Dreaming Reality


Rolling out of bed, Melissa could only hear the sounds of her husbands’ snores. This has become routine for Eric; Come home, eat, watch TV or play video games, then have 5mins of sex… enough time for him to get off and then fall asleep. the same routine, the same positions, same words over and over, day in and day out, with the same outcome Eric asleep and Melissa unfulfilled and frustrated.

Walking into the bathroom, Melissa removes her robe; revealing a petite framed olive complexion, extenuated by 32c breasts, with light pink nipples, and a shade darker pink areolas, her 5″2′ frame also held the sexual tension of some one far larger than she. Looking into the mirror thoughts of doubt clouded her mind, “am I not good enough sexually? Does he no longer find me sexy? Am I just a tool for him to use when he needs release? Has he found someone younger…firmer…kinkier?

Her final thought brought forth a slight chuckle, Kinkier?? No one was more than she, no one was more than willing to do whatever her husband wanted, no matter how dark or demented, she originally thought this was done out of love for him, but now she started to bahis firmaları even question that. Her own thoughts led to visions of her involved with Eric and an unknown female in ménage-a-trios. The vision encompassed her mind, watching as this mystery female pleased her husband orally.

Her vision shifted from her husband receiving fellatio, down the mystery woman’s body, Melissa’s eyes reveled at the beauty before her. Everything this woman was, was a complete contrast to Melissa, she was over 5″7′, buxom, tanned 36d breasts. The gaze continued on, over this woman’s firm and slightly defined stomach, finally resting on her lovely tanned mound, which was nicely trimmed as opposed to Melissa’s fully nude one. A slight glisten of fluid caught her sight, which brought forth the need to taste her newfound lover.

The fragrance of her sex entered into the senses of Melissa, she was sweet yet powerful.

The site drew near as Melissa’s face came closer and closer to this entrancing site, without full knowledge her tongue parted the full moist lips and lightly grazed across swollen labia. The sensation of the initial contact sent currents kaçak iddaa of lust across the hypersensitive taste buds. As the tongue glided into her the taste was just as powerful and sweet as her scent.

As a cat laps milk, so did Melissa do to her lover, long dragging motions into a now wet hot entrance to this woman’s canal the luxurious taste of female engulfed her mouth. Her own moans of pleasure entered and echoed back into already perked ears. These moans were duplicated by the woman underneath her, only they were muffled as Eric’s manhood was being licked and suckled

Eric’s own moans became intensified as she new his time was drawing near, with a deep groan his body fell limp as Melissa has felt many times before, she knew he was spent. She on the other hand was far from complete, as was the lady lover, who readjusted her self so her tongue entered into Melissa. This feeling was both terrifying and exciting simultaneously, the sheer fact that the first time she was with a woman, she felt more alive than she had with Eric for years, was almost too much to take.

In her ‘minds eye” the scene played on ; bodies writhing, moans emitting, kaçak bahis licking and sucking sound filling the air. The sensations of lust mixed with tastes of each, the touch of flesh to flesh, and the smell of sex filled the room, everything building, leading to the crescendo that washed across both women at the same time.

Returning from her trance like state, panting, chest heaving. It became apparent that the thought had taken on a life of its own. The realization was verified as all of her feeling came back to the now exhausted but highly aroused body. Melissa’s hand moved away from the sensitive bud that caused her intense orgasm. With out knowledge her own body took control and brought the relief Eric could not provide.

Covered with the fluids of lust her hand rose to eye level, the knowledge that her body was no longer under her control brought shame and yet arousal, tasting the fluids on her fingers, mimicking the fellatio performed in the dream, brought on yet another orgasm.

“I do more with my hand than he does with his entire body” rang true in her mind and was confirmed by the same statement vocally. The feeling of shame turned to frustration, which in turn evolved into anger. With the shower dispersing water, she opened and stepped into the shower, her thought were only of sex….however it was sex without Eric.

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