Educating Jenni Ch. 2

Jenni moved her head down until her eyes were staring right at the head of my throbbing six inch cock. She then looked up into my eyes and said “DO I kiss it all over?”

“Oh yes Jenni please, kiss it now and stop teasing me.” Jenni let out a small giggle then gave my dick a kiss right at the bottom of the head. I let out a moan “ahhh”

“You like that do you?”

“Yes Jenni don’t stop”. Jenni then started to give my throbbing member soft kisses. She kissed it all the way to my balls and even gave each one of the cum filled boys a kiss. She then started to lick my prick up and down, stopping extra long at the piss slit to lick up the pre cum. “mmm this is better than a popsicle” said Jenni.

“Oh Jenni put it in your mouth and suck it like a lollipop, don’t forget to keep storking my dick as well…” Jenny giggled and smiled “Okay, but I want to see it when…”(she had heard other girls at school talk about this but she forgot the word) “When I cum?”

“Yes when you cum” said Jenny. Ok I will shoot my cum all over your sweet titties, Jenni. She then put the head of my cock into her warm wet mouth and started to suck it for all she was worth. “Oh Jenni that’s it your a natural sweetie.” Jenni just kept right on sucking, her hands stroking my cock while her tongue swirled around the head of my dick. Then she started to suck harder putting more of my purple manhood into her mouth. I started to breathe harder enjoying beylikdüzü escort my dick being sucked my the sweet nubile Jenni. Suddenly she pulled my cock out of her mouth but kept stroking it while she asked: Are you getting close?”

“Oh yes Jenni don’t stop now” Just like that she put my cock back into her mouth sucking even faster and harder then before. I couldn’t hold back any longer, having this sweet sex kitten suck my dick for her first time was just too much! Although I wanted to cum in her sweet mouth I pulled out and yelled” here it comes Jenni, keep stroking it” She stroked my cock fast while trying to aim it at her tits: but the first blast of my hot cum hit her right in the chin. She jumped back in surprise but kept stoking my dick like a pro. The second shot of hot cum hit her left cheek. The third shot landed on her right tit. Then shot after shot coverd her nice 34c boobies. I was moaning loudly with pleasure while Jenni squealed in delight. She clearly was surprised and curious of the warm liquid that now coverd part of her face and all of her tits. Finally the cum stopped erupting from my snake and I gave a sigh of extreme pleasure. Jenni gave me a huge smile and just said”wow!”

“That was amazing Jenni the best blow job I’ve ever had! “Really? I can’t believe how much sticky white stuff came out of your peni–I mean cock”said Jenni cum dripping from her chin onto her left breast. beyoğlu escort ” Yes you made me cum hard” I said before I gave her a kiss on the lips. I then scooped some of my cum from her chim with my index finger and I offered it to her for a taste. She sucked my cum from my finger and said “mmm a little salty but good”. I then looked down and saw the crotch in her jean shorts had become soaked. I will have to do something about that I thought. “Jenni, sweetie it’s your turn now.” I grabbed her Jean shorts and puleed them down over her smooth legs and threw them onto the floor. “What are you going to do to me” Jenni asked nervously.”I’m going to eat your pussy now Jenni”. She let out a soft giggle and said “oh yes please eat my pussy, please.” I then removed har white cotton panties, which were soking wet. There before me was the most erotic site I had ever seen before in my life: Jenni naked as the day she was born. Her pussy was blonde, unshaven and so very wet. I knealt down between her golden treasure and used my fingers to gentle rub down Jenni’s pussy lips. She gave out a small moan”ohh”. I then found her clit and started to slowly rub it betwenn my thumb and finger. “How does that feel Jenni?”

“Great but when are you gonna… kiss it?”

“You want me to eat your sweet snatch don’t you Jenni?”

“Oh yes please” Jenni pleaded. I rubbed her clit faster and blew softy on her pussy, then bomonti escort I said” beg me to eat your snatch, Jenni.”

“Oh please, please, please eat my pussy now”, Jenni begged. I then put my tounge right on her clit and started to lick fast and hard. Jenni moaned with pure pleasure”Yes that feels so good!” I then started to finger her snatch in and out, going faster and faster while I sucked on her clit. Her honeypot was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted. Jenni started to moan, very slowly at first then gradually louder and louder. I quickedthe pace of my tounge on her clit and this was all innocent Jenni could take she started to cum hard”ahhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, yesssssssss” It was clearly number one on Jenni’s `Top ten orgasams of all time list`. After a moment I pulled away from Jenni’s honeypot and looked at her sweet face which was red with a look of complete contenment. I gave her a kiss on her lips and then smiled at her. “That was amaziing” Jenni whispered into my ear. I let Jenni catch her breath for a few minutes then I set up beside her and pointed at my reborn cock: “Look Jenni you made me hard again”. “Would you like me to suck it again?”

“That’s an idea, but you known what would be even better Jenni?”


“How about I put it inside you?” Jenni wondered out loud: “Really? Do you think it would fit? It is so big.”

“There’s only one way to find out…” Jenny gave out a giggle and said”Okay”. I didn’t have to be told twice. I was going to be the first one to fuck sweet,innocent Jenni. But just then I heard my parents car pull into the driveway. My continuing education of Jenni would have to continue another night.

Readers let me known if you would like to hear more in this series.

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