Dreaming of Justin.


Dreaming of Justin.All through the day Caroline had been thinking about the Justin Bieber concert she would be attending that evening.The day seemed to be dragging by.She had no idea what the Nun had said to her and thus found herself before the Abbot answering to a charge of being insolent.The Abbot had taken Caroline over his knee and spanked her, she was use to being spanked by the Nun’s and Monk’s at the Monastery,this briefly brought her back to Earth for a short time,but once she left the Abbot’s study she was back in her own dream world,dreaming of the concert and seeing Justin Bieber.Finally it was time to go to the concert,it was sold out and Caroline looked in awe at Justin as he performed on stage,she wanted so much to have him in bed with her,she couldn’t take her eyes off of his sexy bottom and remarked a few times to her friend’s how sexy his bottom was,they agreed and discussed grabbing his bottom and squeezing it.Caroline’s imagination was very active and she soon filled her mind with thoughts of making love to Justin,their bodies intertwined on her bed,both totally naked and she squeezing his sexy bottom as she felt him penetrate her. She felt very aroused,she hoped no one had noticed,she longed to feel Justin inside of her,fucking her,touching her and she touching him,her hands everywhere,all over him,her body responding to his .Then it was all over,the concert had ended and Caroline took the bus home and lay on her bed,naked and began to think of Justin.What was happening? She found herself standing in the long corridor that led to the Abbot’s study,candles were lighting the full length of the corridor,this was very strange.She felt compelled to walk and began to walk slowly down the corridor,how come she could hear Justin’s voice? She continued to walk,there was a very eerie feeling,what was happening? She stood outside the Abbot’s study ,she could hear voices coming from inside,she could make out the familiar voice of the Abbot,but…was the other voice…was that Justin?.Caroline heard the the Abbot say,”Now ,boy,undress for your beating.”Then she could hear the other voice reply,”Yes,Abbot,I beg your forgiveness,I will do anything”. Caroline stood in silence for a moment,she heard movement from inside the Abbot’s study,she was on her knees peering through the keyhole,what she saw shocked and amazed her and also made her feel very horny,for there,standing in the center of the study was Justin.He was shirtless and just wearing black shorts.Caroline was amazed,what was happening?Justin stood before the Abbot wearing just shorts.Caroline was in awe at the sight she was seeing,there tuzla escort was Justin wearing shorts,his bottom looked so inviting,she wanted to reach out and touch it,she wanted to squeeze it,she felt very sexually aroused now;what was going to happen,all Caroline could do was watch,she couldn’t move,she wanted so much to open the door and stand next to Justin,she was open to the idea of taking whatever Justin was about to take from the Abbot.Caroline knew what happened to those who went inside the Abbot’s study,she had been in there a few times herself recently,she realized that Justin would be spanked by the Abbot,no one ever came out of the study without a sore bottom.The thought of what was about to happen to Justin very much excited her.Then she heard the Abbot say,”When I told you to undress for your beating I meant everything,lower those shorts,boy.”To Caroline the Abbot sounded very excited,she knew the Abbot always got excited when it came to punishing those who entered his study,but this was Justin,he was very sexy,Caroline guessed the Abbot couldn’t wait to have Justin over his knee.Caroline heard Justin reply,”Sorry,Father Abbot…please don’t spank hard,I am sorry for all my transgressions,please Father Abbot not too hard,please.” “Lower those shorts boy,let us get to the bottom of things,” Caroline heard the Abbot say,he was smiling amorously at Justin now,Caroline felt so jealous.Here she was on her knees begging to be in that position with Justin at her side,wanting so much to feel Justin ,but it was the old Abbot,that old pervert who had spanked her so many times who was to have the pleasure of touching Justin.Justin lowered his shorts and again began to plead with the Abbot.Caroline didn’t really hear what was said,she was totally transfixed on Justin’s bare bottom.Then she heard the Abbot say those words he had said to her very often,”Come and bend over my knee,you are in need of correction.”Caroline could see the Abbot now,a grin on his lips and his eyes were wide and staring.She could only see Justin form behind ,she realized that the Abbot could see Justin full frontal,she wondered was Justin’s cock erect? OH!,she so wished she was in there,standing naked next to Justin,telling him that everything would be okay,she had taken many spankings,he could take it too.She placed her hand between her legs and began to touch herself.Justin was now standing in front of the Abbot,they were talking.She could see the Abbot,sitting on his chair,staring at Justin’s lower body,she guessed the Abbot must be staring at Justin’s cock,maybe it was erect? She saw the Abbot shake his finger tuzla escort bayan ,in a scolding manner at Justin,as he stood meekly before the Abbot.Justin was naked,his bottom looked so inviting.Caroline longed to have the Abbot’s view of Justin.’Please turn around,please Justin turn around,just once,let me see you’re cock’, she said to herself. Justin’s nakedness was contrasted by the Abbot’s long ,black,wool habit,the habit made Caroline itch when she was over his knee,she wondered would it make Justin itch;she wondered did the Abbot have an erection under his habit,she guessed he did by the look on his face,besides no one could not get excited by Justin naked.Then it happened,Justin moved around to the right hand side of the Abbot,Caroline suddenly saw him in profile,there was his penis,semi erect,she took in his beautiful shape,his muscular body,the beautiful curve of his bottom and his erect penis,his penis was beginning to stiffen significantly now,the thought crossed Caroline’s mind that Justin enjoyed the prospect of being spanked after all. Justin lay over the Abbot’s knee,Caroline saw the Abbot looking very excited as he glared down at Justin’s naked bottom waiting to feel his corrective hand administer chastisement.She watched with growing jealousy as the Abbot began to place his left hand on the end of Justin’s back and then,with a broad grin,place his right hand on Justin’s bare bottom.”Are you ready,boy?” the Abbot asked.”Yes,Father Abbot,I am ready,I asked you Abbot not to spank me hard,but I have decided to ask you to not hold back,give it to me good,Master”,Justin said.”Well boy,you are not on charge here,I am,and I already decided that you should have a hard spanking.I have never let a penitent dictate to me how hard or soft I should spank them,” the Abbot said,sternly.The Abbot’s hand landed on Justin’s bottom with a resounding ‘smack’ sound that traveled around the room,the sound made Caroline jump with fright and grimace in pain,she knew what Justin must be feeling.She watched as Justin’s body shook,she saw the Abbot smiling as he began to grope Justin’s bottom before bringing his hand down again and again.Caroline could see what she could only describe as sheer delight on the Abbot’s face as he stared at the bare bottom looking up at him ,all the time bringing his hand down in even rhythm.Caroline was touching herself,she felt sorry for Justin,but this was something she didn’t see everyday,Justin Bieber being spanked by the old Abbot.She watched the spanking continue unabated ,the Abbot all the time excited.She could see Justin grimace and his body begin to writhe escort tuzla over the Abbot’s knee.This seemed to excite the Abbot more, ‘Stop moving,Justin,this is only exciting the old pervert,’ Caroline thought to herself. By now Justin was in real pain,he was struggling,Caroline could see his sexy bottom had changed to a very angry red colour. The more Justin tried to struggle the more excited the Abbot seemed to become,his hand came down again and again.The sound of the spanking was filling Caroline’s ears,the SLAP sound coupled with Justin’s cries and then the Abbot saying through bated breath,” There now,boy,you are big boy,you can take a lot more,I will make you truly repentant.”Caroline felt wet. She felt guilty for deriving such pleasure from watching Justin being tortured over the old Abbot’s knee.She was full of emotions,she was very envious of the Abbot,there was the old pervert enjoying every second he had Justin over his knee and she was more Justin’s age,she knew they could get up to a lot together.Justin was crying now and yelling,Caroline could not hear what the Abbot was saying over all the yelling,but she guessed the Abbot was scolding Justin.The spanking seemed to have lasted an age,then Justin was allowed to stand up and suddenly Caroline became aware of a Nun in the room.It was Sr.Anselm,the Nun she had been insolent to.Caroline felt a pang of jealousy stabbing at her.With growing anger and jealousy Caroline watched as the Abbot handed off Justin to Sr.Anselm,that skinny Nun with the permanent smirk on her face,Caroline had wanted to wipe that smirk off the Nun’s face so may times ,but risked being caned if she done so. Caroline had to watch as Sr.Anselm pulled Justin,who was sniffling and crying by now,over her knee and then she began to spank him,adding to what the Abbot had already done. Justin’s cries was mixed with the laughter of Sr.Anselm,she was laughing as she spanked him.Caroline could see the Abbot still sitting on his chair,looking very flushed with his hands resting on his laps,she could see that he was squeezing his penis through his habit.Then the keyhole went blank,she could see anything just hear the spanking continue. Suddenly the door opened and the Abbot was looking down at her.He grabbed her by her ear and led her into the room.Caroline could see Justin still being spanked by the laughing Sr.Anselm.Then Caroline was placed over the table,she felt her clothing being removed,then she looked to her right and there was Justin,he smiled at her,both were bending over side by side.She heard the Abbot say, “Now you will both receive the cane.”She was in bed,she had cum heavily,she was breathing heavily.She went into the shower and stood there,she began to laugh,what a dream she had just had ..she wished it would come true.She wished she could squeeze Justin’s sexy bottom..

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