Eden Ch. 01


This is my second story. I welcome all comments. To those who contacted me about my first story, thank for your kind words. You boosted my confidence. This story is just for you…


‘Good morning, Eden,’ Aidan Cox said brightly as he picked his post off Eden’s desk. It was just after eight am and as the Christmas party was tonight, Eden decided to make the most of her day by arriving early. She didn’t plan on making an appearance tomorrow. She smiled and nodded. ‘Good morning, Aidan.’

The door closed softly and Eden gave a shudder. Some expensive cologne lingered after him and the image of him in his suit was burned onto her retina. How the fuck had she gotten into this position?

She was twenty eight years old and by her own admission, Eden Cook was attractive. She had thick black hair that in her teens had grown wild but now, in her twenties, she paid vast amounts of money to have it lustrous and glossy. She wore nice clothes and even nicer underwear. Underwear that concealed her small but perfectly formed breasts and her perky, I-run-three-miles-a-day arse. She was bright and pleasant at all times. To try and get him to notice her, she wore more make-up than usual. She started wearing stockings underneath her skirts and had even undone one more button than she would have usually and yet all he did was smile at her and tell her he’d be lost without her…

Lost indeed! He looked on her like you would a maid or some other form of paid help. She didn’t figure in his life outside of carrying him coffee or sending his faxes for him. She refilled her coffee cup. What was happening to her? Eden had never gone for the bookish type before. She always went for brawny sporty types who could spell their names and little else. They were inevitably blue collar and had bodies hardened by the physical labour. But since she’d come to work at the Research Institute, all that had changed. Aidan was a little under six feet tall and had soft hands. He always smelled divine and was perfectly groomed with carefully manicured hair. He wore expensive suits that, although not tailored, highlighted his juxtaposition with the previous men in her life. He always looked slightly rumpled and distracted even though she knew he was so clever, it made her want to be silent when he was in the room. He was educated with a sharp intellect and listening to him argue passionately about funding for his latest project, made her squirm in her dampened underwear. She was in awe of him. Despite the fact that her last boyfriend would’ve pounded him into the ground, this softly spoken, twinkling eyed academic could’ve had her anyway he wanted.

And he didn’t which it seemed to Eden, was Sod’s bloody law!

The Christmas party was as dull as she had expected it to be. Shelley was snogging someone from Accounts under a black and white photocopy of a bunch of mistletoe while Mary, the dowdy lab assistant was now up on a table, squealing “Santa Baby”. Her white wine was warm, she had wasted an eight hundred euros dress on a party that she could’ve worn a pair of jeans to and Aidan had yet to make an appearance. She extricated herself from the mind-numbing company of the boffins and headed for her office. beşiktaş türbanlı escort Down the darkened corridor, she could see that the light in her office was on. She walked down the carpeted hall in her high heels and pushed the door open. It was Aidan.

She hoped to God she looked as good now as she had three hours earlier when she was ready for him to see her. He turned suddenly. He was wearing his signature rumpled suit but no tie. His top shirt button was undone, revealing a little V of warm brown skin and a small smattering of hair.

‘Eden. I’m sorry. I was just…’ He indicated the card he was writing and the box beside it. She frowned.

‘You want me to deliver something?’ She could feel anger bubbling up in her.

‘No. It’s… for you.’

She started. The wrapping was unmistakable. Agent Provocateur.

She felt her face flush. ‘I… I… don’t know what to say.’

Aidan smiled. ‘Don’t be offended by it and tell me you’ll wear it. That’ll do for a start.’

Eden moved towards it. ‘May I?’

Aidan moved out of the way. ‘By all means…’ He walked into his office leaving her alone with the deliciously wrapped present. She carefully undid the bow and slipped off the lid. Inside, magenta coloured silk nestled under the paper. Her breath caught. The bra was a balconette which would lift and separate her breasts and push them forward. It was, to her shame, her favourite kind. A frisson of arousal slaked through her. Had he known? The mild mannered scientist had looked at her and said, ‘there’s a girl who likes to make the most of what she’s got.’ She reddened. The knickers were silk and proper briefs. This was also a favourite of hers. Eden liked her underwear to be like wrapping. In the bottom of the box was a matching garter belt and a pair of exquisite stockings.

Her hands began to shake. Had Aidan just given her this? More importantly, did he want to see her in them? Her stomach did a flip. Was Mr Cox trying to tell her something?

She turned and pushed his door open. He was sitting looking into his computer screen in the darkened office. He slipped his glasses off as she walked in holding the garments in her hands. ‘Thank you. They’re beautiful.’

‘I’m glad. I did have help from the shop assistant.’

‘How did you know what size?’

‘I’m a scientist, Eden. There’s a lot you don’t know about me.’

She shivered in her gauzy dress and moved further into the room. ‘Like what?’

He sat back in his chair and pinched the bridge of his nose. ‘I may not be a man of many words but I do… appreciate how hard you work, Eden. I wanted to show my appreciation and considering you wear… nice underwear… I thought it would be foolish to buy you anything else. If you’re offended, I apologise.’

‘I’m not offended. How did you know about my underwear?’

He smiled briefly and looked so unbelievably sexy, it was all she could do not to launch herself across his desk.

‘I may be a workaholic and it may seem that I think of nothing but work but when your secretary comes into work in clothes that you could only fantasise about your secretary wearing… you beşiktaş ucuz escort get the idea. I am, after all, still a man.’ He smiled again. His arms were folded and he seemed supremely relaxed.

‘I love it. It’s the nicest present I’ve ever been given. How can I thank you?’

She let the question hang. They observed one another, the boss and the secretary, for a couple of moments. Downstairs, the revellers were laughing and drinking. The music had gone up a notch and she could hear couples laughing as they wandered down the corridor outside, trying to find an available office. Wasn’t that what Christmas parties were for?

‘You could give me a Christmas kiss?’ he offered, rising unsteadily from his chair. Eden smiled and nodded. ‘It seems fair.’

She slowly pushed his door closed and then the room was dark, except for the streetlight outside and his computer monitor. She moved closer to him, her heart thumping wildly in her chest and her breathing rapid. Reaching out her hand, she felt the soft cotton of his shirt. She was thrilled to feel his nipple underneath. It was a small victory but it gave her a thrill to feel that secret part of him. His heart was racing as wildly as hers was.

‘Happy Christmas, Eden,’ he breathed, his mouth inches from hers. His breath smelt sweet and warm against her cheek. His hands settled on her hips as he drew them against his and his mouth brushed off hers, once, twice, three times before settling at an angle that suited them both. The kiss was soft and unhurried, his lips stroking hers before his tongue slid into her mouth and melded with hers. Eden gave a soft “ah” of pleasure as her arms went around his neck. His hands grasped her bottom through her dress, compressing the globes and massaging them. Desire flared in her. The urge to rub against him overwhelmed her but Aidan was as meticulous in his kissing as he was with everything else. His tongue was unrushed, seeking out hers and sparring gently with it. He gave a soft sigh as she pressed her breasts against his chest and he stepped even closer. He held her close enough for her to feel his delight against her stomach.

He was hard. Aidan Cox was hard.

Thrill suffused her already overloaded system.

Eden gave a little moan as he broke the kiss and released her.

‘I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have pawed you like that…’

Eden shoved him back against the desk. ‘Shhh,’ she whispered into his ear. ‘I want you. I’ve wanted you since I first saw you. Let me… thank you… properly.’

She dropped the bra and panties onto the desk and moved into his arms, kissing his neck and undoing the rest of his shirt buttons. She pulled the shirt free of his belt and slowly kissed her way from his collar bone to the top of his trousers. There was nothing but the sound of his ragged breathing and the pucker of her mouth. She undid the belt buckle and opened his flies. She reached out and flicked on his desk lamp. He was looking down at her with those huge brown eyes that had always seemed so kind. Something else was there now. Passion. Lust. Arousal. Sex. His body was lean but muscular. He must swim she thought absently. He had beşiktaş üniversiteli escort a swimmers physique.

She smiled up at him. ‘Is this ok?’ she asked, suddenly unsure of her actions.

He gave a short laugh. ‘Eden, I’ve wanted to fuck you forty ways from Sunday since I first saw you. How could this be anything but ok?’

She smiled and lowered the zip. He was wearing white cotton briefs. Eden loved them. She slowly slipped them from his waist and let both fall to the floor. He was naked before her. And glorious. His cock was beautiful. Long and thick and in a moment of clarity, she realised how good he smelled. Clean. Warm. The notion she found infinitely endearing.

She opened her mouth and took him into her. ‘Mmmm,’ she groaned as he filled her and gave a grunt of satisfaction. She sucked him while her other hand manipulated the length of his cock. He began to breathe harder, giving soft little murmurings of encouragement. ‘Ah, yes. Oh, Eden. Oh…’

She tasted the first salty pre come against her tongue and surreptitiously rubbed her breasts against his legs. Her nipples ached for his mouth and her thong was by now, a sodden mess. But she’d fantasised about this and wasn’t about to stop living the fantasy now. She withdrew and stood to look at him. ‘Turn around,’ she said quietly. Aidan face was flushed, his breathing uneven but he turned without being asked a second time. She pushed him forward until he was bent over and then dropped back to her knees. The air of expectancy crackled around them.

Eden had never done this before but now it was all she wanted to do to him. Her tongue tickled his balls as they hung between his legs while her hand continued to masturbate him. He was panting now. She decided to finish him this way… forget her own pleasure. Forget the throbbing orgasm she was a few short flicks away from, if she reached under her own dress. She wanted Aidan Cox to regret not buying her underwear sooner. Her tongue stiffened and she traced the ring of his arse. He gave a little yelp of surprise. But to her delight, didn’t stop her. She did it again, her hand moving faster. She did it again, this time taking her time to it, lingering over the tender skin. Aidan was groaning now, his orgasm a few short strokes away. One last lick from his sack, up the nerve rich skin between his legs to his twitching arse again and then, he gave a low cry and came into her hand. He was jerking and almost shivering when she released him, pulling his trousers with her as she stood. He gripped her hand as she pulled his pants to his waist. They stood there for a couple of seconds. Aidan was still bent over the desk.

‘You’re amazing,’ he said softly, in his clipped educated tones that always sounded like music to her ears. She smiled. He turned to her. His face was delightfully red and his pupils were black as obsidian.

‘I’ve never had anyone do anything so… worshipful.’ He kissed her again and she was glad. She had after all, just licked his bottom.

‘I’ve never done anything so worshipful before,’ she said between kisses. He smiled wolfishly. He looked nothing like the man whose coffee she had made that morning.

‘Take your dress off,’ he said quietly.

Eden paused. ‘No.’

His brows drew together. ‘What?’

She smiled and backed away from him.

‘Not here. I’ve waited a long time for this.’

‘Fine,’ he said, buttoning his shirt. ‘You’re coming home with me. My car is parked outside. Get your coat, Eden Cook. You’ve pulled.’

To be continued.

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