Drunk Shower Memories


It was late and by the time I got back to the dorm I was still more than a little drunk from the days activities. Considering my drunken state I decided to go straight back to the room to pass out. I opened the door and managed to barge directly in on my roomate Steve and his girlfriend Sophie getting a little more than friendly with each other on the bed.

I definately saw some dirty things happening in the room but decided to be polite and quickly left the room. Now standing outside the door and still very drunk I decided the next best thing for me to do would be to go take a shower. Always makes sense when you aren’t ready for bed and are looking to sober up a bit.

I made the short walk to the bathroom, walked in to one of the stalls, got undressed and started the shower. As I stood there letting the hot water roll over me I drifted back to what I had seen in the room.

When I had walked in Steve and Sophie were bent over the side of the bed going at it hard. I saw a thick cock pounding in and out and I don’t think it was her pussy that was getting the pounding, the more I thought about the more I was sure that they were getting in to some pretty hard anal play. As I continued to shower I started to sober up and my recolection started getting clearer.

Thinking on it pendik escort the cock I saw sliding in and out was a transluscent purple, but why would my Steve be fucking his Sohpie with a dildo? The thought of Sophie getting a fat dildo in the ass had a way of arrousing my interest a little more than before.

Sophie was dark haired, about 5’4″ and petite with small apple sized tits and a perfect ass. The first time I met Sophie she was sitting in my dorm room. I had just moved my stuff into the dorm for my first semester at school and Steve had been moving in as well. Steve and Sophie had been together since freshmen year in highschool and managed to both get into the same school together. Sophie was wearing cut off sweatpant shorts and a white tank top.

As Steve and I got to know each other in those first few minutes and hours our conversation and my gaze would regularly track back to engage Sophie. After we were done moving our things in to the room we all sat back to have a few beers that Steve had managed to liberate from his parents house during the move. His theory was that after he was gone his parents would have no one but his sister to blame for the missing brews.

As we sat talking at the end of that day I found myself nearly staring at Sophie, at first I couldn’t figure escort pendik out why but slowly it dawned on me. The entire time we’d been moving and talking I had never really assessed Sophie’s state of dress other then to note what she was wearing. As we sat now and just talked I was able to see that she wasn’t wearing and panties under her cutoff shorts and I had a clear view of her obviously waxed pussy.

As I stood in the shower and thought back on that first night I recalled that Sophie was sitting nearly in the same place on the bed that I had just seen Steve and her fucking on. The more I thought about Sophie’s naked pussy and the scene of her and Steve I had just seen something occured to me. I had actually been looking directly at Sophie’s pussy when I barged in to the room.

That was impossible though because Steve had been fucking Sophie in the ass with that purple dildo which means Steve would have blocked my view of her hot and wet mound. As this occured to me the thought of the purple dildo again crossed my mind; as it did I suddenly realized what I had actually seen in that room.

Bent over the bed was Steve being fucked in the ass by a strapon wearing Sophie. I could clearly see Sophie’s soft wet pussy lips as she bent at the waist and fucked Steve. As I thought more about pendik escort bayan it I remembered the sight of that dildo buried in Steve’s ass and the other side of Sophie’s double-ended phallus clearly embedded in her swollen pussy.

All of this came over me in a rush, I recalled the black strap of the strap-on wrapped around Sophie’s tiny waist. I recalled Sophie’s arm reaching around Steve’s waist and could imagine her small hand wrapped tightly around his cock.

As all of this occurred to me I moved my hand down to my own swollen cock and began to stroke. It didn’t take long, I don’t know if it was my drunken state or the exceptionally hot and dirty sight of innocent Sophie fucking her boyfriend in his tight hole but I blew my load almost immediately.

As I let the warm water wash my hot cream down the drain it was all I could to stop from stroking off again. I shut the shower off, wrapped my towel around my waist, grabbed my clothes and left the shower. As I walked back to my room I wondered what I would find.

I came to the closed door; knocked, knocked again and then slowly opened it. What I saw inside was nothing compared to the earlier sight. The lights were low and Steve and Sophie seemed to be fast asleep in Steve’s bed, it was like nothing had happened. I climbed in to my own bed and as I tried to fall asleep all I could think of was that purple dildo and that hot pussy. I’d have to ask Sophie about that next time we had a few minutes alone together.

With that I fell asleep.

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