balls and up my cock onto Katie’s face. Before I finished coming I walked forward and thrusting my cock back into her mouth. She greedily sucked down the come which dribbled from my cock.

I trembled all over and waited for my sense of balance to return before stepping away and looking down at my wife. Katie had her eyes closed but there was big smile on her face as she delicately ran her fingertips across her face smearing my come.

“Fuck, that was amazing,” I said.

“Wow,” Katie said as she sucked her fingers. She sat up on the table and rubbed her arms because of the cold.

“Was that enough of a surprise for you?” I asked.


“You look cold,” I said concerned.

“I’m starting to feel it now we’ve stopped,” she said hugging herself.

“Here, let me get you down,” I said offering my hand.

Katie took it and we quickly ran indoors. She tried to hide the shivers but it was obvious the cold had gotten to her.

“Upstairs with you,” I ordered.

Katie ran up with the stairs with me behind her. I playfully slapped her on the arse before telling her to go into the bathroom. She opened the door and the steam poured out onto the landing.

“You thought of everything,” she said, impressed.

“I did, let’s have a soak in the warm bath. I can wash you down and you wash me down…” I said.

“Mmm, now that’s something I can’t refuse,” Katie said as we stepped into the bathroom and closed the door.

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