Early cottages


Early cottagesWhen I was younger there were two “cottages” in my home town. I knew both well and loved reading the stories and wanking in them. I could be in them for over an hour.In one there was a gloryhole ( not that i knew the name) which i could look through and watch people in the cubicle. Mostly people were doing what it was meant for. Every now and then a guy would wank off, just as i did, looking at the pics and stories. i would watch him, loving the moment he came. Then I would wank until I came and run away full of guilt.This one time a guy came in and started wanking. He realised he was being watched and slipped a note under the stall. ( I had seen these little bits of toilet paper on the floor before but not really given them any thought). I opened it and it was asking me to suck him. I didn’t know what to do. I just whispered ok through the hole. His cock came through. it was the first man’s cock i had seen. I remember it as being quite big ( but i was young and only seen cocks canlı bahis şirketleri of my friends). I touched it, I distinctly remember it twitching. I kept touching it. It was lovely, really hot.i got close and touched it with my lips. not sucked it or anything, just touched it with my lips. I think he groaned. i remember feeling scared of being discovered.I wanked him a little until the head of his cock, which was now wet came in to view from under the foreskin. I touched his wet cock head with my lips again, he definitely sighed.Then he pulled his cock out and i thought it was all over. He passed a note again. It asked me to go to his house, and had the address. It was just around the corner. I heard him leave.I waited for ages. Scared, nervous, but so excited.I walked to his house. I stood on the road for an age. I saw him at the window, I sort of tried to hide. Then the door opened. Just opened, no one there.I just walked in, up the path and in to his house.He was in the canlı kaçak iddaa back in the kitchen. He said hello and said i was very nice, all the usual.He asked if i enjoyed what i had done. I said yes. He asked if i would do it again. I said yes.We went upstairs in to a small bedroom.He took off his trousers and pulled down his pants. He was hard. he took my hand and put it on his cock and i wanked him.He started to pull off my jeans and pants, I didn’t stop him. I stepped out of them and then he started to wank me too. He seemed to know I was so close to cumming and he stopped. He asked if i would wear something for him. I said yes. He handed me some white school girl knickers. I put them on straight away, I loved the idea. ( I had for a while been wearing my mums knickers when I had opportunity).He was rubbing my bulge and the wet patch that was starting to form. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, me standing beside him and pulled me closer, turned me around. He was rubbing canlı kaçak bahis the knickers all over. he pulled me down on to his lap. His cock just pushed against my bum through the knickers. We sort of moved around a bit and then I sat. His cock in the crack of my bum.It is sort of a blur, but i remember him pulling the knickers aside or down a bit and he was trying to get his cock in me. I could feel it against my hole. I was much too tight and it hurt. Eventually his cock slid between my thighs. He was moving and i was gripping his cock. It felt lovely. I was enjoying myself even if i was still scared.Then he shifted and put me on my front, he tried again to enter me but it wasn’t going to happen. So he slid back between the tops of my thighs. And, basically he fucked me.It was probably about 30 seconds, but felt like more, or at least i remember it as more.He came between my thighs. It was ever so messy. He got off me and helped me get up. He took off my knickers and I wiped my self with them. I put on my pants and jeans and left ( I don’t remember much more). I ran home and wanked.I saw him once more, and i did suck him.Best I can remember it. I enjoyed it and it has fuelled many a wank. And imprinted my love of dressing up.

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